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BYOB 111612

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20 Responses to “BYOB 111612”

  1. Luke K says:


  2. sanj says:

    this is just awesome – clip contains major spoiler.

    Kids Reaction to The Odd Life of Timothy Green

  3. Krillian says:

    Harry Osborn’s going to be in Amazing Spider-Man 2, but Electro’s the rumored main villain. I never felt like the Harry arc deserved to span all three Raimi movies.

  4. sanj says:

    i never go to the movies on the weekends – friday to sunday … how many times this year have you guys gone and was
    the experience / price totally worth it just too see it first ?

    i actually prefer going with half full audience or less .
    more people = more problems.

    i get a feeling that the Matthew McConaughey dp/30 is going to be delayed for months…

    DP/30: Won’t Back Down, actor Maggie Gyllenhaal – one of the rare times i wish i didn’t watch this … just didn’t care for any of this . DP didn’t even ask if her brother
    Jake could come around for a dp/30..arg.

    Jake Gyllenhaal should have had 3 dp/30’s by now – does Jake hate DP ? does Jake even know who DP is ?

    it took forever to get Sam Mendes for a dp/30 and he
    was pretty cool ..

    Quentin Tarantino dp/30 would be great just to see how he deals with DP’s confusing questions…

    the chasing ice documentary seems cool but if these guys really want to change the world they need to put this on tv network for free.

  5. Krillian says:

    “There’s a tiger that seems to be hungry, but I don’t have any Frosted Flakes to offer him. Tigers like Frosted Flakes. Has DP ever sat down with Tony? He’d be great.”

    Ang Lee’s Life of sanj

  6. movieman says:

    So Weinstein has monkeyed around w/ the print break for “Silver Linings” again.
    Now it’s only adding 420 screens on the 21st rather than the 2,000+ originally slated.
    While I certainly understand the reasoning for not wanting to blow their wad w/ a wide Thanksgiving bow of a perceived Oscar front-runner, these last-minute screen-count changes feel like amateur hour.
    You’d swear Harvey was making it up on the fly.

  7. sanj says:

    Silver Linings – 2000 – 420 = 1580 screens not showing the movie …wonder how the cast feels about that.

    this is going to lead 1000’s of people into whatever theatres are showing it and people will run out and crush
    other people just to see their favorite stars on the big screen…

    red dawn 2012 opens soon – i already predicted a month ago it would be a critical and money loser….

    tv news – ‘Last Resort,’ ‘666 Park Avenue’ Canceled
    At ABC TV

  8. sanj says:

    watched savages 2012 – 30 minutes too long – ending didn’t like so much – cast was alright but Salma Hayek was my favorite…orange faced with nice hair.

    Taylor Kitsch – dude you gots to do an indie movie to get a dp/30 – DP don’t like it when you do big movies like battleship and john carter….try again next year for you epic dp/30.

  9. Chucky says:

    Harvey Weinstein has been jerking around with print counts for years. He was doing it when he was running Miramax.

    Weinstein may know how to buy awards yet he doesn’t know how to properly run a business.

  10. christian says:

    I saw Weinstein on the street corner asking for spare change too.

  11. Ray Pride says:

    And it’s presumably a lot easier to reduce “print” counts at the last possible minute nowadays when it’s a matter of DCP mastering rather than striking celluloid.

  12. Don R. Lewis says:

    Saw THE SESSIONS last night. Man, what a disappointment. Hawkes was fantastic but other than that….Zzzzzzz.

  13. sanj says:

    you know for the dp/30’s ? if the camera didn’t zoom in and out and just stayed there – would anybody notice ?
    if James Cameron isn’t doing anything – he should direct
    a few dp/30’s .. DP get on that.

    30 breakout actors – mostly actors in small tv / film roles … but they have great headshot photos and look pretty.

    how many of you heard of these actors ?

    backstage – 30 breakout actors

  14. Pete B. says:

    Sorry to hear that Last Resort got the axe. Its always great to see Andre Braugher chew the scenery. Maybe he’ll find something that sticks around longer.

  15. Triple Option says:

    I’ve gotta buncha Last Resorts saved on my dvr. Who knows if I’ll ever get around to watching them. It wasn’t what I expected. I think it meandered. I think I’m the only person on the planet who thinks The Neighbors is funny. I don’t know what ABC does but some shows I’ll like and be really into one minute and then never bother watching the next. Like Fast Forward that was on a few years ago. I’ve stopped watching Modern Family as well. Not even sure why.

    I saw the Sessions. Not much there. Coulda been on Lifetime. Silver Linings looks like it something I’d avoid on NBC. W/probably swearing and nudity. Not buying the leads.

    Some movies I’m OK with seeing a packed theater. Avengers, Dark Knight Rises, (thank God I saw it before hearing of the massacre), the first Hangover. Sanj, you should do a cover of Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems w/People & theaters. I’d be singing that every time I go see a movie. Still, I’ve found that the place being too empty will bring out the worst behavior in the entitled few. I don’t know what you can do anymore.

  16. sanj says:

    PSY – GANGNAM STYLE is at 755,274,312 views- i remember when it was 450,000,000 views .

    people can’t get enough of this horse dancing dude.

    psy is happy being an asian korean 1 hit wonder . his words.

    if elvis was around today – would he get 1 billion view for his music up on the youtube ?

    15 minute english interview with psy – pretty calm dude

  17. sanj says:

    its easy to predict the future

    DP/30 – Zero Dark Thirty – Jessica Chastain, Joel Edgerton – this gets 8/10 .

  18. sanj says:


    DP/30: The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, director John Madden, composer Thomas Newman

    this would have been a good 10 minutes if there was any music played. but no.

    if DP put any music samples from the movie i’m sure the RIAA would want like a million dollars.

    didn’t learn a whole lot about the movie itself ….

    DP – if your gonna have music guys – find a place with pianos ….so much easier.

    but this was done outside that’s good. loved that plane noise.

    i’m still waiting for Justin Beiber and Katy Perry to drop by with their music movies.

    DP – give LexG a chance to DP/30 K-Stew . would be awesome .

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