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Weekend Estimates by SkyKlady

So the question now is, how big can Skyfall get?

Just a couple of days ago, on Twitter, I wondered whether $800 million is possible. Now, $800 million seems inevitable and one might wonder whether $900m is possible. The irony is that this is the least Bond-y Bond since the Sean Connery days. He is less a superhero and more a man. And Bourne, which never got over $450m worldwide, can only be seen as a pupil, not the teacher as some would like to be the story.

I truly hope, as I wrote in my review of Skyfall, that the next Bond is a lighter, more traditional Bond, keeping Craig’s edge, but being a bit more playful. I see that as accelerating out of a corner with a lead… faster, Broccoli, kill, kill. What’s really exciting is that Skyfall sets up the potential of Bond pushing into the future of espionage, a future in which we all have gadgets on our phones and really cool is a step cooler than we have yet considered.

Lincoln had a very nice, very limited start. And We can’t really project much of anything off of it. Huge profile… Spielberg… DDL… 11 screens. I hope it does great moving forward, but it’s still walking in the snow, unsure if anyone will be home when it arrives with the nickel.

Glad to see nice sized arthouse crowds out for Chasing Ice. The film is both important and gorgeous and really worth the time.

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19 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by SkyKlady”

  1. etguild2 says:

    The PERKS hold is great, and tragic.

    SKYFALL will probably enter the top 5 or 6 films in terms of box office profitability in 2012 (AVENGERS, TDKR, ICE AGE 4, HUNGER GAMES, MADAGASCAR, SPIDEY, TED)

  2. antho42 says:

    The Olympics short film was a genius marketing move — tying the 50 year aniversary of James Bond with the 2012 Olympics.

  3. chris says:

    I hope people stop comparing “Chasing Ice” to “Inconvenient Truth.” I get it, but “Chasing Ice” is so much better that the movies aren’t even in the same league.

  4. Krillian says:

    Since it’s already over $500 million…

  5. Maxim says:

    Lincoln has what it takes to be $200 million+ domestic grosser. It only needs to be better advertised. The awareness level is still very low. They should advertise it like a blockbuster event and own the buzz.

  6. movieman says:

    Really, Maxim???
    I loved “Lincoln,” and am seriously in awe of DDL’s performance (one of the greatest screen perfs I’ve ever seen). But I’d be shocked if it even doubles the gross of, say, “J. Edgar,” which would still put it well under the $100-million mark.
    I just don’t see American auds in the heartland lining up for a perceived “history lesson.”
    Especially considering how ahistorical, uninformed and disengaged most American moviegoers are.

  7. hcat says:

    Not sure if Lincoln is going to play all that well in the southern states.

    Pitch Perfect seems to be have quite a pair of gams. Don’t think anyone would have predicted it outperforming Paranormal 4.

    Little odd seeing Crowe in ads for Les Mis immediatly following seeing him in ads for Man with Iron Fists.

    And I live mostly in the ancillary world so just caught up with Spiderman and is it lecherous of me to watch a 200 million dollar effects spectacular and find the most impressive thing about it be how Emma Stone looks in a pair of boots? It was the same thing with Avengers, most of the bits I remember best had to do with either Paltrow’s legs or Johanson’s walk.

  8. chris says:

    … and immediately before ads for him in “Broken City.” Dude’s been busy.

  9. Js Partisan says:

    HC, yes it is and there jokes to be written about you posting that on a forum that’s not Reddit, but that’s how it goes. Also, why would Lincoln not play all that well in the South? We aren’t all racists down here.

  10. Bennett says:

    I think Lincoln will do 100 million…maybe more if it gets a best pic nom…

    I think that Flight, Wreck It, Skyfall, Lincoln, and Silver Linings, will have GREAT Legs into December. The studios really dropped the ball by clearing out the first two weeks of December. The hobbit will be huge, but there is a large audience that doesn’t give a damm about the lord of the rings. They are leaving money on the table…Reminds me of the glut of releases last Christmas.

  11. anghus says:

    It’ll be interesting to see how Lincoln does. There’s a lot of raw nerves after last week. Will people show up to see Hollywood’s take on the character?

    I think the more praise it receives from the media the more conservatives will declare it propaganda and nonsense and stay away.

    They say there’s no such thing as bad publicity…

  12. chris says:

    “Propaganda” for what? Eliminating slavery?

  13. cadavra says:

    Hey! There was no slavery! There were African-American laborers who patriotically worked for no salary.

  14. etguild2 says:

    Interesting note on BOND…it needs about $400 million more worldwide to overtake STAR WARS as the #2 franchise of all time behind POTTER on a worldwide basis. And that’s if you exclude MAJESTY’s SECRET SERVICE, in which case it only needs $350 million…

    Of course, this would be short-lived but still a nice accomplishment, and given that they want another BOND in 2014, it might be able to hold off STAR WARS until 2017 at that spot. POTTER can expect to hold the record until 2019 at least I imagine…

  15. palmtree says:

    Why would you exclude OHMSS? It’s an official Bond movie!

  16. cadavra says:

    I think he meant the original CASINO ROYALE and/or NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN.

  17. etguild2 says:

    Whoops, yes meant NEVER SAY NEVER.

  18. movieman says:

    I know that it’s blasphemous in some circles, but prior to “Skyfall” my favorite 007 movie was Kershner’s “unofficial” 1983 entry, “NSNA.”

  19. palmtree says:

    Okay, that makes sense.

    Travers seems to think NSNA counts, but I’d argue no.

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