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BYOB: Food Poisoning

It’s been a lovely weekend.

By now, you should have had a Spring Breakers review and a preview of Danny Boyle, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent Cassel talking Trance in a DP/30. But something I ate (be wary of bbq’ed chicken) had other plans for us all. Looking forward to feeling better tomorrow. (fingers crossed)

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143 Responses to “BYOB: Food Poisoning”

  1. Jason says:

    I was surfing through my cable’s on demand options and stumbled across The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra. Hilarious. Loved every minute of it. Oh well….

  2. etguild2 says:

    Saw “Olympus Has Fallen,” and and am kinda ashamed to say I enjoyed it. It doesn’t take itself seriously, Gerard Butler is clearly having a blast, and it really picks up steam once the action gets going. It’s exactly what “Die Hard” is SUPPOSED to be. A little worried though, as the film looked really expensive (estimates run from 80-130 million), and I have a hard time seeing FilmDistrict/Millenium recouping the cost given the release date and GI JOE.

  3. The Pope says:

    Sorry to hear of your ailment, David. Being Paddy’s Weekend here in Ireland, I suggest some shamrock gently dipped in Guinness.

  4. sanj says:

    Gerard Butler is too famous for dp/30 but hes okay with answering questions on the internets . over 3000 comments . he answered a lot of questions ..actually seems like a cool guy in real life.

    Gerard Butlter – Reddit

  5. Greg says:

    I assumed that Jan 13th would be the worst day that I would have at the movies this year. That was the day my brain was assaulted with two of the shittiest movies of the year…Identity Thief and Die Hard 5. I was mistaken. Yesterday, I saw (and expected to like) The Incredible Burt Wonderstone.

    It was the longest 101 minutes Ive ever spent in a theatre…It seemed to go forever. I laughed twice, I counted.

    How is it possible, with all those talented people, to come up with something so stunningly unfunny and lazy.

    Were expected to believe that these magicians made it to the top of their profession? Show us how or why. Nope.

    I have no idea what the time frame was. It could have been a month, it could have been years. One day, Burt and ? are big stars and two scenes later their shows are barley attended. Was that overnight or weeks later?

    I could go on and on. Olivia Wilde…what exactly was her character? Smart? Stupid? The love scene between her and Steve Carell was repulsive. The guy is an asshole to her the whole film and (spoiler? as if) she ends up with him? Pathetic.

    And that fat asshole I hate from the Sopranos, was his character a CEO, a general manager, an owner, a millionaire? Who knows? He sure didnt look like he did anything except hang around the main characters.

    In what world would someone open a brand new state of the art hotel with a cheap looking, old style, red and gold 1000 seat theatre.

    Steve C was barely there. If you told me that he did no prep and just showed up to read lines with some crappy accent, Id believe you.


  6. etguild2 says:

    I think Steve Carell is just happy to make out with Keira Knightley and Olivia Wilde. I believe he makes out with Sienna Miller in ANCHORMAN 2 for the trifecta.

  7. sanj says:

    coogan auto – comedy web series – 6 episodes – 10 minutes each – lots of tv actors .

    third episode is my favorite – reminds me of LexG’s rants on women and how he wants them …

    10 minute video – may offend some .

    Coogan Auto Ep. 3 of 6: Guess Who’s Coming to Visit

  8. YancySkancy says:

    Greg: I haven’t seen BURT WONDERSTONE, and have no plans to, but I must say that anyone who would dismiss James Gandolfini as “that fat asshole I hate from the Sopranos” is not someone whose opinion I’m inclined to take seriously. Unless of course you know Gandolfini in real life and he’s been an asshole to you (even then, adding “fat” to the insult is a pretty assholish thing to do, and irrelevant to boot).

  9. Jason says:

    …and nevermind.

  10. Greg says:

    Hey Yancy, I did meet him on the street a few years ago in New York and he was an asshole to my friends and I, quite unnescessarily so. If only I had an iPhone at the time. I think he’s disgusting.

    Im surprised that on a movie blog, all you took from my (admittedly crappy) review is about JG. Nothing about the how shockinginly bad this ‘shit on film’ was.

    Is he not ‘fat’? If someone had one arm…you’d say handicapped, no sight..blind. If someone is grossly overweight, you say FAT. Being fat is not something that should be accepted, it should be erradicated.

    I absolutely do not think being fat is irrelevant. Being fat is a blight on society and a sign of laziness (in life and personality). How hard is it not too eat healthy and get some excercise?!? Fitness is something to aspire to, not let get away.

    You’re what is wrong with society. Everyone should be angry he’s fat, not accepting it. Hey, when America gets Obamacare, you will be the ones paying for ALL THOSE FAT PEOPLES’ MEDICAL CARE! Thats gonna cost Americans BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to take care of your OBESE AMERICANS!!

    Take a trip to Disneyworld and you’ll see what I mean. FAT KIDS WITH FAT PARENTS. Child abuse, is what I see.

    I walk around Toronto, see fat people, and think, there go my tax dollars waddling down the street. I worked with a chef who was 32 and 375 pounds. SHE DIED AT 32 in her sleep!!!!!! AT 32 BECAUSE SHE WAS OVERWEIGHT!!

    I just turned 40 and , admittedly, put on some weight over the last few months. Ive been at the gym 6 days a week since my bday to lose the gut. I want to be healthy, not fat and lazy.

    The mayor of Toronto is huge. He sweats pulling a donut from a box. You know what, I dont trust him because he is fat (and a liar). How can someone take care of a city and its people when he cant even take care of himself.

    Maybe America should create a new craze where you get an assault rifle for every 20 pounds lost. That would get you Americans moving.

    Being fat is irrelevant?!?! Get a grip. We should be hounding the fat to lose weight, not coddling them.

    Are you fat, Yancy?

  11. Greg says:

    Plus, why would you take my opinion serioulsy. Do you know me? Why would you take the opinion of someone writing a review on a film blog. Do you know my personality or film tastes? If you’re taking anyone’s advice on a blog,you’re an idiot. Get some actual friends and get their opinion.

    The internet is completely filled with assholes and losers giving ouy they’re opinions about evrything and anything, including me. WHO CARES WHAT ANYBODY’S OPINION IS! Read some of the posts after a Yahoo news bulletin. 2000 posts of shit.

    I really wish we could go back to a time before the World Wide Web. Its destroying life as we know it. Im sad for the future.

  12. Greg says:

    YancySkancy–Defender of the Fat and Obese.

    Irrelevent?!?! If someone is FAT, it should be mentioned everytime that their name comes up.

    When did being overweight become acceptable and something that shouldnt talked about?!? This fuckin’ world is backwards.

  13. etguild2 says:

    Rex, is that you?

  14. Mostly Lurking says:


    I can’t understand why Gandolfini was such an ass to you. You seem like such a pleasant fellow.

  15. KrazyEyes says:

    Greg makes me yearn for an ignore button on here. And he calls JG an asshole. Priceless.

  16. Greg says:

    KrazyEyes makes me yearn for an assault rifle and a ticket to the states.

  17. Greg says:

    Hey KrazyEyes…dont read my posts asshole…I didnt ask you too.

    Dont call me an asshole, unless of course you know me in real life and Ive been an asshole to you.

  18. Greg says:

    America…the land of the FAT and GUN CRAZED!

    I take it that your fat KrazyEyes.

  19. Greg says:

    Ive been a looooooong time reader and hardly ever posted. I enjoy the back and forth and David’s commentary.

    The first time I post a review (barely) trying to connect with the people and the blog and I get called out for calling someone that was an asshole to me fat and I get shit from KrazyEyes.

    Fuck you everyone for being so friendly.

    Just another reason I hate the internet.

  20. etguild2 says:

    CROODS is shore purty to look at, but apparently the script was also written by cavemen. Don’t understand the good reviews. Perhaps everyone is just starved for a cartoon to take the kids to that’s passable? This isn’t just Dreamworks-lite. It’s Blue Sky territory.

    ADMISSION…erm, pick a tone and stick with it. Were Weitz and Fey battling on-set over what type of movie they were making? Also, how the hell is this getting a wide release from Focus and PINES is slow rolling it? I know the latter is a difficult film with an art-house vibe, but so was DRIVE….actually DRIVE was much less accessible. Didn’t GONE BABY GONE open wide? And Gosling+Cooper would be enough to open TRASH HUMPERS wide. Gosling’s abs alone are enough for a wide opening. Actually, why is this opening in late March, period when it has a clear late September/early October feel? Baffling.

  21. YancySkancy says:

    Greg, you’re not only an idiot, you’re an idiot at length. FYI, I’m not fat (not that it’s any of your business). Also, yes, being fat is irrelevant in this case. If you had an experience with Gandolfini that makes you think he’s an asshole, fine, but what does his size have to do with how much of an asshole he is? None, that’s what.

    As for your anti-fat rant, I (like most people) know plenty of overweight folks, and the reasons for their obesity are many and varied. Anyone who’s not an intolerant jerk realizes this. There are often emotional issues and issues of brain chemistry. It’s not necessarily just “Yay, food! Boo, exercise!” And even if it were, it wouldn’t tell you anything about the goodness or worth of that person. Of course being fat should be accepted. What’s the alternative? You apparently think it should be “erradicated” (sic). How would you manage that? And could the method be applied to bigots like you as well?

  22. GexL says:

    Greg sounds like he’s gearing up to be a contestant on The Next Big School Massacre.

  23. Sonny Hooper says:

    Greg, please take your asinine comments over to Hollywood Elsewhere.

  24. palmtree says:

    Wow, it’s like a scene from the walking dead when they’re calmly strolling through the woods and suddenly there’s a zombie with its relentless attacks!

  25. storymark says:

    Its fun how he goes on a multi-rant tantrum because someone disagreed with one of his points, but feels that others are unfriendly.

    But yeah, he and Wells would get along famously.

  26. berg says:

    BurtWOnderstone was a bit uneven comic wise but there were some scenes that just slayed me … all the scenes with Carey except the drill to the head were really funny (I really gotta go.) And the hot coals’ scene, every time he screamed I was laughing out loud and so were the (few) people around me

  27. Greg says:

    MY GOD YOU ARE WRONG! Being fat should be accepted?!? The alternative?….asking people to eat well and excercise. My god, is that so hard? Im 40, 6’2 and weigh 190.
    I ate McDonalds last night so I did extra cardio today at the gym.

    If you had a child who was obesely overweight, would you just say ‘thats great! eat your self to death. just dont let anyone call you fat.’

    I would say about 10% off overweight people have health factors that proclude them from excercise. The other 90% of fat people are fat because they eat crap and dont excercise. White Castle, Zaxby’s, Steak and Shake, McDonalds, 64 oz sodas, all you can eat buffets, thats why people are fat. PEOPLE HAVE HEALTH ISSUES BECAUSE THEY ARE OVERWEIGHT, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND.

    What if I said ‘overweight’? Would that be all acceptable?How about thin? Pretty? Nice? Mean? Talented? Untalented? Where does it stop? Why is ‘thin’ acceptable and ‘fat’ not?

    I went to an art gallery opening in downtown Toronto for a freind of mine. About 200 poeple came to the show and not one person was overweight. A millionaire cant find the time to go to the gym and get thin?!?

    Its completely relevant to me. It might not to you, but hey, thats life. I dont like looking at grossly overweight people, I dont care if you think Im an asshole or not for it. People are eating themsleves to death but lets not say anything to them?!?

    Honestly, Yancy, You’re saying nothing can be done to stop the wave of obesity?

  28. Greg says:

    And you people put up with disgusting diatribes against women and vulgar profanity from LexG, but saying someone is fat is worth scorn and derision. You people are ass-backwards.

    I have nothing against LexG.

  29. Aaron says:

    How long does food poisoning last? This debate is getting old.

  30. Greg says:

    A real question…

    If you were sending someone to meet James Gandolfini at a music festival and they didnt know who he was and didnt know his name, how would you describe him to that person.

  31. Greg says:

    Do I have this all wrong? Did you guys not know he was fat? Compared to other Americans, is that slim?

  32. Greg says:

    Off to meet Fede Alvarez. See ya’ losers.

    Greg, out!

  33. spassky says:

    Greg, you are coming off as a psychopath. Do your self a favor and stop talking. Engage. Don’t lecture.

    People are having problems with you going on these anti-fat rants because they have absolutely nothing to do with movies, which is what we are here to discuss…

    And, for the record, I don’t think Lex’s rants are really well-tolerated around here. He is constantly getting raked over the coals for his misognyistic tone. But there is one crucial difference between his rants and yours– his are designed to elicit responses, and in that regard you could technically describe his rants as satire. You are just going off on anti-fat diatribes with no contextual reference to things.

    “Fat” is a pejorative term. You were using it as a pejorative term. There was nothing positive about your statemtnts. Like, I don’t mind if someone says I’m a jew, cause I am, but if they call me a “shylock” I’m gonna react a little differently.

    Oh, and I’m not fat…

  34. hcat says:

    And Gandolfini is hardly defined by his weight. He is one of the most celebrated television actors and supporting role guys in the past two decades. Its like simply referring to Daniel Day Lewis as some tall guy from the movies.

    And Christ, defining a whole selection of the population based on one physical trait? How do they raise you up north? Obesity has more to do with econimic factors than with laziness. You are here so you’re a movie fan, go check out one of the thousand documentaries that have come out in the last decade about how fucked up our food supply and distribution is. Then tell some family whose grocery store might not stock produce or have a budget that has to choose volume over nutrition that they are a bunch of lazy slobs.

  35. storymark says:

    “And you people put up with disgusting diatribes against women and vulgar profanity from LexG”

    WTF are you blathering about. Half the history of this blog is people complaining about Lex.

    And you accuse us (inccorectly) of putting up with all his “disgusting diatribes”…. and then say you have no problem with him. Are you fucking mental?

    Get off your high-horse, you’re coming off like an idiot (quick tip, the desperate name-drop while fleeing didn’t help.)

  36. YancySkancy says:

    Greg: Yes, eating well and exercising can be hard for lots of people. Not really the point though. Overweight people have mirrors and don’t need you to tell them what their problem is.

    And I have no idea why you’re arguing about how one would describe Gandolfini. You called him a fat asshole instead of just an asshole. It’s not that he’s not overweight; it’s that his weight is irrelevant to whether or not he’s an asshole. Pretty simple and clear, I should think. If an African-American upsets you, do you call him a black asshole? Do all assholes need other descriptors to make your point? Gay asshole? White asshole? Elderly asshole? Blond asshole? I think you’re just a plain old asshole, but I’d be glad to add an adjective if that’s the accepted practice.

  37. etguild2 says:

    *whimper* Anyone wanna talk about the movies I posted about?:'(

  38. sanj says:

    checked the admission trailer – this looks bad – this should be on tv… probably doesn’t cost more than a few million. Tina Fey .. really good at making tv shows – not so much with the movies …still too famous for a dp30.

    wired magazine has Alison Brie on the cover …a few articles abou tv / netflix

    i don’t like the cover picture of Alison Brie – shes sitting down in a suit – drinking and smoking – its for mad men ..

  39. Tim DeGroot says:

    Did I dream it, or is there a tv spot for G.I. Joe 2 that ends with
    Dwayne Johnson saying “Yeah, bitches.”

  40. spassky says:


    How baffling is this roll out for “Place Beyond the Pines” ? I feel they’ve got a such a late summer/early fall winner here… and I can’t imagine they’re even thinking of exploiting the summer crowd’ familiarity with Gosling and Cooper much (if at all)…

    I don’t think it’s as slick as “Drive,” (and much less aesthetically difficult, imho) so I’m wondering how the adults are gonna play into this one… i guess we’ll wait and see…

  41. spassky says:

    “Did I dream it, or is there a tv spot for G.I. Joe 2 that ends with Dwayne Johnson saying “Yeah, bitches.””?”

    This sounds like something I would dream (but it would be a football game and Ellen Degeneres would be our wide receiver)…

  42. jesse says:

    etguild, I honestly thought The Croods was one of the best DreamWorks features I’ve seen (which still puts it below 80% or more of the Pixar output, but that’s true of their other best-of candidates, too). Lovely animation, and a much less quippy/smarmy script than usual for the DreamWorks gang; I chalk it up to Chris Sanders, who made the somewhat overpraised but still DW-top-tier How to Train Your Dragon and the wonderful Lilo & Stitch back at Disney.

    A few too many endings, but otherwise, pretty delightful.

    DreamWorks computer animation ranked (minus Shrek 4 which I never saw, and also minus Flushed Away as that’s Aardman and sort of a different deal):

    1. How to Train Your Dragon
    2. The Croods (and honestly this could fight it out for #1 for me)
    3. Kung Fu Panda
    4. Bee Movie
    5. Kung Fu Panda 2
    6. Shrek
    7. Megamind
    8. Madagascar 3
    9. Monsters vs. Aliens
    10. Over the Hedge
    11. Puss in Boots
    12. Madagascar
    13. Rise of the Guardians
    14. Shrek 2
    15. Antz
    16. Shrek the Third
    17. Madagascar 2
    18. Shark Tale

    Not as engaging as a Pixar ranking, but a lot easier to do since there’s such a wider range of quality.

  43. etguild2 says:

    Hmmmm….interesting rankings, though I would put it behind Dragon, both Pandas, the first two Shreks, Over the Hedge, Monsters vs Aliens….and Megamind if Despicable Me never existed.

    I don’t know…it was less smarmy, sure. (as for smarmy being a problem, Bee Movie at #4?) I just thought it was a series of platitudes at caveman level. Break out of your shell, believe in yourself, thrive in a new setting….essentially, it’s “Rio.”

    As for a computer animation deathmatch…if you combined the top 10 I’d put it as

    1. Wall-E
    2. Ratatouille
    3. Toy Story 3
    4. Finding Nemo
    5. The Incredibles
    6. How to Train Your Dragon
    7. Toy Story 2
    8. Up
    9. Rango
    10. Kung Fu Panda

    Honorable mention: 9 and Legend of the Guardians (still the most beautiful animation to date).

  44. jesse says:

    Uggghhh, it wasn’t as front-to-back inane as Rio. I do wish that fewer than 70% of these computer-animation things (even my beloved Pixar!) weren’t basically stories about parents learning to let go of their kids and not be overprotective, which was admittedly the thrust of this one. But the designs (on both the neanderthals and the wonderful array of creatures) and voicing and such really sold me on Croods. Plus the LACK of weak jokes; that never hurts. Just that it wasn’t trying to be a madcap comedy scored major points for me (there is big-scale slapstick, but at least it’s not all yammering and non-joke jokes).

    I do love Rango and always forget about that one! But to me that’s the only non-Disney big-studio CG cartoon that could compete on a list that would for me have to include almost all Pixars (subtract Cars + Cars 2) plus Tangled and Wreck-It Ralph, all well before a single DreamWorks production.

    But while The Croods didn’t surprise me much at a story level, I did enjoy watching it, and didn’t hate listening to it — the latter can be tricky to avoid in DW land.

    Bee Movie is a little smarmy but also has a bit more of a comedic edge to it, in terms of playing like actual, adventurous, whimsical comedy, rather than canned wisecracks and dumb references.

  45. sanj says:

    anybody see A Monster in Paris ? – pretty good animated picture.

    also be great if DP makes DP entertainment channel on youtube …100’s of short clips of everything else not covered by movies …

  46. Ryan says:

    Anybody who likes Primer seen Upstream Colors?

  47. cadavra says:

    If I may interrupt the SMH Fest…

    Jason, thanks for watching LOST SKELETON and glad you liked it. Number Three will hopefully be filming this year.

    And if I may pat myself on the back a little, my short IT’S A FRAME-UP! had its first public screening at Cinefest in Syracuse this weekend and got a rousing response. Now off to stagger the rest of the world!

  48. chris says:

    I’d agree that “Croods” is decent but that I-wish-my-mother-in-law-was-dead joke that gets repeated a dozen times is definitely weak, jesse

  49. berg says:

    “Anybody who likes Primer seen Upstream Colors?”

    the movie is titled Upstream Color, which suggests a total different meaning than if color was not was plural

  50. Joe Straatmann says:

    As a 135 lbs. guy who wants a gun as much as much as I want a volcano of sewage in my living room (I’m an epee fencer, so I have a different object of phallic subconscious representation), Greg, let me tell you a story about the most amazing person in my life. The most amazing person in my life had to eventually deal with some genetic “gifts” given to her. Most notably, trying to be rid of the mental illness where invisible men with eyes gouged out walked around in her daily life. Kinda’ distracting.

    Unfortunately, fixing the mind isn’t like changing the oil in the ol’ Buick. There’s not one trick or magic pill. You have to try combinations of things, and sometimes they don’t work, and sometimes, they do things like make you sleepy all the time or mess with your metabolism while your body adjusts to them. Sadly, this tends to lead to weight gain, which makes certain people not want to take their medication, especially if people like, say, you, have made them feel extremely insecure. Some with the “best intentions” by saying, “I’m sorry to be the one to do this, but you seem to have gained a lot of weight and we’re worried you might be losing control of yourself.” Or there’s FAT FAT FATTY FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT. Thankfully, she found her ways around people like you. Surprisingly, none these ways included kicking them in the balls or vagina. She was VERY close, though.

    So with that, I will say in all sincerity: Fuck you and the horse your rode in on.

    EDIT: Anyway, movies. So, after being busy for the past month, I’ll probably wait until GI Joe Retaliation for the stuff blowing up good part of my diet…… are No, Upside Down, or Up on Poppy Hill playing anywhere close? No? Darn.

  51. leahnz says:

    what will greg do when he finds out lex is fat

  52. jesse says:

    Chris, agreed… very sitcommy, and I rolled my eyes. Although I feel like it had an actually-sort-of-mordant edge to it because obviously life expectancies would be way shorter at that (highly, heavily fictionalized) time period, so I could somewhat understand the feeling that the mother-in-law was actually a burden on a family that eats one egg a week.

    But yeah, still lame. Even the lamest jokes, though, are a little more understated (the Cage Crood being disappointed at the count going up to six rather than five) than a lot of the gags in the likes of the Madagascar movies (like Chris Rock screaming “AFRO CIRCUS!”).

    Despite their circa-1998 desire to set themselves apart from Disney, I do find that the better DreamWorks movies are basically on par with some of the better (underrated, I’d say) late-nineties Disney movies. They have a quasi-sophisticated veneer of “nicer” CG animation and more adult sensibility, but really they’re Disney movies done BIG. Dragon and Croods especially (not surprising given Sanders’ input) — and I mean that in a good way.

    Speaking of Upstream Color: I’m actually more interested in, has anyone who didn’t particularly care for Primer seen Upstream Color? It sounds really cool, but I found Primer pretty disappointing. The flat affect of it made it harder to follow than actual plot details, and I didn’t find any of the actors very engaging. I know I should watch it again, and probably will before Upstream Color, but I also sort of bristled at the obvious “well, you have to see it a second time” reactions awaiting my middling feelings on it. I saw it once! I paid attention! Why do I need to watch it again? Is the movie going to hypnotize me into liking it more??

  53. Ray Pride says:

    “Bristling” would actually be a good word for the editing and experimental fracturing of the story in UPSTREAM COLOR.

  54. KrazyEyes says:

    PRIMER was a weird experience for me. I watched the entire film and then put the DVD back to start and immediately watched the entire film again. Probably the only time I’ve ever done this.

    I do agree with Jessie in concept that no film should force you to watch it a second time in order to “understand” it but for Primer it worked. I went from having extremely ambivalent feelings about the film to really liking it.

    Maybe the best way to view Primer is to think of it as a 3-hour movie and the complete restart is just one more manipulation in the flow of time.

  55. Ryan says:

    ‘the movie is titled Upstream Color, which suggests a total different meaning than if color was not was plural’

    Thanks for the grammar lesson berg. Maybe next time you’ll use the word ‘totally’ instead of ‘total’.

    I’ve been looking forward to see if Carruth was a one trick pony for years. However, I don’t think that it was necessary to watch ‘Primer’ twice to understand it-maybe just to understand the implications of the ending and the connections. Doesn’t seem any different than re-examining films like “The Usual Suspects” or “Fight Club”.

  56. sanj says:

    Gwyneth Paltrow looking good in this iron man 3 poster ..
    …all the posters have this high quality photography with
    high detail .. its a nice balance of all the technology they have vs the human ..

    iron man 3 poster

  57. Jermsguy says:

    Cadavra, were you actually involved with LOST SKELETON?

  58. Jermsguy says:

    Are you actually Michael Schlesinger or Andrew Parks?

  59. sanj says:

    Gerard Butler got 5000 + comments on reddit – and he left 1 minute video message thanking everybody ..

    reddit isn’t really a movie site and now i see a lot of movie studios are sending their big movie stars to promote
    their projects ..just answering questions .. this is something the movie sites could do but they simply don’t have enough people to ask like 100 questions …

    reddit is going to beat every movie site but only if actors answer a lot of questions .

    Butler’s video message

  60. Greg says:

    Straight from the actor’s mouth…

    “Urging Bush to “reinstate the draft, send 500,000 troops and finish it,” Gandolfini, 44, adds, “I’d go, I’m too old and fat, but I’d drive a truck. The American people haven’t had to sacrifice anything.”

    If its good enough for him…

  61. Greg says:

    I am a gay asshole, kinda proud of it.

    Im kinda emabarrased about going off yesterday. Boy, I was worked up. But, c’mon…the guy is fat.

    As if Im the only one who thinks ‘fat’ when they see an obese person pigging out at Wendys. Gimme a break.

    I was laid off last year, gained 20 pounds and was put on Zoloft for depression. Guess what the best remedy for depression is? Excercise.

    I doesnt cost anything to get out and go for a walk.

  62. cadavra says:

    I seem to recall that he also referenced himself as a fat, bald guy when he won one of his Emmys.

    Jermsguy: I’m Michael; I acquired, marketed and distributed the original LOST SKELETON, and co-produced the first sequel as well as two other Larry Blamire films. As mentioned, we hope to shoot #3 this year.

  63. spassky says:

    Anybody have any thoughts on Ramsay quitting/getting the boot from “Jane Got a Gun?”

    It struck me as weird that she was doing this relatively big budget film when she just obviously hates the bullshit that comes with that. I’m wondering what Portman is feeling… that’s gotta hurt.

    Now Jude left with Ramsay… I cannot wait till of this is bitchily put in a memoir in twenty years (though, unfortunately, i feel like the person to do that will likely be Steindorff)… I gotta admit, I love it when fallout like this happens, but was very much looking forward to Ramsay keeping her ego in check and making a kickass movie on a pretty good budget…

    What’s gonna happen next?

  64. spassky says:

    Greg: that’s cool of you to have some humility after your crack up… though it seems two things happened– you hated Burt Wonderstone ALOT, and disagree with fat people not being categorized as fat possibly gratuitously, and (yancy…? I think?) discounted your entire opinion because you called Gandolfini a fat asshole in Sopranos… Therefore I can only think of one thing to say: Gandolfini is a fantastic, subtle, and nuanced performer, and as weird as it is, I know a lot of women who think he is sexy as hell (being a straight asshole, I don’t get it, but hey, whatever). So, problem solved — because I think we’d all agree that “Burt Wonderstone” is a total piece of crap and Gandolfini is wasted, I’m sure (i haven’t seen it, but I’m hearing a lot of opinions similar to yours).

    Oh, and forgot to add: #TeamRamsay

  65. Jermsguy says:

    I’ve seen the original twice; I thought you were just a big fan of this offbeat comedy. Now I need to see the second one.

    Everyone on here is secretly on IMDB, huh.

  66. YancySkancy says:

    FWIW, I have no problem with Gandolfini self-deprecatingly referring to himself as fat. And no one said it’s wrong to see a fat person and think, “He’s fat.” I object to its use as a pejorative, especially by those who seem to think it’s some kind of crime to be overweight.

    Greg, sorry for your struggles with depression, but frankly, that should make you more understanding of the struggles that others have with weight, not less. There’s a major psychological component to many weight issues, including binge eating and other disorders, many of which are related to depression, bipolar disorder, etc. Denigrating other flawed people (i.e., pretty much everybody) is no way to help your own healing process. Seems to me, anyway. Stepping off soapbox now, hoping to stay off.

  67. Monco says:

    I really don’t want this to sound insensitive but do we really want to make excuses for the obesity epidemic in America? This is a really significant problem in my opinion. Greg was completely tactless and expressed his opinion with extreme invective and was rightly called out on it. But the excuse making is wrong as well. Not equally wrong, I’m not making a moral equivalency here. If we keep making excuses for why people are overweight the problem will never be solved. Listen to Michelle Obama and MOVE.

  68. YancySkancy says:

    The obesity epidemic may be a significant problem, but it’s not one that will be solved by shaming and ridiculing people. It’s not as simple as eat well and exercise, though there are undoubtedly people who would benefit from that advice and have the will power to follow it. Unfortunately, not all obesity has the same cause. You can tell someone who has a binge eating disorder to “eat less” till you’re blue in the face–it won’t help them. We have to find ways to encourage healthier lifestyles without making those who have valid physical and psychological “excuses” for their weight problems feel worthless. As it is, bigotry against the obese seems to have become the only socially acceptable intolerance in this country. For every person who expressed outrage against Rex Reed for his insulting of Melissa McCarthy, there were probably three saying, “You tell that hippo!”

  69. Greg says:

    Let me say…I had no intention of going off on that rant.

    Ive always been very solitary. Ive always lived alone, have a few close freinds but mostly hang out alone, I travel alone and see about 200 movies a year, 90% alone. Movies are basically my social life.

    My doctor said I should really get out more and meet people to help with depression. My dad has Huntingtons (which I have the gene for) and my Dr encouraged me to find a partner too, hopefully,to care for me when I get older.

    As I said, Im a long time reader but hardly ever posted. When I have, Ive been ignored. I created my little ‘review baby’ and was proud to post it.

    I woke up in the morning and (literally) the first thing I did was check to see my responses. The first thing I saw was an attack (or so I felt) on me. I responded like a child would, I was very hurt and lashed out. Thats all.

    Not very adult, but you know what, that rant certainly got some percolating agression out.

    I really have nothing against overweight people. My feeling is that ‘fat means laziness’. I guess that is my issue.

    PS I wasnt name dropping with Fede Alvarez. As a long time Evil Dead fan, I was excited to meet him at a TV show taping. As it turned out, his flight was cancelled due to snow in NY.

  70. Greg says:

    At least now, I’ll be recognized here! 🙂

  71. Greg says:

    A few years ago, a girlfriend and I were walking around NY. I remember we saw Jeff Bridges, Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart and Paul Reiser on the street. Nicole, a huge Sopranos fan, saw JG across the street. He was with a few people. She crossed the street, stood politley on the curb and said ‘Hi Mr Gandolfinin’ thinking she might get a picture. Mr Fantastic Actor told her to ‘fuck off’. Nice guy.

    He didnt have to stop…but swearing at her? C’mon.

  72. anghus says:

    “Ive always been very solitary. Ive always lived alone, have a few close freinds but mostly hang out alone, I travel alone and see about 200 movies a year, 90% alone. Movies are basically my social life.”

    Man. Am i the only one thinking that Lex and Greg should pair up and do some movie reviews online. Maybe call it “Shut-Ins”…

  73. Greg says:

    Being solitary and a ‘shut in’ are two different things. Im a person that can enjoy myself without having people around, I prefer it. Im always out and about, just by myself. Being in the service industry all my life, Im tired of talking to people.

    I dont need others to entertain me…except for people that make movies, I need them.

    An old co-worker could not stand to not have a BF and always had to have people around him. He could not be alone…thats completely odd to me and, I believe, reflects poorly on him.

  74. spassky says:

    Greg: I totally agree with the point. It seems like people equate “alone” with “lonely” faaar too often. I think it’s equally weird when someone needs someone else’ company to validate wherever they’re going or whatever activity they’re planning on doing.

    Being ignored here is like being ignored at any other event with self-exceptionalising pedants in attendance– you have to say something that they agree with so much or disagree with so fervently that they can use their response as an opportunity to talk down to you or some other person nearby. [or, if the comment was written by someone not so smart, like me, this is a good reason to ignore comments– unless they’re very entertaining in that way 😉 sanj]

    Having said that, a few suggestions for the Lex and Greg Variety Hour:
    -On Our Merry Way
    -Walking the Plank
    -The Last Diatribe
    -Eating Crow and Admiring Feet

  75. sanj says:

    watched 2 new dp/30’s for trans – Danny Boyle is the eaiest director to understand … DP has done nothing to promote these dpé30`s … wonder if DP cares if he`s losing some long term fans…either for the videos or the movie reviews …the 5 big movie sites everybody seems to go to always pump out new content … video – interviews and reviews.

    i wanna see DP get more true exclusives. DP go out and get President Obama for dp/30 .

  76. Greg says:

    Great observation spassky. Ive posted a few things here and there….I enjoyed this movie, I hated that movie…to no response. The first time I go all out and INSANE, I get a lot of attention.

    Actually, I think the last time I got a response is when I enjoyed Hostel 2.

    Im off to see 2001 for the first time…in glorious 70MM at The Bell Lightbox.

  77. sanj says:

    Alison Brie – mad nen cover of wired – i hate this picture.
    the dp/30 with Alison was pretty good .

    Alision Brie – wired

  78. spassky says:

    “Im off to see 2001 for the first time…in glorious 70MM at The Bell Lightbox.”

    Wow jealous. That’s one of those movies I wish I hadn’t watched when I was a little kid — it took a while to really enjoy it, and even then the experience was bogged down by the pretense of having seen it when I was a kid. …

    Allison Brie: I didn’t like the cover at first, because I think she is so beautiful and magnetic I just want to see her being the object of my delusional fantasies, but I like this cover, particularly with how much it clashes with Trudy’s (her character on MM) MO.

  79. YancySkancy says:

    Just because a comment doesn’t get a response, doesn’t mean it’s being “ignored.” Surely it’s not only “self-exceptionalising pedants” who wait for a strong agreement or disagreement to post. I imagine most of us are just reluctant to pack each thread with filler such as “Good point” or “You may be right” or “Agree to disagree,” or “I haven’t seen that movie yet, but gee, I bet your opinion is right on the money.” Would it help if Dave added a “Like” button?

  80. Glamourboy says:


    I was moved by your apology. I hope things are getting better for you now. I do think it goes to show that there are always special circumstances in every situation and we should always try to be sensitive to that. Insensitive people could argue that being over 40 makes you ‘over the hill’….or that depression is just the catch phrase for laziness….or that being out of a job just means you’re not trying hard enough. So perhaps when you are judging people, you might wonder how people might judge you and your situation. We truly don’t know what is going on with someone until we ask.

    Too bad about JG–very dick-ish move on his part.
    Good luck with getting your life in order.

  81. storymark says:

    Maybe Gandolfini had had a bad day, too?

  82. Triple Option says:

    I saw Burt Wonderstone and was ANGRY watching it, it was soooo bad. Inexcusably bad. Like someone was saying upthread, all that talent, all those dollars and resources and this was all you could do?? I want to say it was so formulaic but the storylines were so half-assed, they couldn’t even get that right. Seriously unimaginative. And it’s a film about magic! Anybody working on developing that project should be ashamed. ASHAMED!! I wonder whose ego was most responsible for that dead fish. Whoever got the most say was WRONG! I would’ve rather they tried something and failed than that 80s, syndicated sitcomish, blight they submitted to theaters. You wanna bilk the public out of their hard-earned dollars, go into mutual funds. Leave movies alone!

  83. sanj says:

    Triple Option – director Don Scardino did several tv sitcom directing .. plus John Francis Daley – one of the writers is in many tv series … so you will probably end up with a tv movie with other tv stars – Carell – Wilde and Carrey … but the posters look real good.

    i asked 2 weeks before this movie opened about a dp30 –
    10 people on that movie don’t have any dp/30s ….
    DP didn’t review it – not even sure he’s seen it .

    i figured DP will rush out for the new GI Joe movie and
    give out a bad review and millions of people will go out and see it anyways .just like people did with that OZ movie.

  84. Lex says:

    Don Scardino was the killer in CRUISING.

  85. leahnz says:

    this thread has made me want to see ‘burt wonderstone’ now just to see how bad it is (I’d never even heard of it before)

    a lot of actors can be dicks, kind of a self-involved ego-tripping profession by nature where you have to be pretty thick-skinned, confident and persistent to really succeed, that combined with the fact that a lot of performers also seemed plagued by deep insecurities and anxiety about if they’re really good enough, coupled with wanting success but not wanting to be bothered by the unwashed masses who’ve made them successful, making for the perfect storm of temperamental bipolar assholery.

  86. sanj says:

    this dude talks about how Johnny Depp acting works … 5 minutes…this dude needs a dp30 …

    the jack sparrow effect

  87. Joe Leydon says:

    You know, I am seriously amazed that anyone could actually hate Burt Wonderstone? Dislike it? OK. I would disagree — I actually thought it was very funny — but this wouldn’t be the first time I laughed out loud at a comedy that generated only “meh” responses from others. But hate? Anger? Geez. This reminds me of the time I raved about Joe Vs. The Volcano, and actually had someone phone the paper where I worked to demand that I repay him for the price of an admission ticket.

  88. spassky says:

    Yes, Yancy, sorry that line is unfair… sorry about that, it was just hyperbole. To be fair, I didn’t mean to imply that everyone here is, but, well whatever it does’t matter. And no, no like buttons, no share buttons, and no any other buttons… agreed.

    I’m very disappointed to hear how awful ‘Burt Wonderstone’ is… are there any good magic tricks in it at least? I read this article ( and was a little excited thinking back to those Copperfield specials… was hoping for “Burt…” to have some legitimate magic in it. (and I’m a sucker for Jim Carrey).

  89. sanj says:

    do you know how many times this week i’ve seen Selena Gomez in a bikini ? too many …she’s out there promoting spring breakers .. DP should give this disney actress a shot at dp30 but she is owned and operated by Justin Bieber so DP should write a nice note asking permission to interview her.
    i’m sure DP would get around asking Selena about the torture scene in ZDT and she would be confused.

  90. chris says:

    Scardino is in “Cruising,” Lex, but he is not the killer.

  91. Triple Option says:

    Yeah, I was kinda afraid my complaints made it seem like a 12 car pile up. I did laugh a couple of times but yeah, it really just sat there, and for me it just seemed lazy. The effort. Like, no one spoke up and say, “Hey, Ima star! This should meet some minimal level of standards.” Buuut, apparently not. There sure were enough writers who got some credit on it. Either that thing was floundering around in development hell for ages or too many chefs in the kitchen thinking it needed to be a certain way and, and geeze, who knows from there.

    The magic was nothing to speak of. They didn’t even have the courtesy to put something on screen worthy of wondering if it was real or f/x. Lame-o!

    Another reason to be angry. No one seemed to care about quality.

  92. sanj says:

    butter 2011 – had like 8 tv actors trying to be a dark comedy – it really didn’t work for me … i can’t remember most of it ….Jennifer Garner was horrible .. Olivie Wilde was alright ..

    the oranges 2011 – i watched a review – they didn’t like it – also had tons of tv actors .

    if your movie has 4 tv actors in your movie – chances are its going to be bad movie … tv actors become friends fast and keep doing tv quality work in movies… most get lucky by getting into movie festivals and hyping it up.

  93. Triple Option says:

    I’m gonna wind up 13 of 16 in my bracket for day 1 of the tourney. Excuse me, the 2nd round since they added those stupid play-in games. I’m tied for first in my pool buuuuut I somehow thought New Mexico would actually make it to the final four this year. This sux!!!

  94. cadavra says:

    Triple: To paraphrase a line from ROXANNE, “Oh, yeah, quality. We haven’t had any of that around here since 1986.”

  95. christian says:

    Burt Wonderstaone is the typical example of Hollywood syncophantry – hey, just have Steve Carell getting hit in the nuts and Jim Carrey screaming and voila!

  96. hcat says:

    Given that The Office went downhill after his departure its a shame that Carell gave that gig up to do this type of dreck.

    I would think Jack and Burt will have erased whatever midwinter’s high Warners would have after winning BP and getting the Hobbit over a billion.

  97. etguild2 says:


    Don’t let anything anyone says on here get to you personally. I think it was leahnz who said this blog is like a big family at Thanksgiving that’s had a little too much to drink. There’s a always a chance that anything someone posts will result in an attack, occasionally personal in nature, but usually intelligent. It’s why, Lex’s drunken rants aside, I think most people on here think a lot more about what they type before they post than other blogs.

  98. sanj says:

    watched the Derek Cianfrance dp30 – super details about this movie and the process – DP really let this guy talk and not get in the way .

  99. sanj says:

    not a movie – she’s doing it for art at moma museum .

    Tilda Swinton Is Sleeping In A Box

  100. Bulldog68 says:

    So tough angst ridden rapper Eminem is now having music used in the Despicable Me 2 trailer. So when your 5 year olds start singing I’m Slim Shady, you know who to blame.

    By the way, the music totally works, and the trailer is pretty funny.

  101. Joe Leydon says:

    Bulldog: Hey, I remember when The Rolling Stones had to change the lyrics from “Let’s Spend the Night Together” to “Let’s Spend Some Time Together” before they were allowed to sing it on the Ed Sullivan show. Flash forward a few decades, and the song is innocuous enough to be used — with the original lyrics — as a Holiday Inn commercial.

  102. sanj says:

    weird movie short from the guy who brought you spring breakers …

    “Umshini Wam” Die Antwoord Harmony Korine

  103. Bulldog68 says:

    Leydon, at your age your remember when The Rolling Stones were just pebbles. 🙂

  104. etguild2 says:

    Eminem jumped the shark with the rape fantasy of Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears many years ago.

  105. sanj says:

    shoutout to Joe Leydon for putting up tons of new trailers … i liked it .

    crazy story about the screen gems logo.

    the s from hell

  106. Ray Pride says:

    THE S FROM HELL and ROOM 237 were made by the same director, Sanj.

  107. SamLowry says:

    After renting the “new” John Cusack film The Factory (which decided to forego a theatrical release after sitting patiently on a shelf for 4.5 years) I couldn’t help but think that the fimmakers must have been devastated by the death of John Ritter because the baddie appears to be a clone of him. Actually, the real John Ritter might’ve been the only thing that could’ve saved this movie.

    The film looked great–you feel like you are stuck in a snowbound industrial town (supposedly Buffalo but really Quebec)–and the acting is fine, with Dexter’s sister stretching into new territory by playing a, umm, cop, and a stunning turn by Tinkerbell, erm, Roxy Richter playing the daughter from Hades, but the characters and the story are so cliched and predictable that I had to wonder if this was intentionally done to lure us into bored complacence so we wouldn’t expect THE TWIST, which was so twisty it needed TWO flashback montages to justify itself.

    Which means it failed. Yes, there were clues scattered throughout (as we are reminded in Montage #2) but the meaning is utterly nonsensical. Yes, the kidnapped hookers were used as baby factories, but we are never shown why these babies were meant to exist. Were they to be the next wave of recruits for this tiny cult? We don’t even know what gender they are–if they were all girls this might make sense but boys–off to the freezer until next Thanksgiving? (And really, you would not have a hard time recruiting guys to join a cult where they are required to have sex with restrained hookers until they get pregnant.)

    Also, these babies were confined to incubators until near the end of the movie, yet when the vehicle they are riding in pulls up to a new home they are all facing forward in their seats, meaning they’re at least a year old? Wouldn’t confining a toddler to an incubator cause all sorts of developmental issues, or were the filmmakers just idiots who thought it “looked cool” to have them facing forward–to hell with the NHTSA!

    Another violation of the law: the baddie is a hash-slinger yet he isn’t wearing a hat or a hair net, probably because either would’ve made it difficult or even impossible for Cusack to see the gaping wound on his temple, inflicted by a hooker who didn’t want a free ride to captivity. Ever heard of Band-Aids, dude?

    Also, there is no way hash-slinger could’ve afforded the multi-story dungeon he resides in, no matter how depressed the housing market may be in Buffalo. Cusack’s cop, however, does live in an understandably small, dumpy house.

    Oh, there is an unintentional moment of humor. After Cusack breaks into the apartment of the only suspect in his daughter’s disappearance–a male nurse–and finds a list of drugs required by the real baddie, he has another nurse examine the list. He then tells his partner the drugs are all used to “prolong life”…as if most medications found in a hospital aren’t. Plus, we already know several items on the list are fertility drugs, which the nurse didn’t bother to mention, which would’ve been an important clue.

    My assessment: This movie desperately needs the CGI ghost of John Ritter as a hooker-kidnapping, hooker-raping, tranny-killing, hash-slinging, spooky creepy abusive cult leader. Please, financially-abused CGI houses, make it so!

  108. sanj says:

    okay so march is pretty much over …

    DP surprise me and get some exclusive interviews for april .. i want these dp/30’s . there’s a 1/5 chance that they will show up.

    – to the wonder – get Mallick dp/30

    – oblivion – get Cruise dp/30

    – pain and gain – get Bay dp/30

    – mud – get Reese Witherspoon dp/30

    – iceman – get Winona Ryder dp/30

    plus i want Amber Heard dp30 – Lindsay Lohan dp30 – Kate Kelton dp30 – Rachel Leigh Cook dp30 ..

    but i figure Mark Duplass will be in 12 movies this year and he`ll get 4 dp30`s … and DP won`t have time for the ladies.

    DP – at this point aren`t you the godfather of video interviewers – aren`t actors supposed to do these things just for the respect…which always ends up good for them during oscar season …

  109. SamLowry says:

    I can’t wait to see a studio turn this story into an Ashley Judd vehicle:

    “Demand for female bodies is particularly high. Professor Chen Huawen, an expert in Chinese burial customs, says the reason is that many young bachelors work as coal miners in provinces where ghost marriages persist. Coal mining is dangerous work that often leads to death. According to Chen, miners’ families often receive a lump sum of around $50,000 as compensation when a miner dies in an accident, and they are often willing to spend some of that money to find a wife for their dead relative.”

    (…then the article mentions a surge in grave robbing and plastic surgery on dead women to make them look younger…)

  110. SamLowry says:

    Okay, while I was stocking I figured out the big twist for the Ashley Judd ghost marriage vehicle:

    Agent Judd discovers that the real baddie isn’t the red-hatted lady who bought her niece’s body to sell to the family of a dead coal miner, but her own sister, who hastened the death of her daughter to get the bonus she wouldn’t receive if the girl looked ravaged by the cancer that was already killing her.

    Case closed, and Agent Judd earns a corner office in the Hoover Building and the respect of the big boys who had dismissed her as a West Virginia redneck.

  111. cadavra says:

    Oh, yes, yes, God, yes! I cannot WAIT to hear Michael Bay expounding on his timeless artistry for 30 minutes! Do it, Dave, DO IT!!!

  112. Lex says:

    Bay is one of the five greatest working artists in the medium of film, Cadavra.

    1) BAY
    2) NOE
    3) VON TRIER

    Korine is on deck at 6.

  113. sanj says:

    fun music video with Franco’s head popping up – figure LexG might like this ….

    Hoodie Allen – “James Franco”

  114. sanj says:

    after Kevin left attack of the show – he now doing video interviews with people ..basically all this tv interviews lasted 10 minutes or less … he got a lot of guests from that show to do 2 hour interviews .

    i like that he is uncensored ..tons of stuff he says he couldn’t say on tv … he also has science and music guests… so people can learn stuff for reals.

    there is lots of comedy gold if you like the guest …

    if he cuts this down to 1 hour – this pointless thing could
    easily be on comedy central . kinda weird how the guy who was on tv – isn’t going on tv … he’s not really an actor either. so he’s stuck in the middle right now and thats what makes it interesting to me .

    i asked DP for a dp30 with Kevin and Olivia like 2 years ago and got nothing.

    Kevin Pereria Pointless

  115. sanj says:

    cnn had a segment about Olympus Has Fallen – and how real it is and isn’t – they had 5 people on the screen .. people that you know seem important but are like local radio dj’s …2 of the people mentioned that they haven’t seen the movie . cnn is just getting lazy . i want DP to yell at them…i want DP to get into a war with Anderson Cooper about the news.

  116. leahnz says:

    Sam, you’re weird (I mean that as a compliment) – that ghost marriage thing is fucked up. (why ashley judd? just curious)

  117. sanj says:

    why isn’t there unlimited daily pass for theatres.. watch as many movies as you can for 12.99 .. seems fair. people will stick around and maybe buy the junkfood… a lot of movies are like 2 hours each x 3 movies = 6 hours in a theatre – how many regular people handle that ..

    DP should write more about current pricing for theatres instead of netflix …

  118. SamLowry says:

    Leah, Ashley Judd popped into my mind because she seems perfect for the story. It would have to take place in Appalachia (I don’t think even the Chinese audiences that Hollywood studios are trying to appeal to would want to see a movie about Chinese ghost marriages) in an area with plenty of mining and backwoods hoodoo which would suggest a Southerner like Judd. She’s already done several movies as an investigative type, and the emphasis on women in the original story suggested the lead had to be female, and would be pulled back to the sticks from her big-city job only at the insistence of a dying relative.

    I even envisioned a scene where she goes back to her niece’s grave to say goodbye one last time only to discover tire tracks leading up to it when she knew from the funeral that the grave had been hand-dug. (“We take pride in our work around here–don’t use no backhoe like some other places.”) She notices one of the diggers using a metal rod to find a previously buried casket so he can dig a hole for the missus without disturbing the mister, asks to borrow it and plunges it into her niece’s grave to find…nothing.

    The story kinda writes itself, since that original article was rather amazing.

  119. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Man, just read the news about Park Road closing. That’s gotta suck for NZ film makers… I’m assuming the next available film lab is Sydney?

  120. cadavra says:

    Possibly Melbourne; Sydney’s much further away.

  121. etguild2 says:

    DP, you’ve been slacking on the political posts since the election! Affordable Care Act aside, this is the most momentous day of Supreme Court oral arguments in decades:)

  122. sanj says:

    DP did 2 dp/30’s for GI Joe 2 .. writers / director … 3 big movie stars that were hardly mentioned … oscar wasn’t brought up – is it possible to get an oscar for kids toy game fro the 80’s .. battleship didn’t get any awards either ..the reviews for the movie aren’t that bad …
    my only problem with DP’s interview with director is that
    DP didn’t ask any questions about the Justin Beiber doc..
    DP likes docs… spending 5 minutes about that would have
    gotten millions of Bieber fans to maybe watch the dp30 ..

    DP are you getting Todd Phillips for hangover 3 ? the last interview he did was super fun.

  123. hcat says:

    Any thoughts out there on the new trailer and poster for World War Z?

    Loved the book, but so much of the ink about the adaption screams stay away. Still this new trailer sort of fleshes out the story more and hints that it might include the stuff that made the book so good (mainly the logistics of containing the epidemic) and I think the last copter out of siagon imagery of the poster helps sells it too me.

    I am still very cautious about it but being how ho-hum I am about the rest of the big-budget summer slate, this has actually moved up a few notches on the might see list.

    I find it sort of sad that the thing I am looking forward the most to seeing this summer is the Nth sequel in the F&F franchise.

  124. SamLowry says:

    Well, they didn’t fix the zombies flowing over the tanker truck like water, which I hoped was just preliminary CGI, and the zombie that was practically flying through the air at 0:27 was even worse.

    If this was a 28 Days/Rage virus flick then sure, why not, but WWZ was a love letter to George Romero, with traditional shambling zombies. The whole point of the story was that even against a slow-moving mass of enemies, humanity can still be overwhelmed by numbers alone.

    If the story isn’t extremely great then I’ll take a pass.

  125. hcat says:

    Instead of water I took it to be an imitation of a hive mentality. Seeing them as ants or locusts. I thought their tossing themselves off the building after the chopper to be a nice touch. And since the target audience has been watching shuffling zombies on a weekly basis lately I don’t mind that they went a different way.

    And has anyone else read Robopocolyse and found it to be the exact same book as WWZ except with Robots instead of Zombies? I have to imagine one of the reasons that film stalled in production is that they might want to see how WWZ pans out before dropping a couple hundred mil into the Battleship knockoff of it.

  126. leahnz says:

    thanks Sam, makes sense — for some reason I failed to grasp your intent to the change of locale from China to Appalachia, i get Judd now (you should write it, it’s not a board game, video game or fairytale, imagine that!)

    that is a bummer about the 35mm lab, the death of actual film is distressing to me, maybe just a sign that i’m ancient and stuck in a time warp – this new-fangled digital voodoo still freaks me out, i need to get over it probably

  127. sanj says:

    inappropriate comedy is at 0% on RT …there aren’t many reviews …

    Lindsay Lohan last few movies have had some really bad reviews …and i would like her to discuss these movies in a dp30;….

    why aren’t more movie critics rushing out to see this movie ? Adrien Brody – oscar winner is in this …


  128. etguild2 says:

    Lohan is literally in the movie for 90 seconds.

    SCARY MOVIE 5 gets best MPAA review of the year so far: crude and sexual content throughout, language, some drug material, partial nudity, comic violence and gore.

    It is rated PG-13.

  129. sanj says:

    Scary Movie 5 is one major group effort – Lohan’s The Canyons (2013) where she seems a major actor .. this could
    be a comeback for her … DP can get an exclusive interview.. DP don’t do that tabloid stuff so Lohan would have to talk about her movies in some detail .
    Lohan has been acting for 10 years. no dp30 . DP get on this .

  130. etguild2 says:

    sanj, I hate to break it to you–she is headed to long-term lockdown rehab pretty much ASAP.

  131. hcat says:

    Lohan is NEVER NEVER NEVER coming back. Not in any significant way. She will continue getting these small novelty parts, and I would think a supporting role in a John Waters film is not out of the question some day, but she will not be a Hatheway, Lawrence, Adams level star or talent again. I do not understand the fascination so many people have with her, we as a nation are so pervy about former child stars (Spring Breakers as Exhibit CXXXYIV).

  132. cadavra says:

    And as I’ve said before, it’s a damn shame, as she had real talent and could have been having Emma Stone’s career. Some people are simply beyond help.

  133. YancySkancy says:

    You’re probably right, hcat. But I have to admit, I never thought Robert Downey, Jr., would make it back after all his travails. I’m guessing the big difference is that he was clearly well-liked by folks who had some pull in the biz, agreeing to hire him uninsured and the like. Not sure Lohan has anyone like that who believes she’s worth the risk.

  134. hcat says:

    Downey also had an oscar nomination under his belt for Charlie. Not to mention a number of strong performances during his problems. But Lohan never really had an adult role, and there is a new batch of ubertalented actresses popping up each year for a limited number of meaty roles. As far as being tabloid fodder, she grabs the publics attention as a Disney starlet gone bad, if she had first risen to fame in her twenties and then faced these personal issues she would have been forgotten by now.

  135. sanj says:

    what if Lohan’s comeback is a cable tv series or dozen guest spots in other tv series ..

    did she ever show up to a any of sozens of film festivals to promote any of her movies where there are real movie critics ?

    somebody needs to do a documentary on her ..

    maybe Clint Eastwood needs to yell at her in his old man voice ..

  136. etguild2 says:

    Just saw GI JOE: RETALIATION. I need an aspirin.

  137. Don R. Lewis says:

    Dunno if anyone posted this already, but since QT is 50, thought it might be fun to point out he’s….

  138. sanj says:

    veronica mars movie gets 4 million on kickstarter …

    watch 4 minute video – guy reading off the big number..

  139. SamLowry says:

    From Cracked: The 5 Saddest Prostitutes in the World.

    Ms. Lohan makes the list because the Prince of Brunei paid $100,000 to have her visit him on New Year’s. Unless you think he spent the day asking her what it was like to work with Michael Keaton, you have to assume that, well….

    Or, as Jeanne Adams put it: “Why else would these guys put up with her crazy ass if they weren’t getting some ass in return?”

  140. sanj says:

    Peter Dinklage on daily show — super funny interview … this is better than a dp30 .

    Peter Dinklage daily show

    Peter Dinklage

  141. sanj says:

    watched Robot & Frank (2012) — they wasted a good robot movie but overall it had a nice simple story where it could have gotten way more complicated …

    i’m still waiting for johnny 5 from short circuit to get a dp30 …very cool robot … DP get on that and find johnny 5.

    also mcn needs new banners .. or better yet get some real movie banners…just steal them from other popular movie sites.

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