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Friday Estimates by Crood Clady

I’m running out the door to go see Jurassic 3D, so a very brief take…

Croods opening is okay, not great. The question will be whether it catches on. Fox, as a marketer, and DWA, as a producer, both have made Shinola out of shit with animated legs… and foreign. This is one not to make a real call on at all before next weekend.

Olympus has FilmDistrict’s best launch numbers, even in a post-Berney era. Boom boom… blow up that White House.

Admission is opening right in line with a bunch of Paul Rudd comedies. Tina Fey was supposed to be The Draw, but love her as I and many other do, it’s not clear she can open a movie.

And Spring Breakers‘ Friday per screen on the expansion is $1,721. The Friday of The Master‘s expansion to 788 screens had a per-screen of $1,773. So Spring did a little better. The question is, who is paying to see this movie? Is this an arthouse phenom or are kids—aside from Ted Hope’s 12-year-olds and other über-sophisticates by birth—paying to see this film? I say $15m or so in theatrical and much, much more in VOD and DVD. This thing will be iconic for teen/20s… just not in theaters.

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5 Responses to “Friday Estimates by Crood Clady”

  1. Lex says:

    Any Cinemascore on Spring Breakers yet? It’s my favorite movie of all time, but I can’t even BELIEVE it’s playing in, like, actual multiplexes for the ‘masses.’ I know it always sounds like some elitist insufferable film snob stance to say the hoi polloi “won’t get” a movie, but, man, considering “Killing Them Softly” and “Drive” got mainstream reactions like people were suckered into watching Andy Warhol’s “Empire,” I can’t even fucking CONCEIVE of what “regular people” will make of what, bikinis and guns aside, is very much a Korine movie and not really a traditional narrative movie.

    Also: HAIL GOD BUTLER breaking his bad luck streak.

  2. JKill says:

    Spring Breaaak. Spring Breaaak forever.

  3. movieman says:

    I remember wishing that a major–Universal or Lionsgate–had picked up “Trash Humpers” back in 2009, and given it a saturation break (3,000+ screens) selling it as the “ultimate horror movie.”
    The freaky visages of the Humpers would have brought teens out en masse expecting another “Saw” or “Hostel.” And their WTF?!?! outrage at what the film really was might have been the ultimate in performance art on Korine’s part.
    Sorry that didn’t happen.
    But delighted that “Breakers” is doing better in wide-ish release than I would have ever imagined.
    I’m willing to make a deal w/ Univ.
    If they insist upon making another “Fast and the Furious” after this year’s Memorial Day’s entry, they have to hire Harmony Korine as writer/director.
    Otherwise, “F&F 6” is as far as that (quite frankly terrible) franchise is allowed to go.

  4. etguild2 says:

    JKill hits it on the head. “SPRIINNNNGGG BREAAAKK” was a college chant for my group and pretty much any group.

    Unsurprised it’s doing okay.

    CROODS should be a bit better given the 4 months its been since a studio animated film.

    So we’re going to be -15% after the first quarter…without an AVENGERS or TDKR this summer. Let the hand wringing commence!

  5. Triple Option says:

    Saw The Croods, it was much better than I expected. Was thinking of the thread here on Burt Wonderstone and how The Croods was so much more imaginative than it. Like, “man, why couldn’t Burt W have anything it like that? Or like that? That, too!”

    I thought the trailers made it seem pretty stupid. Not sure what made me give it a shot, maybe Emma Stone, but I was sure glad I did and the 3D showed up throughout. Well done!

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