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BYOB Weekend


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21 Responses to “BYOB Weekend”

  1. RP says:

    I agree with everyone on the other thread who doesn’t understand the motivation from Affleck’s angle. He seems to be throwing away all cred he had from ‘Argo’. And what changed in the last six months since this:

    “God help me if I ever do another movie with an explosion in it. If you see me in a movie where stuff is exploding you`ll know I`ve lost all my money”-Ben Affleck,

    I’m pretty sure there are going to be a whole lot of people who would be pissed off seeing a Batman/Superman movie without any explosions, most of all Zack Snyder. But at least the paycheck (pun intended!) can maybe help get more directing gigs financed.

  2. MarkVH says:

    Right, because if you just came off winning an Oscar and directing the Best Pic winner and somebody offered you a bajillion dollars to take on the most coveted role in superhero cinema (blech), you’re just gonna be like “nah, I’m good, that’s not for me”?

    This is a big “what the hell? move for Affleck, as in, “I’ve got huge director cred now, I’m back on my game, so what the hell?” It’s not like the guy’s not used to being maligned, and if it blows (which, being a Snyder film, of course it will), he can always lean back on “yeah, well I directed Argo, so fuck you.” Not really seeing a downside here for him.

  3. celluloidkid says:

    “God help me if I ever do another movie with an explosion in it. If you see me in a movie where stuff is exploding you`ll know I`ve lost all my money”-Ben Affleck,

    Interesting, maybe Jennifer “I don’t want to lose my identity and just be known as the wife of Ben Affleck” Garner is ready to take half it.*

    *I base this on nothing of course.

  4. movieman says:

    Just got in from “You’re Next” and was kind of blown away.
    It’s easily the best horror movie I’ve seen in years.
    (A scary movie that’s actually scary; and that lives up to its pre-release hype? What a concept.)
    Totally dug the two major plot twists (didn’t see either one coming), the Dario Argento/Goblins-ish score and the use of Dwight Twilley’s “Looking for the Magic” as a sort of leit motif.
    I didn’t think anyone else even remembered that song…or Dwight Twilley for that matter.

  5. johnrieber says:

    It’s an amazing over-reaction for a couple of reasons: one, “Daredevil” is not “Batman”, and Ben Affleck is NOT the same Ben Affleck who acted in “Daredevil.”

    I think his performance as Superman in “Hollywoodland” holds a clue to how he may bring life to the character…and after all, “Man Of Steel” was ponderous and lacked ANY comic relief – maybe he will “Affleck It Up!”

    I’ve included all of my reasons here:

  6. Etguild2 says:

    The use of “Looking for the Magic” is brilliant, and what’s interesting is that they had it in the movie before they got Twilley’s permission to use it. Wingard then personally contact Twilley, who gave his okay, and the two apparently became friends, with Twilley attending the premiere…

    Funny that Swanberg’s “Drinking Buddies” is being released the same weekend. “You’re Next” and “Upstream Color” have also made me interested to see Amy Seimetz’s “Sun Don’t Shine.”

    I don’t have much opinion either way on Affleck, but I’d have given anything to see Matt Damon’s reaction to the news…

  7. movieman says:

    Also anxious to see “Sun Don’t Shine,” Et.
    I remember EW giving it an “A” when it was reviewed earlier this year.
    And the NYT review was equally effusive.
    Hopefully the dvd will be released before year’s end.

  8. movieman says:

    P.S.= What did you think of Wingard’s “A Horrible Way to Die,” Et?
    I found it both terrifically skillful and incrdibly disturbing (I mean that as a compliment, lol).
    I’ve been a huge Semeitz fan ever since: also loved her summer stints on “The Killing” and HBO’s “Family Tree.”

  9. movieman says:

    Also saw FF Coppola’s “Twixt” this week (Netflix finally made it available to subscribers: a month after its dvd release), and really kind of loved it.
    When a witty, stylish, gorgeously photographed ghost story/horror film directed by Francis Ford Freaking Coppola can’t get a theatrical release, you know there’s something seriously wrong w/ the present state of the U.S. film industry, exhibition-wise.

  10. Keil S. says:

    How are more people not excited for The World’s End? Have mainstream audiences not seen and learned to love Shaun of the Dead and (even better, in my opinion) Hot Fuzz in the past 6 years? I thought they would have generated a larger cult by now.

  11. Etguild2 says:

    I liked “A Horrible Way to Die.” Didn’t care much for “Autoerotic,” but glad Wingard and Barrett are collaborating again on the upcomming “The Guest.”

  12. Triple Option says:

    re: celluloidkid – LOL!

    Did Barbara Walters retire yet? Will it be her or Oprah getting the Afflack interview where he talks about getting the news about Batman and then has to see teh internets nearly collapse in protest?? He won’t even win for losing on that one either. Either he shows some emotion over the perplexing nature of the mounds of vitriol that he had no idea existed and the world says “See?! He’s too soft to be Batman,” or he dismisses it as hazard of the trade and says he the backlash doesn’t mean anything to him that he doesn’t weigh too much on praise or criticism and then he’s a self absorbed louse who’s so full of himself he’s lost touch with reality.

    That said, I’ll be honest, I don’t see it either but whatevs. That’s gotta sting. The general public turns on people all the time but I doubt anyone’s felt it so quickly. Maybe only an olympic team that’s stripped of a gold medal after one of the members gets popped for ‘roids on a drug test after the match.

    I wish this could happen more often but to more deserving people. Plenty of smug aholes who need to see how much the world wishes it could go on w/out their presence.

  13. movieman says:

    Plenty of smug aholes who need to see how much the world wishes it could go on w/out their presence.

    Funny you should say that in the context of Batman, Triple.
    That’s pretty much the way I feel about Christian Bale.

  14. Chucky says:

    The movie industry is a bunch of circle jerks while the whole world is becoming Nazified.

  15. Etguild2 says:

    So Hollywood is far-left….but the rest of the world is drifting to the far-right. Interesting.

  16. cadavra says:

    ET, you may have stumbled onto something. Is it possible that this anti-Affleck backlash has been fueled by the Breitbart gang, who see Socialist propaganda in almost every single movie and TV show? Ben is a well-known liberal and has been on their list for a long time now, so it wouldn’t at all surprise me if they were behind this.

    (Hell, they’re all over the web right now claiming BUTLER is a flop because The People won’t see it due to Oprah and “Hanoi Jane,” and the fact that it’s been #1 for two weeks in a row and has already outgrossed its budget will not dissuade them from the rightness of their belief.)

  17. christian says:

    I would think ARGO confounded the Breitbarters….

  18. Etguild2 says:

    Yes, by this BUTLER logic, every movie released this August except “We’re The Millers” is a flop. Also, every movie ever released by Tyler Perry is a flop, and assuming it finishes around $100 million, every single drama released in 2013 has been a flop except “The Great Gatsby.”

  19. movieman says:

    I wonder why Breitbarters are so inordinately fond of “We’re the Millers.”
    Is there some right-winger involved in the film behind or (gasp!) in front of the camera that I don’t know about?
    Guess that same group will do their part to insure that “Getaway” clicks next weekend so they can credit Republican wackjob Jon Voight for its success.

  20. brack says:

    “You’re Next” was decent. I didn’t paticularly find it scary and saw the plot twists a mile away, but the beginning scenes with the masked killers were effective. They progressively got boring and once you knew more about the lead’s background, the suspense that was bulit up in the beginning was over.

    It didn’t help that the audience I saw the movie with might be more disturbed than any characters in the film. There were these two black ladies who laughed at every single death on screen as if it were a horror comedy, and someone else brought in an infant to the movie, who would cry every so often. I can’t think of a worse movie to bring a baby to. Why theaters let people bring in babies to theaters I will never understand. I should have asked for my money back and walked out. Easily the worst horror movie audience I’ve ever experienced, and that’s saying something.

  21. Etguild2 says:

    I just don’t get why the MPAA doesn’t institute a NC-5 policy for R-rated stuff. Parents that bring their kids to R movies must be deranged.

    I’m always reminded of the story of parents escorting their kids to see “The Last Mimzy” in Long Island, who were accidentally treated to the beginning of “The Hills Have Eyes 2,” which opens immediately with a chained naked woman giving birth to a mutant baby. The parents/kids ran screaming from the theater and the story made its way into media. But there are parents who willingly take their children to such films…

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