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BYOB Globes

Getting on a plane… but here is some space to chat…

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25 Responses to “BYOB Globes”

  1. EtGuild2 says:


    Not a ton of surprises. Pleased to see “Foxcatcher,” which has been overlooked, sneak in for Best Drama, and “Pride” for Best Comedy/Musical. Julianne Moore was likewise a pleasant double-nominee for “Maps to the Stars” and “Still Alice.”

    The only disappointments, in my mind, were knocking off Marion Cotillard in favor of Jennifer Aniston. That talk of a late Cotillard surge can stop now after SAGs and Globes. Also, Laura Dern missing the boat for Meryl Streep’s 142nd nom for “Into the Woods” is sad, but unsurprising.

    Also: it’s hilarious to me that “Interstellar” was shut out except for Best Score, when the score was nearly enough to single-handedly ruin the movie.

  2. Stella's Boy says:

    Hard to care much about the globes, but I was happy to see a nom for Jake Gyllenhaal.

  3. movieman says:

    Was enormously gratified by all the love bestowed on Wes Anderson and “Budapest Hotel.”
    Maybe it has a shot at making the BP Oscar list after all.
    Also pleased that the Globes sycophants didn’t suck up to Brangelina as everyone expected.
    The little-seen “Railway Man” is a better, albeit similarly themed, movie than “Unbroken.”
    And I’ve seen lots (LOTS) of better WWII movies than “Fury.” Who hasn’t?
    Got a chuckle out of Aniston’s nomination: it almost felt like a slap in the face to Angie and Brad, lol.

  4. John E. says:

    The TV side was thoroughly confusing in some categories, but ehh, whatdya gonna do.

    Eastwood’s Sniper and Jolie’s Unbroken are going down.

    Interesting to see Julianne Moore get two nominations.

    Since the Oscar’s Best Picture nominees can be up to 9 or 10, my guess is they settle on Birdman, Boyhood, Imitation Game, Theory of Everything, Selma, Gone Girl, Grand Budapest, maybe Foxcatcher, maybe a 9th title. (Most Violent Year?)

  5. PcChongor says:

    Depending on how it ends up doing at the box office, I’d say that “Inherent Vice” has a pretty good shot at making the final ballot for Best Picture.

  6. EtGuild2 says:

    Re: Streep, as much as I love her, this is now 8 nominations in the last 7 ceremonies. It’s gone from ridiculous to downright insulting to other actors considering some of the turds these noms are for.

  7. palmtree says:

    Et, agreed, the Interstellar score was terrible. At least Meryl Streep is still giving good performances to earn her noms.

  8. Joe Leydon says:

    Pleased to see the Supporting Actor nod go to Robert Duvall for “The Judge.” Maybe this and the SAG nomination will help him get a little Oscar love. As I have posted elsewhere: I was surprised to see him overlooked by many of the early Oscar handicappers.

  9. Daniella Isaacs says:

    I’m just so sick of by-the-book bio-pics like THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING and THE IMITATION GAME gumming up award season every year. Hopefully, GONE GIRL and GRAND BUDAPEST will be able to use their Globe exposure, such as it is, to stay in the game.

  10. EtGuild2 says:

    Joe, when I start talking up “Lifetime turned this down” stuff like “The Judge,” I hope you’re still alive so you can shoot me.

  11. Hallick says:

    Joe, I think most people saw the movie as a write-off with no awards traction whatsoever. I was pretty surprised to see Duvall’s name in the SAG and GG nominations myself since you’re right, nobody was talking about him anywhere I can remember.

  12. Kevin says:

    The INTERSTELLAR score is genius. Probably my favorite of the year.

  13. Monco says:

    I agree. I loved the Interstellar score.

  14. Hcat says:

    Always thought the globes were more people’s choice than the other awards, but out of ten nominees the box office heavyweight is grand Budapest hotel. Sure Into the Woods might surprise and pass 125 million but this will likely be the least seen group of nominees in quite some time. That transfers over to the television side as well, do any of those comedy noms pull in even two million viewers when they air (I know the Netflix series don’t release numbers so Orange’s ratings are a mystery). Perhaps the globes can expand their fields to ten and ten to a accomadate the majors who can now not make a great drama or comedy.

  15. tbunny says:

    Speaking of awards, AVN should do a retroactive prize in the category of history’s best blowjob for Zero Dark Thirty. They must have been popping champagne at Langley when that movie came out.

  16. YancySkancy says:

    Hcat: I’ve never thought of the Globes as People’s Choice-ish at all. To me, their mandate has always seemed to be “Let’s try to anticipate what the Academy will nominate so we can steal their thunder,” complicated a bit by having separate categories for Drama and Comedy, which sometimes allows a left-field choice or two. On the TV side, they seem to mix the usual award bait with a buzzy newcomer or two.

  17. Joe Leydon says:

    When someone compares a feature to “a Lifetime movie,” I often wonder if that person has actually seen many Lifetime movies. Same thing with “a Hallmark Channel movie.”

  18. Hcat says:

    People’s choice may have been a little harsh and more dismissive than they deserved, populist may have been a better term. But my impression has always been that they are more blinded by success and glamour than others and the comedy section allows them to bring more crowd pleaders into the race. Weren’t they almost tossing these at Hunt and Carrey for awhile (though Truman show was fully deserved). Its just that this year it seems everything that’s nominated is the little movie that could.

    Joe, I remember someone calling Milk a routine HBO biopic level film. But for all the talent they get to come there way I have never found any of thier or any cable movie or miniseries to come close to a well done film.

  19. John E. says:

    I’ll say this about Robert Duvall in The Judge. The story may lack subtlety, it’s about 20 minutes longer than it should be, but despite all that, everything Duvall does is interesting. It’s like he overcame the averageness of the film to stand out.

    Buuuut my heart’s with Edward Norton in Birdman.

  20. Hallick says:

    “When someone compares a feature to ‘a Lifetime movie,’ I often wonder if that person has actually seen many Lifetime movies. Same thing with “a Hallmark Channel movie.”

    ANYTHING compared to a Lifetime movie is being done a disservice. Anything compared to a Hallmark Channel movie is receiving a small compliment.

  21. Joe Leydon says:

    Funny you say that, Hallick. Last year, when I wrote in a Variety review that a festival film seemed a perfect fit for the Hallmark Channel, some friends thought I was putting it down. But, really, I was simply making what I thought was a fair observation. And, by the way, guess where Angels Sing. had its cable debut after limited theatrical play?

  22. Hallick says:

    “And, by the way, guess where Angels Sing. had its cable debut after limited theatrical play?”

    Spike TV?

  23. Christian says:


  24. Joe Leydon says:

    And now Robert Duvall gets a Best Supporting Actor nomination from the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

  25. EtGuild2 says:

    This doesn’t have to do with the Globes, but I’ve enjoyed discovering Joanna Hogg as a filmmaker this year. Her first two features, “Unrelated” and “Archipelago,” feel so cannily observed and fully realized that it seems as you’re watching a real-life melodrama unfold before you. Her third, “Exhibition,” I found a bit more obtuse, but is a worthwhile journey also. Where has this filmmaker been?

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