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BYOB What Do You NOT Want To See This Weekend?


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16 Responses to “BYOB What Do You NOT Want To See This Weekend?”

  1. BoulderKid says:

    Have we all really soured on Bloomkamp this much? After the near universal praise for District 9 came Elysium, which still did alright at the box office and had a number of supporters, including myself, who recognized that it wasn’t on the level of D9, but was still an enjoyable enough trip that didn’t quite nail all of the themes it was seeking to explore. I will see Chappie because there are enough positive notices to at least suggest that it is not a total train wreck. I do agree with the sentiment that Bloomkamp needs to get out of the amber Joburg steam punk aesthetic of these first three films and do something either outside of Scifi or at least give us another look within that realm.

  2. EtGuild2 says:

    Well he’s doing “Alien,” so scratch that. Personally, I think this weekend is all about how far Vince Vaughn has fallen in a short period. Terrible movie, and they’ve opted to sell it as much around Franco even though he’s a supporting character.

    Or, this weekend could be about how they’re dumping the Anthony Hopkins, Sam Worthington, Jim Sturgess “Heineken” movie.

    The only thing that really stood out for me is “Faults.” Mary Elizabeth Winstead is emerging as a very talented actress after this and “Smashed.” And “X/Y” is also pretty decent, with another good performance by the incredibly underrated Asa Butterfield.

  3. Stella's Boy says:

    I really want to see Faults. Looks really intriguing, Winstead is a pretty good actress, and I also am a fan of Leland Orser.

    Heineken has a great cast and a decent trailer, but based on the reviews it only sounds so-so.

    Did Tom Wilkinson get his biggest ever payday for Unfinished Business? Was he dying to work with Vince Vaughn or do a comedy? I loved Starbuck. Too bad the director followed it with the remake and UB.

  4. arisp says:

    Any studio chief who hires Blomkamp to make Alien, after THIS movie, needs to have his head examined. I don’t see it happening anymore. The franchise is worth too much to potentially bury it again with this “visionary” at the helm.

  5. Stella's Boy says:

    If Fox let Paul W. S. Anderson have a crack at the franchise, is Chappie something that’s going to immediately cause them to drop Blomkamp?

    Also, is Lost Soul out this weekend? That’s another one I’d really like to see.

  6. arisp says:

    But that was over 10 years ago when an admittedly bad era of mashups was happening. With a potentially real chance right now to re-visit this franchise (with Weaver no less), Fox will give this A LOT more thought. IMO.

  7. EtGuild2 says:

    Has anyone seen “It Follows?” I haven’t, but extremely excited, and it seems like just the latest example of dumping good horror films to die in limited release (Babadook, Honeymoon, the admittedly more comedic Why We Live in the Shadows) while we’re subjected to a million “Is Horror Dead?” articles because of all the crap barely making money or bombing in multiplexes.

    Speaking of which, “Unfriended” looks….so, so bad.

  8. Mike says:

    Well, he’s good at action and special effects. I think it could still work, provided you didn’t let him write the script.

  9. Stella's Boy says:

    I’m dying to see It Follows but haven’t yet. Saw The Babadook and Honeymoon recently and loved both, along with other horror titles like The Town That Dreaded Sundown remake and Late Phases. Sucks that all died in limited release while Ouija and Lazarus Effect get wide releases.

  10. The Pope says:

    I don’t know what I want to see this weekend but I do know what I don’t want to see: Nikki Finke back spewing her 50 Shades of Hate.

  11. greg says:

    Low budget horror–my wheelhouse.

    Exists, Final Prayer, Atticus Institute, Wer, Mockingbird–all enjoyable found footage. Exists was especially terrifying (Bigfoot creeps me out) and Final Prayer had quite a disturbing climax.

    Wolf Creek 2, Town That Dreaded, Cabin Fever: Patient Zero, Joy Ride 3–all good sequels

    Starry Eyes, Contracted, Honeymoon, It Follows–great originals with fantastic lead performances.

    Coherence, The Signal, Predestination and The One I Love–great mind fucks.

    We Are What We Are-creepy remake

    Seeing The Babadook this afternoon.

  12. EtGuild2 says:

    Really liked “Coherence.” I think it got lost in the “let’s release 4 movies with vaguely the same premise in a 5 month frame” madness last year (The Double, The One I Love, Enemy).

    Re: “The Signal,” I prefer the 2007 horror movie of the same title to the Brenton Thwaites sci-fier.

  13. movieman says:

    I’m in the minority (a minority of one, lol?) who actually preferred “Elysium” to “District 9.”
    “E” was a balls-to-the-walls, George Miller-esque action lollapalooza: thought it was a great roller coaster ride.
    I think it’s safe to say after “Chappie” that Blomkamp simply isn’t a very deep thinker. The political subtexts in his films (especially “D9” which at times resembled a bizarre cross between Ridley Scott and Stanley Kramer) are naive at best. That said, I didn’t hate “Chappie,” but it’s definitely less than the sum of its parts.
    Hoping to watch an online screener of “It Follows” this weekend, Et.
    Loved “Myth of the American Sleepover” which is looking more and more like a minor masterpiece.

  14. movieman says:

    Everything about “Unfinished Business” is sad.
    The movie itself which is more depressing than “funny.”
    The pitiful opening weekend b.o. projections.
    What the hell happened to Vince Vaughn anyway?
    Sure hope that “True Detective” helps revitalize his career the way it did McConaughey’s. Of course, McConaughey had “DBC” in theaters when season one premiered.
    Sienna Miller’s recent winning streak is officially kaput.

  15. Breedlove says:

    Man, I could care less about Vince Vaughn but ETGuild reminded me how frustrating it is to see Anthony Hopkins, probably one of my 5 all-time favorite film actors, waste his later years on all of these crappy movies. Damn shame. I’d kill to see him work with some A-list directors or at least do some stuffy British period Merchant-Ivory kinda stuff. I guess Aronofsky is A-list but I didn’t like Noah.

  16. movieman says:

    Pretty terrific, Et!
    “It Follows” combines the dreamy torpor of (Sofia) Coppola’s “Virgin Suicides” w/ the “sex-is-death” panic of early (David) Cronenberg movies like “Rabid” and “They Came from Within.”
    Like “Myth/Sleepover,” the performances are wonderfully naturalistic, and (pace “Myth”) it does a brilliant job of contextualizing the very particular Michigan settings.
    I think it might work even better on a big screen: see it in a theater if you get the chance (if just for some particularly dazzling tracking shots alone).

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