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Friday Estimates by Len v Klady

Friday Estimates2016-03-26 at 9.09.29 AM

Heading out the door for a children’s birthday party this morning. We’re taking all the 6/7-year-olds to go see Batman v Superman.

Haha. Stop calling Child Protective Services. Rollerskating.

Big opening # for BvS. Fourth best of the last year. But last year was a big year for big movies. So fair enough. Batman opens. We knew that. What will be the hold? The Dark Knight Rises is the only Batman film other than Batman & Robin to do better overseas than domestically. Where will that trendline go with this film? All questions waiting to be answered. No one’s dream of BvS dropping dead into the ocean is happening. No one’s fantasy of it being the next step up for DC is happening, either. Like Man of Steel, it will make a reasonable amount of money, but not a killing.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 opened to what the original – which never appeared on half the screens of this opening – did in the first 6 weeks/weekends. Should get to $20m (little more/little less) this weekend, which has to be counted as a win.

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9 Responses to “Friday Estimates by Len v Klady”

  1. Bulldog68 says:

    So what would be your idea of a killing Dave? Not asking for a prediction here as first weekend predictions are nuts in my book.

    I think anything above $500m is a killing. Will it get to that? Doubt it. The fans like it more than the critics, but even the fans are divided. Next weekend will be very interesting. But based on this opening, $400m is a sigh of relief for the studio.

    They did save some face by opening bigger than the low budget Deadpool. If it ends up grossing less, then that’s embarrassing. Even if Deadpool is a surprise overachiever.

    They have laid down a good gauntlet for Captain America, which should really be Avengers 2.5 anyway, as like Superman, Captain America is not the highlight of his own story. Hell they could’ve even named this Ironman vs Captain America if they wanted.

  2. Hcat says:

    Curious what happens if BvS doesn’t outgross Deadpool ( or even Zootopia which is holding like a champ with 300 guaranteed and more possible). This combined universe pie in the sky is going to cripple studios. When do they learn that they make money by playing to their strengths. Universal lost tens of millions trying to be fox and WB with battleship and cowboys and aliens, then they go with neighbors and nurture f&f for years and make bank. Now everybody wants to be Disney and is Investing hundreds of millions in this universe nonsense gobbling up all their tentpole real estate planning half a decade in advance all for properties they have no clue will work. Let Disney be Disney let Warner’s be Warner’s and let columbia be Columbia (cause that MIB 21 Jump Street hybrid is one the the worst ideas I have ever heard, of course with recent trends they will all find Jesus by the end or we won’t know it’s a SONY product). The big guys should go big the small guys small everyone makes money and we all get better movies

  3. CG says:

    From where I’m sitting, WB seems to have wound up with DC movies that look something like the Transformers movies on its hands – loud stupid movies that perform well enough (but not as well as they’d like) and that almost nobody remembers five minutes after they leave the theater.

  4. Pj Edwards says:

    The people have spoken and told critics to shove it.

  5. movieman says:

    I would have never guessed an audience existed for a “Greek Wedding 2.”
    Yes, the original was a freak outlier, but I don’t know anyone who’s even referenced it–in any context–since 2002.
    An $18-million-plus opening weekend has to be considered a huge win for Universal and Vardalos, esp considering the micro budget.
    Crazy, crazy times.

  6. Pete B says:

    Saw BvS a second time and it was much more palatable. Guess it was due to actual movie vs expectations.

  7. Nick says:

    I had a conversation with my nephew tonight. He’s nine. I asked if he was gonna see B v S and he asked me who would win. In that Warners et al advertised this concept from the start they totally failed to deliver. all they had to do was make a movie where the final battle was b v s. but no. they fucked the bed.

  8. Bob Burns says:

    Yuge WWE title in the year of WWE/Trump. Lotsa bozos put out for stupid crap.

  9. EthanG says:

    Who cares if it tops DEADPOOL domestically, which is maybe an even-money proposition. It needs to hit $1 billion worldwide at least to be as profitable. That seems like a very tall order.

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