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By David Poland

Weekend Estimates by Klady of the Carbs & Beans


Pirates 4 off of Pirates 3 – 27%
Pirates 5 off of Pirates 4 – 31%

The compass is not taking us to what Disney’s heart desires.

But they have a different compass for international.

$349m, $643m, $654m, $805m, $208m and counting…

Holy Johnny Depp’s paycheck!

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65 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Klady of the Carbs & Beans”

  1. Christian says:

    That “Long Strange Trip” number is eye-popping.

    It looks like “Solaris” fell off the chart. I’m seeing the 2K reissue tomorrow in Maryland. “Stalker,” which also didn’t report or maybe is no longer playing in LA/NY/Wherever, is in MD next week. I already have my ticket for that one.

  2. Christian says:

    I wonder what concession stand sales were like during the 4-hour “Long Strange Trip.”

  3. Joshua K. says:

    @Christian: Either the gross, the average, or the number of theaters must be incorrect for LONG STRANGE TRIP. It’s showing with a gross of $36,800, and 3 theaters, but an average of $18,400.

  4. Christian says:

    Good catch. Indiewire has it on 2 screens at $17,066 per.

  5. Michael Bergeron says:

    LST had a “one-night only nationwide screening on May 25, 2017, and a week-long limited theatrical release in New York and Los Angeles starting on May 26, 2017” that should account for its gross

  6. EtGuild2 says:

    The PIRATES opening, following the usual trendline, puts it on pace for about $800 million, so not much behind GUARDIANS–except with a higher budget, greater reliance on China and much lower domestic gross. When you make a movie at this cost, international can “save you” but not make you a hit–unless you’re Vin Diesel and the family.

  7. Geoff says:

    Looks like the deck is pretty much being cleared for Wonder Woman next weekend…..and Captain Underpants!

  8. Sideshow Bill says:

    I watched DIG TWO GRAVES on Netflix last night. Good little gothic revenge story. I don’t know that I’ll remember it much at the end of the year but it was enjoyable. Lovely to look at. Ted Levine gives a really great performance. When does he not? Worth your time if you’re so inclined.

  9. Ray Pride says:


  10. EtGuild2 says:

    No idea how CAPT UNDERPANTS will do, as the tracking isn’t great, but the WOM from the diaper-parent set is incredible. DWA has re-tooled its schedule again with a BOSS BABY sequel (after an inexplicable TROLLS sequel…merch?), so UNDIES is actually their last original movie for two and a half years and next to last original for four…for now at least.

    The summer is looking weirder and weirder domestically. MUMMY is tracking on par with MUMMY 3 (well below with inflation), but the supposed cost is very low…$20 million less than the third…so that’s fine? A24, meanwhile, could score a $20 million opener with IT COMES AT NIGHT. They’ve never had a movie open to $10 million, and it would mean they have a 20-opener sooner this summer than Sony or Paramount.

  11. Js partisan says:

    Trolls… Is fucking wonderful. Inexplicable sequel? Yeah… No. I cannot wait, to see Branch and Poppy again.

    Now. The Mummy could open bigger. If the movie gets some hype up it’s ass, like Wonder Woman is getting. It may have a solid opening. I just hope, that Wondie has a hell of a weekend.

  12. leahnz says:

    so when are we allowed to talk about freakin WW?

  13. leahnz says:

    glad that’s cleared up. i just realised it’s not out yet, for some reason i thought it had opened in some places

  14. EtGuild2 says:

    JS, I like MONSTERS VS ALIENS, but my whims and fancies aren’t usually enough to greenlight a sequel from a marginally profitable source. Inexplicable I meant in the sense that I assume toys, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna are driving this thing. It’ll be interesting to see if it goes forward or gets yanked.

    Happy for the WONDER WOMAN reviews!

  15. Geoff says:

    Yes indeed I had thought the reviews would be better for Wonder Woman but not THIS much better – grading on a curve compared to how much critics loathed the previous two DCEU films? Sure I could buy that and like I said a week or so ago, Patty Jenkins did a goodwill tour for this film to rival the ones usually done by the MCU directors like James Gunn so I’m sure that helped quite a bit.

    So you have good reviews, the marketing has been spot-on and appealing, a well-known IP that has not had a movie before, relatively week competition over the next couple of weeks (domestically NOT overseas where it’s a complete clusterfuck – Baywatch expanding this weekend plus Cruise, Bayformers, and Pirates still likely going strong), and a SOMEWHAT unique, original concept to draw folks….so what’s still the catch?

    Are packs of fanBOYS going to flock to this on a Thursday or Friday night like they would for ‘Avengers 4, Furious 8, or Transformers 6?? That remains the biggest question now.

    At this point, I’m predicting a $95 million domestic opening and $710 mill Worldwide. The official budget is around $120 million but tack on additional $20 mill and that’s still pretty profitable….and it does help goose Justice League’s grosses in November a bit too.

  16. Geoff says:

    And I don’t know what to expect from The Mummy – Universal is almost marketing this like Mission Impossible 6: Ethan Dodges Ghosts so they might pull off the big opening they need.

  17. EtGuild2 says:

    Hopefully the grosses are good, but also the success helps them actually learn something, rather than rushing desperately to fill the void in the calendar between JL and AQUAMAN like Fox appears to chaotically be doing with what’s now being alarmingly peddled as a horror movie with NEW MUTANTS.

  18. Stella's Boy says:

    It Comes At Night is tracking that well? A $20 million opening would be pretty impressive. It looks great. Hopefully The Mummy is a good time, but all the promos are so awkward as they try to thread the needle between a monster movie and a Tom Cruise summer action movie. Are lonely nerds demanding a WW boycott in light of the female-only screenings?

  19. EtGuild2 says:

    It’s tracking close; appears around $18 at the moment.

    The lonely nerds are saving up for OCEAN’S 8 next summer I think. You could practically see steam piping out of the ears of the two I informed of this coming attraction.

  20. Ray Pride says:

    It would be a fantastic shock if IT COMES AT NIGHT could open to $20 million. Have you seen it?

  21. Ghost on the Shore says:

    EtGuild2, where in the world are you hearing It Comes At Night is tracking at close to 20 million? Or is that your own crazy interpretation?

  22. Geoff says:

    Ethan, I don’t think ANYBODY actually believes that Fox is going to release all three next year…they’ve been doing this for years now, many years going back to when their 2011 Planet of the Apes reboot was supposed to be their big Christmas movie in 2010. No way both New Mutants and Dark Phoenix are both coming out next year.

    Honestly if WB feels the need to squeeze in another DC Films movie next summer, I just hope it’s not The Flash….THAT is not a film they should even consider rushing, too important a character. And there’s no way they’re rushing Joss Whedon either….so Batgirl isn’t coming before 2019. If they want to knock off a mid-budget Gotham City Sirens with Margot Robbie, they start production this summer…why not go for next summer?

  23. leahnz says:

    “I had thought the reviews would be better for Wonder Woman but not THIS much better – grading on a curve compared to how much critics loathed the previous two DCEU films?”

    grading on a curve? yeah that must be it.
    or here’s a thought:
    the ‘previous DCEU films’ are bloody awful; poorly written and executed, heavy-handed embarrassingly silly overwrought dirges with all the originality, design, flair, heart and urgency of a cardboard diorama left out in the rain (and even the oh-so-very-serious ‘real-world wannabe’ TDK – wherein a rich guy in all seriousness dresses like a giant bat vigilante – has a rushed, messy third act, so ridiculously over-praised, even laughably compared to ‘heat’ by people who i guess don’t know any better)
    while WW is actually a good movie

  24. palmtree says:

    Hell, if anything it’s a curve going the opposite way…grading it harder, not easier. Previous female superhero movies didn’t fare well, and it was assumed people found female superheroes less appealing. You saw that dynamic again with Ghostbusters so negatively received last year.

    There’s way more pressure to being the first truly great female comic book superhero movie and even more so for a character this iconic. Let’s give credit where credit is due.

  25. Geoff says:

    I have no doubt that Wonder Woman has earned its plaudits or that Patty Jenkins did a bang-up job directing it and yes just the fact that it’s been over 12 years since the last comic book movie starring a female hero shows the kind of headwinds this film was always running into…

    I’m just saying that the critical community went so absurdly over-the-top just last year savaging both BVS and Suicide Squad while overpraising films from Marvel that the pendulum MIGHT be swinging the other direction this time around….Zack Snyder’s not directing this nor is Will Smith starring in it, they might actually WANT this one to be good this time.

    Like I said last week, Warner Bros clearly learned how the play the game this time around that Marvel Studios had mastered in previous years – they ran a virtual goodwill tour for fans AND critics with Patty Jenkins present to meet every one at early screenings, she’s clearly a very like-able person and a good ambassador for this kind of IP. I’m not doubting that she didn’t have a strong end-product to present, but it still helps when you know how to sell it. 😉

  26. Geoff says:

    And yes Leah, The Dark Knight was and continues to be overpraised as the The Godfather Part II of the genre – it’s overlong, some of the dialogue is too on-the-nose, and Bale’s performance goes into self-parody by the end. But it’s still a damn good movie and a memorable one at that…is it Heat??

    Hell no but yes when referring to “grading on a curve” there is more pure exemplary film-making in the middle 25 minutes of that film (from the truck chase through Joker’s escape from the police precinct) than the last half dozen MCU films COMBINED – THAT’S the comic book genre which with few recent exceptions like Logan or Dredd has pretty much morphed into big-screen episodic TV at this point. Yes even most of these recent X-Men films, even Deadpool which is just resembling a raunchier sitcom you might see on F/X. So set against THAT field, The Dark Knight at least SEEMS way closer to movies like Heat.

    That said, I still think it’s the weakest film of its respective trilogy but that’s just me.

  27. EtGuild2 says:

    I have not seen IT COMES AT NIGHT. It’s tracking at literally half of what THE CONJURING was at three weeks out in 2013 and above THE WITCH. Maybe it tanks just like everything this summer…WONDER WOMAN’s tracking has vascillated so wildly you could be predicting anything between $50 million and $125 million and justify it. But I’d be surprised if IT COMES AT NIGHT opens below $12, and wouldn’t be surprised in the least at $18.

  28. Stella's Boy says:

    I don’t know. BVS and Suicide Squad are pretty awful. I’d say they got what they deserved from critics. I do agree that the MCU is very overpraised.

    The Gift and It Comes At Night. Joel Edgerton is making some really interesting low-budget thrillers (haven’t seen It Comes At Night; just going by the buzz). Hope he keeps doing so.

  29. Sideshow Bill says:

    Glad somebody mentioned DREDD. Gosh, I love that movie. I hope Urban reprises the role for the purported TV show.

    Ghostbusters ’16 wasn’t THAT badly received, was it? The reviews were generally positive if I remember. It did OK. I don’t know if the backlash hurt, and if it did how much. But I like the movie. And I like to think that every time I catch it on Starz a woman-hating troll gets a kick in the balls somewhere.

  30. Ray Pride says:

    It Comes at Night was written and directed by Trey Edward Shults.

  31. Stella's Boy says:

    I know Edgerton didn’t write or direct It Comes at Night. I’m talking about acting. I hope he keeps starring in films like The Gift and It Comes at Night. He’s great in the former and apparently great in the latter.

  32. EtGuild2 says:

    I’m not sure why this would be THAT much of a shock. It probably is going 600+ theaters wider than WITCH. The trailer has racked up a lot of views and the movie was trending on social media. Awareness is high. Competition wise it has something called Entertainment Studios’ Mandy Moore shark movie and the “you can smell the stink a mile away” Amityville 9.0 which has a fraction of the interest a few weeks later. Etc etc.

  33. Ray Pride says:

    Edgerton is one of the great modern slow burns… which COMES AT NIGHT shows again.

  34. Bulldog68 says:

    It Comes at Night has a Get Out vibe attached to it. While we hate to judge box office based on race, Get Out really blew the doors down, and this could possibly tap into that same zeitgeist.

    Ditto 47 Meters Down, Mandy Moore’s shark movie. Her show This is Us is an audience and critical favourite, so that couldn’t hurt, and The Shallows did good business last year. The promo has been moderately well received in my neck of the woods, and people seemed to like the change of shark movie formula from a killer in wide open sea to battling wits in a confined watery space. It could also surprise if it turns out to be mildly decent.

  35. palmtree says:

    Bill, yeah Ghostbusters 2016 got a mixed reception from professional critics. But I was actually talking about the horrible backlash which was driving the narrative, so in a sense, critics WERE probably grading GB on a curve…and even then didn’t love it.

  36. leahnz says:

    thanks for expanding your thoughts there geoff, i get what you’re saying (and like stella’s above i agree on the point of the marvel universe seeming to get a bit of critical slack given its often rather mediocre ‘product’; and i’d venture to guess its partly because of tone – the marvel stuff doesn’t take itself so seriously so when it’s mediocre its just kind of ‘meh’ rather than ‘holy shit that was a piece of embarrassing self-serious overwrought shit!’), but you seem to have this bizarre bee in your bonnet about critics having their collective knives out for the DC films, bassakwards in your thinking: critics savage the DC shit BECAUSE ITS FUCKING BAD, not the other way around, like there’s some secret cabal who meets once a week to throw darts at batman and supes posters on the wall and agree to review the DC stuff harshly; it’s reviewed harshly because it’s crappy (i don’t know, how can you not see this?)

    i’ve said it since forever, dredd is the real deal (and one of the few flicks where the 3d in the cinema really enhanced the experience, esp the psychedelic ‘slow-mo’ drug hazes) but they should not attempt to do more dredd without anderson in the mix because it’s their relationship and her counter-foil to dredd’s single-mindedness that lifts the material

    ETA i forgot to say, how freakin adorable is Patty with her WW love, she clearly has a long, abiding affection for Diana/WW and she’s just out there with her heart on her sleeve, what a broad

    also, the HR sucks ass, fuck off

  37. Geoff says:

    It’s not quite a bee in my bonnet Leah – 2016 was just the year that the American media just said in one collective voice, “Fuck it…..we’re full-blown WHORES for more ratings and clicks! Objectivity just isn’t necessary anymore….” And then the following year: President Trump, it’s that simple. Now they’re having the ugliest fucking hangover.

    Not equating Trump with Disney but let’s stop pretending that bias doesn’t exist and that at any given time, the media covering a particular industry will be more than happy to jump on the bandwagon and play favorites.

    This was NEVER a “cabal” or a “conspiracy” – this was ONE studio (Disney/Marvel/Lucasfilm/Pixar) playing the game better than every body else….90% RT scores for Finding Dory, Rogue One, The Jungle Book, Doctor Strange, Civil War, etc…not because they were paying the critics but because the critics were following the lead of their bosses and playing to the anointed “winners” of the industry at this particular time at the expense of every one else.

    It wasn’t ALWAYS Disney, it was just Disney’s turn – five years ago JUST before The Avengers exploded, the studio was having shit-pieces written about them on a regular basis whether it be the long-predicted (several months in advance apparently) death rattle of John Carter, the ballooning budgets of Disney Animation properties like Tangled, or the embarrassments or attempted franchises launches like Tron Legacy.

    Make some big acquisitions, take over several conventions and fan events, and start allowing critics/columnists to become more embedded with regular on-set visits…..along with making a few billion dollar hits, then they’re the toast of the town with everybody wanting to be invited to the premieres and be the FIRST to post their excited reactions on Twitter. This shit isn’t rocket science to observe.

    Yeah BVS was a mess – the film is loaded with more wankish heavy metal album cover imagery than actual story. But so was ‘Civil War, it was just funnier.

  38. Michael Bergeron says:

    47 Meters Down was going to be released on dvd last year but the disc was recalled when the movie got sold for theatrical. It’s very compelling and suspenseful.
    So is It Comes At Night, which will surprise people trying to lock it into a particular box – it’s mainly a post-apocalyptic virus thriller sans zombies.
    WW is the emperor’s new clothes … nobody seems to want to talk about how the movie ends with WW and the bad guy (god) punching each other back and forth in a CGI duke fest. Not unlike Man of Steel or every other comic book film to come down the pike ….

  39. leahnz says:

    but geoff, trying to unravel your logic, you use ‘bias’ as the rationale for your crusade against critics in this case while ignoring the fact that the DC movies are really quite inept from several film-making standpoints, and critics generally PREFER the somewhat less-inept marvel stuff (or Disney, or whoever is on your shit list) as a simple function of cause (views inane movie) and effect (don’t like inane movie and here’s why), not bias. ironically you’re using confirmation bias to accuse others of bias, convinced ‘critics’ have an agenda in being unduly harsh on something that you seem to think doesn’t really deserve it in comparison to something else, when it’s entirely possible critics are just reacting to sub-par film-making, which it is their purview to critique, and judging it more harshly than somewhat better, if still at times mediocre, filmmaking. a bias against something – bias being a prelude to/component of prejudice – is not synonymous with a preference, in the respect that critical preference for movies that are less shitty is perfectly logical and reasonable, and does not automatically indicate a bias/prejudice (perhaps just ‘having a modicum of critical nous and good taste’, if it has to be parsed and labelled)

    also it seems to me basing your argument on RT scores is ill-advised, such a simplistic, blunt instrument wherein the pass/fail metric does not allow for nuance in the aggregation process and kind of serves to undermine your point, because the gap in the critical reaction to marvel and DC movies for example on metacritic is less severe, so it becomes much more a matter of degree

  40. EtGuild2 says:

    I would defer on making any all-encompassing judgments based on a single film. It tends to remind me of late 2010 when people were pegging Kevin Feige as a doddering fool who was running Marvel Studios into the ground before his Avengers Initiative even took shape.

    In terms of critics underselling the DCEU, BvS was one of my favorite comedies of 2016 so I’m a little bitter there. Joking aside though, I really hated SUICIDE SQUAD with the burning fire of a thousand suns, and virtually everyone I know did as well. That movie reminded me it was actually possible to viscerally hate mainstream movies in the genre rather than dismiss them, something I hadn’t done since “Origins: Wolverine.”

    Re: 47 METERS DOWN, I feel bad for dismissing it as the “Mandy Moore shark movie” made by the most generically named studio in history. Looking forward to it now.

  41. Stella's Boy says:

    Wasn’t 47 Meters Down also at one point getting a theatrical release last summer, close to The Shallows release date? I think it had a different title at one point as well. Not enough theatrical shark movies as far as I’m concerned, and I have an irrational fear of sharks. Can’t wait to see it. Looks fun. Next couple weeks look like good times at the movies. Wonder Woman, It Comes at Night, The Mummy, 47 Meters Down. Summer peaks early.

  42. leahnz says:

    will they rename it ‘154.2 FEET DOWN’ for US audiences

  43. TrackerBacker says:

    ET: Who’s tracking are you looking at? WONDER WOMAN hasn’t vacillated wildly. And IT COMES AT NIGHT’s awareness is not high.

  44. EtGuild2 says:

    @TrackerBracker here’s a rundown of the ridiculous tracking on WW. THR’s service opened with $65 million, and now they’re at $95 million. Deadline is going with $65 million, another service has it at $105. Initial tracking three weeks ago had it at around $80, then it dropped, now it may or may not be popping. Not sure what you’d term “wild vaccilation” if not this…tracking ranging from ten cents to $100 million?

    IT COMES AT NIGHT’s Imdb view numbers (which yes, are not a guarantee of success) are well above off-brand studio horror comps like WITCH and YOU’RE NEXT. They’re blowing Blumhouse/Dimension’s AMITYVILLE out of the water.

  45. Js partisan says:

    Uh… Wondie has had some crazy tracking. Grace Randolph has done multiple videos about it. It was, before the tide turned, tracking at sixty five. Now, it’s 110. That’s fluxation.

    That aside, Geoff writes a lot of shit, that I disagree with all the time. However, no one shits on fucking TDK. It’s a brilliant film, that is still a great way to spend a couple of hours, and Heath is still there making Jared Leto look like a jackass. It deserves all the praise, forever fucking more.

    Also, stop with the stupid trump analogies. They are just so forced, and ignore how fucked our president really is.

  46. hcat says:

    I haven’t seen a comic book movie in the theater since Days of Future Past but Damn it Ms. Jenkins I think you are going to cause me to break the streak.

    If the Euphoric reviews are shared by the audience, who are even less finicky than critics when it comes to things like the third act issues that have been cited, WW could be knocking on Guardians door for the summer crown. I think its at least a shoo-in to pass $295 Million to land in Warners top ten. There seems to be an electricity to the buzz before this opening, not as big as Dark Knight or Avatar, but just a hair behind the giddiness people felt in the immediate time before Avengers dropped. I think this is opening around 110 for the weekend and we will hear off color jokes in the weeks ahead about what great legs Wonder Woman has.

  47. EtGuild2 says:

    $380 million seems like a tall order for WW domestically, which is what it’d need to challenge GOTG2. Not only would that make it the biggest superhero movie not starring RDJ or Christian Bale outside of the original Spidey, the first-week of June release date blows chunks historically (school finals/vacation starting) with no $300 million grosser and only one movie ever clearing $250 (HANGOVER 1).

    That being said, $300 million is a nice pie in the sky goal. No idea how this’ll do internationally.

  48. palmtree says:

    The Disney bias has not stopped critics from savaging Pirates 5.

  49. Geoff says:

    1) It’s ok to think that The Dark Knight is a very good movie but also REALLY flawed, JS

    2) I’ll stop with the Trump comparisons when we stop hearing about that motherfucker 24/7…and he’s the first President to pervade everything, EVERYTHING has to be touched by his little tiny orange bitch hands…I’m actually amazed that he HASN’T posted a nasty tweet about Wonder Woman just yet, but give him time.

    3) I’m done with the whole Disney bias thing and apparently so are the critics this year – RT scores are an AGGREGATE so yes, they are the best way to measure trends.

    4) No clue about how Wonder Woman will do internationally….’Fury Road did about $220 million overseas without China, so that MIGHT be the floor.

    5) WW COULD do $300 million domestic if most of the June blockbusters end up as shitty as they look….Man of Steel did just under $300 million four years ago with brutal competition its first few weeks and mixed word of mouth, so it’s doable.

  50. Pete B says:

    Geoff, not trying to bust your chops here, but “wankish heavy metal album cover imagery”?
    As someone with a closet full of Iron Maiden t-shirts, how is that a bad thing? ;^)

  51. Js partisan says:

    Flawed, my ass! Agree to disagree, even though I’d like to know,, what doesn’t work for you.

    That aside, Wonder Woman is an extraordinary movie. Much like Guardians, we are lucky to have this level of comic book movie, because no one would believe it could happen, just twenty years ago. You’ll probably all hate it , but I hope it goes off at the box office. It’s just tremendous.

  52. leahnz says:

    the funniest thing about WW is that (i don’t think this is a spoiler) i’m pretty sure the accents with which the amazons speak are based on/variations of gal’s natural accent (i know she’s israeli but not sure of the origins of her specific brogue) rather than the reverse, presumably so that gal’s accent makes sense, maybe she can’t shake it so that’s how they integrated her natural speech
    ultimately i’d think the movie lives or dies with how you feel about GG in the role; i was sceptical going in but she kind of won me over with her throaty, bemused incarnation, and her natural combat skills are well served – plus she looks a bit different from the stereotypical wonder woman we’re used to so she’s kind of her own thing, which i think is good, i like it.
    (and just one thing BIG SPOILERY ————————- i thought pine’s steve trevor, his face and eyes at the moment of his impending death was a fine bit of pretending, he’s turning into a bit of a find, that pine)
    hopefully it won’t get overhyped (haha yeah right)

  53. leahnz says:

    i liked it even more the second time, seeing it with my peeps, it’s a lovely movie (i think the no-man’s land sequence is my fave if i had to pick, diana puts on antiope’s headpiece for the first time and it’s like, let’s rock)

    why is nobody talking about WW

  54. Bulldog68 says:

    Well would you look at that. Captain Underpants is at 80% on RT.

  55. Geoff says:

    Wow you saw it twice already Leahnz?? I’m seeing it later this afternoon with my mother and my youngest daughter….THREE generations if you will. 🙂

    Yeah the “overhype” train has already left the station and backlash probably starts kicking in by the end of its opening weekend….backlashes are coming faster and faster nowadays, La La Land’s arrived before it even hit wide release!

    Funny you should mention the accents – I would not be shocked if a lot of folks leave the movie thinking Gadot must be Latino because they can’t place it otherwise.

    And JS, we’ve been through this – discussed this even eight years ago and I mentioned it above – The Dark Knight is just NOT a tight movie, it wears out its welcome during those last 15 or so minutes. Eckhart does fine as Two-Face but the character is just given too much to do and too quickly rushed an arc within that third act…beyond that, the make-up job they did for Two Face always bugged me, WAY too ghoulish to buy in this particular universe. Bale’s Batman growl gets a bit excessive too – and I’m not one to bash the growl overall as others have, I think he hit better notes with that voice in ‘Begins and ‘Rises but he just overdoes it in the middle film ESPECIALLY during that last scene, “Jokerrrrrr shaw the goooooood in you….”

    Overall the movie is still damn impressive – Freeman and Caine are both droll and bring gravity when they need to, it’s fun to watch Eric Roberts sleaze it up, Gyllenhaal was a DEFINITE upgrade over Katie Holmes who was just so miscast in ‘Begins (the only flaw in that film really), Oldman’s great, and of course….Ledger delivers one of the great villain performances of the past several decades right up there with Hopkins in ‘Lambs, Bardem in No Country for Old Men, and Rickman in Die Hard. But the film is more of a collection or mostly great scenes than one tight narrative – Nolan was obviously going for a sprawling Heat-like vibe with this but I don’t think he completely pulled it off.

  56. Mike says:

    I don’t think Wonder Woman backlash will hit until the fall when people are saying that it could be an Oscar movie, and people will say that it’s not THAT good.

    I think WW is in the perfect space for good buzz. It has the feel of when Iron Man was coming out, that everyone was talking about it being good and wanting to see what the buzz is about. And there aren’t any other good movies out right now. I would bet high on all of the estimates.

    Yeah, it’s been a while, but I remember the ending to Dark Knight feeling off. Like from when Joker blew up the hospital (if I’m remembering right), almost as if, the movie should have already ended.

  57. Js partisan says:

    Geoff, I totally forgot this discussion, but thanks for sharing it again.

    If there is a backlash to Wonder Woman, then it’s a shit backlash. It’s a tremendous piece of filmmaking, and Warners shouldn’t forget it… During the Oscar season. Seriously.

  58. EtGuild2 says:

    On UNDIES, I didn’t realize that the movie was an experimental production outsource for DWA. So while a $23 million opening would otherwise be disastrous for the company, it’s pretty good if it truly cost what they’re claiming (and kept their P&A more guerilla style which would make sense given the lack of publicity I’ve seen).

  59. Triple Option says:

    @leahnz (or anyone else) How important is it to see Wonder Woman in 3D?

  60. Js partisan says:

    It’s nice during the Amazon fights.

  61. leahnz says:

    i’ve only seen it in 2D Trip Op
    (personally i’m at the point where i only pony up for 3D if something is designed specifically for the format and filmed with the specialist cameras)

    looking around at WW reaction (i didn’t want to read much about it before seeing it for myself), one thing i didn’t expect was snarky comparisons to Cap America (the first one) suggesting WW is a lesser copy, which is just silly.
    in terms of the basic narrative structure there are certainly some similarities but they are shallow at best; thematically the differences are stark and the films are nothing alike:
    CapAm is a straight-forward, conventional thematic arc with little depth of theme beyond its earnest patriotism, ‘fight fascist evil’ jingoism with heart and good-natured derring-do, while WW is a fish-out-of-water fable wherein idealism (diana) meets pragmatism (steve) and how they come together in the complicated battle between light and darkness in the human heart that we all must face, and make that choice, that’s what makes us human.
    i mean really, it’s not like the difference is subtle

  62. Js partisan says:

    Yeah. Comparing it to the First Avenger, is just being a Noob 101.

  63. Geoff says:

    That and unlike the First Avenger, this film was allowed to complete its story.

  64. leahnz says:

    to relate a little anecdote: in my second viewing of WW sitting next to my little (what is the term for your cousin’s daughter, i’m blanking), anyway she’s 7 and in one of the big explosions she hopped into my lap, so funny, the whole cinema shook (and thanks to that lovely little ice-cream moment, everything now is, “you should be so proud!”)

  65. leahnz says:

    “you should be very proud” why do i always screw up quotes

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