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BYOB: It’s Not Just For Harvey Anymore

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63 Responses to “BYOB: It’s Not Just For Harvey Anymore”

  1. Pete B. says:

    Okay Roy Moore is kooky as hell, but I gotta call shenanigans on an almost 40 year old allegation that didn’t surface until after the primary.

  2. Bulldog68 says:

    Last year was horrendous in terms of the deaths of many artists. Apparently 2017 is the year of The deaths of careers due to sexual harassment. From Bill O’Reilly, to Weinstein, Weiner finally in jail, Spacey, now Louis CK. But yet through all of this Trump survives.

  3. Ray Pride says:

    Read how the reporters happened onto the stories and witnesses.

  4. Amblinman says:

    Pete, part of the reason it takes 40 years for women to speak up is because guys keep calling shenanigans on them whenever they do.

    It’s telling that a lot of Moore supporters arent even bothering to call shenanigans. They’re basically saying “Eh. Pedophilia happens”.

  5. Pete B says:

    I wasn’t calling shenanigans against the accuser. If Moore did that to her 38 years ago he should have gone to prison.
    I just find it strange that the Washington Post reporters miraculously unearth this story 5 weeks before an election. Specifically since they were in Alabama to cover his campaign supporters and “heard” he had liked teenage girls. How did that come about? “Oh that Roy, he was a real horndog in the late 70s and you had to keep your daughters locked up.” No reporters in Alabama had any any clue about this? Especially since Moore must like them younger: he’s 14 years older than his wife, and 18 years older than his accuser.

  6. Stella's Boy says:

    I can’t fathom reading that story and not finding it credible. They had reporters on the ground covering the race and they heard talk of this and investigated. You think the Washington Post would publish something like this if they thought it was an unfounded smear campaign orchestrated by Democrats? The main accuser is a Republican and Trump voter/supporter. She didn’t go to them, they found her. Do you know how many stories there are like this, of women who never came forward? It’s shocking that anyone would find this hard to believe. Also shocking, the justifications for Moore’s actions (Joseph was much older than Mary!).

  7. JS Partisan says:

    A-man, right the fuck on. Sorry Pete, but SB sums up how all of this happened. You calling shenanigans, in 2017, is rather fucked up. The fact, that republican senators keep acting like they need more proof, when the women stating this happened IS PROOF! Demonstrates in spades, that fucking republican are really, the under the fridgerator living entities that they seemingly want to be.

    I just love that this shit, has been on the ground for weeks. Why was it on the ground?National press gives a fuck, when Local press ignores it.

    The Washington Post followed it up, and Pete is calling Shenanigans. THIS IS THE SOUTH, PETE! It’s deep ass Alabama, and Moore was a man with power. One of the women, just kept it to herself, because she wanted to raise her kids without it effecting them. You not understanding any of this, is just hokey as hell.

  8. amblinman says:

    Hey Pete, I don’t want to jump down your throat. Too much of that occurs, sometimes with good reason, but it’s still not usually helpful.

    You need to take a step back and look at it from this pov: yes, you’re not saying you don’t believe the accusers *directly*. However, questioning the story’s timing is questioning the story, because it shouldn’t matter. Did the event take place, yes or no? Based on the reporting, it sounds like a solid yes. Which means nothing else matters. People constantly bring up any number of peripheral items to throw smoke at this stuff. Whether you realize it or not “Why is this happening now” is the same as “What did she expect going to his hotel room in the middle of the night” or “If she didn’t want the attention she shouldn’t have worn that dress”.

    Don’t fall for it. If you’re legitimately concerned for the victims, and it sounds like you are, don’t give into the trained response men are prone to in these scenarios, which is generally to claw at any part of this that directs attention away from the victim and the crime.

  9. Stella's Boy says:

    That is beautifully said amblinman.

    As someone else has pointed out, “The WaPo story about Moore had 30 sources. Friends, 30 sources is a lot of sources.”


  10. Sideshow Bill says:

    I’m going to change the subject because the current subject is too depressing.

    I escaped barnes and noble the other day with only buying 2 50% off Criterion Blu Rays. I bough Mullholland Drive and The Fantastic Mr. Fox. The Mr. Fox set is beautiful. I can’t wait to watch both. I’m going back on next payday for Twin peaks: FWWM and maybe one other but I can’t decide. Is there an Exorcist Criterion edition? Maybe I’ll order from B&N online because I want Blue Velvet and the store didn’t have it. I have only 4 Criterions in my collection asof now: Fox, M. Drive, Eraserhead and Anti-Christ. This needs to change and it’s a good month to do it. The Brood might me picked up too.

  11. Sideshow Bill says:

    Ah, there is no Criterion Edition of either Exorcist or Blue Velvet. At least that I could find. Strange. I’ll get something, though. That sale is too good to pass up.

  12. palmtree says:

    What’s crazy is Republicans who are rationalizing Roy Moore’s allegations. Let’s call shenanigans where they belong.

  13. Stella's Boy says:

    Initially he thought it was OK because he asked first and that asking women to look at your dick isn’t really a question is something he learned later in life? Seriously? Not to mention he was told no and did it anyway. He forgot to mention that. Jesus he’s a piece of shit.

  14. Dr Wally Rises says:

    Bill, the Criterion Before Trilogy Blu Ray set is just gorgeous, and deserves pride of place in anyone’s collection. It’s pricey but worth the wedge you’ll have to part with. A great reminder that in this streaming / digital world, discs still very much have their place.

  15. John E says:

    Louis CK, Kevin Spacey, Harvey Weinstein, Brett Ratner, James Toback, Ed Westwick, Andy Dick… Waiting for the shoe to drop on B.S. and M.L… Would be surprised if Woody Allen was ever nominated for something again… Casey Affleck would not have won Best Actor if Manchester By the Sea was coming out this year instead of last year…

    Roy Moore? Some of the people who believed and were enraged by Pizzagate are rationalizing Roy Moore. Too much tribalism.

  16. Sideshow Bill says:

    Thanks for the tip, Dr. Wally. I’ll look into that. Ghost World, Moonrise Kingdom and Videodrome also caught my eye.

    I forgot I also own the long out of print Criterion edition of Robocop. Can’t remember when I bought that but kudos to me.

  17. GdB says:

    I would think Nickelodean execs are sweating bullets about Dan Schneider and the rumors and allegations going over a decade severe enough to make Roy Moore seem like a saint.

    Also, please consider signing the petition on to have Bryan Singer’s name removed from USC SCA Critical studies building. I don’t want an alleged serial abusers name, not just on my alma matter, but also the focus of my studies. It’s a bad look.

  18. PTA Fluffer says:

    Bill, I picked up Rumble Fish, Being There and TP: Fire Walk With Me. Coppola’s dreamlike “art movie for teenagers” looks amazing. By the end of this crisp and beautiful 4k transfer I felt like I had experienced a major work of art by a master.

  19. Bob Burns says:

    The shame, one of the shames, here in Alabama is that the Washington Post reporters unearthed a big story right under the noses of the local reporters. A shame, but easy to believe once you live here and read our awful papers, and they’ve been awful for decades. Moore is an evil bastard. Pete is abetting, in a small way, an evil bastard with his weaselly political spin.

    The NY Times has an excellent editorial today about the artistic genius excuse for abuse, and the damage it does to actual artists.

  20. Pete B says:


    Gee, didn’t know calling out an October Surprise a month late was so shameful. Luther Strange would love to know where this story was back in the summertime.

    On to actual movies: Fathom Events is having the 75th Anniversary of Casablanca in theaters the 12th & 15th.

  21. Bob Burns says:

    You’re still repeating alt-right talking points. Shame on you. “October surprise”, according to you, is so much more important than child molestation.

    Be that as it may, Moore is still an evil, child-molesting bastard, and creepy, weaselly political spin like yours is why he will go to the Senate. Just so you know, Doug Jones is a good, decent man, but why should you care?

    BTW, Strange would still would have lost. He’s a scumbag, too.

  22. Sideshow Bill says:

    What is it with these guys all wanting women to watch them masturbate? Where is the power trip in that? It seems more submissive to me. Not that I’m trying to Dr. Ruth this forum but….ew. I really, really don’t get that part of it at all. Unless you’re in a committed relationship and your partner….oh, never mind.

    My girlfriend wants to watch What We Do In The Shadows tonight, after I told her not to swear because we’re “werewolves, not swearwolves.” Then I’m gonna ask her to watch me masturbate. Apparently women dig that, or sick minds seem to think.

  23. Lynch Van Sant says:

    Stating the timing of Roy Moore’s accusations is politically motivated is to ignore that sexual misconduct stories have been rampant in the news in the last couple of months. Reporters all jump on the bandwagon of any news cycle, to the point of it looking like a witch hunt currently. Despite the gleeful cheers from republicans about the Hollywood accusations, sexual harassment goes on in all industries. It’s only because the general public knows these individuals that it’s being investigated and reported nationally as it gains headlines and click bait.

    I do like that these behaviors are being aired in the open so that guys do know it’s inappropriate and can damage your career. But I worry also of an overreaction that a person’s career can be destroyed (removing Spacey from All The Money In The World is overkill) when a slap in the face or a kick in the nuts earlier in their lives would have set a more appropriate consequence for acting like a creep. Committing sexual acts on underage kids or in a work environment is a definite no-no and consequences should come about but it seems like there is some hysteria creeping in where everyone must go away forever if they’ve ever done anything inappropriate. I hope it doesn’t reach this point.

  24. brack says:

    I’m with you Bill, I don’t get it either, and I don’t think it necessarily makes C.K. a horrible person, especially if it happened the way he said it did. He clearly has issues, most comics do. I dunno.

    I just don’t think the pile-on group think is very safe. George Takei I guess is just collateral damage if it means the more serious perpetrators are punished? Seems like a dangerous game when there are witch hunts, even if 99.9% are in fact witches.

  25. leahnz says:

    aaaand there it is

    oh come on it’s not THAT bad having a guy jerk off in your face out of the blue. how he said it happened wasn’t THAT bad, he’s a good guy!(never mind he was denying the ‘rumours’ and said the woman were lying like two months ago, but yeah his version is solid and not at all narcissistic, self-pitying and -serving and inaccurate)

    maybe you (the royal ‘you’ for all you who are clueless) should have some experience of having men non-consensually jerk off in front of you (or onto the back of your head, what happened to me in a movie theatre a few years back, my most recent one) before speaking on this matter, as something that happens to so many women of all walks of life and circumstance alarmingly often, and no we don’t talk much about it, how utterly shocking and humiliating it is – every time, too – and how you freeze and just want to get away, but sometimes you can’t easily do so, it’s like a train-wreck and all the air is sucked out of the room, AND THIS IS THE ENTIRE POINT OF DOING THIS TO WOMEN BECAUSE THIS IS OUR REACTION, it’s to shock and humiliate, the audacity of it, the entitlement, if you don’t get this then get it now

  26. palmtree says:

    We gotta keep getting the names out, witch-hunt or not. The court of public opinion is now more effective than our actual courts and laws, unfortunately.

    But the concurrent problem is the right doesn’t do the same punishment to their own. While Hollywood is purging their powerful abusers, the right is keeping their abusers in power. These “Christians” explain even something as sick as pedophilia away in the most hypocritical terms all the for the sake of power or dumb tribalism. It’s a Faustian bargain as they claim the moral high ground.

    Enough with this. Now that they’ve chosen the road of crazytown, we need to keep them from the adult table, where people who make sense and who actually have morals reside. In short, the people of Alabama need to vote Doug Jones!

  27. Stella's Boy says:

    Not a horrible person? Yikes. He repeatedly asked women for permission to take his dick out and masturbate in front of them, they said no, and he did it anyway. In what fucking world does that warrant just a shrug? Next you’ll say Roy Moore isn’t that bad either because he always asked the mothers for permission before he dated their teenage daughter. It’s so depressing to read those kinds of comments from dudes.

  28. brack says:

    Leave it to leahnz to school people who somehow don’t think Louis C.K. is as bad as Weinstein, Spacey, etc. When did C.K. spew his sperm onto anyone? Who here is saying anyone mentioned is a “good guy”? It’s another lesson for us folks with penises that can’t possibly comprehend what women go through. Or perhaps you want to talk to my wife, who was sexually assaulted many years ago, and has also had men masturbate in front of her (it’s kind of a work hazard for a lot of females in our line of work, unfortunately), and you can school her about how she should feel about it, and which is/was worse for her. Maybe you should stop making assumptions about anyone with an opinion that doesn’t completely match yours. Just a thought.

  29. leahnz says:


    fuck right off with this invented nonsense, i made no such comparison or assumption, LEARN TO READ spoon

    (ETA this shit’s fucking tiresome)

  30. brack says:

    You’re comparing C.K.’s actions to sexual assault, am I wrong? So how could I not make an assumption that you think C.K. is rapist? Like I said, when did he ejaculate on a woman? Look, what he did is disgusting, and your whole attitude screamed as if I was making light of a really disturbed person. But you go on about assault when there was no evidence of the sort. So my Weinstein comparison doesn’t seem so far fetched at all when I see how you jump to conclusions about people or attitudes based solely on your knee-jerk reactions because you think you know some of us guys with penises could NEVER understand. It gets old leahnz, and I find it rich that you find this stuff “tiresome” when you drum it up any chance you get.

  31. Doug R says:

    Remind me not to go to any of your “parties” brack.

  32. JS Partisan says:

    It’s time to destroy the nice Asgardian GIF mural of myself, and LET THE HELA VERSION SHINE! Pete, fuck off. Get the fuck out of this blog, if you are going to believe republican talking points. This motherfucker, did some heinous shit to teenage girls, because the 70s and early 80s, were PARTICULARLY EVIL to teenage girls. This story has been sitting there, because it’s like every story about a fucking republican, who goes on about social issues… BECAUSE THEY ALL HAVE ONE! His, is his love of teenage girls, and the fact that republicans NEVER FUCKING ADMIT WHEN THEY ARE FUCKING WRONG, AND NEVER FUCKING WALK THE FUCK AWAY… ENRAGES ME!

    They are scum, they are a shit doodle, and this country is burdened by them. If you got a problem with this, then step the fuck off, motherfucker. Also, it’s A NEW HOPE, but I guess knowing the initials of the third highest grossing film in the history of cinema… is TOO MUCH OF A FUCKING SURPRISE FOR YOU!

    Brack, fuck you too. Fuck Louis CK. Unfunny motherfucker, who to me, has always seemed off. I didn’t know about any of this shit, but the dude always seemed fucking damaged. He’s so fucking damaged, that he made a movie where OLD ASS JOHN MALKOVICH FUCKS 17 IN THE MOVIE… CHLOE GRACE MORETZ! FUCK THAT WOODY ALLEN WANNABE BULLSHIT!

    I fucking love movies, and because I fucking love movies. I hung out at a theatre, became friendly with everyone, and the manager decided to let me see everything for free. One day, in like 1991, I am in one of the bigger theatres, and look to my right. There sits, a truck driving looking man, who is feverously jerking off. Seeing this fucking sight, I flee the motherfucking theatre, and guess what? THIS MOTHERFUCKER, we dubbed, “THE WHACKER,” STARTED CHASING ME! Luckily, I knew places to hide, and he eventually left. I reported his ass, but for months… FUCKING MONTHS… I lived in terror of showing up on a Friday, and stumbling into a theatre and seeing that dude whacking it again.


    Louis CK, is fucking gone. Anyone, who does this shit, is going to be gone. It doesn’t fucking matter anymore. Now, George Takei has a whole other set of dynamics, but if he did that shit… FUCK HIM TOO! That’s where we are at right now. Instead of electing the overqualified woman. They put in the fucking guy, who DOESN’T BELIEVE HIS INTELLIGENCE SERVICE, BECAUSE HE’S ALWAYS BEEN A GUY WHO BELIEVES WHAT PEOPLE TELL HIM, AND NOT QUESTION THEM! That’s a terrible way to go through life, but that’s who we got… so guess what? EVERY OTHER MOTHERFUCKER GOTS TO PAY!

    Now, next motherfucker who defends one of these fucked up motherfuckers, should get the fuck out of here. I don’t care if I am not Ray or David, because one of us… has to state as much. It’s fucking intolerable shit, for such a close group as this, to have suffer some fucking fool, that thinks one fucked up thing isn’t as FUCKED UP as the other.

    If you don’t like that tone, fuck off, because this shit is disgusting, disheartening, and absolutely rage inducing. No one needs the GUY, who DEFENDS GUYS WHO DOES THIS SHIT! Louis CK is as bad as Weinstein, because guess what? WEINSTEIN DID THIS SHIT TOO! FUCKING ASSHOLE MEN!

  33. Pete B. says:

    Wow JS, didn’t know you were the Hot Blog police. Is that a self-elected position?

    I get pretty damn tired of you constantly posting generalizations as fact. NOBODY likes _____. EVERYONE loves ______.

    Forgive me for not recognizing immediately that ANH was A New Hope. Maybe that’s because everyone calls the original film “Star Wars”.
    {Oops… see what I did there?}

    As for political opinions, I missed where it said “No Conservatives Need Post.” Sorry a difference of opinion scares you so.

    What makes your rant even more amusing is that I’d classify myself as Libertarian, as the Republican Party pisses me off too.

  34. Pete B says:

    If I offended anyone with my comments regarding Roy Moore, that was not my intention. Nor was I trying to belittle his accuser and condone child molestation.

    I was just pointing out that the timing of the story was questionable. I thought I could do that without casting doubt on the veracity of it.

    If the New York Post had come out with a story in October that while attending New York University, Bill de Blasio routinely drowned sackfuls of kittens in the Hudson River, I’d question the timing of it too.

    People should be able to call them as they see them, balls & strikes.

  35. Stella Boy says:

    No one ever intends to offend do they. And let’s not compare the ny post to the Washington Post.

  36. Night Owl says:

    Louis C.K. is a bad guy, end of story. “As bad”? Who cares? It’s not a contest. And isn’t it sweet how while the bad guys deny, all these “not so bad” guys suddenly see the error of their ways…as soon as multiple victims go on the record and not a second earlier.

    You have a fetish? You have issues? You have money and run in Hollywood circles? Well guess what you have plenty of professionals who with proper compensation will be more than happy to watch. Doing it to colleagues, co-workers, etc. is a predatory power trip. He’s just a different kind of predator. As for his work; Could anyone watch his comedy on family now and not think about how unbelievably humiliated his daughters must be? Boy I bet school will be fun next week! I won’t waste anymore time remembering he exists.

    They’re all replaceable. We hear the word “irreplaceable” all the time in entertainment; and yet they fade, die, whatever, and we and Hollywood are still here.

  37. JS Partisan says:

    Ray, that’s how a brother rants, but we aren’t the moderation blog. We are the, “Throw it against the wall and watch it make a mess,” blog. I will just state again, for those who missed it: I AM NOT GOING TO TOLERATE YOUR SHIT… Pete, fuck off with that nonsense. Brack? FUCK OFF WITH THAT NONSENSE! Louis CK? FUCK OFF WITH THAT NONSENSE!

    This country, elected the most under qualified human being in the history of politics, to run it. Instead of the overly qualified woman. Who, while nowhere near perfect, wouldn’t be MEAN GIRLS tweeting a fucking GUY WITH A NUCLEAR BOMB!

    What this has created, is a world where the women have had efuckingnough. If you have power as a man in Hollywood, and you abuse it. COME OUTSIDE AND GET YOUR BEATING, because your days are numbered.

    There are no courts, there are no juries, or judges. This is basically men and women, believing one another, and telling these fucks, “WE DON’T WANT YOU ANYMORE! FUCK OFF!”

    That Brett Ratner, thought he could sue in 2017, and have it not completely end him… shows you where we are at now, as a movie loving society.

    There are irreplaceable talents, but it sure as shit doesn’t mean we can’t just replace them when they are shits. Talent can only overcome so much.

  38. brack says:

    Sorry, but masturbating in front of someone isn’t predatory, it’s just pathetic. And 99.9% of the time, anyone can just walk away from some douche masturbatng in front of them. No one is trapped by a masturbator. You have to be really naive to believe it’s within the same realm as rape or even even groping. Come off it folks, I don’t give two shits about C.K.’s career or if he ever works again. He doesn’t have to, it’s ruined. But is he currently a bad guy? I would have no idea. Don’t know the asshole. Glad to know you do Night Owl.

    JS, almost everything you rant about is NONSENSE. We have put up with your masturbatory rants for years. We could all just walk away, and THAT is the point.

  39. brack says:

    Doug R – what “parties”? Oh, my masturbation parties? Oh, so it’s okay to joke about calling people public masturbators? Good to know, Douche….I mean Doug.

  40. JS Partisan says:

    Brack, you are a piece of shit, and YOU CONTRIBUTE NOTHING TO THIS BLOG… BUT OLD WHITE GUY HOT TAKES! If anyone is the master of fucking onanism around here, it’s you. NOW… FUCK OFF, and don’t have a pleasant day, because you’re a shit doodle.

    If you do something more than once, if you do it to multiple women, and you do it no matter fucking what. Guess what? You’re a fucking predator, a creep, and a piece of garbage. I’ve had to deal with this shit in my life, Brack. It freaks you out, and it doesn’t just go away. Good to know, that your old ass can tell people how to feel about fucked up behavior.

  41. brack says:

    This from the guy who has tantrums about how Rian Johnson is going ruin his precious Star Wars and has a compulsion to tear down Avatar’s and Titanic’s box office is laughable. It’s your own version of circle jerking, but no one, and I mean NO ONE, cares except YOU. But continue with it, because you are a JOKE of a poster.

    “I’ve had to deal at this shit in my life, Brack.”

    If at all true, that explains a lot about you. I do pity you. Explains your Asperger’s style of posting for years. You can say FUCK OFF as much as you want, and pretend you’re some kind of pioneer for equal rights. I’ll keep laughing at you like so many of us have done for years. I’d say good day to you, but it doesn’t sound like you ever have a good day. You make LexG look like the poster child for sanity. Later IO.

  42. JS Partisan says:

    Do you think, that anything you just posted hurts me? Not only are you too fucking old, to even understand what I am posting about. You’re too fucking dead inside, to even understand how the emotions of a fan… are important to loving anything. What do you love? Outside of yourself. Obviously, and guess what? You can use FUCKING GOOGLE, to see how those two points you made… actually have been brought up by other people… so sorry, you’re a goof.

    You’re also a mean fuck, and guess what? Fuck you. No one needs you here. We’d gladly trade you for Jeff McMahon, Anghus, Eric, or about 15 other posters who were never as shitty as you. You’re just mean. Who needs someone, who defends a dude like Louis CK? No one, but I am sure there are some nice MRAs who would love your time and company.

    I have a good day everyday, because unlike you… well, I am not a dumb old white bastard, who hates the changes to the world. And oh… IO! SO HURT! You’re trash.

  43. arisp says:

    Chill out dude.

  44. brack says:

    I never defended C.K., no matter how many times you say I did. The world is not so fucking black and white, and even trying to discuss degrees of creepy and lewd behavior apparently is too much for you folks that your move is to try to shut down such discussions is why this blog is more or less DEAD.

    It’s not that I’m too OLD, it’s that you’re so CHILDISH that you don’t understand you are a JOKE.

    Google what now, about what points? Oh wait, that’s the typical JS reply to defending your bizarre stances as if they validate anything.

    What I say doesn’t hurt, huh, but then you say I’m mean? Well, the truth hurts sometimes, maybe that comes off as mean, and sorry if you don’t like it. I don’t really like having to tell you, but I was as compelled to reply to your nonsense as much as you going on about how BATMAN NEVER QUITS.

    I’ll look forward to Johnson raping your second, third, whatever childhood you’re trying to relive, and all your other weird fixations…I mean passions.

    I’m probably close to the same age, joke, and you know virtually NOTHING about me. I’m OLD, oh burn. You do realize that’s agism, right? You probably don’t even get the irony in your lame attempts at showing how open-minded and progressive you are when your definition of being a fan of anything is so regressive and closed-minded.

    Outside of myself, I love my wife, family, career, and NOT being a sexual predator or apologist. I’ve seen Thor Ragnarok three times so far in the theaters and think it’s the funniest movie I’ve seen in years, and probably my favorite MCU movie thus far. I wouldn’t mind seeing it get a Golden Globe nom for the Musical/Comedy category. Visual effects and music score superb. Guess that makes me an old fuddy-duddy.

    Toodles IO!

  45. Ray Pride says:

    All overnight posts have been restored.

  46. Js partisan says:

    You’re still trash… not Ray, but old angry white dude. Total trash.

  47. EtGuild2 says:

    Everything is Awful

  48. JS Partisan says:

    Ethan, you… and dare I say it… fucking movieman, are irreplaceable to this blog. It’s not awful, as long as movie is here shouting out movies no one has seen, and you do your expert box office analysis. I’m just the motherfucker… who don’t take no shit… you dig :P?

  49. YancySkancy says:

    I love just about everything Louis CK has ever touched, except his penis.

    I hate that he masturbated in front of women without their consent, or with some misguided notion that silence equaled consent.

    I love all his stand-up and all the shows I’ve seen that he made or had a large role in making: Louie, Horace and Pete, Better Things, Baskets (haven’t seen much Lucky Louie). I was expecting to like I Love You, Daddy, if I’d gotten a chance to see it.

    It will be impossible to approach the work in the same way now, I’m sure, though last week’s episode of Better Things, which CK co-wrote, was absolutely lovely. He’s clearly not *simply* a “monster,” though he’s done monstrous things.

    Some will be able to retain appreciation for his work (especially after some time has passed, as we have seen with most of the other flawed human content creators of the past, whether cinematic, literary, musical or political), some won’t.

    If you never liked his work, you’ve got it easy. Just continue to dismiss him, now for a different reason. But if you admire his work, this is sad news. I don’t apologize for feeling this way, any more than I apologize for what he did, or condone it, or minimize it, or blame his victims.

    Just wanted to lay that out there amid the blanket dismissals and tepid defenses.

  50. JS Partisan says:

    Yancy, I have to deal with Joss Whedon, so I totally feel you.

  51. Amblinman says:

    Brack: yes, if you’re a male in our society you can laugh off a dude pulling his pud and walk out. Women haven’t had it so easy and it’s really not that simple. There are a multitude of reasons for this, too lengthy to go into here.

    And fuck your for shit-talking JS. He’s a complete loon but he’s awesome and I always want to read his posts. And he knows his franchise shit.

  52. JS Partisan says:

    Man, thank you for calling me a complete loon. I should put it on a t-shirt.

  53. Ray Pride says:

    “Partial loons” are no good to nobody!

  54. I need to take more time to read through every comment… but just wanted to say this to Pete B…

    I don’t care what day this information became a WashPo story. I assume the reason it didn’t come out before the primary was because it wasn’t ready to go.


    How the truth arrives can never dismiss the truth. Period. Exclamation mark.

    There is an obvious answer on the timing of this story. Alabama media knew and never did shit about it. Same as years of nothing from film industry media press on Weinstein (including both trades, the LA Times, and NY Times).

    The fight between Moore and Strange brought national media attention. They heard the rumors. The Washington Post methodically put together an iron clad story with accusers on the record. And it came out on a reasonable schedule.

    None of that is hard to imagine.

    And still, even if it were, the fact remains… truth is all that matters here. Roy Moore can’t be charged criminally or civilly on this. But it’s rather clear from his responses – until the raging, insane blanket denial – that he did this.

    Should it cost him his political career? The voters get to decide. If they want to elect a pedophile , which is what he is/was, that is their call… that is on their conscience… that will define Alabama and Republicans for many years.

    I believe that we, as a society, will have to re-define the rules moving forward. We need to create a space for anyone mistreated in a power inequity to speak safely. And yes, we must take the possibility of false accusation seriously. But when you get to multiple otherwise unassociated people repeating a similar story, the odds of false accusation go from very low (around 5%) to minuscule.

    And honestly, I don’t care whether Bernie Sanders is the source, seeming to time it for maximum damage to Republicans or a Klan member accusing a left-winger on Hitler’s birthday. I care about the truth of the matter. First and last. Everything else is wrapping.

    Men, mostly (and mostly white in America), have used the tools of rationalization and devaluation to allow and thus, support, endless horrors for people. It doesn’t much matter if, when asked, we support the idea of victims. What matters is how we act, how we support, how we question, and how we believe in our core.

    All politics are local. And men are not alone in rationalizing away what doesn’t fit our personal perspective.

    People make mistakes. People deserve some degree of forgiveness for their mistakes. But the very minimum to qualify for forgiveness is truthfulness and sincere regret about your misdeeds.

    Moore, it seems, is a sociopath. Trump is one for sure. I don’t think all of their supporters are sociopaths. But no matter what their intentions, they are supporting sick, dangerous liars who cannot be trusted… and who keep proving this daily.

    And that is the truth, as I see it.

  55. EtGuild2 says:

    It’s very distressing to me that we’re having this conversation about Moore now. The man has mused about setting up American Nazi concentration camps for gay people, believes Muslim Americans should be expelled and banned from serving in Congress, that 9/11 was God’s reminder to feminists and gay Americans that their evil shall not be tolerated, that swathes of rural Indiana currently exist as minituare caliphates run by Imams who have implemented Sharia law….on and on.

  56. palmtree says:

    “And that is the truth, as I see it.”

    No need to qualify it, DP. I think earlier when you wrote “truth is all that matters here” that you were talking about an objective truth, something verifiable, a fact.

    But then to end with the qualification “as I see it,” as if there are other truths supported by other facts.

    At this point, we can’t just be vigorous and defensive of our opinions but also our facts, which scares me more than anything. I’d like to see us stand up for facts, which are entirely non-partisan and which we as a society must agree on in order to have any discussion of any kind. Without facts, we’re left with pure tribalism, devolving into Christians supporting pedophilia. And that’s the truth.

  57. Stella's Boy says:

    “There had been rumors through the years. And, you know, for a lot of Alabama political reporters, this is going to be the one that got away,” Kyle Whitmire, a state political columnist for Alabama Media Group, said on CNN last week.

    Maybe Pete and brack will stop being so suspicious and skeptical now. Oh and we’re up to 5 accusers. Surely there will be more.

  58. Josh says:

    Good thread about Roy Moore and evangelical culture:

    “Roy Moore is a symptom of a larger problem in conservative fundamentalist and evangelical circles. It’s not a southern problem, it’s a fundamentalist problem. Girls who are 14 are seen as potential relationship material. Duck Dynasty guy advocated adult men marrying 16 year olds.”

  59. EtGuild2 says:

    I asked a co-worker the other day how the Weinstein/overall ongoing scandal has changed her outlook if at all, and she told me that she and her friends now treat every interaction with straight, white men under the assumption that the man is a serial rapist. At first I thought this was a wild thing to do, but she says it’s made her friends and her more aware of harassment ahead of time, and makes them less likely to put themselves in precarious predicaments.

    It’s sad that it’s come to this, but I don’t disapprove.

  60. amblinman says:

    “I asked a co-worker the other day how the Weinstein/overall ongoing scandal has changed her outlook if at all, and she told me that she and her friends now treat every interaction with straight, white men under the assumption that the man is a serial rapist. At first I thought this was a wild thing to do, but she says it’s made her friends and her more aware of harassment ahead of time, and makes them less likely to put themselves in precarious predicaments.

    It’s sad that it’s come to this, but I don’t disapprove.”

    I do disapprove. That’s a terrible approach and no amount of “But culturally this is what’s been happening so…” changes it. Males need to do better, must do better. Being wary is one thing. Deciding that everyone is a serial rapist is the equivalent to deciding not to fly anymore because of 9/11.

  61. EtGuild2 says:

    Well, if we’re going to use a 9/11 analogy, let’s be clear: at any given time there are 5,000 commercial flights in the air in US airspace. Let’s lowball and say 2% of men instigate sexual misconduct. If there were 100 planes hijacked on 9/11 rather than four, I would probably avoid flying as well.

  62. EtGuild2 says:

    Al Franken should resign 🙁

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