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BYOB DGA Nominations and more….


Is it a race? Is it a race yet?

What’s up with Disney-Pixar’s Sameth moving to Paramount?

Hey, James Franco has a Critics Choice award!

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35 Responses to “BYOB DGA Nominations and more….”

  1. iothereturned says:

    I am happy Gerwig and Peele received nominations. Unless the Academy decides to get people excited. There isn’t going to be muchof a race this year. It’s just a blah awards season.

  2. PcChongor says:

    PTA was easily the best director of the year, but I can’t complain about any of the nominees or their films. “Phantom Thread” will live on regardless of awards.

  3. spassky says:

    Second Phantom Thread… I predict one nomination for DDL… very sad for such a wonderful film.

  4. Stella's Boy says:

    I have to object to 3BB. The more I stew with it, the more I encounter discourse about it, the worse I think it is and the more it pains me to see all the accolades and awards. Certainly no objections to Peele, Nolan, or del Toro. Those films are extremely well-directed. Still need to see Lady Bird (and Phantom Thread).

  5. iothereturned says:

    Phantom Thread seems to have turned people off… a lot. This leaves me wondering if they give DDL that nom, or they with hold it with the hopes, that he goes out with a film they like more? Oldman is winning Best Actor, so his nom is sorta… hokey.

  6. Triple Option says:

    I’m in favor of giving Phantom Thread an award…if that award is a Razzie! Holy crap, people actually found 2+ hours of narcissism engaged in a mental bdsm relationship with co-dependence entertaining? Wow, people, go un-impact your lives.

  7. Carl says:

    Nothing on Sameth leaving Disney.


    What has happened to this blog?

  8. PcChongor says:

    Just be glad there were 7 whole comments without TLJ’s box office being brought up.

  9. Triple Option says:

    I was surprised that nothing’s been mentioned about the streamlining at WB. Why is Sue Kroll being sent out to pasture? Is WB mad about Supes vs Bat and the Justice League not meeting their expectations? Wouldn’t IT and Wonder Woman make up for those?

    Or, do you think she wanted out when Emmerich got named Grand Poobah, like maybe instead of her?

  10. spassky says:

    Triple Option: I think mother! has a lock on that razzie this year.

    I will admit that mother! is a far more entertaining film than phantom thread, but I know which I thought was better. I feel I don’t need a film to be conventionally entertaining for me to enjoy it. I’m sure you can agree.

    As to Sue Kroll. I’m a little perplexed, it must be because of Justice League (wonder woman, dunkirk, it… all looking good, especially international) and maybe bladerunner. She’s still going to be producing, so is just going to be sulking around the lot if she really is so butthurt about Emmerich?

  11. leahnz says:

    “I have to object to 3BB. The more I stew with it, the more I encounter discourse about it, the worse I think it is and the more it pains me to see all the accolades and awards.”


    i like mcdonagh (‘in bruges’ is a master class in european black dramedy and moral ambiguity), and there are aspects of 3BB that i find effective, such as the performances, but – and granted this is not a perfect analogy by any means – it brings to mind bigelow and the sharp criticism she received for ‘detroit’ (which i can understand): mcdonagh’s clueless white-irish-man take on some of the themes and ideology informed by his chosen setting, the dual mid-western/southern personality of missouri, feels nauseatingly inauthentic and even troubling in its depiction of redemption, it’s like why dude

  12. Hcat says:

    The Director of Patti Cake$ got a first time director nom from the DGA. I saw the film last night and for the life of me could not see how it sparked a bidding war. If you are going to make a film we have seen before the strength of the leads has to overcome the lack of surprises from the plot, and while the leads where decent the whole experience was sort of meh.

    I don’t know if my enjoyment was influenced by my bafflement that someone thought this could be a hit, I think it probably made as much as it could have at the Box Office, but 30 minutes through and I couldn’t help but be distracted by who thought this could recoup such a large outlay. Happy TX was a better investment.

  13. Stella's Boy says:

    Does that explain why it quickly fizzled out after Sundance? I had totally and completely forgotten about Patti Cake$ until I read about the DGA nomination. For a second I thought it might have been a Sundance 2016 movie.

  14. Triple Option says:

    spassky, I’m not much of a horror guy so I missed Mother! I do plan to catch it on vid at some point. From what I’ve heard about the film, it probably has a lot of what P-Thread could’ve used, guts. I expected to see some real oneupmanship. Daniel Day’s character never really loses it. Whatsherface has her moment in the kitchen and only repeats the measure, not really stepping her game up. For such unlikable people, that film could’ve been helped by drilling deeper holes to mine their depravity. Go big or go home! Even if it was more subtle manipulation, I would’ve liked to have seen a chess match. It was sorta like watching Blair Witch for me. There came a moment when I realized nothing’s ever going to happen. I just got the epiphany in Blair an hour sooner than Thread. Then I got mad for being yanked around.

    But, I hear ya, sometimes a movie will just do it for you.

    As per Kroll, I wonder in general how often when people segue into producing do they actually produce anything. Like, typically, you see their name on something they may’ve been connected to before leaving their post a year or so down the line, but after that I wonder?? I’m sure the parachute they gave her sparkles rather nicely in the midday sun but I’d still be pissed about a)’those ingrates who didn’t appreciate what I did deliver,’ (forgot about Dunkirk!!) or b) Now I gotta ask the man who has my job permission (greenlight) to do my job (make a film)? Um, yeah, no. Unless she gets to engage in a far more creative aspect of filmmaking, I suspect you won’t see Kroll on the WB lot for anything more than a dept Christmas party or niece’s student film screening.

  15. PcChongor says:

    Sounds like Mother! is right up your alley then. A literal kitchen sink doesn’t even begin to describe everything Aronofsky tried throwing into that one.

  16. arisp says:

    Kroll is not a producer, obviously. She’s being paid three years to do nothing basically.

  17. Hcat says:

    Stella, I remember the press leading up to the theatrical still had a gilded edge to it, still pushing that “Searchlight plus Sundance = Electric” narrative that has not been true for some time. I can see there being a bit to applaud, but there just isn’t a whole lot to the film. Its 8 mile set in Jersey with a young woman as the lead and less of a supporting cast. She has a steeper climb based on her gender and physical appearance but it hits so many of the same beats as previous films. Its practically as hackneyed as “English people do a wacky thing to escape the realities of their surroundings” types of film.

    Nothing about it screams Director to keep your eye on.

  18. Stella's Boy says:

    I saw a trailer before 3 Billboards a month or so ago. Before that, it had completely fallen off my radar. The trailer did nothing for me and after seeing it the movie again fell completely off my radar. There never seemed to be any buzz about it after Sundance. Certainly not any in recent months anyway. I have no trouble believing nothing about it screams director to keep your eye on.

  19. movieman says:

    Can we agree that the awards template has officially been set?
    Del Toro, Oldman, McDormand, Janney, Rockwell, “Coco,” “In the Fade.”
    BP still seems up for grabs, but “Billboards” definitely seems to have the inside track at this point. Not entirely sure why, but it does seem like an old-fashioned “Oscar” sort of movie.
    Not sure why/how my beloved Laurie Metcalfe went from the Best Supporting Actress favorite to an also-ran. I love Allison Janney, but her “Tonya” performance did feel a tad one-note to me.
    Agree w/ pc and Spassky about “Phantom Thread.” It was my favorite (theatrical) release of 2017.
    I think it could snag a few tech nods (costume design, production design) and hopefully score. DDL still seems a lock for a nomination.

  20. Hcat says:

    Now two years ago they nominated Marielle Heller for Diary of a Teenage Girl. That is the movie Patti Cake$ should have been, and that is someone I am excited about seeing more from.

    And I know its his first time directing but it seems odd to see Aaron Sorkin’s name on the rookie list.

    And apropos of nothing I also saw Ms. Sloan recently and Chastain is never boring to watch. The movie itself was nothing spectacular, but even if its only reason to be is to give an actress like Chastain the opportunity to glare and bark I am all for it.

  21. iothereturned says:

    It seems obvious right now, that 3BB has it… unless it gets kneecapped, and a kneecap seems to be on its way.

  22. Hcat says:

    I don’t know, nominations haven’t even begun and I don’t think things are set in stone. If its a frontrunner it certainly isn’t way out ahead as other films were in previous years. Maybe its just me hoping and wishing and praying but I see Lady Bird hopefully gaining momentum. If the globes win translates to a second wind at the box office that certainly won’t hurt. Plus given the choice between a warmer film and an edgier one, doesn’t the warmth hold the advantage with the academy (not in every instance of course).

    We will have to watch what the SAG does, as they are the biggest voting block. But I can see this coming down to Bird and Billboards with who gets picture and who gets the best original screenplay bridesmaid award.

  23. palmtree says:

    Wow, Lady Bird and 3BB seem to be neck-and-neck in almost every major category (LB having a strong supporting actress and 3BB having a strong supporting actor balancing each other out). 3BB has the momentum, but Lady Bird could steal it back. I’m hoping it does.

  24. Carl says:

    Agree, Sue Kroll is getting the DeLuca. A chance to get a fat salary and points on projects she cherry picks.

  25. leahnz says:

    “Not entirely sure why, but it does seem like an old-fashioned “Oscar” sort of movie.”

    cuz it’s super white, from a white perspective, the facing of consequences depicted is commensurate with the lack of melanin (crime-ing while white), and it thinks it’s way edgier than it is? — the best movie about irish larrikins set in an irish village in Missouri

    the world will not be destroyed by those who do evil
    but by those who watch them without doing anything
    – A. E.

  26. Hcat says:

    The announcement of the nominations is quite a ways away but I know a decent among of people who are going to be very disappointed if Wonder Woman does not make it to one of the ten slots. And not a single one of them are comic book fans.

    I don’t know how hard Warner’s is going to push it since there is really not much of a financial upside anymore, but of all the films in the race that’s the title that would probably bring the most joy to the widest swath of people I know.

  27. Doug R says:

    It’s my opinion Warner should re-release Wonder Woman and Justice League as a double feature right about now for a couple of weeks as a back door Oscar promotion and to goose JL’s final numbers. Have a promotion campaign heavy on WW.
    Still think the real magician on WW was Patty Jenkins, but it should get a few technical noms at least.

  28. iothereturned says:

    Hcat, that’s what I meant. If Wonder Woman isn’t there. People are going to be disappointed. Right now? I don’t see it being there, and that sucks. Gal will probably be a presenter, which they love to think of as a booby prize.

  29. Glamourboy says:

    I’ve met just as many people that dislike Wonder Woman as I have those who love it. I recently saw it for a second time and it really didn’t hold up. It has a very slow second act.

  30. iothereturned says:

    Disagree, but it’s what the film represents. It means a lot to people, and the Academy loves to ignore these things. They will make Gal a presenter, and that’s why the Academy fails. They rarely connect with the movie audience at large anymore.

  31. Glamourboy says:

    That is what the People’s Choice awards are for where Wonder Woman will probably win Best Picture, Best Couple and Best Kiss

  32. iothereturned says:

    And there you go marginalizing the most important movie of the year. Good job.

  33. Doug R says:

    If Jan DeBont and Fox had the option on Stainless Steel Rat, does this mean Disney has the rights now?
    They did make Guardians of the Galaxy and spent over $100 million on Wrinkle In Time, could SSR show up soon?
    Avatar “borrowed” a lot from Deathworld, would be nice to see Slippery Jim onscreen.
    Any House of Mouse employees reading this, please make it happen.

  34. Hcat says:

    Yes they spent a lot on A Wrinkle in Time but that is an incredibly well known property. Hasn’t every school age kid in the last forty years been exposed to it if not read it/had it read to them? This might just be my perspective but I always thought it was considered one of the perennial classics of kid lit.

    As for Stainless Steel Rat, I have no idea what that might be and can’t imagine others awareness is high enough to drop Wrinkle type money on it. And if it was set up with DeBont, I’m sure rights have reverted back by now. I don’t think DeBont has done anything at Fox since Cruise Control 20 years ago. I remember there being grousing about them contractually having to give him producer credit on Minority Report.

  35. Pete B says:

    Jan De Bont’s most recent credit on IMDB was as a producer on The Paperboy in 2012. Before that he was director on the 2nd Angelina Tomb Raider back in 2003.

    As for the Stainless Steel Rat, there’s about a dozen(?) books by Harry Harrison. Good stuff from what I remember in my youth.

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