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BYOB: Solo Non-Spoiler

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29 Responses to “BYOB: Solo Non-Spoiler”

  1. MarkVH says:

    Movie doesn’t come out for another week. Gonna be pretty dead around here until then.

  2. Dr Wally Rises says:

    The more I see, the more I like. I’m Star Wars to the core, but I gotta admit the movies have on occasion got windy, solemn and ponderous. Solo looks like exactly what Lucas originally conceived Star Wars and Indiana Jones to be back in the day – a light hearted, rollicking Saturday matinee adventure serial.

    Back to basics.

  3. GdB says:

    One of the things I hate about this new Solo movie is now on all the ancillary market materials, all we see of Solo now is Alden. My gut says, in the future his face will be as much as, or more, associated with the character as Ford is and Ford as Solo will be a distant memory of a bygone era. It’s fucked up. Same thing with Star Trek. You never see side content with Kirk and Spock as Shatner and Nimoy anymore. As much as I love Pine and Quinto, they just don’t hold up. Mainly due to the voices. They sound nothing like their originators. Same with Alden and Ford.

    Why is it directors when re-casting iconic characters that were made iconic from previous actors, they only cast for look and never for voice?? Just another sign with how out of touch directors are when it comes to acting/performance. Any actor with any training knows how key the voice is.

  4. JS Partisan says:

    Nah. It’s the look in their eyes. If you don’t get the look down? The rest of it doesn’t cut it. Aiden has the look. Also, we have two more Solo movies. That’s Aiden 3, and Ford 4. Who will be Solo for my kid? Hopefully? Both. There’s a good chance though, that kids today will.view Aiden as Solo. It is what it is. If I can get Sebastian Stan as Luke Skywalker, that may be the next Star Wars movie I see. After I see Solo.

    Deadpool 2 knocked it out of the fucking box.

  5. Sideshow Bill says:

    Yes. How about a blog for DEADPOOL 2. I agree with JSP. What a great freaking time at the movies. They did a good job keeping a lot of the secrets and cameos, at least from me. Also the big spoiler was really fun and gratifying. They kind of threw everything at the wall and an whole hell of a lot of it sticks.

    Not to get personal on the blog but my girlfriend left me last week for another guy. I’ve been down in the dumps, although packing her stuff has been fun. DP2 is just what I needed. It’s a real good time.

  6. JS Partisan says:

    That sucks, Bill. Thank god for movies being there… When people aren’t.

  7. Sideshow Bill says:

    thanks, JSP. Yea. movies are always there. I’m gonna take some time being single, get caught up on reading and comics and movies and just take it easy. I’m curious about Gail Simones’s Domino now. Hear great things about it, and I loved Gail’s Batgirl run. It’s among my favorite comic runs ever.

  8. Sideshow Bill says:

    FIRST REFORMED sounds amazing. I hope I won’t have to wait too long to see it.

  9. Bender says:

    Anybody see Lean on Pete. Now that’s a movie. Walked in thinking it was a kid with a beloved pet movie. So much more than that. The ending destroyed me, that sobbing cry that other people can hear.

  10. movieman says:

    Just saw it yesterday, Bender, and I concur wholeheartedly.
    I was actually sobbing so loudly at the end–haven’t done that in years, maybe decades–I would’ve been embarrassed if it hadn’t been a private screening.
    It’s a masterpiece of empathy: opens your heart and mind to the millions of Charleys living hardscrabble lives, through no fault of their own, throughout America.
    Charlie Plummer made zero impression on me in “All the Money…,” but I’ll never forget his performance as Charley.
    After “Weekend,” “45 Years” and “Pete,” Haigh seems like a director who can do no wrong at this point in time.
    Was disappointed to see that his next project is a miniseries for British television. “Disappointed” because it probably won’t be all that easy to see unless you subscribe to BBC America (which I don’t).

  11. movieman says:

    On a (mostly) unrelated front, I just came back from “Let the Sunshine In” and am still parsing it through my head.
    Binoche’s character seems like a retrograde feminist nightmare: a middle-aged woman who seems desperately in need of a man (any man) to “complete” her: despite nothing but horrible available options.
    But because it’s Claire Denis, I’m taking on faith that there’s some diabolical gender/genre subversion afoot.
    Just haven’t figured out what that is yet.

  12. GdB says:

    JSP, agree to disagree on Alden and especially that only look matters when recasting characters made iconic by other actors. Your disparity between hating what they did to Luke in TLJ but being down with this movie is just anachronistic to me. To me, the offenses to each character are the same. But to each his own. This just goes to show the others that we are definitely not the same person.

    And you know by hedging your bets in your statement above; that your kid is def most likely going to identify with Alden only as the character, and not Ford or both. And that is exactly the issue. Your kids generation and following will have a bad facsimile of the character and not even realize who made the character great and how.

    And now you want SS as Luke? Not a bad re-casting choice, actually, but I don’t get why you’d trust anyone outside of Dave Filoni with these characters after what happened to Han and Luke in VII and VIII. But to risk wanting to see further subversion of these characters and the EQ themes they bring for young kids in mythic structure, respectfully, seems impulsive.

  13. JS Partisan says:

    I like Han. I love Luke. Also, one of my favorite books from the old EU, is that triple title Han book. If any movie can bring the fun of those books on screen, the I’m down.

    Again, I’m done with SW after Solo. Everything they’ve announced? Oy to the vey. Don’t care one bit, but give me some fun with Han or Obi. That’s cool.

  14. GdB says:

    Also, Sideshow Bill; if your gf left you for another guy, don’t be a chump and pack her stuff for her. Let her pack it herself. She shouldn’t get anymore “bf” favors after that. Plus, she probably expects you to do it; so if you flip the script on her, at least she leaves thinking she doesn’t know everything there is to know about you like she thinks. Which is often what makes a woman leave a man that’s been good to her. She knows everything about him, there’s no mystery left and she gets bored and leaves. Let her walk out respecting you knowing you’re not going to bend over for her after her breaking your heart. Give her 2-3 hours to come to your place while you’re gone, get her shit and gtfo.

    I’m not advocating to be mean or abusive. But if she left you for someone else, definitely do not do her any favors. You’re just putting yourself down to your own heart and her by doing so.

  15. GdB says:

    Awesome links Ray. Thank you!

  16. Bulldog68 says:

    If they’re continuing with a Han Solo series, my vote is for next one to be called Solo: Kessel Run. There is no way they can tell Han’s story without showing you that.

  17. Ray Pride says:

    Can’t answer that in this thread.

  18. movieman says:

    Yes, Ray: thanks for the Denis links!
    They didn’t help me formulate a definitive response to “Sunshine,” but they were fascinating reads nonetheless.
    I wish I could see the movie again.
    Denis’ films always fill me with so many conflicting emotions. Which is probably why I’ve long considered her to be one of the most consistently interesting/provocative filmmakers working anywhere today.

  19. movieman says:

    Disappointed in the “Fahrenheit 451” reviews, but I’m still planning to watch.
    Ramin Bahrani hasn’t made a movie I’ve disliked yet, and Jordan truly is in a class by himself.

  20. Pete B says:

    Not trying to make the blog a Dr Phil show, but I can’t disagree more with GdB on his Sideshow advice.

    No way do I let someone who dumped me back into my place alone for “2-3 hours”. Put her stuff in a box and give her a time frame to get it or it goes to Goodwill.

    Packing it for her is not a BF move, it’s a “this crap shouldn’t be here anymore” move.

  21. GdB says:


    Clearly you do not have a smart home with cameras. They’re not That expensive. You should look into it. If you don’t see how you doing the chore of packing up a girl’s shit whose left you for another man is a chump move in your ex’s or anyone else’s eyes, God help you. With logic and moves like that, you will get cheated on and left repeatedly. Being the chump who does the chore of packing up your betraying ex is not a “mature” move. It’s a “you’re just a couple steps away from being William H Macy in Boogie Nights” move. Also, no one says you have to leave the house when you make them pack their own shit up instead of you doing it for them. Get out with some dignity. She (assumedly cheated and ) left a good man. Let her pack her own shit.

  22. Pete B says:

    Gee thanks for the relationship advice, GdB. I’ll toast you in July when I celebrate my 30th anniversary.

    And even if you have cameras, that doesn’t stop someone from trying to take stuff that isn’t theirs. Then you have to get the authorities involved too. That’s being a chump.

  23. JS Partisan says:

    Pete… Do you now accept I’m not Gdb?

  24. Pete B says:

    Well JS, you both tend to get pissy when disagreed with. 😛

  25. JS Partisan says:

    Well… If you’re being an assholes, Pete :D!

  26. Sideshow Bill says:

    LOL…sorry to have turned part of this into a “how to break-up with your cheating girlfriend” thread. But just to put closure on it, I packed a lot of her stuff because I needed it out of my sight emotionally. I was told many different things by many different people. That’s what I chose to do, to reclaim my space and get her stuff out of eyesight. But she moved every box and piece of furniture herself.

    Now she’s gone and I move on.

    Thanks, folks.

  27. GdB says:

    You’re welcome Pete! I’m getting the bills paid as a relationship coach here in LA (not by choice, I fell into it) so I’ll take that as a compliment. But seriously, 30yrs is no joke. That is an accomplishment. And takes a lot of work and love to maintain. I’ve been married almost 9yrs and with my wife for almost 12. Hopefully we make it to our 30th too.

    I have to own that pissy comment. My reaponse does read that way when I re-read it. Ugh, apologies. That was not my intention. I am guilty of projecting emotions from unrelated issues happening at the same time as when I wrote that response.

    Bill, that’s totally understandable. Don’t despair, there are so many good girls out there ready for a legit relationshi

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