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BYOStones: Awaiting The Fate Of Thanos

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111 Responses to “BYOStones: Awaiting The Fate Of Thanos”

  1. Pete B. says:

    Instead of The Curse of La LLorona this weekend, the movie should have been The Curse of My Sharona, and everywhere the main characters went they heard that song from The Knack. With an outbreak of dancing like in Reality Bites. That would be truly terrifying.
    do do do do do DO do DO…

  2. Js partisan says:

    I went back in the archives, and no wonder SB is always mad at me! I was so damn rude. Jesus. Everyone was damn rude. Good lord. I will state this: this best crew is still here, and I am appreciative of you all.

    That aside, I tried to find the post where we were discussing the Avengers happening, and no one but me thought it would be a thing. Now? We’re under a week away from some insane shit happening, and look how far we’ve come.

  3. leahnz says:

    uh was it a thread where i chimed in with some spoilsport variation of ‘i hope they all die due to the hadron collider imploding the universe’ or some other such avengers extinction-level event? (which weirdly HALF-heartedly came to pass)

  4. Sideshow Bill says:

    This is a good group. I’ve had my asshole moments too. But mostly everyone is respectful and the discussions are fun and respectful. I grew tired of the AICN/CHUD/IMDB stuff years ago. I was a troll a lot of the time. I had some laughs but realized it was a waste of time and simply not nice. That sounds namby pamby but as I grow older I just want to be nice and talk about movies.

    Not seeing anything this weekend though I’ll maybe watch Glass tonight. Or The Wind. But I’m so psyched for Thursday night.

  5. Stella's Boy says:

    Don’t watch Glass. Rearrange your sock drawer. Clean your garage. Rewatch a favorite. Literally anything is a better way to spend two hours.

    I can’t imagine going through the archives. I’m sure I had my moments, too.

  6. Bulldog68 says:

    Been here awhile and JS and I have gotten into it from time to time. Still don’t regret a single second, in fact I think I’m the better for it and learned a thing or two along the way. Sadly my first interaction with a Hollywood big wig was here in the form of Don Murphy who resorted to calling my daughters future prostitutes. Thankfully the contributors here represent a higher degree of intelligence than that.

    On another note, I liked Glass. And saw Shazam last night and loved it and if I had the time this weekend I’d see it again. What fun. I literally guffawed at the line, “Son, lay your hand on my staff.” I just lost my shit.

  7. Pete B. says:

    Gotta agree with Stella on Glass. Unbreakable is one of my all time favorite films and after seeing Glass I wanted to fly to Philadelphia to punch M. Night.

    SHAZAM is a blast. In addition to the staff line, I was rolling on “You don’t want any of that glitter.”

  8. movieman says:

    I finally caught up w/ “Juanita” on Netflix: really, really good, and Alfre Woodard is fantastic.
    If this had been a theatrical release–from, say, SPC or Searchlight–and had opened at year’s end, Woodard might have been an Oscar front-runner.

    And why isn’t Clark Johnson directing theatrical releases anymore?
    Yes, I confess: I loved Johnson’s “SWAT.”

  9. Sideshow Bill says:

    Ok. Maybe I’ll skip Glass for now. I Silver Lake has gone on more than 3 screens but it’s on VOD next week I think.

    I could watch The Wind. Or a friend really loved and recommended Vox Lux.

    Oh wait! Holmes & Watson! How could that go wrong???

  10. Christian says:

    Recommended Easter-weekend viewing: the Aretha Franklin concert film, “Amazing Grace.” Historically important. Musically vital. But most important, it’s uplifting, edifying and simply soul-nourishing.

  11. movieman says:

    April 19-21, 2019 Weekend

    1 N The Curse of La Llorona WB (NL) $26,505,000 – 3,372 – $7,860 $26,505,000 $9 1

    2 1 Shazam! WB (NL) $17,340,000 -29.1% 4,183 -123 $4,145 $121,341,951 $100 3

    3 N Breakthrough Fox $11,100,000 – 2,824 – $3,931 $14,606,925 – 1

    4 6 Captain Marvel BV $9,100,000 +5.7% 2,653 -322 $3,430 $400,026,133 – 7

    5 2 Little Uni. $8,451,000 -45.1% 2,667 – $3,169 $29,380,410 $20 2

    6 5 Dumbo (2019) BV $6,800,000 -27.7% 3,225 -481 $2,109 $101,254,910 $170 4

    7 4 Pet Sematary (2019) Par. $4,850,000 -50.2% 3,146 -439 $1,542 $49,583,075 $21 3 ….

  12. Bulldog68 says:

    Hell of a weekend for Captain Marvel. I’m actually kind of bummed that’ll make more than Wonder Woman now. WW was such a superior movie. Credit is due to the Marvel and its strategy guys for making this movie almost required viewing before seeing their ultimate conclusion. I think that alone added $100m to the domestic box office, otherwise as a standalone movie it hasn’t really jelled for me as being in their top tier.

  13. Js partisan says:

    Yeah… no. Captain Marvel tops WW, for two reasons: Brie Larson and the joy of the Skrulls. Seriously. WW is a great movie, because of Gal and Pine, but the rest of it is really just sorta… there. Again, DC movies have pacing issues, and Gal overcomes them better than the rest, but it still does not move like Captain Marvel. Which is stating something, because Captain Marvel takes a moment to get going.

    And it’s top tier. Sure. Being after infinity War helped, but it’s not like anyone thought it would explain anything.

  14. leahnz says:

    “WW is a great movie, because of Gal and Pine, but the rest of it is really just sorta… there.”

    this is balderdash

    has anyone finished reading the [redacted] SCO report? i can’t tell if i’m smarter or dumber now (i do know the fact that it was delivered ON DISK in 2019 will never stop amusing me). i predict it will some day come out that mueller’s hand to wrap it up prematurely was forced. if not he shit the bed a bit

  15. Js partisan says:

    Nope. Hades is terrible, the supporting cast is great, but the entire finale is just…. muddled. I love no mans land, but Carol getting up hit me more. I looked forward to 1984, getting down to it, and just being a faster paced movie.

    Once Barr showed up. Mueller decided to shut it down. He didn’t shit the bed, but it is what it is. The press, hopefully, get their heads out of their asses, and cover these evil dogs effectively here on out.

  16. leahnz says:

    js, the fact that a MARVEL movie ‘hit you more’ is like the least shocking thing of least shocking things ever in the history of things that are not in the least shocking (and there’s no character ‘hades’ so, yikes). WW is old-school, well-designed, crafted and choreographed period action/war/romance with a superhero zing, not overblown OTT ADHD CGI space shit. (ftr i liked ‘cap marvel’ and good on em for making bank but it’s no ww)

    “Once Barr showed up. Mueller decided to shut it down.” you know this how?
    i’m in the early stages of looking at all the expert analysis but it would appear the opinion that barr likely tripped the SC before he reached the finish line is a fairly common — my auntie was a family court judge in houston for much of her career (retired now) and she’s helped me a bit with some of the US legal doctrines, she also believes it likely the inquiry was ended prematurely given the SC had just very recently applied to extend the grand jury and a few branches of the investigation in the report appear oddly truncated, and most damningly individual 1 did not personally testify under other, which is incomprehensible under the circumstance. only one person can say if he was knee-capped or just kinda piked out and handed off the baton to congress, here’s hoping he’s subpoenaed ftr)

    ETA i’m aware that the SC made it clear he felt he was bound by DOJ policy provision that states a sitting president can not be indicted, in case that saves anyone having to type that shit out

  17. Js partisan says:

    leah, I love that you’ve basically not changed in ten years, but you don’t know shit, jack, or jack shit about my love of Diana. That’s right. She’s Diana, and I fucking love Wonder Woman, as much or more, than Supes. She means the world to me, but the last time I watched that movie. The flaws became more fucking glaring. Gal Gadot and Chris Pine make that movie, and after them? It’s just there, and yeah it’s Ares. Sorry, I blanked that out, but go all fangirl about it,

    And I’ve read like a couple of articles that have speculated , that’s why the special council concluded like he did. Again, it’s foolish to think, that Mueller would save shit. He did his job, but was stupid enough to believe in the system. Why they haven’t leaked it, is still a mystery.

  18. leahnz says:

    well it’s true that i don’t know jack shit about your love of diana, nor is it my concern really. i’m talking about film-making (and as someone who wasn’t really fussed one way or another with the last bit of ww and thought it average on first viewing apart from ST’s moving finale, the showdown with ares has grown on me over time, i think because of the fine little bits of film-making and nuance in what is a fairly formulaic finale. jenkin’s direction overcomes a few screenwriting flaws)

    fwiw i never expected mueller to be the saviour of anything, i think i’ve made that clear previously. just appraising what’s in the thing he wrote.

  19. Hcat says:

    Between Endgame and the march toward the finale of Game of Thrones a month later, I cannot think of another month that was as full on nerdbloom as this one. Sure everything will exist in different forms later on and no IP is ever put to rest but these are two pretty massive events happening on top of each other. And they will both likely overshadow the completion of a Star Wars trilogy.

  20. Js partisan says:

    Game of Thrones is going to piss people off. If it’s not next week. It’s soon, and it’s going to get the Lost treatment. No one is going to be talking about that show in December. Other than talking shit about it.

    Also, The Rise of Skywalker has me engaged. Why? It doesn’t feel wrong, so I’m going to go and check that shit. Especially, if the next trailer is some fire. I still think Frozen 2 will out gross it, because fans like my brother? Aren’t going back. No matter what Disney/LFL do.

  21. Stella's Boy says:

    Just because people are so hard to please? I’m not saying I disagree, and I like rather than love GoT, but fans sure loved last night’s episode a ton. Lots of “I cried” and “one of the best episodes ever.” They could definitely turn quickly but right now most everyone seems very happy.

  22. amblinman says:

    “has anyone finished reading the [redacted] SCO report?”

    Yes. I don’t think Mueller was forced to end early by outside forces so much as the incredibly stupid insistence that a sitting potus shouldn’t be indicted. He clearly wanted to file charges of obstruction against Trump, but was prevented from doing that.

    Glass is perfectly acceptable rental viewing. The last third or so of the movie is pretty terrible (basically, anything that happens after the bad guys agree to team up). Only exception is a brief but fun exchange between the main characters before it all goes to shit. But everything with McCovy and Jackson is gold.
    Paulson is good too, despite the awful words Shymalan forces her to say. The initial meeting between Unbreakable (I’m not calling him “the Overseer”) and The Beast is pretty terrific. Willis is a giant dud, but I can’t tell if he just doesn’t care now or he doesn’t care because Shymalan gave his green pancho more personality.

    The movie is just the perfect reflection of Shymalan’s entire career: so many good and bad ideas shoved together, with some filmmaking chops on display, but ultimately an inability for M Night to get out of his own way. For a guy who believed he was the new Spielberg for a while, the motherfucker ended his biggest mainstream play in a while on the most sour, ugliest note possible.

    Fuck Rise of Skywalker. I don’t even care about anything that happened in Last Jedi, I’m just so completely burned out on SW. Who the fuck would have guessed having this shit in our lives on blast for years on end would bring me to this point. (If I never…ever…NEVER see a single frame of a single SW movie ever again something tells me I’ll be perfectly fine. Guys my age really really need to get into new things.)

  23. Hcat says:

    JS, I am not in the GOT crowd, rented a few seasons but never followed up on it, but this is a pretty rabid fanbase, I don’t see them just forgetting about it. Didn’t Lost lose its audience much earlier on? I am pretty sure GOT is still putting up its best numbers, so I don’t see people abandoning it in the last few weeks (or forgetting about it in the next few months) no matter what happens.

    You mentioned Frozen and this is purely anecdotal, but I have a girls aged 11 and 8 so our house was ground zero for two years for Frozen fever. They are not interested at all when seeing the trailer for a new one. What hit like a gasoline bomb a few years ago (that was like the kindergarten version of Beatlemania), might not have the same impact?

  24. Js partisan says:

    And I have a younger daughter, who adores Elsa and Anna. Telling her, that there will be new toys from Frozen, at her birthday, gets her all excited. Frozen, is also, just a great movie, so it’s going to get people excited again. Tweens and teens? You might be on to something.

    Man, I’m already into more things than you’ve ever been, and I’m happy JJ is fixing that shit. It shouldn’t be ending, but it’s whatever. George was involved, so that’s a plus.

    Also, watch the Mandalorian stuff looks fucking fantastic.

    Back to GoT. HC, it’s about how the series is remembered, and not ratings. They are going to piss people off, because there’s no real way to end something like this in a satisfactory way. Just watch.

  25. palmtree says:

    I’m a big GoT fan, and this season so far is fantastic, much better than last season, which gave me a few doubts. And as far as the ending being disappointing, well, I think most GoT fans have already girded themselves for that. We’ve dealt with big unexpected moments before, and I think most of us will be happy to take whatever comes. In fact, what makes GoT so good is that it skewers things like the storybook happy ending that any other franchise would contrive. And with spinoff series and tons of ancillary mythologies, this is a series for the ages. Sorry, JS.

    And not that anyone cares, but I recently saw Upgrade and it was great. Didn’t expect anything from it, but got a lot out of it. Highly recommend it for a good time.

  26. Amblinman says:

    “Man, I’m already into more things than you’ve ever been,”

    No idea what this means or what it’s based on but I’m happy you’re happy about Star Wars! 🙂

  27. palmtree says:

    LOL, that’s the subtext of every JS post ever. But still, I’m happy that you’re happy. We spend too much time in our lives being negative.

  28. Js partisan says:

    Palm, what ages? It’s more popular to state you have never seen GoT, then watching it. Again, the sticking of the landing means more than anything else. Do you remember How I Met Your Dad? No? Well. It didn’t happen, because How I Met Your Mother didn’t stick it’s landing. It just seems like they are going to piss people off, and it’s going to hurt the brand.

    Man, come on.

  29. Bulldog68 says:

    JS, for the record, is there any DC movie that you thought was better than a Marvel movie? Honest question.

  30. leahnz says:

    i’ve never seen a single ep of ‘game of thrones’ so the current GOT hysteria is like every conversation i’ve sat through about ‘fight club’- i just sit there like a knob listening to a bunch of gobbledygook, maybe seems i’m in thoughtful contemplation but really just no idea what’s going on.

    can someone please for the love of god hire some new movie title thinker-uppers so it’s not like a perpetual loop of stupid (we just had one major franchise end its trilogy where the the main character ‘rises’, could skywalker at least be floating or maybe ‘leaven’, get serious with the bread-making allegory, at least get out the old thesaurus but get out of the ‘R’s – return, revenge, rise, what up with that – anything but the same stuff over and over. and over)

    ETA meant to say: at the end of the day Al “syphilis-on-the-brain” Capone was taken down for tax evasion, not sexy but effective…

  31. Js partisan says:

    BD, I really enjoy some Chris Reeves Superman. The same goes with TDK. You can’t hear the nuisance in my voice, or the inflection, so this might not come across. DC is just it’s own thing. I love it a lot, but it’s not Marvel. I keep it to it’s own thing, and those ratings would probably be TDK, Wondie, then Shazam, and the Superman films (excluding that piece of muddled trash Man of Steel), to their own tier.

    Hell. My brother is a straight up, hardcore, X-men fan. Who is all about comic canon, and it’s a whole thing right now.

    Palm, you confused me with Leah, in your previous statement.

  32. palmtree says:

    JS, how did I confuse you with Leah? She’s not the one saying got won’t stick the landing when it’s already stuck many landings over the course of its run. A cherry on top isn’t a dealbreaker.

    For evidence, Return of the Jedi didn’t exactly stick the landing but we’re still talking about SW 40 years plus on.

  33. palmtree says:

    “It’s more popular to state you have never seen GoT, then watching it.”

    I’ve witnessed this phenomenon occur when something is really popular that someone gains some sort of contrarian coolness by declaring they are unstained by the show’s popularity. People have told me they have never seen Star Wars or LOTR with the same kind of attitude. Doesn’t reflect how unpopular the show is. On the contrary, it would need to be super popular for them to think not watching it makes them special.

    “Palm, what ages?”

    The one we’re currently living in. Probably the one immediately following too. It’s kinda transcendent right now, crossing over into many people who normally aren’t fans of fantasy or action.

  34. Js Partisan says:

    No, it totally stuck the landing, and people like me have been dealing with people like you, for 36 fucking years :D!

    And I meant about the whole confusion thing.

  35. Sideshow Bill says:

    GOT is not going to satisfy every fan but I have faith it will end properly and memorably. I love it so and I’m in nerd-geek terror over who’s gonna buy it Thursday night in Avengers and Sunday on GOT.

    I’m happy that I’m this excited over this stuff. I’m 48, jaded, damaged, health problems but I can still get excited for superheroes and dragons. We’ll see what happens but I’m at a place in my life where I choose joy over endless bitching. I tune it out.

    Glass didn’t really work for me either. Some good ideas, Macavoy is fantastic, but the midsection dragggggggggged and it was over-plotted. It didn’t need to be reaching so hard. The opening 20 minutes is what the film should have been, to me. A superhero procedural. But MNS is a peculiar guy and just overbakes things too often. He fails a lot but I’m glad he’s around. A true self-absorbed weirdo.

  36. Amblinman says:

    @JS I reread my comment, sorry not sorry. I wasn’t thinking of anyone specifically but if you think I’m taking about you when you read that, then who am I to argue? 😉

    For most of its run I thought GOT was “Hostel” for people who read books. Then I got into it two seasons ago and now I’m rabid for the ending. Perfect way to watch if at all. (I still don’t recall anyone’s name so I’m happy that the “period speak’ (whatever) requires people to use first and last names constantly when addressing each other. “Now listen here Benjamin Fruitgobbler, I will not have your dragon pooping in my yard!)

  37. Amblinman says:

     “The opening 20 minutes is what the film should have been, to me. A superhero procedural.”

    Yes yes yes. It’s so funny to me that in Shymalan’s doesn’t realize he took something special and made it pedestrian by opening the mythology.

    Also: homie: you don’t have the budget for “cinematic universe”. There’s apparently only 8 people that live in Philadelphia at any given time.

  38. Hcat says:

    “I thought GOT was “Hostel” for people who read books”

    I always described it as Conan the Barbarian meets Dynasty, I could never believe people spoke of it in the same sentence as Mad Men or Sopranos. No problem with people loving it but cerebral it ain’t.

    JS, if your brother is a purist as far as the canon I would think X-Men would be the most frustrating thing of all. They can’t seem to keep it together from film to film, and even I can see where they diverge from the comics. And I agree with you about remembrance vs. ratings but what I was trying to say was that Lost was already seen as a flash in the pan with fans who had left years prior to the finale (I seem to remember the same thing happen with Battlestar Gallactica where each episode was like 7% weaker with each passing one). GOT fans are still all in, Lost’s weren’t around to see if they stuck the landing.

    and for a non sequitur, they could have called it Fast Times at the El Royale, but boy that would have been false advertising.

  39. amblinman says:

    “I always described it as Conan the Barbarian meets Dynasty, I could never believe people spoke of it in the same sentence as Mad Men or Sopranos. No problem with people loving it but cerebral it ain’t.”

    Well…aren’t the best series always just really good versions of soap operas? But yes, I totally get what you’re saying. I am insanely biased towards Sopranos, it’s my Achilles heel so I never bother arguing with people over it because…I dunno. Don’t feel the need. It means what it means, and I don’t require a single other individual to see it my way.

    Okay, that was rambling but back to your point: I would never characterize the series as “high minded”. It’s not saying anything new about war, which is why I found most of it’s running time to be unnecessarily gross early on. A little girl is burned alive for the audience to hear every cry and scream. to what purpose? It didn’t lend the moment more drama. It was just ugly for the sake of ugliness. I sincerely thought Martin was a sadist, and to an extent still do. But…dragons. That’s kinda where I’m at on the show as of two seasons ago. Dragons. Less burning-little-girls-at-the-stake, more dragons-burning-big-dudes-holding-swords.

  40. Stella's Boy says:

    I like GoT enough to keep watching, and there have certainly been many great episodes over the years. But I don’t love it and don’t strongly disagree with criticisms of it. Announcing the end when they did probably kept me watching. I figured OK might as well finish the series then. Now that I am watching it again I realize that I didn’t really miss it while it was gone. I’ve never felt the connection some feel as evidenced by people who share how they cried or cheered or what have you during an episode, but some of it has been stirring and engaging. I don’t know writing about it I realize that of all the shows I watch it’s probably my least favorite, yet I still watch.

  41. amblinman says:

    @Stella: I think you described where I’m at perfectly too with GOT. I watch it because I’m interested, but I get get actively, legitimately EXCITED for a new episode of Better Call Saul, in example.

    (To everyone here: if you’re not watching Saul, you are sleeping on one of the best written dramas I’ve ever seen in my life. And Michael Mckean is a revelation.)

  42. Stella's Boy says:

    Exactly. And Better Call Saul is a perfect example. A masterpiece and > Breaking Bad.

  43. Dr Wally Rises says:

    All downhill ever since Tywin bought it on the shitter. The first series is a masterpiece, but GoT is the best example since MASH of its quality and popularity moving inversely to one another. I like B&W a lot, but let’s be honest, they’ve been vamping ever since they ran out of the road that George paved for them.

  44. amblinman says:

    “and Better Call Saul is a perfect example. A masterpiece and > Breaking Bad.”

    Yeah…I’m there. I almost found myself groaning in the first couple of seasons when teh BB universe would “intrude” on the main arc at the time. Almost. The writing is so good, I stopped groaning about it after awhile. Although time to hit the accelarator a bit. Jonathan Banks ain’t Benjamin Button.

  45. Hcat says:

    To be fair, the removal of Charles Dance would create a vacuum in any show.

  46. Pete B. says:

    ” And Better Call Saul is a perfect example. A masterpiece and > Breaking Bad.”

    Whoa. Pump the brakes there. With all this talk of will GoT stick the landing, Breaking Bad not only stuck the landing, it took a victory lap and high-fived the audience. It was almost comical that BB was ending the same time as Dexter, and for every right move BB made, Dexter made two wrong ones culminating with Sad Lumberjack.

    Different strokes for different folks and all, but I bailed on Better Call Saul midway through this season due to it’s glacial pace. The show is called Better Call Saul and not Gimme More Jimmy. Less McGill, more Goodman please. And now no new shows til 2020?

  47. Bulldog68 says:

    You didn’t answer my question JS. What DC films do you like better than Marvel films? And let’s not go all the way back to prior to the two new universes. Let’s just stick to post Iron Man 2008.

  48. Stella's Boy says:

    I strongly disagree with that Pete. I think Breaking Bad is extremely overrated and I found the ending to be really weak. I groaned throughout most of the last episode. Better Call Saul is a much better show. Different strokes indeed.

  49. Amblinman says:

    Critics screenings today for Endgame. Bud who attended one:

    -Not as good as IW
    -Running time hurts
    -one of the big set pieces is insane and insanely fun
    -Mostly sticks the landing.

    Okay. Let’s do this.

  50. palmtree says:

    JS, yub nub!

    I saw the pilot of Better Call Saul and didn’t go further with it than that. But maybe I have to go back now.

    The way people are describing Saul feels like the way people describe Godfather II as being > Godfather I. Which I agree with except it’s only because Godfather was so good, that II had great material to build off of and didn’t have to build the world from scratch. That’s a major advantage storytelling-wise. So I think overall, it’s still Godfather I (and I’m guess, Breaking Bad) for the win.

  51. Stella's Boy says:

    You should definitely go back to Better Call Saul. I actually don’t even think it’s close in terms of which show is better. BB is fine but BCS is brilliant and in a league of its own.

  52. Sideshow Bill says:

    Everything doesn’t have to work perfectly for something to still be memorable. Breaking Bad had problems and finale was a bit too neat but I had a hell of a lot of fun watching it all. I don’t expect GOT to be perfect but I’m betting I enjoy it and it’s a memorable ending. If not I’ll admit it. But you can still love something that is not perfect. HALLOWEEN is a really stupid movie when you break it down. But it’s my all-time favorite because of what it did to me as a whole. I’m not saying anything new here but sometimes we forget that when faced with expectations.

  53. Hcat says:

    I love Godfather Part 2, but the thing that makes the first better is that Michael has no arc in the second. He lost his soul closing the door on Kay in the first. The second didn’t have entirely much more to say.

  54. Js partisan says:

    Yeah it did. It showed you, in vivid detail, what happens to a man, when he loses his soul. It’s juxtaposed against his father, who always maintained his soul, because he did it all for family. Its the weird thing, where the Don lost his family to evil, so being the Don never truly corrupted him. While he gave Michael everything, and the moment he gets power? It essentially destroys what little good is inside of him. Godfather 2 is fucking awesome, and Godfather 3 just expands on it, in a terribly hamfisted way.

  55. Stella's Boy says:

    Paid $5 to watch Hellboy last night. Got about $1.50 worth of entertainment. I love Neil Marshall and I hoped that it would be one of those movies that critics didn’t like but genre fans found fun. But it’s just plain awful. Every joke falls flat and it’s painfully unfunny. Two hours feels like three and the middle is shockingly dull. I almost dozed off. Harbour is no Perlman. The villain is boring. The CGI is pretty bad. And except for about five minutes it isn’t any fun. They keep showing you the aftermath of a bloodbath. It gets old. Show me the damn bloodbath. The first few minutes are amusingly dumb and the last few is fun when the creature rips people apart in the streets of London. But 110 of the 120 minutes are just plain terrible. Deserved to bomb.

  56. amblinman says:

    What the fuck am I looking at with Gemini Man? Did Lee purposely uncanny valley the shit out of “young” Smith?

  57. Stella's Boy says:

    Gemini Man looks like one of the best action movies of 2002.

  58. amblinman says:

    @Stella: BWAHAHAA…but fuck, what is THAT? It was one of the most bizarre trailers I’ve seen in forever.

    Speaking of which: Brian De Palma’s Domino. I stumbled across this trailer, and got super excited for a heartbeat. What if…what IF…the old man has one more in him? The cast even looked relatively promising, and not completely DTVish.

    But nope. The whole exercise looks like it cost ten bucks to film, and everyone just looks embarrassed. Like they were doing this to humor an old, senile relative rather than just saying no.

  59. Stella's Boy says:

    Oh I completely agree. It’s an incredibly bizarre trailer. I also had a WTF feeling while watching it. And not bizarre in a way that makes me interested in seeing it.

  60. Js Partisan says:

    Gemini Man needs a lot more FX work, but SB really fucking nailed it. This movie would have been the shit… 17 fucking years ago!

  61. Bulldog68 says:

    I was underwhelmed at Gemini Man as well. When I read a blurb about this a few weeks ago this was definitely not what I was expecting. And from Ang Lee, I expected more, at least something with a bit more to say and a lot more in the visual department.

  62. Js partisan says:

    300m domestic and a BILLION DOLLAR OPENING WEEKEND! If Endgame is even close to that? Titanic is in trouble, and Avatar is going to be sweating, and hoping Detective Pikachu takes a dent out of it. Seriously. This sort of shit, is fucking insane, and fun.

  63. Stella's Boy says:

    It is insane. The major chain where I live said it will be on at least 60%-80% of the screens in all their local theaters. They just added a 7am and 1am for the weekend, and might add more. And I know many AMCs will be open 24 hours. We’ve got one AMC here. Glad I don’t work at a movie theater. I’ll be happily watching movies at home this weekend.

  64. Hcat says:

    Gemini looks more David Twory than Ang Lee. And it has been bouncing around different stages of development since 97 so the old time feel makes a little sense. I believe at one time this was going to be Ford’s followup to Air Force One.

  65. palmtree says:

    Between Gemini and Aladdin, Smith is clearly vying to be the King of the Uncanny Valley.

  66. leahnz says:

    darn it i’m a sheep and y’all caused me to view the ‘gemini man’ trailer

    “The major chain where I live said it will be on at least 60%-80% of the screens in all their local theaters.”

    a) just admit it’s at least 80 b) this sucks

    some things suck; some are unconscionable

  67. Js partisan says:

    Yeah. It doesn’t suck. The theaters are responding to demand, and demand that’s… GOOD FOR THE FUCKING MOVIE BUSINESS! It shows, that in 2019, that people can still give a damn. That’s a good damn thing. The poo pooing by any of you, about this unrivaled event in the history of film, is what makes this blog freaking weird. “Yay movies, but only the ‘right’ movies.” Bullshit.

  68. Bulldog68 says:

    I didn’t get an answer to my question JS? That’s ok. You’re Marvel through and through. Have fun on what should be an epic weekend for the box office, and for Marvel fans everywhere.

  69. Js partisan says:

    Uh …. Bd. I answered your question up on April 22nd. Again, the DC characters mean a lot to me, but they aren’t always written as well as Marvel. The best DC stories, are when they become more human. The worst Marvel stories, are where they become gods.

    Oh yeah. HC, my bro doesn’t care about the movies. He’s hardcore book nerd about the X-men comics, and it’s just so anathema to me. It’s his fandom, so that’s just how it is.

  70. Stella's Boy says:

    Of course you feel that way JS. You unabashedly love the MCU. On the one hand, I get what you’re saying. It’s an undeniably remarkable achievement. Getting this many people excited about these movies and the incredible box office and the widespread adoration from young and old. I don’t have to be a fan to acknowledge how impressive it is. But is it really unequivocally good for movies that Endgame will be on 80% of the screens at theaters this weekend? Can you really not understand how not every movie lover is thrilled by that? Maybe your feelings about the MCU make it hard for you to see other viewpoints on it. Like you’re too close to it.

  71. amblinman says:

    New Godzilla trailer is so goddamn awesome. Equal parts acknowledgement of how dumb the whole enterprise is with plenty of “But my dude, GIANT FUCKING MONSTERS!”.

    Godzilla > everything else this summer*.

    *Blockbuster edition.

  72. Stella's Boy says:

    I wholeheartedly agree amblinman. So excited.

  73. leahnz says:

    i’m not pussy-footing around this marvel shit for weeks on end, because why.
    my comment that ‘the end’ monopolizing pretty much every screen sucks kumara wasn’t just about movie-goers – though the lack of choice/range of options is pathetic and also it’s like, oh my gosh huge shocker that this movie that’s taking up every screen all day every day has made a kazillion dollars! but rather about cinema as pop art and the industry as a whole, like the NON-MARVEL industry. there’s zero credible argument for ‘endgame’ literally monopolizing all the screens and freezing out other options to make a kazillion dollars being good for the health of the industry *outside of marvel*. the fact is, this insane tilt towards fewer movies and more limited choice/range to the benefit of a limited number of select ‘blockbusters’ is a detriment to movies as art, this has been clear for a while.

    ETA in other news, the photo on the MCN twitter feed of shirley maclaine’s hand on joe leydon’s ass is funny

  74. amblinman says:

    …and what’s funniest: Disney is obviously envisioning a future in which they don’t even need theatrical.

  75. Js partisan says:

    SB, not every movie lover lives in America, and streaming exists. There’s countless films to watch this weekend. I just look at the box office last week, then will look at it this weekend. If that sort of exponential growth is bad for an industry that craves it. Well. Sorry, but the theaters needs events more than small films, that most people see on streaming anyway. It’s like some of you live I places, that get all these movies, when most of the people in the country… don’t. Hell. My indie theater is showing Endgame, a lot, and it will probably be the best weekend the theater had since Infinity War.

    What I find funny, is that you folks seems to live in a world. Where this isn’t the standard thing that happens, because it always happened in my area. It’s like The Last Crusade, and how it played on six of the eight screen at my theater as a kid, and it wasn’t the only film that got that treatment.

    Again, again, and again. You lot have doubted Marvel Studios since week one, and it’s all about something YOU DONT LIKE getting some shine. If some horror movie you loved, Sb, was getting this sorta dap. You’d be over the moon, but this is something you don’t like it… so I’m too much into it, like hundreds of millions of people on earth. That’s balderdash, because it’s not like this is going to happen for a month. It’s roughly two weeks. Let the distributors have some fun.

    Godzilla is going to suck. Come on. It’s going to blow, and when it blows? I hope the monster fights are good, because they looked really unfinished in that trailer. I do love that men in suits, can fight in the broadest of daylights, but in this 200m plus costing movie. Damn near everything has am shitty smearing filter over. It’s one of the reasons I love Kong.HE FIGHTS DURING THE DAY!

  76. Stella's Boy says:

    Yes there are many other movies available to watch and I will be watching some.

    This has not always been the case where I live. At the multiplexes here it has not always been one movie on half or more of the screens. And I said what the MCU has accomplished is undeniably impressive. It is enormously financially successful and beloved by many. I am not sneering at that or dismissing it. But I do wonder if you are unable to understand why not everyone is as thrilled as you are. Isn’t that as legitimate of a view as yours?

    I also don’t care that it gets attention. I can mostly tune it out. And it’s expected at this point for obvious reasons. Horror gets love like this from time to time. Not on the same level of course, but It and Us and others get a lot of media love. And I don’t really like it. It’s a bunch of misguided think pieces all stating crap like “wow horror is good now!” or “horror hot at the box office again!” Often written by people with little to no knowledge of the genre.

    Godzilla is going to be awesome. Best blockbuster of the summer.

  77. Bulldog68 says:

    No JS, you did not answer my specific question of liking any DC movie more than a Marvel movie. You keep speaking around it and not answering it directly. My question came from your response re liking Captain Marvel more than Wonder Woman.

    So once again, if you choose to answer my direct question, is there any DC movie you like more than any Marvel movie, post Iron Man? The answer would have to be either no, or yes, I liked Wonder Woman more than Thor: The Dark World.

    Either answer is fine, I just want an answer to my question.

  78. Sideshow Bill says:

    Godzilla will be epic. I have faith in Mike Dougherty. Trick or Treat and Krampus are wonderful films that I love. I’m happy they gave him a $200 million sandbox.

    I’m not getting in on this MCU fight. I don’t fucking care. Superhero movies make up a small percentage of releases. This misconception is really baffling to me. They just get a lot of attention. But it tails off. There is and will be plenty of alternatives. There are tons of non-tentpole movies I am thrilled about. But I’m also excited for tonight. Maybe this makes me wishy washy but whatever. I’m just going to enjoy.

  79. Stella's Boy says:

    Didn’t you just get into the fight though? I don’t think anyone suggested that only superhero movies are being released or that superhero movies don’t deserve a lot of attention. I’m not saying that. There are obviously many other movies and success & adulation lead to copious coverage. No surprise there. Whether or not a single movie being on 80% of the screens in a theater is something to celebrate is a different matter. It shouldn’t be surprising or upsetting that not everyone is thrilled with that. And hey love what you love man. Nothing wrong with that.

  80. Js partisan says:

    it shouldn’t be surprising, that the people who aren’t into the 80 percent of the screens being used. Seem to have a problem with the film using those screens, and it’s only happening for two weeks. Two weeks, but the sky is fucking falling. Two weeks, and it’s not like Marvel Studios and Disney are doing what they did with the Star Wars films. Which was a lot worse than this. A lot.

    Bd, I answered your question, and gave you some really nice prose. DC has its own wing. Did you see Batman 1989 at midnight? I did. Same with Returns, and the rest. Seriously, it’s DC, but I’m still Marvel. I didn’t want a Justice League movie as a kid. I wanted the Avengers. Seriously. They are different things in my head, but I will tell you this much. I got really excited to find the silver tinned Superman collection at goodwill. It was good find.

  81. Stella's Boy says:

    Sigh. I don’t think the sky is falling. Cripes. Just having a conversation here cause it’s fun to talk about this stuff.

  82. Bulldog68 says:

    JS, I’ll take your prose filled none answer as a no then. You should get into politics.

  83. Bulldog68 says:

    Finally saw If Beale Street Could Talk. What a beautiful, well crafted, well acted, important without being self important film. The studio totally missed the boat on getting behind this movie. I was caught up in the love between the two main characters. Caught up in their sense of family. Caught up in their neighbourhood, their struggles and their hope and despair. Loved it.

  84. Hcat says:

    I don’t know, he explained they are two entirely different things. You’re asking him to make a comparison between Cara Caras and Clementines.

    The 80% is not just about this film, I think it would be bad whether it was a Star Wars or a Jurassic Park or The Dead Don’t Die, but the whole reason theaters have the space to do this is everyone else abandoned ship as soon as the release date was set. Disney dominates because no other studio is stepping up. There is a massive gulf (3 hundred million) between what the top three and the bottom three majors have earned so far this year. And the gap is unlikely to close much for the next few months. Only having three majors does not make for a healthy industry.

  85. Dr Wally Rises says:

    “It’s like The Last Crusade, and how it played on six of the eight screen at my theater as a kid, and it wasn’t the only film that got that treatment.”

    Funny that, because the same Summer of The Last Crusade and Batman also saw When Harry Met Sally, Dead Poets Society, Do The Right Thing, Field of Dreams etc. all become big hits in the midst of record-breaking blockbusters. That was the Hollywood ecosystem working properly, wherein the rising tide represented by the blockbusters lifted all ships. Quality, variety, and choice. This would never happen now. Can you honestly say that any studio drama this Summer is going to get more theatrical eyeballs because of Endgame? If anything, it’ll be the opposite.

    I’ve said it before, but Disney’s monopoly is hurting everyone, even themselves (as we brace for Aladdin to be their fourth or fifth consecutive Memorial Day fizzle).

  86. Js partisan says:

    Poppycock. The movie ecosystem only worked like that, thirty years ago, because it was 30 YEARS AGO! There was hardly any internet, any choice, so they could make those movies. I love damn near all of those films, but choice changes things. Want the past all you want, but let’s not act like things aren’t different. Oh yeah. Let’s count minorities and female leads in those movies: the Spike Lee movie. Field of Dreams is so fucking white, that the fucking filmmakers were so caught up in that privilege. They forgot to put African-American players in the movie. Good job, Phil.

    HC, I’m not bullshitting him. I’ve always felt this way, because it’s like Star Wars and Star Trek. I don’t really judge them against each other. It’s my mind, so it’s not like there’s a fucking tournament in there. Also, nice post, and the lack of stepping up varies. Universal, doesn’t need to step up, because foreign bails them out. Warners’ is trying, but let’s just call a spade a spade. We have six majors… Disney, Universal, Warners, Lionsgate, Amazon, and Netflix. Not all of them want to appease distributors, and thus the problem.

    And SB, it is fun, but you think it’s terrible, and let’s not act like you all haven’t been giving me shit for 11 years, for loving the most popular movie franchise on earth. Hard to have fun, when you casting aspersions.

  87. Bulldog68 says:

    Hcat, I asked the question because he volunteered the comparison on April 21st, “Yeah… no. Captain Marvel tops WW, for two reasons: Brie Larson and the joy of the Skrulls. Seriously. WW is a great movie, because of Gal and Pine, but the rest of it is really just sorta.”

    He opened the door. It was easy for him to state that he thought a Marvel movie was better than a DC movie without all the prose and meandering. I was just wondering whether he could do the opposite as easily. I already have my answer though.

    To be clear, he’s entitled to his opinion. In most film lovers eyes, and the court of public opinion, WW is such a superior movie to most in that genre. Granted you don’t have to agree with popular opinion, as many times I don’t, but the fact that JS can’t bring himself to say that of the 21 MCEU and 7 DCEU movies that not one DCEU movie could rank hire in his mind than one MCEU movie says a lot. You don’t have to pretzel your way with prose to answer a simple question. It’s either yes or no. And if yes, which DC is better than which Marvel.

  88. Stella's Boy says:

    I have not and am not giving you shit for loving the MCU. All I have ever done is share my opinions about the MCU movies I’ve seen. If anything I have been on the receiving end of aspersions cast for not liking the MCU.

  89. Js partisan says:

    I tease you for hating them, but you’re a horror guy. I get it, but if I confused you with others. I apologize, but MCU antagonism towards me is a thing. It’s a thing, that I’ve always found freaking puzzling. Nevertheless, this is an event, and events get special dispensation.

    Endgame aside, that Catch 22 trailer looks fun.

  90. palmtree says:

    Field of Dreams had James Earl Jones in a great role. Yes, not the most diverse cast ever, but still, you have to give them that.

    I think it’s fine Endgame is on 80 percent of screens. It has earned that place over a decade of beloved filmmaking. We are losing sight that even if the MCU is a wholly corporate money-driven creation, the results of it are perhaps the most successful filmmaking experiment in history. They aren’t great films per se, but over the course of 22 films, they are a great universe.

  91. Bulldog68 says:

    If Captain Marvel keeps up these numbers, (she just missed being #1 on Wednesday by $50k according to Mojo) she could possibly be the #2 movie this weekend, surpassing both Shazam and La Llorona and the MCEU will have that 1-2 punch. Gotta say, it’ll be a hell of way to go out.

  92. Stella's Boy says:

    Not great films but a great universe. That’s interesting. Do you see it as being more akin to television because of the serialized storytelling? I think I read something once about how watching them all is sort of like watching television. I never thought of it that way because I haven’t seen them all but it’s an intriguing idea.

  93. Hcat says:

    So of those 20% of free screens, half of those will be Captain Marvel and Shazam.

    I think having one black cast member in a film set in Iowa probably reflects that states demographics quite accurately.

    Bulldog, that was actually meant to be snarky towards JS and not you in that he was unable to make an oranges and oranges comparison.

    Stella, I can see how it is almost like watching television, down to the stay tuned for scenes from next weeks episode. It reminds me of when I was finally watching those Hobbit films, they are paced so that there is a legitimate stopping point about every hour. They could easily be chopped up into installments and played as a season.

  94. Bulldog68 says:

    The thing is that most people who want to see more serious fare are now probably in the habit of avoiding the cineplexes when a big movie comes out because they just want to avoid all the fucking people, so in a way, the coast is cleared for big movies to dominate.

    It’ll be interesting to know what % of movie tickets are bought online vs at the ticket booth. Here in Canada, anecdotally, hardly anyone among my group of friends go to a movie without buying the ticket online first. So crowds aren’t really an issue, especially for VIP and most screens where you get to pick your seats upon purchase. The VIP is sweet. All 19+ screens, and waiter service to your seat prior to the movie, including wine, beer, cocktails, and a pub style menu. I love that shit. Did I mention no kids.

  95. Js partisan says:

    HC, but those are fucking different, and do you guys just rate everything in your head? I’ve never put DC and Marvel in direct competition. Sure, I want Captain Marvel to out gross Aquaman, because I like Carol more. Doesn’t mean DC making their films, in anyway, is a negative. Seriously. Star Wars isn’t better than Star Trek. DC isn’t better than Marvel, it’s just different. It’s like NASCAR and Formula 1. HC can state he was snarky, but clementines are just different,

  96. Hcat says:

    I can appreciate where you are coming from, but they are all movies. We are not even talking about something as different as Classical, Heavy Metal or Country Music. Hell they hit many of the same plot beats in the Superman and Spider-Man trilogies (origin, quits and comes back, battles evil version of self). I can see having trouble trying to definitively rank All About Eve and Patton but the capes?

    “Doesn’t mean DC making their films, in anyway, is a negative.”

    See, we can disagree amiably.

  97. Sideshow Bill says:

    Stella….yea, I guess I did. And I guess I fall on the “no big deal” side because I’ve never put an MCU movie in my yearly top 10 I don’t think (first Avengers and Ragnarok, maybe). After tonight my focus will be on Hagazussa, I Trapped The Devil, hopefully High Life. I think one thing that separates me from a lot of you is I don’t mind watch a lot of movies at home. I go out for the big stuff. Would it be co if High Life or Hagazussa got 1500 screens? Or that A24 trusted Silver Lake more? Of course. But it’s not where we’re at. It’s unfortunate but at those films can be seen I’ve way or the other. That’s my take.

    I kinda see what JS is saying about DC v. Marvel. There is something different about each. I can’t put my finger on it. But it’s why Justice League failed (partly). Batman doesn’t fit into the tone of the Marvel universe somehow.

  98. Js Partisan says:

    Bill, hope you’re still feeling better, and exactly.

    HC, Shazam is a fun movie. Come on.

  99. Stella's Boy says:

    Oh I also watch a lot of movies at home and don’t mind it at all. I’m looking forward to the ones you mentioned and also Body at Brighton Rock. Hope to watch one or two of them this weekend.

  100. Sideshow Bill says:

    Thank you JS. I’m better. Back to work but being easy on myself.

    Stella, I’m really looking forward to The Ranger next month on Shudder.

  101. Stella's Boy says:

    Same here Bill. That one’s been on my radar for a while and Shudder is killing it. Also pumped for Tigers are not Afraid. And Friday nights with Joe Bob have been a total blast.

  102. Bulldog68 says:

    Because no one asked:
    1 Avengers
    2 GotG
    3 Iron Man
    4 Black Panther
    5 Thor Ragnarok
    6 Avengers: Infinity War
    7 Captain America: Civil War
    8 Captain America: The First Avenger
    9 GotG2
    10 Avengers: Age of Ultron
    11 Dr Strange
    12 Ant-Man
    13 Iron Man 3
    14 Spiderman Homecoming
    15 Ant-Man and the Wasp
    16 Thor
    17 Captain America: Winter Soldier
    18 Captain Marvel
    19 Iron Man 2
    20 Thor: Dark World
    21 The Incredible Hulk

  103. Amblinman says:

    Oh…Bulldog. Why…why would you do that?

    Movie was good. A teeny bit too much fan service and Meta jokiness. Whatevs. Lots of fun.

  104. Bulldog68 says:

    Because professional therapy is expensive Amblinman.

  105. palmtree says:

    SB, I think it’s weird to call it TV. I mean, just having filmed entertainment serialized doesn’t necessarily make it TV. Great Expectations was written serially, but it’s still a novel, right? The MCU is a collection of movies that all add up to a coherent movie narrative. I’m not particularly religious, but it’s maybe like having many “books” in the Bible, but the whole Bible is still also a book.

  106. JS Partisan says:

    Just to drive BD crazier… I don’t lump the Avengers movies in, with the regular MCU movies. They are just… their own… thing.

    There’s more in the spoilers, but this is there is to state: 20 years ago, I thought that I experienced cinema spectacle. The same goes with everything that’s come, and I may be kicking a dead horse for some of you, but it hit me while tweeting are former leader. Endgame is the type of spectacle, that Cameron hoped he created with Avatar. It’s the grandest cinematic achievement ever made.

    I’m not going on about it being good or bad, but me and the two punk rock lesbian ladies sitting next to me in the theater, thought it was pretty damn fucking good. I am talking about spectacle, and about fully utilizing everything in one’s power, to put that on the screen. It is incredible, I feel really bad for the Game of Thrones people, and I hope someone tries to top it one day. That would be cool to see.

    And on a pure BOX OFFICE LEVEL: I hope it makes 3bn dollars, because it fucking earned… if it does.

  107. Amblinman says:

    “two punk rock lesbians sitting next to me.”


  108. Pete B. says:

    Bulldog started this, and mine will probably change once I see Endgame today, but…

    1.) GotG
    2) Captain America: The First Avenger
    3.) Iron Man
    4.) Thor: Ragnarok
    5.) Dr Strange
    6.) Spiderman: Homecoming
    7.) Avengers: Infinity War
    8.) GotG2
    9.) Thor
    10.) Captain Marvel
    11.) Black Panther
    12.) Captain America: Winter Soldier
    13.) Avengers: Age of Ultron
    14.) Captain America: Civil War
    15.) Ant-Man and the Wasp
    16.) Avengers
    17.) Iron Man 2
    18.) Thor: Dark World
    19.) Ant-Man
    20.) Iron Man 3
    21.) The Incredible Hulk

    And to be fair…

    {Theatrical versions}
    1.) Man of Steel
    2.) Aquaman
    3.) Wonder Woman
    4.) SHAZAM!
    5.) Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice
    6.) Suicide Squad
    7.) Justice League

    The line is for demarcation as I think GotG rates that highly above the other Marvels, while Justice League deserves a special dungeon far below even SS.

  109. Js partisan says:

    Man, they are, and they were lovely.

  110. leahnz says:

    by exec order, US military (with no SECDEF) now charged with security clearance background checks.

    dumb corleone/barr openly ordering aides/fed employees to ignore congressional subpoenas, not show up to oversight hearings. open defiance of the rule of law.

    SCOTUS preparing to allow frumpolini to defy constitution and alter census.

    pentagon prepares to expand military’s role at southern border, loosen rules against troop interaction with migrants (elimination of Posse Comitatus will be next, wherein it’s against the law for the armed forces to be used to uphold domestic laws)

    confirmed russian intrusion into 2016 county election apparatus in Fla (crucially, counties tally pres election votes), US voting apparatus and elections not secure — and rather than fixing the problem, machines on which forensic audits CAN NOT be performed are being purchased for swing states and beyond, see: j cohn does an excellent comprehensive and ongoing analysis of this critical subject. the absurd ‘no evidence votes were changed’ mantra is meaningless given NOT A SINGLE FORENSIC AUDIT was performed, and sophisticated malware can be designed to leave no trace. experts barracked for forensic audits after numerous bizarre 2016 vote tally results, ignored by this faux installed administration. if you don’t investigate you will absolutely positively not find evidence, funny that.

    y’all are in a coup. endgame indeed. maybe rage against the dying of the light (or not. but you fuckers are gonna take us all down in your grand nose dive into authoritarianism wrapped in a flag with a bible, so get your thumbs out of your asses and demand better, even if it’s too late)

  111. Bulldog68 says:

    It’s like Trump snapped his fingers and half of America’s morality and common sense disappeared. The question is how do we unfuck America.

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