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Golden Globe Nominee Reactions

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

The best reaction, was the first reaction … “”Best Motion Picture, Drama … Rampart opens January 27, but I don’t see it on the list here. There’s a lot of things left off the list here, I just wanna say …” – Woody Harrelson, reading the list of nominees for Best Motion Picture, Drama – which did not include Rampart.

“I’m so proud of all my girls. We were the little movie that could. Everybody poured their hearts and souls into this movie.” — Pamela McClintock on the nominations for The Help

“I wasn’t expecting this at all. The first nomination was massive, but two years in a row is colossal!! Wow. I can’t wait to swap ‘How surprised were you?’ stories with Ricky Gervais. Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press and go Luther!!” – Idris Elba, nominated for Luther

“They said I was crazy to take on making a black and white, silent movie, but I had a feeling THE ARTIST could be something special, something magical.   I’m so thankful that audiences are taking a chance and embracing it with a spirit of adventure and love of cinema.  And today we are grateful for the incredible honors we received from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association.” – Thomas Langman, producer of The Artist

 “It’s a thrill to share this honor with Steve Zaillian and have Moneyball nominated alongside these four fantastic screenplays. I hope people really are judged by the company they keep.” – Aaron Sorkin, co-writer of Moneyball

“I was very pleased with and proud of the movie before this happened, but it’s obviously really nice when anyone recognizes what you’ve done. Believe me, I’ve done stuff that people hate, so whenever that doesn’t happen, I’m … psyched.” – Seth Rogan on the nomination for 50/50

“I’m thrilled to be included in this beautiful group of actors and actresses. I’m very proud of our movie and look forward to seeing everyone at the party in January.” – Meryl Streep on her nomination for The Iron Lady

“The fact that people like it and it’s getting these nominations, it’s like … like, cake and ice cream” – Zooey Deschanel on her nomination for New Girl

“I’m thrilled not only for myself and the entire Downton Abbey cast, but also for my 2 husbands — Hugh Bonneville, my tv husband and Simon Curtis, my real-life husband who directed “My Week With Marilyn.” We all look forward to putting on our glad rags for the awards.” – Elizabeth McGovern, nominated for Downton Abbey

“Since I am working in Luxembourg today, how appropriate to be nominated by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association!  How exciting this all is!  And how many times can I say how happy I am to be sharing this wonderful journey with Glenn.” – Janet McTeer on her Globes nomination  

“I’m very touched by the HFPA’s recognition of The Descendants among so many other fine films this year, and I’m particularly gratified by theinclusion of Shailene Woodley along with George Clooney for acting honors. I’m looking forward to the Golden Globes dinner and hope they provide a low-sodium option.” – Alexander Payne on nominations for The Descendants

“Of course, if you want to nominate anyone, and escape with your life, then you’d better first nominate the Pope.” – Jeremy Irons, nominated for The Borgias

“To be recognised for portraying one of the greatest actors of our time is truly an honour, and I am incredibly thankful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for their continued support of our film. Working alongside Michelle was an extremely rewarding experience, and I’m thrilled that both she and our excellent team of filmmakers have also been recognised for their incredible work. I feel very blessed to be nominated for a role that is so close to my heart.” – Kenneth Branagh on his nomination for My Week with Marilyn

“”What a great wake-up call for our entire cast and crew. We can’t wait for the ceremony. To quote the cat himself, Antonio Banderas, ‘Me-Wow!’ ”  – Chris Miller, nominated for Puss inBoots

“I am very happy with my Golden Globe nomination for my latest film ‘The Skin I Live In’.  The Hollywood Foreign Press Association has always been very generous with me and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. I’m competing with other foreign films that are so fabulous; I don’t mind being defeated by any of them. For me, the award will be being at the Beverly Hilton sharing dinner and mineral water with so many people I admire.”  –  Pedro Almodóvar on behalf of the nomination for The Skin I Live In

“It’s a great privilege and an honor for us to be nominated for a Golden Globe award by the HFPA. This movie is a love letter to Hollywood, and it’s an indescribable joy to receive this news. I feel lucky, proud and excited to be included alongside such brilliant movies. Thank you.”  – Michel Hazanavicius on his nomination for The Artist 

“A Golden Globe nomination is unbelievable!  I am so happy, and am very grateful to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, and to audiences across America, for their support of THE ARTIST.” – Berenice Bejo on her nomination for The Artist 

“It’s Gore (Verbinski) doing animation, Angie (Jolie) directing, and Marty (Scorsese) doing this kind of genre and in 3D,” he summed up. Just don’t ask him to choose a favorite or root for one more than the other. “I don’t have favorites,” he says. “I treat my children all the same.” – Graham King, producer of nominees Rango, Hugo and In the Land of Milk and Honey

“Making Hugo was an extraordinary experience for me. It gave me a chance to work in 3D, which I’ve wanted to do since I was young; it allowed me to make a child’s adventure, the type of picture that I loved when I was young; and it provided an occasion to pay tribute to one of the cinema’s greatest pioneers, Georges Méliès. Given the support they’ve provided to The Film Foundation in our efforts to restore many films over the years, the recognition of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this particular picture has a very special meaning for me.” – Martin Scorsese on his nomination for Hugo

 “I am grateful that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is honoring our film. This was a true collaboration and I am forever indebted to our cast and crew, who experienced their own personal tragedies in the Bosnian War and gave me an authentic  perspective into the conflict. This nomination is a tribute to the collective talent and passion of this extraordinary cast.” – Angelina Jolie on the nomination for In the Land of Milk and Honey

“I am absolutely delighted for myself and for everyone involved in ‘The Guard,’ especially writer/director John Michael Mc Donagh, who gave me the gift of Sergeant Gerry Boyle. I love that something so culturally specific can receive such prestigious international recognition. It renews the faith!” – Brendan Gleeson, nominated for The Guard

And the Golden Globe Noms Are … Yawnnnn

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

So, the Golden Globe noms were announced this morning, not that anyone particularly cares. Although I find it kind of funny that entertainment journalists actually get up at the asscrack of dawn to “report” on the urgent news that the HFPA nominated Johnny Depp twice and The Tourist for anything. If every journalist who works in Hollywood would stop pretending the Globes are important as anything other than the Hollywood ass-kissing fest they are, maybe they would go away. Or maybe not. Hollywood does love any excuse to play dress-up, I guess.