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It's Iffy Ideas Wednesday

Wednesday, October 8th, 1997

First up is Frosty, Warner Bros’ slowly melting live action/special effects project continues to send talent running for their rubbers. George Clooney passed on the opportunity to don the carrot and top hat. Next, John Travolta decided against becoming a three-balled hero. Then, Warner decided Independence Day star Bill Pullman wasn’t a big enough star to carry a $53 million movie. Now, director Sam Raimi has left. Anyone getting the hint?
From the “Not A Spec Of Sense” department is Metalheads, United Artists’ latest purchase for $600,000 against $1 million. UA is planning on making this a summer event film even though The Hollywood Reporter says the comedy’s about “two misfit robots from outer space… sent to Earth to battle a sinister virus designed to wipe out mankind.” Apparently, the studio wants to build on the last huge robot comedy, Andy Kaufman and Bernadette Peter‘s movie career swan song, Heartbeeps.
Paul Schrader meets James Ellroy in 8mm, the next film from writer Andrew Kevin Walker (Seven) and Batwrecker, Joel Schumacher. The film, about a detective who snoops a little too far into the snuff film business for his own good, follows in the “who can be meaner” streak of films currently represented by Kiss the Girls. Schumacher, whose work with the subject of sex consists of rubber Bat-nipples, Jason Patric‘s hair and Jim Carrey in a leotard, may be looking for scripts in all the wrong places. Pass.
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