By Ray Pride

43rd Telluride Fest Reveals Its Lineup

Telluride Film Festival, presented by the National Film Preserve, today announced its official program selections for the 43rd edition of the Telluride Film Festival. TFF’s annual celebration of artistic excellence brings together cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers and artists to discover the best in world cinema in the beautiful mountain town of Telluride, Colorado. TFF will screen over seventy feature films, short films and revival programs representing twenty-two countries, along with special artist Tributes, Conversations, Panels, Student Programs and Festivities. Telluride Film Festival takes place Friday, September 2 – Monday, September 5, 2016.

43rd Telluride Film Festival is proud to present the following new feature films to play in its main program:

  • ARRIVAL (d. Denis Villeneuve, U.S., 2016)
  • BLEED FOR THIS (d. Ben Younger, U.S., 2016)
  • CALIFORNIA TYPEWRITER (d. Doug Nichol, U.S., 2016)
  • CHASING TRANE (d. John Scheinfeld, U.S., 2016)
  • THE END OF EDEN (d. Angus Macqueen, U.K., 2016)
  • FINDING OSCAR (d. Ryan Suffern, U.S., 2016)
  • FIRE AT SEA (d. Gianfranco Rosi, Italy/France, 2016)
  • FRANTZ (d. François Ozon, France, 2016)
  • GENTLEMAN RISSIENT (d. Benoît Jacquot, Pascal Mérigeau, Guy Seligmann, France, 2016)
  • GRADUATION (d. Cristian Mungiu, Romania/France/Belgium, 2016)
  • INTO THE INFERNO (d. Werner Herzog, U.K./Austria, 2016)
  • THE IVORY GAME (d. Kief Davidson, Richard Ladkani, Austria/U.S., 2016)
  • LA LA LAND (d. Damien Chazelle, U.S., 2016)
  • LOST IN PARIS (d. Fiona Gordon, Dominique Abel, France/Belgium, 2016)
  • MANCHESTER BY THE SEA (d. Kenneth Lonergan, U.S., 2016)
  • MAUDIE (d. Aisling Walsh, Canada/Ireland, 2016)
  • MEN: A LOVE STORY (d. Mimi Chakarova, U.S., 2016)
  • MOONLIGHT (d. Barry Jenkins, U.S., 2016)
  • MY JOURNEY THROUGH FRENCH CINEMA (d. Bertrand Tavernier, France, 2016)
  • NERUDA (d. Pablo Larraín, Chile/Argentina/France/Spain, 2016)
  • SNAPSHOTS: EYES ON THE WORLD – three nonfiction short films including EXTREMIS (d. Dan Krauss, U.S., 2016); REFUGEE (d. Joyce Chen, Emily Moore, U.S., 2016); THE WHITE HELMETS (d. Orlando von Einsiedel, U.K., 2016)
  • SULLY (d. Clint Eastwood, U.S., 2016)
  • THINGS TO COME (d. Mia Hansen-Løve, France/Germany, 2016)
  • THROUGH THE WALL (d. Rama Burshtein, U.S./Israel, 2016)
  • TONI ERDMANN (d. Maren Ade, Germany/Austria, 2016)
  • UNA (d. Benedict Andrews, U.K./U.S./Canada, 2016)
  • WAKEFIELD (d. Robin Swicord, U.S., 2016)


The 2016 Silver Medallion Awards, given to recognize an artist’s significant contribution to the world of cinema, will be presented to Oscar and Golden Globe nominated actor Casey Affleck (TO DIE FOR, GOOD WILL HUNTING, OCEAN’S ELEVEN), starring in TFF selection MANCHESTER BY THE SEA; Oscar nominated, Golden Globe winning actress Amy Adams (CATCH ME IF YOU CAN, THE FIGHTER, AMERICAN HUSTLE) starring in TFF selection, ARRIVAL; and Chilean filmmaker Pablo Larraín (Oscar nominated NO, FUGA, POST MORTEM) debuting his latest film, NERUDA. Each program will include a selection of clips of the artist’s work, the presentation of the Silver Medallion, an on-stage interview and a screening of the aforementioned new film, shown in its entirety.


“The joy of putting together the festival program is dwarfed by the incredible enthusiasm both our audience and filmmaking guests experience over Labor Day weekend in Telluride,” said executive director Julie Huntsinger. “There is nothing quite like discovering the very best of cinema at almost 10,000 feet. There is nowhere else like it in the world. And the films of TFF 43 are as beautiful as the scenery. We are the luckiest people on earth for 3 1/2 days!”


Guest Director Volker Schlöndorff, who serves as a key collaborator in the Festival’s program, presents the following revival programs:

  • THE BAREFOOT CONTESSA (d. Joseph Mankiewicz, U.S., 1954)
  • THE FIRE WITHIN (d. Louis Malle, France, 1963)
  • I WAS NINETEEN (d. Konrad Wolf, East Germany, 1968)
  • IT WAS THE MONTH OF MAY (d. Marlen Khutsiev, U.S.S.R., 1970)
  • LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES (d. Jean-Pierre Melville, France, 1950)
  • SPIES (d. Fritz Lang, Germany, 1928)


Additional film revival programs include THE PAGNOL TRILOGY: MARIUS (d. Alexander Korda, France, 1931), FANNY (d. Marc Allégret, France, 1932), and CÉSAR (d. Marcel Pagnol, France, 1936); and VARIETY (d. Ewald André Dupont, Germany, 1925) with the Alloy Orchestra.


Backlot, Telluride’s intimate screening room featuring behind-the-scenes movies and portraits of artists, musicians and filmmakers, will screen the following programs:

  • BEAUTIES OF THE NIGHT (d. María José Cuevas, Mexico, 2016)
  • BERNADETTE LAFONT, AND GOD CREATED THE FREE WOMAN (d. Esther Hoffenberg, France, 2016)
  • BRIGHT LIGHTS (d. Alexis Bloom, Fisher Stevens, U.S., 2016)
  • COOL CATS (d. Janus Køster-Rasmussen, Denmark, 2015)
  • THE FAMILY WHISTLE (d. Michele Salfi Russo, U.S./Italy, 2016)
  • A FANATIC HEART – BOB GELDOF ON WB YEATS (d. Gerry Hoban, Ireland, 2016)
  • GULAG (d. Angus Macqueen, U.K., 2000)
  • I CALLED HIM MORGAN (d. Kasper Collin, Sweden/U.S., 2016)
  • JERRY LEWIS: THE MAN BEHIND THE CLOWN (d. Gregory Monro, France, 2016)
  • MIFUNE: THE LAST SAURAI (d. Steven Okazaki, U.S., 2015)


Telluride Film Festival’s SHOWcase for Shorts features four short films chosen to precede select feature films; Filmmakers of Tomorrow includes three programs: Student Prints, Great Expectations, and Calling Cards from sixteen emerging filmmakers.


Telluride Film Festival’s Student Programs present students the opportunity to experience film as an art and expand participants’ worldview through film screenings and filmmaker discussions. The Student Symposium provides 50 graduate and undergraduate college students with a weekend-long immersion in cinema. The City Lights Project brings 15 high school students and five teachers from three schools the opportunity to participate in a concentrated program of screenings and discussions. FilmLAB offers a master-class program for UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television graduate filmmaking students. The FilmSCHOLAR program gives young film scholars and aspiring critics the opportunity to immerse themselves in a weekend of cinema and learn from some of the best in the field. Created in conjunction with the University of Wisconsin.


Telluride Film Festival’s Talking Heads programs allow attendees to go behind the scenes with the Festival’s special guests. Six Conversations take place between Festival guests and the audience about cinema and culture, and three outdoor Noon Seminars feature a panel of Festival guests discussing a wide range of film topics. These programs are free and open to the public.


Additional Festivities will take place throughout the Festival including a Poster Signing at Brigadoon with 2016 poster artist Yann Legendre; the Elsa Dorfman Gallery; the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Exhibit; and a special outdoor screening of THE EAGLE HUNTRESS (d. Otto Bell, U.K/Mongolia/U.S., 2016) will play on Friday evening.


Corporate support at Telluride Film Festival plays a dynamic role in the life of the Festival and underscores the Festival’s commitment to quality, adventure and distinction in the art of cinema. TFF is privileged to collaborate with some of the world’s most renowned consumer and entertainment brands. Julie Huntsinger said: “The festival could not be more proud of our incredible partners whose unique contributions enhance and add sparkle to our festival experience. We are exceptionally grateful to our long-term relationships with Turner Classic Movies, EY, and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and excited to welcome new sponsors Amazon Studios, Delta Air Lines, Argent Pictures and Participant Media to the mix. We also welcome back the sleek, fast, all-electric Tesla to town. A fleet will be on display and available to test drive during the festival.”


We are extremely proud of our committed relationships, each of which are aligned with a unique feature of the festival and contribute to enhancing the festival experience, including Signature Sponsors: Turner Classic Movies, EY, National Endowment for the Arts and Meyer Sound; Major Sponsors: Amazon Studios, Universal Studios, Delta Air Lines, Participant Media, Telluride Ski & Golf Resort, Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, Américas Film Conservancy and Telluride Mountain Village Owners Association; Festival Sponsors: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Argent Pictures, Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media, Dolby, Dell and Boston Light and Sound; and our wonderful Hospitality Partners: Telluride Alpine Lodging, The London West Hollywood, New Sheridan Hotel, The Chatwal New York and The Lambs Club, plus Canon, Colorado Creative Industries, Spectrum, Novo Coffee, the Town of Telluride, among others.


About Telluride Film Festival

The prestigious Telluride Film Festival ranks among the world’s best film festivals and is an annual gathering for film industry insiders, cinema enthusiasts, filmmakers and critics. TFF is considered a major launching ground for the fall season’s most talked-about films. Founded in 1974, Telluride Film Festival, presented in the beautiful mountain town of Telluride, Colorado, is a four-day international educational event celebrating the art of film. Telluride Film Festival’s long-standing commitment is to join filmmakers and film connoisseurs together to experience great cinema. The exciting schedule, kept secret until Opening Day, consists of over two dozen filmmakers presenting their newest works, special Guest Director programs, three major Tributes to guest artists, special events and remarkable treasures from the past. Telluride Film Festival is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit educational program. Festival headquarters are in Berkeley, CA.


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