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By David Poland

what will your movie weekend look like?

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47 Responses to “what will your movie weekend look like?”

  1. Hopscotch says:

    Netflix for me.
    Though I’m interested in The Devil and Daniel Johnston, might check that out.

  2. Joe Leydon says:

    Tens of millions of moviegoers will be enticed by print and TV ads that prominently blurb my Variety review, and will flock to see “Slither.” As a result, the film will record a record $65 million opening weekend gross, James Gunn will be signed by Universal to a 10-picture deal, “Slither II: Squirm and Squirm Again” will be green-lit and rushed into production for a Christmas release, Nathan Fillion will demand a $20-million payday for his next film…
    OK, I think I had better lie down now. It’s been a long, long week.

  3. jeffmcm says:

    Possibly Brick, also want to see the new Dardenne Bros. movie.
    Definitely Slither.

  4. Crow T Robot says:

    – Sushi with friends in Hollywood
    – Netflixed Renior’s “Rules of the Game.”
    – No limit Texas Hold Em with slightly more dangerous friends. ($25 buy in)
    – Pretending to have not seen Vendetta just to go with cute office girl who was asking if I saw it.
    – Hopefully heavy conjugation with said girl afterwards.
    – Slither.
    – Laundry.
    (sorry, I don’t have a myspace yet, guys)

  5. wolfgang says:

    If Brick were playing at the local Angelika or Landmark, my movie weekend would look a lot better.
    Since we’re left with Basic Instinct 2 and Slither, it’s looking more like coyote ugly at the cineplex.

  6. Joe Straat says:

    Joe, I was just going to mention that. I saw those ads this week, and I thought, “Hey, I psuedo know that guy….” Still not going to it, though. All this city got this week was Ice Age 2, and condsidering I’ve never ever seen the first one or felt the need to watch it, it’s a safe bet I’ll pass on this one….

  7. jeffmcm says:

    I’d be really curious to hear if Ice Age: The Meltdown is, as the title suggests, A Children’s First Global Warming Primer.

  8. jeffmcm says:

    Sorry for that horrible grammar.

  9. Nicol D says:

    Slither looks like an R rated version of Tremors, definitely on the list.
    If I can find a bag to put over my head and a trench coat to put on my body, I might check out Basic Instinct 2. The first one is a true adult guilty pleasure that was more self aware than most people give it credit for. The amount of bad reviews for this suggest Showgirls calibre film making.
    On video…I think I’ll try Paradise Now and 3 Extremes. Oh, and Steven Seagal in Out for Justice.
    I love Seagal around Easter time. Don’t ask.

  10. Lota says:

    3 pints of gelato + 2 home theatre movies + 2 real theatre movies, but titles not decided as it is a definite “lesser of evils” weekend.

  11. jeffmcm says:

    Nicol: 3 Extremes is a mixed bag, but I would really be interested to hear what you have to say about “Dumplings”…it’ll open up a HUGE new can of worms, and not the alien-mind-controlling kind.

  12. jeffmcm says:

    (in other words: truce?)

  13. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Which version of DUMPLINGS? There are three I’ve seen and they vary greatly in form and content.
    Also anyone else happy the critics are embracing the non-hateful, non-rancid SLITHER? Looks like we have this decades Re-Animator.

  14. Stella's Boy says:

    For the most part I really enjoyed the first two tales in Three Extremes, but I wasn’t crazy about the third one. Just saw Why We Fight (only got here recently and appealed to me more than Tsotsi and Joyeux Noel, my other art house options). Thought it was OK.

  15. cullen says:

    finally going to see Vendetta. really want to see Brick and Thank You For Smoking. just saw Bubble on dvd…pretty good, pretty f’ing weird. really want to check out Why We Fight. i would even see inside man again.

  16. cullen says:

    and personally, i thought three extremes was awesome all around. so stylish.

  17. Lynn says:

    A little late, but saw Inside Man today. Awesome.

  18. Lynn says:

    Oh, and I got the new SE of Unbearable Lightness of Being from Netflix, yay.

  19. cullen says:

    yeah…inside man was great, probably the best and most entertaining movie of the year so far (I know that’s not saying much). the acting was superb and the twists were unexpected, inventive, and cool. loved it. clive owen is the man.

  20. jeffmcm says:

    Stella, I agree re: Three Extremes, the Miike episode wasn’t up to his usual level of insanity.
    The only version of Dumplings I’ve seen is the short version in Three Extremes, but the DVD of 3E also contains the feature version…I’m unaware of any third version.

  21. Stella's Boy says:

    Friday’s Estimates (showbizdata):
    1) ICE AGE 2: THE MELTDOWN – $21.7 million
    2) INSIDE MAN – $5 million
    3) ATL – $4.6 million
    4) FAILURE TO LAUNCH – $2.2 million
    5) V FOR VENDETTA – $2 million
    6) STAY ALIVE – $1.7 million
    7) SHE’S THE MAN – $1.6 million
    8) SLITHER – $1.4 million
    9) BASIC INSTINCT 2: RISK ADDICTION – $1.1 million

  22. MattM says:

    Wow. I knew Ice Age was going to be big, but a 70M opener has to be beyond even Fox’s wildest expectations. And Failure to Launch is also holding up surprisingly well.
    Basic Instinct 2 has got to go down in history as a giga-bomb.

  23. RyanK says:

    Yikes. If SLITHER fails does that mark the end of the trend of R-rated ’80s gore-ror-comedies that kicked off with SLITHER?

  24. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Sharon Stone has committed Career Suicide — just don’t tell Liz Smith yet.
    That said, I’m taking in “V for Vendetta”. Would have gone to “Thank You for Smoking” but most New Jersey megaplexes won’t play it till next week.

  25. frankbooth says:

    Klute, Mysterious Object at Noon, Black Christmas, and maybe the first Peter Sellers Pink Panther. And sleep, because this endless rain has got me feeling like crap.

  26. Crow T Robot says:

    I Netflixed Unbearable Lightness of Being a few weeks ago. My first viewing. I don’t think I’ve ever had a reaction to a movie like that one. And for the life of me I can’t really put to words what it was about the film that got me… almost as if I was affected on a subconcious level. About five seconds after the credits rolled I just lost it.
    We need more movies like that.

  27. Lynn says:

    Crow… awwww! You’re my kinda guy 🙂
    Cullen said: “clive owen is the man.”
    He totally is! I’m also adding him to my list of awesome performances mostly or completely behind a mask along with Edward Norton in KoH and Hugo Weaving in V.

  28. Crow T Robot says:

    Well Lynn if you’re anything like this then you’re certainly my kinda gal… 🙂

  29. Lota says:

    ‘career suicide’ Chucky? Geez you can count the good movies Sharon Stone has been in on one hand. maybe on two fingers.
    The big disaster in BI-2 was not Sharon Stone, who for her age looks pretty good albeit a little too skinny, but the completely uncharismatic wet noodle males starring. David Morrissey and David Thewlis should rename themselves Boo and Hoo. Yuck. David Thewlis ruined Island of Dr Moreau for me so I guess I’ll never forgive him anyway.
    If you were moved by the movie (ULOB) Mr Robot then you should read the book, if you have not done so already. Then you can read Joy of Man’s Desiring. Weep til your heart’s content. Going for broke? World of Suzie Wong (R. Mason).
    I’m trying to get through 4 Billy Wilders I hadn’t seen and Inside man.
    Booth don’t sleep. get out and walk in that rain. scream at the heavens. curse the precipitation as it strikes you. If you sleep too much and watch too many movies, you get fat, son.

  30. Crow T Robot says:

    “If you were moved by the movie (ULOB) Mr Robot then you should read the book, if you have not done so already.”
    Uh…wi d’nt reed bux hear en hollywud, missus poindecster.
    (think after Katie Holmes pushes out the reincarnation of LHR next month she’ll have a go at playing Jill Carroll? Take a look…)

  31. wolfgang says:

    Lota, which four Billy Wilders are you taking in this weekend?
    (If you don’t mind sharing – thanks)

  32. James Leer says:

    David Thewlis is the only other actor besides Sharon Stone in BI2 who seems to get the joke. Michael Caton-Jones certainly didn’t.
    But David Morrissey, yikes! Whose idea was it to cast him? Could they have possibly found someone duller and less sexy?

  33. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    “The only other lead character so far this year to be asked to stare so much yet say so little was Lassie” – a quote from an Australian review of BI2 about David Morrissey. And yes, for some reason they remade Lassie.
    I saw Inside Man on Friday. Great film, and did exactly what Munich didn’t do (for me). Melded a director’s political views and opinions with the craft and sensibility of a genre piece that proved to be both entertaining and interesting. Plus, Jodie Foster was ice-cold (that grin is so delightfully smarmy)

  34. Lota says:

    mr wolf
    avanti, kiss me stupid, major and the minor and ball of fire.
    saw everything else he wrote /and/or directed.
    didn;t like Kiss me stupid much.
    love Billy wilder, maybe not as much as Fritz Lang, but still one of my favorites.

  35. jeffmcm says:

    Lota: _David Thewlis_ ruined Island of Dr. Moreau for you? Strange, considering that Brando, Kilmer, and the script seemed to be doing all the heavy lifting in that department. Thewlis was just a spectator.
    I saw Brick tonight. Fun, albeit a little stylish-over-substantive.

  36. wolfgang says:

    Can’t wait for Brick (it arrives here on the 21st; Hard Candy the 28th).
    A few years ago the local museum offered a special weekend showing of Ninotchka. It played to a packed house. Museum officials even scrounged up a stack of folding chairs for the audience overflow. We probably flirted with breaking the fire code.

  37. Lota says:

    Jeff, dude,
    of course Val Kilmer was destructive, but Thewlis was supposed to be the leading man…the guy Lota chose to be her mating partner (ha! never.) as per evil plan of Dr Moreau. He did ruin it. Despite poor reinterp of the book and def not a remake of original Island of Lost Souls, it could have been a better and watchable movie if a charismatic honorable definitely hetero/masculine man were playing the male Lead.
    I am not so hard on Brando. He was weird enough to be a good Dr Moreau, he didn;t have much to work with.

  38. Lota says:

    curse daylight svings time. just got a phone call from a friend who wants to take her runts to see Ice age II and I let myself be talked into it since I did like the first one. I will thus be part of its huge earnings this weekend.

  39. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Huge earnings indeed — a $70.5M opening per the estimates on Mojo.
    I take back part of my earlier post; “Thank You for Smoking” won’t go semi-wide until Good Friday.

  40. Nicol D says:

    “(in other words: truce?)”
    Kicks sand at base of foot. Sure.
    3 Extremes wasn’t in so the conversation will have to wait for another weekend soon. I am aware of what Dumplings is about however…it won’t shock me.
    I can’t wait to see Miike’s episode of Masters of Horror although it will not be out on DVD until the fall.
    I picked up Bertolucci’s 1900 instead. Possibly one of the most facile epics I have ever seen. Also one of the worst Donald Sutherland performances I have ever seen. I can see why it has not picked up in reputation over the years…although I respect what he was trying to do.

  41. Lota says:

    Mr Robot,
    I am well aware of the cultural deficiencies of Hollywood, but as many Hollywood-ers had the benefit of a NY, midwestern or British education, shurely yoo can reed even if you can’t spell worth ****. Unless you have hopped onto the plastic surgery bandwagon and had your eyes lifted so many times your cheeks are covering your orbs.
    May I also Recommend the little-read gen “The Zap Gun” by P.K. Dick.

  42. Lota says:

    oh yes. just because I wear pointy 1960s cat eye glasses is no cause to be referring to me as “Poindexter” mate.

  43. Crow T Robot says:

    lol lota!
    (saw Vendetta again at IMAX last night… the film did not get better for me (oh so pedantic and talky) but my god the image and sound quality is a mindblower. On 80mm you can even make out Miss Portman’s cute little acne scars… at least I hope that thing near her mouth was acne)

  44. Lota says:

    relax Robot. You weren’t watching SPinal Tap so rest assured you were looking at acne or a blackhead near lovely Ms Portman’s mouth.
    Of course V for Vendetta is Pedantic. It isn’t V for be Very yourself. It was a pedantic graphic novel. It certainly panned out better than many other graphic novel adaptations of the past 5 years.
    I liked it quite well. S is for Shut Up.

  45. Crow T Robot says:

    A fellow Tap fan!
    Lota, I dedicate this song to our new friendship…

  46. jeffmcm says:

    Nicol: I will be genuinely interested to hear what you say about “Dumplings” and I’m not trying to start a fight. Whatever you might think, I am genuinely interested in discussion and common ground.

  47. Lota says:

    Gee thanks for thinking of me Robot [at least it wasn’t the Rico Suave song].

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