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Klady's Weekend Estimates

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Running out the door, but here is Sony’s analysis, as I have no time to offer my own…
Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs became the first animated film in 2009 to score back-to-back weeks as the #1 film in North America.
Cloudy took in $24.6 million this weekend for a 10-day cume to date of $60.036 million. The film showed exceptional strength from last weekend dropping only 19%. Like food falling from the sky, Cloudy

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49 Responses to “Klady's Weekend Estimates”

  1. EthanG says:

    Wow…Sony pretty much kept the box office from tanking single-handedly this weekend.
    “Surrogates” probably needs close to $175 million worldwide just to break even given its production budget. Good luck on international returns…
    “Pandorum” only cost half as much to make…but..yeah, it’s not going to get that back. Overture and Summit which distributed it domestically and internationally, must be glad they didn’t finance….”Fame” might actually turn a profit due to its extremely low budget, but it sure isn’t what MGM needed.
    “Coco Before Chanel” opened a little better than “Bright Star” last weekend, but maybe not enough for an awards run…Bright Star expanded decently, but is looking like it won’t crack $5 million all the same…
    “Boys are Back” and “Paranormal Activity” look DOA=(

  2. Moviezzz says:

    Does this list also include Canadian theatres?
    If not, how did TRAILER PARK BOYS 2, based on the hysterical Canadian TV series, open in 200 theatres in the US and make it to the top 15? As much as I love the show, I didn’t even know the film was being released.
    Where are those theatres?

  3. EthanG says:

    Yeah…each weekend’s box office results include Canada and the U.S. TP Boys 2-Countdown to Liquor Day…opened nationwide in Canada this weekend.

  4. I was just gonna echo what moviezzz said. I mean, I pay fairly close attention to what movies are coming out and had no clue there was a “Trailer Park Boys 2” movie coming. Craziness.

  5. LYT says:

    Paranormal Activity is far from DOA. But the strategy from here on is interesting — asking fans to DEMAND it for their city.
    See here:

  6. movieman says:

    Saw a double-feature of “Surrogates” and “Pandorum” today (neither was screened in NE Ohio).
    While I hardly think “S” is the nouveau classic Todd McCarthy raved about in his Variety review, it’s a damn sight better than most other (snide, dismissive) reviews would have indicated. And it’s a frigging masterpiece compared to Michael Crichton’s wretched “Looker.”
    Thought “P” was an incoherent, interminable botch. Like so many shitty movies that bombed in theaters this year (“Gamer,” “Whiteout,” “Post Grad,” “Aliens in the Attic,” ad nauseam), a straight-to-dvd release would have been a lot kinder.
    …to me and the movie(s) themselves.
    I still can’t tell Summit and Overture apart. Even their logos are kind of similar.

  7. chris says:

    So it’s apparent Sony’s pr staff doesn’t know the difference between “its” and “it’s”?

  8. doug r says:

    So who gets the numbers on the Whip It sneak this Saturday? Free T-Shirt (for my 15 year old grrrl). Liked the movie too.

  9. EthanG says:

    “So who gets the numbers on the Whip It sneak this Saturday? Free T-Shirt (for my 15 year old grrrl). Liked the movie too.”
    I’d assume either “Jennifer’s Body” or “All About Steve” which would help explain those films’ better than expected holds.
    The only Searchlight flick still in theatres is 500 Days but it had a standard drop and is in fewer than 500 theatres now…

  10. My Whip It sneak was in the Jennifer’s Body theater. I’d imagine it’s somewhat to blame for the 62% Fri drop and the overall 49% second-weekend drop (I have no idea on the number of theaters, % of sell-outs, etc). Regardless, Whip It is frickin great and could very well be a monster if Searchlight can open it.

  11. leahnz says:

    wow, everybody seems to dig ‘whip it’, who’d a thunk it

  12. IOIOIOI says:

    If the world works at it should. Zombieland should be the crap out of everything next weekend, and Whip It should be one of the casualties. I will see Whip It next weekend, but Zombieland needs to win the weekend. Why? You know why… JESSE EISENBERG MUST BECOME A HUGE STAR!

  13. LexG says:

    Surely a minority opinion, but I might’ve enjoyed PANDORUM just a notch more than SURROGATES. Both are half-stylish, half-generic boilerplate sci-fi… neither is particularly original or inspired.
    And PANDORUM is one of those “murk movies” where people skulk around some darkened ship and you never know where anyone is in relation to each other and you can’t see anything and it basically lulls you to sleep with the sameness and people say shit like “There’s a breach in the hull” that I never really can picture. But Foster, Quaid and Gigandet seemed pretty amped and committed, the production design (what you could see of it, what with the 5watt lighting) was pretty impressive, the score was interesting, and there was some minor carnage and excitement. Pulpy and familiar, but okay B-level nonsense.
    SURROGATES, I don’t know… Another case where we’ve seen elements of that plot before (as recently as, er, three weeks ago in GAMER), Willis’ performance was strong, it has some cool concepts and good-looking people and shininess and all…
    But, man, Mostow? I know he’s sort of a sacred cow for being an unpretentious, straight-ahead shooter who doesn’t do the Bay/Scott/Sommers manic thing… but some of the scenes, it’s like this guy should be directing Thursday Night Prime action movies from 1998 with Steven Bauer and Roddy Piper.
    Like, it’s supposed to be this exciting high-tech world, but we’re always either in some mundane trailer park neighborhood with Ving Rhames and low-rent construction guy bodyguards, OR we’re in the lab with that fat guy who can control the surrogates remotely: Reminded me of how T3 ended with basically a dialogue scene in a bunker with Connor making the decisions, instead of actually showing some big, expensive finale. He’s like the ROD LURIE of BIG ACTION; For his next movie, Mostow should just do TRANSFORMERS 3 but have it all set in some clunky, un-stylized office cubicle where two geeks just EXPLAIN all the robot action.
    SPOILER, but trust me it’s not surprising:
    [SPOILER] Can we all agree there’s a certain actor in this cast whose mere presence in the credits takes away 99% of the “mystery” any time he’s cast in a conspiracy thriller? [/SPOILER]

  14. Wrecktum says:

    Correctomundo, Lex. It’s time to put James Cromwell out to pasture for just a couple of years. He’s a hell of a character actor, but, christ, haven’t we seen his shtick about 100 times to many?

  15. LYT says:

    Yeah, I knew him and his pet pig were gonna save the day.

  16. leahnz says:

    that’ll do, pig

  17. EthanG says:

    Wow Lex we agree…which happens more often than not except I think certain opinions of yours are worth a firing squad in Nevada.
    Surrogates BLEW. Pandorum was merely disappointing.
    Next week though, with “Whip It,” “Zomieland,” “Invention of Lying,” “A Serious Man,” and “Splice…” MMM MMM good.

  18. IO, why does Whip It “need” be a casualty? You got somethin’ against roller derby? :/

  19. IOIOIOI says:

    Kiki: I just want Woody and Jesse to have a hit. I am a fan damn it! I’m A FAN!

  20. The Big Perm says:

    I think we only need one soft spoken dry girly-ish lead actor in movies, so I think Eisenberg and Michael Cera should fight to the death. Those guys really seem the same to me.
    Woody, on the other hand, is and always will be The Man.

  21. Stella's Boy says:

    Based on the success of horror comedies in the past, I wouldn’t expect much from Zombieland (box office wise; I think it looks fun).

  22. IOIOIOI says:

    Boy: it’s a horrour movie in September. Would you like to revise your previous statement?

  23. Stella's Boy says:

    Regarding Zombieland, you mean a horror movie in October? Why would I want to revise anything? Horror comedies have not fared well at the box office. That’s a fact.

  24. christian says:

    “Horror comedies have not fared well at the box office. That’s a fact.”
    How many have there been in the last couple years?

  25. Stella's Boy says:

    I was thinking back further than the last couple years. Lake Placid, Bride of Chucky, Seed of Chucky, Slither, Shaun of the Dead, Eight Legged Freaks, Club Dread, now Jennifer’s Body. Highest gross: $32 million. So, going back about 10 years.

  26. christian says:

    SHAUN OF THE DEAD was not a hit? Really? 15 million in America wasn’t good for a 3 million zombie satire? And the Chucky films were hit enough to warrant sequels. I think the quality of the films that didn’t do well says more about the failed potential. ZOMBIELAND will do very well.

  27. Stella's Boy says:

    Wow, a contentious topic of conversation. Fine, Shaun of the Dead was a monster hit. I said, simply, that horror comedies have not fared well at the box office over the last 10 years. Is that really wrong? Totally off-base? Zombieland has been marketed well, and it may indeed do well, but I would not be surprised if it didn’t because horror comedies tend to be a hard sell. Hardly an outrageous comment.

  28. christian says:

    Not contentious at all. Just saying’ that if you make a blanket statement about horror-comedy like “That’s a fact” be prepared for some questions. You might be right but there are plenty of exceptions.

  29. Stella's Boy says:

    I believe it is true that horror comedies have not fared well at the box office over the last ten years. Is that not a factual statement? I never said that all of them have been flops, but there’s not really a runaway success in there either. A couple have done OK, but nothing to write home about. So, in general, horror comedies haven’t exactly lit up the box office. In the future I’ll try to refrain from using the word “fact.”

  30. hendhogan says:

    I liked how “District 9” brought in one dollar. Neat trick.

  31. LYT says:

    It’s a stretch to call District 9 “horror,” even though there’s gore in it — I can’t recall any of the major moments being played for fear, as opposed to action-gore.
    Sci-fi comedies at their best do work, and work well — think Ghostbusters and Men in Black.

  32. christian says:


  33. The Big Perm says:

    15 million is good money…but that’s not amazing money for a movie as great as Shaun. Horror comedies don’t tend to do well. I think audiences tend to like their horror straight up.
    And you can’t count that Chucky movies had sequels made…any shit movie theatrically released based on a brand can have sequels. How many Chucky movies have there been anyway?
    Oh, and let’s not forget the disappointments that were Drag Me to Hell and Grindhouse…both of which were highly praised and came with real name talents involved.

  34. leahnz says:

    “It’s a stretch to call District 9 “horror,” even though there’s gore in it — I can’t recall any of the major moments being played for fear, as opposed to action-gore.”
    i heartily disagree, LYT, D-9 has major horror/fear elements/moments, most of them personal to wikus (a few): wikus’ sick fear and horror at his body ‘turning’ (incl. trying to cut it off and his eye near the end) reminiscent of ‘the fly’; the gut-wrenching scene of his reaction at being forced to shoot the prawn; seeing the plethora of dissected carcasses in MNU, followed by christopher’s experience with the same, etc., lots of quiet, dramatic horror moments

  35. jeffmcm says:

    1. Sci-fi
    2. Action
    3. Allegorical drama
    4. Black comedy
    5. Horror
    6. Romance

  36. LYT says:

    Leah – it’s certainly relative, but I would say there are similar moments in Starship Troopers, which I wouldn’t call horror either, at least not primarily or secondarily. This is not to say there aren’t a few horror elements, but not enough to categorize it as such, IMO.
    I think Jeff’s rankings of its genre are about right.
    Galaxy Quest – YES. But I forget – how did it do, dollars-wise?

  37. christian says:

    GALAXY QUEST made about 72 million, and was certainly a hit given its modest budget and unique satire. A definite word of mouth film.

  38. Cadavra says:

    Plus theatrical isn’t always the best indicator. LOST SKELETON OF CADAVRA was less than stellar in theatres, but certainly found its audience once it hit DVD and cable.

  39. LYT says:

    I think I need to buy Galaxy Quest. By now, it’ll be about $4 used.

  40. christian says:

    The deleted scenes are good.

  41. leahnz says:

    my boy has watched ‘the quest’ so many times i know every single word of that movie by heart, but i don’t mind because it’s a sublime flick
    LYT, re: comparing D-9 and ‘starship troopers’, i’m struggling with that one. ‘troopers’ is a flat-out hung-ho satire, verhoeven’s tongue never leaves his cheek and i don’t see a single moment of genuine horror in it, or any relevant comparison to D-9, which has true drama/horror notes. that list of jeff’s is bogus imho (no offence jeff), more like:
    sci fi
    allegorical drama
    black comedy
    romance (kudos for including the romance element, jeff; wikus is driven for the sole purpose of getting back to his beloved, he’s a smitten kitten!)

  42. jeffmcm says:

    I put sci-fi above action because there are big chunks of the movie that are definitely not action, but the sci-fi-ness pervades the whole thing. And I agree with LYT that just because there’s gore doesn’t mean it’s horror.

  43. leahnz says:

    jeff, i don’t think gore = horror either, and i can see switching sci-fi/action, but no serious horror? come on now
    — possible spoilers —
    the horror is (primarily) in wikus’ transformation. how can anyone argue that wikus’ morphing into a ‘prawn’ doesn’t have serious horror notes? the scene at his promotion party? the scene when he realises his arm is now alien? the scene on the operating table when he is about to be dissected alive?
    this is like saying seth brundle’s transformation into the fly doesn’t have any horror notes. have you guys actually seen the same movie i did? baffling

  44. jeffmcm says:

    Some notes sure, but I thought of his transformation more as a science-fictiony thing than as a horrorificy thing.

  45. leahnz says:

    well, points there for the word ‘horrorificy’ at any rate, bonza

  46. LYT says:

    Leah, you still put horror third on your list. Since genres are usually defined by no more than two categories, that’s kind of what I meant.
    Seth Brundle’s transformation into the fly is the entire plot and point of the movie. Wikus’ transformation is very similar, but not the central theme — he’s too busy getting shot at to ponder his condition in the same depth, and he never loses his essential humanity, even at the end.
    I’m not saying the elements aren’t there — just that I wouldn’t file it under “horror” in a DVD store.

  47. leahnz says:

    oh, ok, i can deal with that
    (my local dvd rental establishment files everything under the wrong genre anyway, so one day finding D-9 in the ‘drama’ or ‘comedy’ sections wouldn’t surprise me in the least. it would be quite hilarious if it weren’t so annoying)

  48. Ira Parks says:

    I remember this thread. It didn’t meet my expectations. Speaking of expectations, how about COCO BEFORE CHANEL’s numbers, huh? Fuck me that’s a big drop. I’m worried about the domestic numbers.

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