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Weekend Estimates by Young Adult Klady


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16 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Young Adult Klady”

  1. Hallick says:

    So if “The Fault In Our Stars” did $26 million Friday but only wound up with $48 million for the weekend, is that still celebratory, slightly disappointing, quadrant-locked, something else? It’s still nice to see two different movies made primarily for females top the box office for two weeks running.

    And now is the story that “Edge of Tomorrow” got beat by TFIOS or is it that Cruise got beat by Woodley AND the second weekend of “Maleficent”? Judging by the glowing reviews (which, by the way, cannot shut up about Tom Cruise the person and just focus on the work in front of them), the marketing department fumbled the ball, stumble-kicked it across the field, and tripped any teammate who tried to get it back. It honestly looked like “Battle: Los Angeles: The Sequel (and Colon-a-Thon)” for all you could tell from the advertising.

  2. JS Partisan says:

    These YA novels get their people out on Friday, and the rest of the weekend is dependent on new people. It will be interesting to see where Fault goes for the rest of the Summer, and if it becomes a real, “WOW

  3. The Pope says:

    Hallick, FAULT is a smash now matter which way you look at it. My guess is that the repeat business will be good (if only predominantly in one quadrant). The message in the film is positive and, ironically, life affirming. That is why the book appealed so strongly to YAs. It is why the female teenage audience will go back to see it again. And again. They are very loyal.

    As for Cruise’s EDGE, it is is fine. Overseas, it is doing and will continue to do very well. Action travels better than drama.

  4. Hallick says:

    “As for Cruise’s EDGE, it is is fine. Overseas, it is doing and will continue to do very well. Action travels better than drama.”

    Okay, that’s good. But he’s an actor that needs to change it up and do a great drama or comedy at this point and get the hell off the action movie machine. It’s nothing but profoundly depressing to look at his upcoming slate on IMDb and see that his future output may or may not involve a sequel nobody’s been clamoring for (Mission Impossible 5), a sequel nobody in their right mind should clamor for (Top Gun 2), yet another sequel (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back) and some Van Helsing movie from Kurtzman and Orci.

  5. The Pope says:

    Hallick, I completely agree. Look at his slate from ’86 to ’99. With the exception of Top Gun, Cocktail and Days of Thunder, it is interesting stuff that still stands up. He was emotionally vulnerable. He had strong A-list directors. He made no sequels and just one action movie. Now it’s almost the complete opposite.
    I always say this, but compare him to Clooney or Brad Pitt or Matt Damon.

  6. pat says:

    That’s not fair. Your comparing him to three guys, all of whom have made questionable choices themselves that you ignore (Oceans 12?).

  7. Stella's Boy says:

    Is it really fine though? It’s going to make, what, $90-$95 million domestically? So even if international box office is strong, is that enough to get it anywhere close to profitability? Does it make any money if it ends up at $400 million ww?

  8. Chris S. says:

    “It’s nothing but profoundly depressing to look at his upcoming slate on IMDb and see that his future output may or may not involve a sequel nobody’s been clamoring for (Mission Impossible 5), a sequel nobody in their right mind should clamor for (Top Gun 2), yet another sequel (Jack Reacher: Never Go Back) and some Van Helsing movie from Kurtzman and Orci.”

    Nobody’s been clamoring for another MI movie?? The last film was a box office smash for Cruise and got great reviews. Of course there’s going to be an MI5.

    Jack Reacher was a fun stylish flick that can’t have cost too much, no reason not to try a sequel if there is strong story material available.

    As for Top Gun 2… Well… I’d look at it this way: This could be a chance to get the film right. The first one was a vapid MTV video that coasted by on his looks. This time they could do a real drama ripped from today’s headlines along with realistic air combat for a change.

    Van Helsing admittedly sounds toxic.

    I do agree that Cruise is past the age when he can make mega-budgeted films into huge moneymakers on his own.

  9. The Pope says:

    @Pat, Sure Clooney et al have made questionable choices but look at the risks they have taken. Those films I listed are quality films and light years away from the work Cruise has been limiting himself to in the last decade. Cruise’s pictures may bank a lot but they also cost a helluva lot. I would wager good money that the titles I listed will still be remembered longer and better than Cruise’s recent decade.

  10. Hallick says:

    All questionable choices being equal, those actors are at least taking some risks and choosing to do interesting projects in ways Cruise just hasn’t done for a long time now. If he’d just stop trying to prove over and over again that he’s the Superman of acting…sigh.

    I swear, that goddamn Kubrick movie broke him.

  11. Hcat says:

    I’m unsure about the proper way to clamor, if it is clockwise or counter-clockwise, but I am perfectly willing to clamor for a MI5. Though I am in complete agreement that he needs to be looking for another Jerry Maguire. Wasn’t he circling some Sussane Beirs project about an interpreter? He could use a smart romantic comedy (so could Leo).

    And how exactly were lions for lambs and valkerye not seen as risky?

  12. leahnz says:

    just a thought but while Cruise’s recent string of way-past-middle-age ‘actionman hero’ roles does have a whiff of desperation, it seems possible that it’s not just a case of him ‘limiting himself’ to certain vanity action projects but that the opportunities to work with more established name-brand auteurish directors on interesting, out-of-the-box stuff have just dried up for him, and he can’t let go of his conventional leading man status. or maybe he’s just enjoying the hell out of doing action man stuff now before he needs hip replacement and a walker, who knows. assuming that he has enough cash to last 10 lifetimes this would seem an ideal time to team up with some up-and-coming or off-the radar directors (such as Bier mentioned above) and do some low-budget character work that embraces his actual age and the vulnerability that comes with it. i don’t know it’s not like i’m TC’s biggest fan but as one of the last few getting-past-his-prime movie stars of the modern era i wouldn’t like to see him just fade out doing drek for some reason, i can’t help but think he may have a few more ron kovacks/vincents/frank mackeys or even les grossmans in him

  13. Unfinishe says:

    After Kubrick he did Magnolia (supporting role, Caine stole his Oscar), Vanilla Sky (while vain, not a commercial movie), Minority Report, Last Samurai, and Collateral. I’d say those were solid roles in interesting films.

    War of the Worlds
    M:I 3
    Lions for Lambs
    Rock of Ages
    M:I Ghost Protocol
    Jack Reacher

    Are on the whole much less interesting. Ghost Protocol was probably the best of the bunch, but it was also more of the same.

    His last movie opened with almost 40 million, but Oblivion sucked.

  14. The Pope says:

    @Unfinishe, I would agree with you about Magnolia, Minority Report and Collateral (maybe Vanilla Sky, but I simply didn’t like it).
    But The Last Samurai was a vanity thing. I mean come on. The very last samurai, a Japanese warrior tradition that goes back centuries… and the last samurai is Tom Effing Cruise.
    In The Last of the Mohicans, they afforded that tragic tribute to Chingachgook and not Hawkeye.

  15. Chris S. says:

    If you watched the film, Cruise’s character is not the titular “Last Samurai.” The title refers to Ken Watanabe’s character, and I suppose more broadly to his warriors as a whole.

  16. Gus says:

    So Edge is considered a disappointment for making about $150M worldwide inside of ten days… Okay. I guess it is just a footnote that the movie rules? IT RULES. IT RULES. CRUISE RULES.

    Also: yes, people want another Mission Impossible. Part 4 was the biggest one yet and Cruise’s highest worldwide gross of his career. Also: the movie ALSO RULED. It is fantastic from front to back.

    Surely if he was doing the same thing he did in the 90s he’d be criticized for repeating himself, assuming people were even still paying attention.

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