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Weekend Estimates by Happy Harvey Exit Day Klady

Weekend Estimates 2017-10-15 at 10.41.51 AM

The Story of this weekend will not be box office, but the end of a box office master falling under the weight of his own cruelty. Happy Death Day indeed. Blumhouse’s remarkable 2017 run of originals continues. Jackie Chan’s first live-action wide release in seven years does reasonably well. Neither Marshall nor Professor Marston find a big crowd. But The Florida Project (expanding to 33 screens) and Human Flow (opening on three screens) each deliver more than $12k per screen.

It felt good to be chewing on some box office this morning. Normal work. But then I followed a link on the MCN front page to another Weinstein story… and another… and now I am back down the rabbit hole.

I don’t have much to add since yesterday. The expansion of The Florida Project went nicely. Victoria & Abdul is having a nice run. Tom of Finland opened well one for Kino. Goodbye Christopher Robin seems to be ready to say goodbye before anyone says hello.

Three of the five wide releases next weekend are strong niche plays that could surprise and Geostorm is just the kind of crap that occasionally (usually directed by Roland Emmerich) breaks out to the shock of everyone. Or maybe it will be four movies opening in the teens (although only one Madea has ever opened under $20m).

See you next Saturday.

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20 Responses to “Weekend Estimates by Happy Harvey Exit Day Klady”

  1. Mike says:

    I haven’t seen it yet, but I’m rooting strongly for The Florida Project. Tangerine and Starlet were both amazing pieces of indie cinema. He’s earned some real success and recognition.

  2. Ray Pride says:

    Sooo good.

  3. Doug R says:

    What an industry where $32.7 million one week is a disappointment, but $26.5 million the next week is remarkable.

  4. Movieman says:

    Lots of Van Gogh fans out there if those “Loving Vincent” figures are any indication.
    I wonder if it’ll score a Best Animated Film nomination.

  5. Bitplaya says:

    @Doug R it’s a matter of return on investment. Happy Death was made for less than $10 million, probably 5 max. Blade Runner Deuce was supposed to be a franchise starter. Studios are desperate for tentpole material.

  6. Hallick says:

    “What an industry where $32.7 million one week is a disappointment, but $26.5 million the next week is remarkable.”

    Isn’t it just Return on Investment 101?

  7. LBB says:

    ROI is the beginning and end of good/bad numbers.

  8. Sideshow Bill says:

    I love Lars Von Trier. I hate hate hate that he may be a sexual predator. I hate this shit. This culture needs to end. Fucking men…

  9. JS Partisan says:

    Bill, if you just look at his work. It screams, “This man, has weird shit with women.” I also agree, that this shit has to stop, because the current and future generations aren’t going to be into this shit. When everyone behind the fucking camera, are women hating and abusing fucks. This is just fucking terrible for the entire industry, and it makes you really rethink everything about any film you love. It also makes you wonder, how many actresses, if not all of them, have been mistreated on sets.

  10. Sideshow Bill says:

    I know, JS. I fucking LOVE Antichrist but its themes about women are dark as fuck. He’s admitted he has trouble with women. That doesn’t excuse any misbehavior at all but he seems to express it through his films. It makes me queasy. Hopefully, as Bjork implied, he’s gotten better. Gainsbourg seems to trust him. She went all-out for Nymphomaniac 1 & 2.

    It’s a troubling time. I know the culture has always been there but I didn’t know it was this disgusting.

  11. Sideshow Bill says:

    And I’ll even admit to being part of the problem. I’ve NEVER assaulted or harassed anybody, ever. But what I mean is when the things came out the other day about Ben Affleck I admit I felt a bit of anger at the accusers. I like him. I don’t WANT to know this about him. I don’t want this to be the truth. same with Von Trier. In the end I believe the women and respect their right to speak out and I am angry at Affleck. But there is that initial tinge that’s like “aww, come ON!!”

  12. Pete B says:

    I understand what you mean Bill. When Carrie Stevens spoke of Oliver Stone grabbing her boob, my first thought was “well your breasts were pretty sensational”, but then that mindset is what’s been part of the problem in the first place.

  13. palmtree says:

    These things are so ingrained in our culture. Even in trying to think of classic films that have female protagonists, I realized most of my favorites didn’t have many women in them at all, let alone portrayals that were empowering.

  14. Doug R says:

    Now that the weekend is over, Blade Runner 2049 is beating Happy Death Day daily. But that’s not the narrative we’re supposed to hear, I guess.
    New Justice League poster!

  15. Sideshow Bill says:

    Is it OK to start talking about movies again? I’m dying to see Killing Of A Sacred Deer. I hope it plays nearby. Also looking forward to a private Halloween movie party/marathon with my girlfriend next weekend. There will be wine, food, and I’m going to show her Inside and The Loved Ones. We’ll also probably watch Creep 2 which I am also very excited for.Might show her Suspiria, also. Any other suggestions?

  16. Dr Wally Rises says:

    I loved The Meyerowitz Stories. Hoffman hasn’t been this good since Wag The Dog.

  17. Roy Batty says:

    Bill – I’m so pissed at Amazon Prime. Suspiria’s been on there for months. I’ve never seen it, and was waiting for a sort of Halloween movie night like the one you described. They took it down October 1st! Isn’t that like taking Elf or Miracle on 34th St. down in December? Anyway, the one horror film I know I’m going to watch is the John Badham/Frank Langella Dracula, which I haven’t seen in years but have vague creepy memories of from childhood.

    Wally – absolutely Hoffman’s best role in at least a decade. Holy shit you forget how good he is. So subtle, so funny, so precise. Guy is brilliant. Baumbach continues to churn out really really good stuff.

  18. Stella's Boy says:

    Bill you see Raw yet? If not, it’s a must-see.

  19. Sideshow Bill says:

    Raw is on my list, Stella’s Boy. Thanks for the reminder. the Langella Dracula is a favorite of mine. I have great memories of watching that many times as a kid. Plus, Donald Pleasence. Can’t beat that.

    I have an old DVD of Suspiria. I want to upgrade to a Blu as soon as I can. But yea, taking it off Amazon Prime in October is idiotic.

    I still haven’t watched It Comes At Night. I think we’ll watch that too.

  20. Ray Pride says:

    A pristine original 35mm print of SUSPIRIA is circulating, as well as a 4K restoration, which suggests the Blu comes soon.

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