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Leonardo DiCaprio Will Soon Play Theodore Hall

Thursday, September 18th, 1997

The little-known teen genius biophysicist who participated in the making of the first atom bomb and then passed the info on to the Soviets in an attempt to create nuclear weapons parity. Fortunately for DiCaprio, besides being a genius and traitor, Hall was also a skinny, brooding, long-haired teen with a tendency to hyperactivity who screamed at the top of his lungs unintelligibly whenever having a strong emotion. Talk about a coincidence!
Ford model Nacho Arenas is directing a movie. Let that linger in your mind for a moment. Nacho is directing a movie. Nacho! To prove that models are exclusively on the Fernandoesque “It’s better to look good than to act good” platform, he’s hired alleged actors Maxine “I Lived With Ed Burns” Bahns, Ashley “I Married Shannon Doherty And Angie Everhardt” Hamilton and A. J. “I’ve Screwed Up My Career As A Gossip Columnist, But My Two Day Growth Looks Really Cool” Benza to star.
Shawn and Marlon Wayans get their civil rights violated in small town America in the comedy, My Kinda Town. When their successful lawsuit bankrupts the tiny town, the duo takes ownership of the town. The first thing they do is create a law forcing all the other citizens to mug at the camera, walk funny and make wild sounds in order to try and get a laugh.
Speaking of jurisprudence, reports are that Marlon Brando is looking to work opposite John Travolta in writer/director Steven Zaillian‘s film of the non-fiction novel, A Civil Action. The big question is whether Brando is attracted to the project because he thinks the role of corporate counsel to Beatrice Foods is the kind of great role that will bring respect to the tail end of his career or whether he’s just looking for a corporate discount.
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