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The DVD Wrap: City Island, The Back-Up Plan, $5 a Day, Three Silent Classics by Josef von Sternberg, The Square, Abandoned and more …

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

City Island: Blu-ray

If Leo Tolstoy had written Anna Karenina in the 1970s, instead of the 1870s, and as a screenplay, instead of a novel, it might have begun thusly, “Happy families are all alike; every dysfunctional family is dysfunctional in its own way.” Or to put it another way, “Happy families belong in TV sitcoms; unhappy families are more at home in quirky indie films co-starring Alan Arkin.”

The 76-year-old Second City alum isn’t required to steal any scenes in City Island, as he did in Little Miss Sunshine and The Slums of Beverly Hills. but his presence is duly noted at key moments.

Woody Allen, Jennifer Lopez

Tuesday, October 7th, 1997

Woody Allen gave a very rare interview to the New York Daily News this week. Guess he wanted to make sure not to lose any ground to the returning Roman Polanski as America’s Favorite Cradle Robber.
Apparently, the U-Turn press junket was a lot more interesting than the movie. First, there was Stone vs. Stone, with director Oliver unhappy with actress Sharon who was told by Oliver, according to him, that the film was relatively low-budget and that there would be no movie star salaries only to have her agent call later with a “request for a huge fee.” Oliver gave the role to Latina-star-on-the-rise Jennifer Lopez, who filled more than the acting requirements in Stone’s eyes. “Jennifer’s full-bodied. She’s got a full butt. I think she’ll make women with big butts feel good.” Well, no wonder Sharon didn’t get the job. Oliver was looking for the wrong body part.
The other one to make heads do a u-turn at the junket was Nick Nolte. He told some reporters that he didn’t use fake teeth to play the John Huston-like Jake McKenna. He did. Then there was the one about his first wife doing a circus high wire act. She didn’t. But the topper was his story about receiving a testicle tuck (I’ll give the male readers a moment to uncross their legs). This one started when he was being pressed by Bryant Gumbel about the possibility of having a face lift. Nolte effectively shut Gumbel up by offering that the only plastic surgery he’d had was a testicle tuck. And the legend lived. Until the U-Turn junket, where Nolte finally fessed up. These junkets have everything from tooth to nuts.
Acting By Phone was reader Joe Duffy‘s suggestion as a possible title for the now-in-development Romancing The Stone sequel. Just goes to prove — I read my email. Send some. It’s your moral duty.

Levinson's Sphere

Thursday, September 11th, 1997

Barry Levinson‘s Sphere has been poked, prodded and pushed further than any studio film this year. First, it was delayed while WB execs decided to cough up Sharon Stone’s $6 million asking price. Then, they delayed production two months in order to rework the enormous effects budget. Next, they decided to shove it into theaters this December for Academy Award consideration, offering up Oscar regulars Levinson, Dustin Hoffman, Sam Jackson and Sharon Stone. But, apparently, there was so little “want-to-see” in test marketing, they decided to move the film into mid-February `97, traditionally a movie dead zone, in order to get the promo machine running at full speed. Warner Bros. now has to hope that the media doesn’t like the story about the delays better than they like the movie.
Ever see a movie that you heard was altered against the will of the filmmaker? And it still sucked? Do you still think the musical numbers in I’ll Do Anything, Bruce Willis‘ penis in Color of Money or the dirty jokes in Spawn would help? Well, Robert Altman‘s The Gingerbread Man will be right up your alley. After a bad test screening, Polygram decided to re-cut the quirky Altman thriller to make it more accessible to audiences. It didn’t work. They still hated it. So, Altman’s vision will hit the screens in its purest form, albeit next year, six months after its original release date. Maybe Polygram thinks that this rotten fruit will get better with time. After all, it worked for Gone Fishin’, Volcano and ‘Til There Was You. Right?
Disney’s busy trying re-establish distribution operations in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina, hopefully in time for the Christmas movie season. Special Bosnia-only versions of the Disney release schedule might include The Little Mercenary, 101 Dead Dalmatians and Honey, I Blew Up The Country.
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