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David Poland

By David Poland

Team America Gets Its "R"

Talk about making a log out of a splinter!

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24 Responses to “Team America Gets Its "R"”

  1. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    (you cant have a one liner like that without some
    sort of ZING!)

  2. bicycle bob says:

    it would have been a disgrace if they gave a puppet movie a NC 17

  3. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Bob, in which country do you think we are living in? Our country has such whackiness going on, that it would be all sorts of NORMAL for a puppet movie to get an NC-17 rating. That’s just how we are living, and we are living REAL STUPID.

  4. mike says:

    Please. This is just MPAA payback for all the grief Parker and Stone put them through with the SOUTH PARK movie. Surely I can’t be the only one who notices that the NC-17 always comes down on top-drawer guys like Scorsese, Stone, DePalma, Woo, Waters, Verhoeven, et al, while almost every P.O.S. no-budget slasher film sails through with an R. It’s jes’ good ol’ politics, pure and simple(minded).

  5. bicycle bob says:

    steel, i think u would disagree with me on just about anything no matter what i said.
    i’m against communism, racism, and hitler. u?

  6. thedoom says:

    Anyone see Trey and Matt on Dennis Miller? They said that the sex scene was basically the dolls just smacking against each other, nothing more than a child might do with barbie or ken dolls. Mike is right, the MPAA is doing nothing more than getting revenge for the outcry they endured after South Park:BLU.
    To BoS and bob:
    Both of you need to SHUT UP. No one wants to hear your petty bickering and whining. Go find a message board board somewhere or, better yet, get each other’s screen names so no one else has to hear about it. This is a comments area, so if you post a retort, make it intelligent or relevant, no one wants to hear your middle-school insults.

  7. killdozer says:

    Trey and Matt have been duking it out with the MPAA since the days of ORGAZMO.
    Also, the MPAA comes down on LOTS of crappy slasher films, it just doesn’t make headlines when it happens to them.

  8. chase says:

    This movie should make trillions with all the free press it’s getting. Love it.

  9. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Bob, simple reality fails you. So I guess I could
    disagree with anyone who has a whole sort of denial
    thing going on. That’s on you.
    To Doom: Unless your name is David Poland, then I
    must disagree with your statement on the situation
    between Bob and I. If David wants it to stop; it
    will stop. If not, then understand that, at least
    on my part, I am just being silly. I do disagree
    whole heartedly with Bob’s politics, but everything
    else comes down to sheer silliness. I apologize
    if you are offended, but please understand that
    the intentions are never anything more than to
    give a zinger to the guy. Nothing more.

  10. Mark says:

    Steel, you harbor resentment for some reason. Its not healthy and pretty boring. At least if any of the points you have made were valid. But sadly? No.

  11. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Mark, are you ‘mark’ or a new MARK all together?
    Nevertheless, I am glad you are sharing a conversation
    you had with yourself about me, but forgot to
    put in any context when you decided to post it in
    this comment section,
    I would respond to your statement, but it really
    makes little to no sense. If you could clarify
    for a brother; I would appreciate it.

  12. bicycle bob says:

    don’t worry mark. hes like this all the time. useless

  13. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    No Bob, that’s people like you and the president
    you support who are USELESS.
    Just stop Bob. You just cant win.

  14. Mark says:

    Thats the problem with Liberals, Steel. They think they know everything and they think they can solve everyones problems. Its 2004. There is no Depression. Its a new world and you don’t have any power. Live with it.

  15. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    That’s the problem with scumbag conservatives
    and Republicans Mark. They think they understand
    what’s going on. They think they have some
    grasp of reality but like their president. They
    are living in a state of denial never before seen
    in any presidency of the United States.
    You think you know, but you and people like you
    know not of which you speak. You think you have
    power, but everyone got these registration drives
    together for a reason. Keep supporting Nero.
    You are a group of people who have no sense of
    self nor history.
    Too easy Mark. Just remember; You Can’t Win.

  16. mike says:

    Now, boys, if you can’t play nice: no pudding!

  17. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:


  18. Mark says:

    Thats the problem with Liberals. They can never admit they’re wrong. Thats why they haven’t won an election and won’t win one now. The country has evolved and passed you by. Its sad to see you still trapped thinking you’re better than everyone else.

  19. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Mark, I guess you and your poor reading comprehension
    failed to pay attention to your own pathetic
    excuse of a man and even more so of a president
    saying, “I did not make any mistakes.” I think
    we can all agree he made some mistakes, but you
    say liberals cannot admit they are wrong? You
    must be livin in denial land like your president
    and fellow people who believe he’s doing a
    good job. No one’s had anything pass them by
    except the no-account Republicans who have sold out
    this country in ways no Liberal ever could
    Why is it I feel an Andrew Sheppard “I am a Liberal”
    speech coming in a few days?

  20. bicycle bob says:

    steel is just a scared guy. scared of living in the real world. scared of change. makes him feel better when he can tell people whats right and wrong. like he knows best. a tried and true liberal schmuck.
    why would bush admit mistakes when he hans’t made any? anyone who says iraq isn’t a right war doesn’t have a clue. pretty much explains steel

  21. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Bob, Iraq had nothing going on except for one of
    the many friggin despots existing in this world
    that nations such as the US had ignored. We had
    more of the country under control because of UN
    sanctions and no fly zones then we do now. Also
    back then, we didnt have 15000+ Iraqi and Americans
    killed due to a war that had no point.
    We were lied to Bob. We were lied to in a way to
    manipulate our patriotism to go to a war, that
    many last year saw as unjust while I did not. After
    mission accomplished, during last Summer when the
    soldiers kept on dying. I began to realize this
    war had to point. We went there for oil, and we
    have not even gotten that yet.
    All we have now are pretty much 90 percent of the
    cost and 90 percent of the fatalities of any military
    personnel. I would bring up the Iraqis again, but
    Bob you are all about a war where their lives have
    little point because your moronic president just
    had to take us to war with the WRONG COUNTRY.
    You are the one who’s afraid. Afraid to open your
    stupid eyes and see the truth. To see a country
    going under because of a man whose fixiated on keeping
    people like you scared of the WAR ON TERRORISM.
    Which, you dumbasses who buy into that, does not
    exist. You cant have a war on something like
    terrorism, because terrorist do not have a country.
    Thus the reason they call things WAR. This is
    similar to the War on Drugs and we all know how
    that worked out.
    So Bob, you are a friggin moron to see things as you
    do, because opinions have nothing to do with the
    country right now. There are facts, and the facts
    are on my side. Again, you thought you made a valid
    point. Too bad I am Scottie Pippen and you are
    Patrick Ewing.

  22. mark says:

    Steel, you’re a joke. Nothing you say makes sense. so you’re a big Lib. Big deal. No one gives a rats ass. Ask your candidate why he voted for the war, voted against, said its the best thing, said its the wrog war, yet wants to “win”, yet wants to pull out. Can he make up his mind? Now its a “nuisance”. You’re as big a jabrone as he is.

  23. BrotherhoodOfSteel says:

    Hey dumbass, use BROTHERHOOD, instead of steel.
    What’s wrong with you people. Mark, much like
    the dumbass in power, many people forgot what went
    on last year. How pretty much everyone in this
    country had to get on board the war effor or were
    a traitor to this country.
    What politician would not back a war made popular
    by a president who lied to his citizens about
    WMDs and so on? That’s how things work, but again
    not like anyone cares about how things work. God
    forbid all politicians did it, even if they voiced
    concerns. But again, not like anyone should be
    bothered by how shitty our political process has
    become when everyone and their mother has to go
    along in fear of having some BS commercial aired
    about them.
    And mark, maybe you are not bright enough, but Kerry
    stating terrorism being a nuisance makes sense due
    to the Bush Administration scaring the shit out of
    all of you white people. I mean you are scared
    shitless. He meant it, dumb dumb, as a way of saying
    our entire lives should not revolve around the fear
    of terrorism. Of course scared ass people such
    as yourself, could not grasp that, but hey not like
    that stops you or people like you from talking out
    of your asses whenever you cannot grasp a subject.
    And how dare you call me a ‘jabrone.’ Oh no you
    didnt. Listen here candyass; the world would be
    better off if assclowns like you would know your
    roles and shut your MOUTHS.
    If you guys had any ability to respond worth a shit
    this would be fun. Instead you respond with some
    flacid bicycle bob shit. Please. It has to stop.
    Since you are just so easy to slap down.

  24. bicycle bob says:

    theres no talking to commie, pinko liberals. they know everything. the bush lie stuff? thats a lie. we’re in a war on terror or did u forget that. i don’t expect a numbnuts like u to get it though.

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