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By David Poland

How Much Is Foxx Worth?

Does this add up?

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28 Responses to “How Much Is Foxx Worth?”

  1. Lota says:

    It may not add up in his “worth”, but it adds up for how many family members he’s supporting (and inflationary post-oscar ego-greed).

  2. par3182 says:

    he deserves a whoopin’ from his granny for being that grabby. who’s the other guy you allude to?

  3. Joe Straat says:

    If I could have 5% of that, I would be happy for the rest of my life.

  4. Barry says:

    Despite all of this, we must agree that Jamie Foxx has a damn nice ass.

  5. Eric says:

    The other guy, as a glance at IMDB will tell you, is Edward Norton. He and Brando worked together in The Score.
    My first thought when I read the piece, though, was that it may be Val Kilmer. They were both in The Island of Dr. Moreau, and they’re both notoriously difficult. I do wonder what that set was like.

  6. Joe Leydon says:

    What the hell is it about this site that encourages so much talk about guys’ asses?

  7. L&DB says:

    Eric, I thought Val Kilmer as well. Until I remembered
    a Rolling Stone article that had Kilmer mentioning
    how much he liked Brando and how they were friends.
    Norton on the other hand; gets to wear a really
    pretty mask in Kingdom of Heaven. GO NORTON!

  8. The Coke You Nut says:

    Great article on Foxx. Interesting to see if he blows his career’s good will the way Vin Diesel nearly did after the first “Fast.” It’d be a shame because before the “Ray” gun, Jamie really made an impression in a lot of good parts. Go way back to “Bait” and “Great White Hype” and see how remarkable his comic timing is.

  9. Dan R% says:

    Foxx’s ‘demands’ seem far fetched…well even more far fetched than what I’ve read other stars ask for before…But what do I know? I work for $11 an hour…Not like I know the value of money or anything.

  10. KamikazeCamel says:

    But the difference between other celebrities like, oh say, Tom Cruise or someone in that vein, is that Jamie Foxx hasn’t deserved any of that stuff he’s asking for yet.
    I am adament that he did not deserve his Oscar for “Ray” (or to be nominated… at least for Ray. He deserved a Best Actor nod for Collateral but we all know what happened THERE) and I find him annoying and waaay too cocky.
    I mean, as Poland wrote, he has ONE $100mil grosser (and it was just that, $100mil) and an Oscar that he won purely because the man he was portraying died just before the film’s release.
    I mean, I doubt that outside of the african-american demographic, he’s much of a box-office draw. Just see his pre-Collateral stuff (and even that movie was sold on Tom Cruise as a villain) where he was the main star (so cancel our Any Given Sunday and Ali). You get a few Breakin’ All The Rules’.
    This one is particularly funny:
    “Exec Producer credit for his personal managers”
    At least we wont need to hear him do that annoying Ray Charles singalong thing ever again.
    And onto the next item. Not only did the actor (for Kingdom of Heaven) not get along with Brando… he’s also young. Surely that cancels out Val Kilmer nowadays doesn’t it?
    Did Johnny Depp and Mr. Brando get along on the set of Don Juan DeMarco AND The Brave…?

  11. i'mhearingvoices says:

    Ed Norton is the King of Jerusalem.Empire magazine in the UK did a long feature a little while ago on the movie, and captioned a picture of the guy in the mask as that. What i want to know is who’s the older, more established star already signed to Dreamgirls (working for back-end, in the Oscar grabbing role etc). My guess from the ‘talking animal’ gag is Eddie Murphy, but it doesn’t seem like his kind of gig i.e. it’s not rubbish. Anyone else have any thoughts?

  12. bicycle bob says:

    depp became good friends with brando during filming of don juan.

  13. teambanzai says:

    It’s deals like this that makes me miss the studio system, and yes I know it was very flawed. When 80% or more of your peers are out of work then as an actor they should be happy they’re employed. Plus it seems that as soon as they get one of these deals the quality of work seems to drop significanly.

  14. Terence D says:

    The guy made Booty Call and Bait and he’s looking for this much? His agents are dreaming.

  15. Martin says:

    Hm, as much as I love to rag on actors and their insanities (see J.Lo) I think it really comes down to the work. When Foxx starts doing shitty work, I’ll start complaining. But as long as he keeps giving oscar-worthy performances (which Ray and Collateral both were) I’ll keep tuning in. The rest of the stuff is beside the point, until they start sucking. (stealth?)

  16. bicycle bob says:

    i think his obscene demands are funny. lets see if the studio has any balls. i think we can chalk up colleterals box office to cruise. ray to a great performance. what else has he done thats made money?

  17. jesper says:

    He should try to get as much as possible.. This is bussiness. If someebody is willing to give the man all that (and then some…) it’s just good for him. BUT this will stop the minute some excecutive realises that he have no international appeal

  18. Stella's Boy says:

    Even though it went over-budget, I’m guessing that when all was said and done, Any Given Sunday made money. Not that Foxx really had anything to do with that.

  19. Mark says:

    If he gets them to concede to his demands then he was right. If it gets to his head and hes making Bait type movies (Stealth anyone?) in two years we’ll know he was out of his mind.

  20. Joe says:

    Maybe he has something better to do at that time?
    Maybe he doesn’t really want to do Dreamgirls and will only do it if they offer him all that?
    His stock is as high as it can be right now so he might as well ask for everything he can get. I doubt that the role is better than his Ray Charles role. I don’t think he will ever get anything as good as that.
    He has an Oscar, now he needs to cash in.

  21. Saxon17 says:

    What exactly does “Department Head Approval” mean, and why would an actor want it?

  22. Terence D says:

    Being an actor is not like being a pro athlete. He’ll have high earning power for another 20 years. His shelf life isn’t two years. If he alienates the decision makers and has a few non hits in a row then I think Mr Foxx will be begging for roles like this.

  23. bicycle bob says:

    hes an actor who should be thanking his lucky stars that sandler turned down collateral and ray charles died.

  24. KamikazeCamel says:

    I’ve been saying all along that Jamie only won because Ray died. If Ray hadn’t of died then Clint would’ve won… (not that I wanna get into that again).
    Maybe Foxx thinks THIS musical is too, well, gay for him.
    …but, it’s still ludicrous

  25. TheHoursMan says:

    Guys – its CLEARLY Will Smith in the blind item, NOT Eddie Murphy. The talking animal bit threw us all off, but lets not forget about other suggestions in the article – he’s a BIGGER star than Foxx, HE’S the one up for Oscar contention, he earns over 20 MILLION DOLLARS a picture and will be taking a paycut for the film. Let’s not forget also that Will Smith was a voice in Shark Tale.
    heeeence, I’m saying that the article is suggesting that, in fact, Will Smith is set to play Curtis Taylor Jr. 😉

  26. bicycle bob says:

    the thing is this. foxx plays second bananas well. will plays leads. see ali for proof.

  27. Stella's Boy says:

    Collateral is a lead, isn’t it?

  28. Mark says:

    It can be argued that Foxx was the lead in Collateral. Just like you can argue that he has the lead in Miami Vice. He’s a good actor. Who has done some great off beat things. Be interesting to see what his next few choices will be. Will he go for the money or go for the parts.

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