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By David Poland

Pretty Sensational Job By Searchlight…

… on the Nightwatch trailer
They even acknowledge that it’s in Russian… but it’s so cool looking, no one’s gonna notice…
28 Days Later numbers are clearly an option this July.

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39 Responses to “Pretty Sensational Job By Searchlight…”

  1. Martin says:

    no way it will do 28 Days #’s… considering it’s in Russian. But it is a cool trailer, and except for the lack of big actors and the language thing, I would’ve thought it was a big hollywood horror flick.

  2. DW says:

    28 Days Later numbers? This can’t possibly be coming from a person who has actually seen the film. I have, and it stinks. It’s effects heavy and quality light. It’s as if it was directed by a commercials vet with ADD and is entirely devoid of scares, a significant problem for a vampire movie. I don’t know what they’re putting in the Stolichnaya over there, but that this was a huge hit in its home country boggles the mind. It might make a few bucks from the geeks who are in paroxysms of pleasure from the sight of this trailer, but it seems unlikely to be a mainstream crossover. It would however serve as great remake material, which I believe was why it was bought in the first place.
    P.S. Is it just me or does the lead guy look like a cross between Don McKellar and Moritz Bleibtreu?

  3. L&DB says:

    “Paroxysms of pleasure?” Now that’s just funny.
    I remember hearing about this flick back in 2003.
    Finally, it arrives in the US IN RUSSIAN! Yeah.
    The kids love listening to one of the more harsher
    sounding languages while reading a movie. If this
    flick does 20 million bucks. Someone at Searchlight
    should get free hookers and coke for an entire week!
    WOO HOO!

  4. Joe Leydon says:

    Excuse me, Dave — but aren’t you the same guy who peed in his pants when he saw the first “Phantom of the Opera” trailer?

  5. David Poland says:

    Uh, no, Joe. But thanks for playing Old Inaccurate Cheap Shots.

  6. KamikazeCamel says:

    DW, first rule of journalism. Leave out anything that is not needed or your reader will get bored and skip the rest of your article.
    Haven’t watched the trailer yet, but the graphic design sure looks great.

  7. L&DB says:

    The second rule of journalism: “DANCE. DANCE. DANCE!”
    Just wanted to throw that in. Also, Kurt Wimmer
    has Ultraviolet coming out sometime this year. I
    will take the dude who came up with Equilibrium
    vampire flick more so than the Russian vampire

  8. Joe Leydon says:

    Hmmmm. Ok, I must have just dreamed that I read something like this by Poland on October 26, 2004: “A Really Amazing Japanese Trailer For Phantom Of The Opera… And Joel Gets His Nipples In…”

  9. Spam Dooley says:

    Go DW
    I’ve seen the film and it is great to look at and makes ZERO sense- seriously none.
    I know Peter Rice is fond of it- but dream on.
    “28 Days Later numbers are clearly an option this July.”
    Yes I am sorry I claimed you were all about the numbers Davey on a previous post.

  10. David Poland says:

    Long Live Sahara, Spam.
    You know that saying that is shorthand. I don’t feel compelled to blog in braille, thanks.
    P.S. $45 million does not require a mainstream crossover.

  11. David Poland says:

    Oh, Joe… “peed in his pants” is the same as not hating something… now I get it.

  12. Joe Leydon says:

    OK, I’ll have to file that for future reference: In the world according to David Poland, “really fantastic” means “I didn’t hate it.” Just like, “This is the movie to beat for the Oscar” means “Until something better comes along.” Tell me, do you ever trip over your own feet when you back pedal like that?

  13. David Poland says:

    Well, Joe… again you misquote.
    I am willing to take responsibility for what I write… not for the spin you attach to it.

  14. Joe Leydon says:

    Wait a minute, Dave: Misquote? Boobla, I cut and freakin’ pasted the “Phantom of the Opera” trailer remark directly from a past Movie City News page. That’s why I even referenced the date. Remember that item in your column a few days ago, about how writers need to be careful about what they write on a website because it can come back to haunt them? Well, YOU wrote “A Really Amazing Japanese Trailer For Phantom Of The Opera.” Not me. You. Sorry if you don’t want to owe up to it, but there it is. It ain’t spin when it’s true, Big Guy.
    At this rate, I guess you’ll eventually deny ever describing “Solaris” as “the most romantic movie of this millennium.” Not that I’d blame you.

  15. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    Congrats to Fox for the effort in bringing some Russian flick to the US plex sheep – it’ll probably do more than Russian Ark you’d hope. However they were probably swayed by the bigger than Titanic numbers it made in redland than whether it’d connect with your average genre fanboy. Having been offered this flick I can say that without knowing the literature its come from – in Russia the film is based on a LOTR hugely popular trilogy – this will end up losing Fox around $25million. Yes I’ve seen it – it’s a glorious mess that has a terribly flabby mid section that has worked in global fest situations but will be DOA in larger markets. This should be platformed and not released wide. As it wont do the necessary numbers and it’ll send out a signal to studios to be wary of any other genre pickups. Bummer.

  16. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    btw Joe – amazing as it seems I’d have to side with Dave on this one. From that quote I read it as – the japanese trailer for this film is great – not the feature itself per se. I loved the trailer for TERMINAL VELOCITY [one of the best cut action trailers ever] and hated the flick.

  17. David Poland says:

    Wrong misquote, Joe.
    “This is the movie to beat for the Oscar”
    Solaris is a brilliant film. Sorry you’re not up for it.
    P.S. Bubbelah… you are a BAD Texas Jew.

  18. Joe Leydon says:

    David: No, that’s just how we say it down here. It’s sort of a combination of Bubba and Bubbelah. (Just like the poeple in New York can’t pronounce Houston correctly.)

  19. Spam Dooley says:

    Hey Laydown
    I’m only a prick when I am correct and have first hand knowledge.
    What’s your excuse, Twat?
    I am Spam Dooley and I feed my people!

  20. Joe Leydon says:

    Spazz Doo-Doo: I don’t recall ever calling you a prick. (Well, not on line, at least.) You sure you’re not thinking of someone else?

  21. David Poland says:

    I’m Dooleycus!
    I’m Dooleycus!
    I’m Dooleycus!

  22. Spam Dooley says:

    Actually, film buff Dave, the line comes from a banner that gets the dwarf killed in THE YEAR OF LIVING DANGEROOUSLY — “Sukarno- Feed your People”.
    And you aren’t fit to be a Dooley.
    Now be careful or I will start the Poland Jokes.

  23. Joe Leydon says:

    Dave: What in the wide world of sports are you doolying asbout?

  24. KamikazeCamel says:

    How is saying Phantom of the Opera looks like an Oscar-y movie one of the most condemnable crimes in the history of the world (according to some people?)
    And, I watched the trailer – it does look fantastic.
    One other thing, how much did Russian Ark make? In Australia is was huge. Well, as huge as a Russian docu-drama set in a museum can be. But it made a couple of million, which is great (times the australian gross by 10 and you get the rough translation of how much our grosses equate to in the states. eg; Shrek 2 grossed $50mil. In US terms, it would’ve grossed $500mil.)
    So, yeah, Russian Ark made the equivelant of around $25mil in Australia. Ain’t to shabby…
    but, whatever, this thread is filled with stupidity.

  25. L&DB says:

    Russian Ark did not to well here in the US I believe. But wessa loves the
    GENRE FLICK IN THE US! So it might pull something from it’s ass. If not
    then Laydon will be talking smack to Poland all friggin Summer. That
    accursed Laydon.

  26. Dan R% says:

    It looks cool…
    I was reminded of Constantine watching it…too bad that two people say it’s more style over substance…not that’ll matter, cos people confuse the two.

  27. Joe Leydon says:

    “That accursed Laydon”? Geez, what next? Will you be calling me a pompous jackanapes? Or maybe an egregious popinjay? Or even a pusillanimous blackguard? Are we gonna wind up dueling under the spreading oak at dawn or something?

  28. David Poland says:

    Russian Ark did shockingly well in the U.S…over $3 million for an arch Russian art dramatized doc… huge by those standards…

  29. L&DB says:

    3 million? Damn. That is well for a Russian art
    documentary. I stands corrected. Except on Laydon
    my own personal Alexander Hamilton! WOOOOOOO!

  30. KamikazeCamel says:

    Russian Ark literally was a breakout success.
    Even the ads for when it premiered on tv touted it as “The film that astounded a nation and broke box-office records”
    …cause it’s true.

  31. bicycle bob says:

    going out on the limb here dave

  32. L&DB says:

    I really think more movie marketing departments should
    Because who really hates the Australians outside
    of the Kiwis. Who like to refer to them in rather
    distasteful fashion. It has something to do wtih
    The Piano. Im sure.

  33. Terence D says:

    Who hates the Aussies? Everyone who saw Crocodile Dundee 3.

  34. jeffrey boam's doctor says:

    So, yeah, Russian Ark made the equivelant of “around $25mil in Australia. Ain’t to shabby…
    but, whatever, this thread is filled with stupidity.”
    Possibly the most retarded comment ever to be posted on this site. Hey apples and oranges anyone. ARK vs SHREK. Hey Cameltoe – it didn’t make the equivalent at all. Antipodean boxoffice consistently beats major territories on niche films – it’s kind of obvious that is does – when most arthouse distributors have their own chains and can sit on films til the cows come home. Its like if Landmark had the buying power to grab every hot indie. NIGHTWATCH will make more than ARK. Yet you say thats a dumb statement. Go do what you do well. Shag a sheep little boy.

  35. TheBrotherhoodOfTheLostSkeletonOfCadavra says:

    Gee, and just imagine how much nastier this thread would be if Bicycle Bob were on it! Sheesh.

  36. bicycle bob says:

    there u go again sister. obsessing over little ole me. do u go to sleep crying that u can’t stop thinking about me?

  37. KamikazeCamel says:

    I doubt anyone is posting anymore on this thread but, whatever.
    “Who hates the Aussies? Everyone who saw Crocodile Dundee 3.”
    Not even Australians went to see that one!
    And, I wasn’t comparing Shrek and Russian Ark, I was using Shrek because it was the only film that I could remember a box-office gross of.
    Shrek 2 grossed $52mil, if you take into account our population and the inflation rate, you can acquaite it to $520mil US.
    Moulin Rouge grossed $28mil, blah blah, $280mil
    Umm… ROTK made something like $49mil here, blah blah, $490mil.
    I always find that movies opening weeks are the same. Sahara opened with $1.7mil I think.
    I was just using it as a yardstick to comparing successes between countries in a, hopefully, easy to understand manner. But, i suppose it was lost on you because you can’t get my name right, can’t get my nationality right (new zealanders fuck sheep thankyou very much) and I never said Night Watch wouldn’t gross more than Russian Ark. I was merely saying that Russian Ark was REALLY successful in Australia. REALLY.
    “Possibly the most retarded comment ever to be posted on this site. ”
    HYPERBOLE IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. Terence D says:

    Thank God. I am still in therapy from seeing it.

  39. mex says:

    What the fuck is wrong with the Poker!

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