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Rules Were Meant To Be Broken… A Little

Darth Tom Kills Oprah

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22 Responses to “Rules Were Meant To Be Broken… A Little”

  1. GdB says:

    Hmm.. I wonder if that Defamer report that the ending of WOTW is one of the worst in the last twenty years is true.
    I’m glad you posted this.

  2. bakednudel says:

    uh…why did my first comment come up on the old blog?
    anyway: hee. Poland, does this mean you’re surfing the net for TomKat news like the rest of us?
    Thanks for starting my Thursday with a laugh!

  3. bicycle bob says:

    the fact is u can’t stop cruise news. u can’t even contain it

  4. BluStealer says:

    You’re wondering if the Defamer is true? i don’t think they’ve ever had a true report there. But its a funny site.

  5. Lota says:

    Blustealer you couldn’t be more wrong. Often they give blips of other blogs which may be out of proportion or rumor or just parody, but in general alot of the stuff is correct due to the peeps who send in “tips”.
    Les Moonves reads the Defamer for news for goodnbess sake.

  6. Jedi Master Lota says:

    Oh by the way…thanks for the link. Must we address Tom as Darth Smiley now? And who will avenge Oprah?

  7. Terence D says:

    When did Les Moonves become the industry standard?

  8. Lota says:

    I said Les Moonves (and others) read the Defamer or have it read to them. I didn’t say any person or use the words ‘industry standard’. Who that is, is a matter of your own opinion.

  9. LesterFreed says:

    It is a funny little site. But I wouldn’t hold their word as gospel or anything

  10. GdB says:

    No, not the site, itself. The little blurb article: War of the Worlds – the IM review
    where the IM’r texted in this to defamer:
    “DefamerOps: war of the worlds

  11. Lota says:

    this what i have been told re. ending, but it depends on what you like. many folks in Europe like downer ending, and US of A, many of us townees like the all-ends-tied up type ending (myself excluded which is why I am getting the Signs vibe, other than the trailers).
    And yes i agree Defamer is the harbinger of truth and the way. but embellishments are entirely their own, ingratiating themselves for a real comedy job Someday.

  12. LesterFreed says:

    They are all on there looking for writing jobs. I don’t begrudge em

  13. bicycle bob says:

    any site that has a daily lohan story is fine in my book

  14. Mark says:

    Defamer is a must read everyday.

  15. David Poland says:

    I have gotten confirmation from someone who is very savvy and who has seen the film that the movie follows the third act of the book pretty exactly… so the third act problems follow from there… apparently.

  16. joefitz84 says:

    The book isn’t what I would call cinematic anyway.

  17. sky_capitan says:

    So Scientologists believe in electro-shock therapy, but not prescription medications, is that it?
    How savage.

  18. KamikazeCamel says:

    Minority Report
    Catch Me If You Can
    The Terminal
    …I really hope WotW doesn’t go onto that list of recent Spielberg mishaps. A.I. had that horrible ending, Minority Report too, Catch Me was way too long and The Terminal was… well, The Terminal was pretty shit from start to finish.

  19. jeffmcm says:

    God I get sick of defending Spielberg. On that list you have one masterpiece, two very good classics, and one amusing comedy that was a nice try. Combined their worldwide theatrical gross was over a billion dollars (AI: $235 million, MR: $342, CMIYC: 341, Terminal: 119). Add in the fact that his filmmaking is more inventive now than at any other stage in his career and it’s just clear that you aren’t really watching what’s going on in his movies.

  20. Twitchy says:

    Dave loves to comment on Roger Friedman. How can he resist not commenting on Friedman’s Tuesday article about Katie’s ominous 16 missing days and the resulting firing of her manager and agent her new wacko $cientologist

  21. Lota says:

    Speaking of Tom zapping things…what about a zapped budget? I am being told, rather insistently that the budget including P&A is now over 210M on this movie. Is this correct DP? Figure someone would have leaked that info to you by now.

  22. KamikazeCamel says:

    Jeff, I really liked Minority Report for the most part. Not just the ending was flawed – but still, pretty decent. I was just saying he messed it up. Same goes for AI – some of the stuff in there is brilliant but then it goes on for 20 minutes too long with a silly… whatever it was.
    Catch Me If You Can I also quite enjoyed but me and the friend I saw it with both had the exact same reaction at one point. We both wondered where it was going and why it was taking so long to get there. It DID NOT NEED TO BE THAT LONG.
    And The Terminal was weak. It was a movie designed be called “light” “romantic” “fluffy” and “enchanting” on the DVD sleeve. It had a perfectly fascinating story but botched it up by focusing on how Tom Hanks gets to sleep! And then the weird semi-there relationship with Catherine Zeta-Jones (semi-there because it seemed like even Spielberg was bored but that storyline). And at a time when airports are among the most hectic, dangerous and strange places to be they did not mention things such as terrorism once. It felt weak and safe. And also, it was way too long. It was OVER 2 HOURS! Why?!
    And the people who designed the poster need to get a different colour other than white into their brains.
    Spielberg really needs a new editor.

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