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A Pig of A Poll

Results after the jump…

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14 Responses to “A Pig of A Poll”

  1. Joe Leydon says:

    Are we tallking just US, or “international” (i.e., including Mexico)? Because if we’re including Mexico, my friends…

  2. jeffmcm says:

    Since it would never be possible to know the answer to these questions, the more interesting thing to ask is, how aggressive will Fox be in pushing one or the other after the numbers come in?

  3. mutinyco says:

    You mean Wolverine is the source of the swine flu?…

  4. mutinyco says:

    It started with pigs. But now it’s being transmitted by a Fox through a Wolverine.

  5. don lewis (was PetalumaFilms) says:

    I think Scott Mendelson coined the term “Curse of Wolverine” the other day….seems apropos at this juncture.

  6. Tofu says:

    Fox has opted not to air Obama Wednesday night. Perhaps because he will speak of the flu? Only one of many factors, likely.
    The nation is starting to grow more concerned by the day, and this is only Monday.

  7. Dirk2112 says:

    Call me crazy but I think that the whole part where the film is the worst piece of cinematic offal many will have seen in over a decade will produce word of mouth that will have more to do with low Wolvie numbers than swine flu.

  8. hcat says:

    I am a little behind on these blog posts, is Swine Flu what we are calling “the ghosts of girlfriends past” now?

  9. storymark says:

    Gee, Dirk, you think you could squeeze a touch more hyperbole in there?
    I can think of a dozen movies in that timeframe worse than Wolverine, without even trying.

  10. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Unfortunately theaters are going ahead with midnight shows Thursday night. I wouldn’t be surprised if state and local health departments lean on the theaters to cancel those shows.

  11. Joe Leydon says:

    Chucky: Well, I won’t be surprised if they’re closed in the New York area. Seriously.

  12. Wrecktum says:

    Since there hasn’t been one confirmed death in the U.S. yet and the number of deaths in Mexico has been significantly revised downward, can we please stop with the panic?

  13. Lota says:

    i think the US already had its swine flu–there were record numbers of early spring flus and pneumonia in many parts of the country (big cities) in march -April yet no one thought to do a serotype or genome-type of those affected. I bet many of those were oink-chirp.
    the panic is over the top and it’s too late to do much about it anyway
    SARS killed ~ 800 people from complications

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