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Poll du Jour – The Irony Of Death

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38 Responses to “Poll du Jour – The Irony Of Death”

  1. Don Murphy says:

    You make a joke about being hurt on a Transformers set a few weeks after a poor woman actually was hurt in an accident on set and you wonder why anyone would think you were an arrogant, stupid ASS. You are beyond an idiot you are insensitive, smug, and a just plain not nice human being. Go fuck yourself Poland.

  2. johnny mack says:

    Dave Poland is not a funny man, that kind of humor is just plain dumb.

  3. Chase Williams says:

    What a dickwad!!! Poland needs to get a swift kick in the hole of the ass and then shoved into a pit with sex starved male midgets!!!If being a assho** was a crime this guy would be sentenced under the jail!

  4. Hellen Cellar says:

    Hit-whoring much?

  5. David Poland says:

    One of those classic cases where the drama from DM overwhelms any concern I would normally have about something being “too soon.” Of course, Don doesn’t really care about the woman or have much to do with the production, aside from using it as a cudgel against me. He’s already assured me that he tattled to Paramount and Dreamworks.

    In any case, I do feel bad if this is “too soon” and would edit it now, but it would seem more a reaction to Don than to anything anyone who actually isn’t off their meds has said. If someone from the production who hasn’t spent the last month spamming the site asks, I will take it a lot more seriously.

  6. Dom Marceau says:

    David Poland, owns a toilet, sewers back-up/ drowns in his own excrement. Now THAT’S irony, smart guy!

  7. Don Murphy says:

    David you pompous whiny windbag. I care greatly about the woman. I was on the set two weeks ago in Detroit and everyone there cared about the woman- everyone felt very bad and was torn up about it. So you have some nerve to say that I don’t care or that I am not involved. It wouldn’t be a cudgel against you except that it is disgusting and assholic. There was an accident on set. Someone was hurt. It was NO ONE’s Fault. YOU are trying to turn it into a joke.

    And I guess pointing out that you have no credibility = spamming the site now. Genius.

    Don’t take it down, I never asked you to. I have screencaps. You are an asshole.

  8. David Poland says:

    I wonder if these three first-ever commenters are all Don. Have I driven him to release his alters?

    “Hit whoring” is my favorite though. Because mentioning Transformers is the way to ring up page views? Doesn’t Helen Keller know that nude photos of the new girl are the way to “hit whore?”

  9. IOv3 says:

    This is David Poland. He loves dark humour. Seriously people, if you have not caught onto this by now, then fucking leave.

  10. Don Murphy says:

    Hey, maybe they are people who decided you are an unfunny asshole? Check IPS. You are much less popular than you think.

  11. Hellen Cellar says:

    Not Don, I assure you.

    I used to post years ago, when I regularly read your site – before it and your brain went to shit.

  12. Smith says:

    @Don Murphy

    You ain’t much different.

  13. cadavra says:

    Sofia Vergara agrees to sleep with me/I drop dead from the shock before I can get my shirt off.

  14. Don Murphy says:

    But I am- I take down douchebags daily but have never made jokes about innocent victims. So please only speak when you have knowledge, douchebag.

  15. Lt. Pavel Chekov says:

    Ironic, isn’t it Murphy? What a hot mess. Some may call this “karma” perhaps?

  16. Triple Option says:

    Cadavra – Thus proving the line between comedy and tragedy are razor thin. I don’t even know you irl and I’d be crying at your funereal.

  17. David Poland says:

    My curiosity is who is stuffing the ballot box, all of a sudden. This was an unpopular poll with pretty even voting and now there are a bunch of votes for Bay, as though someone is trying to throw fuel on the barely existent fire.

  18. Don Murphy says:

    Well the poll itself doesn’t interest me just the kind of person that would actually post it

  19. Jeff McM says:

    It’s already been well-established that Don Murphy is a liar in addition to being a rageaholic bully with too much free time. This is just more of the same.

    Don, doesn’t the mountain of cash that you’ve earned from these bad movies insulate you from worrying about problems such as these? If the money isn’t solace, and the films themselves aren’t much to be proud of…what’s the point of it all?

  20. Avalanche says:

    @ Jeff McM

    obviously having money doesnt take away DM’ human nature to care about someone who got hurt you fucking moron. people like you is why the human race is doomed.

    i cant believe that i actually registered to post something to such dumb human being. please cancel my account, i dont want my email address registered to such a horrible site.

  21. Lt Pavel Chekov says:

    @Avalanche: Don’t you spend enough of your worthless time licking Murphy’s butthole on his website?

    @Jeff McM: You are absolutely correct about Murphy. He’s not only a liar but he also delusional enough to think that he can control people from typing complete cyber-gibberish on a daily basis. Murphy has enemies all over the place from having too much free time on the Internet. The only “friends” he has are asskissing nerd groupies that have nothing to do tangibly in entertainment that dwell his website. By the way alot of people stopped participating there, smart move. Murphy is on so many peoples’ shit list that it’s amazing that anyone would want their name associated with his.

  22. Chase Williams says:

    don is cool in my book! I like his movies they entertain! If he is a asshole isn’t that standard Hollywood fare anyway who isn’t a asshole in that biz..Now Dave and Don hug it up (No sneak stabbing) and send that woman some really nice freaking flowers!

  23. Don Murphy says:

    Oh this is Reg, the extra that got thrown off the Transformers set for being insane. HI REG!

  24. Don Murphy says:

    I will always care when someone is hurt by an accident.

    You still cleaning out public lavs?

  25. Maxim says:

    Poland, you are one unfunny son of a bitch.

    I think this kind of shit was Wells’ domain. You just proven you are every bit as disqusting and stupid as he is.

  26. Lt Pavel Chekov says:

    Let it be noted that I know firsthand that even the Transformers production doesn’t allow Don Murphy anywhere near the sets. For 3 reasons: he’s nuts, he’s a liar and his own partners don’t like him. That explains why he has so much “free time” typing gibberish on the Internet. He’s probably on anxiety medication.

  27. Danny Mcbride says:

    Why don’t you guys Don and Dave both stop sounding like a couple of katty women from the safety of your computer monitors and lace up some boxing gloves, step in the ring and just go toe to toe like men! Or just drive to whoever’s house first ring the door bell then Bitch slap the hell out of the other guy.

    You both sounding really soft right now.

  28. cadavra says:

    Not sure if that’s a compliment, but death is something we have no control over, and sometimes laughter is the only escape valve (see “Chuckles Bites The Dust”). You’ll also note I made myself the butt of the joke.

  29. Green Lantern says:

    @Danny McBride

    But Don Murphy IS soft. Just google “Don Murphy gets bitch slapped” and you’ll see:

    ^ That link summarizes him very accurately, a pussy with keyboard courage that can’t fight to save his own life. I remember reading somewhere of Tarantino walking up to DM in a restaurant and slapped him HARD then Murphy was in a fetal position on the floor by the time the cops arrived. lol!!!

  30. Don Murphy says:

    Let me know how to sue you for being a liar and disseminating lies. Lt. Pussy.

  31. Don Murphy says:

    You mean the assault that ended with a big payday? FUN!

  32. Green Lantern says:

    Yeah $450 is really “big”. When you say “big” you must mean “TINY” like your penis. lol!!!!!!!! Ironic. Since DM edited his own wiki entry after I pointed it out here’s this:

    “But put yourself in QTs place, ever since he became known, hes had people taking shots at him in public and in private (which we dont see). He might have had enough of all the BS and thats how he reacted. He also bitchslapped Don Murphy (the fucker deserved it) that time too.”

    ^ From here:

  33. Don Murphy says:

    That wasn’t the number not even close, but you are very very funny.

  34. David Poland says:

    You know… not really interested in having a “beat up Don Murphy” thread here either. I’m not going to censor anyone, as I haven’t censored Don, but no one wins one of these flame wars.

  35. Foamy Squirrel says:

    …especially if you’re going to bring 4chan affiliates into it.

    Besides, the biggest douche around here is CLEARLY me.

  36. IOv3 says:

    Oh come on Foamy, you are not that bad.

  37. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Pfft… Don knows how douchey I can be.

  38. Danny Mcbride says:

    No I am the BIGGEST douche of them all. KING DOUCHEBAG is what my grandmother used to call me as a wee whipper snapper after I called the cops on her for giving Blowies to the priests in the alley behind the orphanage for 5 bucks! Don and David’s Doughebaggery will never measure up to mine!! Hey David I'[m the one who left that corner drop of juice in the container in your fridge. Now if that ain’t some dougebag magnum shi**.I dont know what else would be.

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