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By David Poland

All Suped Up Redux

Okay. I guess.

But does he have a FedEx package in his abdomen area? A Stouffer’s dinner?

What’s the Super-cup made of? If it breaks, do we see truth, justice, or the American way?

Did Morgan Freeman make him the suit?

Truth is, when the movie’s all done, this suit will be low on the list of things that matter. But I wonder, did I feel this way about the first view of the Burton Batsuit? I don’t think so, but I might be giving myself the benefit of the doubt.

The again, if we can see the vein popping in his arm, how far away can nipples in cold rain be?

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23 Responses to “All Suped Up Redux”

  1. From phone – I complained three years ago when The Dark Knight main poster highlighted the Bat Pod, partially because the visual center of attention was a giant wheel. This could be a slightly bigger ‘problem’ of the same vein. Obviously if the movie works, no one will care on Monday, but did no one look at the costume and realize that the visual center of attention was not the big S but the big uh… penis? Heck, at least Joel Schumacher was being somewhat self-satirizing. Oh well, Warrior is about to start. Hope I like it as much as you did.

  2. Bob Burns says:

    what does that oval button do? The one just above his dick.

  3. Tim DeGroot says:

    Considering it’s Snyder, I gather with the film’s actual lighting and digital grading the suit will probably look darker, and the package will be less obvious.

  4. spassky says:

    one element i like— the dirt that seems to be smattered across the costume like it would be on the side of an airplane that has just landed. if they do this though, shouldn’t they put some bugs on supe’s face? maybe un-coif him?

  5. anghus says:

    i like it.

  6. waterbucket says:

    The super bulge is really hot. Best Superman so far!

  7. Madam Pince says:

    Eye-scarring and ridiculous. Arrows to the penis and random belt buckle, (with no belt!) duly noted by those above. Also, now he has lizard skin and the tightly crimped and coiffured hair of a silent film starlet. I don’t know what the thinking is behind the bizarre hairdo choice.

    The nerds win this round. The red panties were a bit less silly than all this. I still think a good panties-less design can be done, one that doesn’t include lizard skin and arrows to the penis, so bask in your temporary vindication nerds. This will be sorted out by the time a Justice League movie rolls around.

    Edited to add: The more I look at it, the more he seems like Aquaman, with the fish scales and ugly wrist fins. Why they felt the need to give him the ugly wrist design is a mystery. Are they supposed to be like Wonder Woman’s bracelets? Do they deflect bullets? Why are they there? That’s a bigger design blunder than belt buckle with no belt.

  8. berg says:

    what is Kurt Russell smoking in Used Cars? Mores? Shermann’s?

  9. al says:

    Madam it’s probably meant to reflect the futuristic and alien nature of his origins… plus as Tim noted it’ll look quite different through Snyder’s lens.

    I think it doesn’t look bad. The rugged look works in making the character iconic in a different way. Obviously it’s meant to be of a piece with Nolan’s batsuit, much in the same way Donner and Burton’s iterations shared pop sensibilities.

    They’re obviously going more comics iconography (Jim Lee etc) and less Christopher Reeves. Different strokes but all in all he looks like Supes to me.

  10. film fanatic says:

    I didn’t think it was possible for a director to be more blatantly gay in sensibility than Bryan Singer, but I stand corrected.

  11. LexG says:

    Yeah, good thing they didn’t want Matt Bomer gaying up this incredibly manly costume.


  12. Martin s says:

    I can see what they were going for. It’s not a suit, but a skin. It might work with Snyder’s lighting. I think it doesn’t feel right because they’re pushing the Ziggy Stardust angle.

    Starman 2013

  13. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Obviously a movie can’t be judged by an image, and as others have said it will look different in the final film. But that suit in the image above is hideous. Just seriously ugly. Not at all how I imagine Superman looking (I am not at all familiar with the comics). I look at that and laugh. He looks absurd. I am really skeptical about Cavill in this role.

  14. Storymark says:

    I kinda like it. Has a distinct alien feel, and is reasonably faithful, while adding a lot of visual detail.

    I still think it needs a belt or something to break the visual lines, and the buckle/button thing looks really silly without a belt. But otherwise, Im liking it.

  15. LYT says:

    “But I wonder, did I feel this way about the first view of the Burton Batsuit?”

    Dunno about you, David, but my reaction at the time, and that of most people I know, was “Holy shit that’s awesome! Maybe Michael Keaton won’t suck after all” And people still love that one – some $300 action figure was just announced, and collectors are going nuts for it.

    I preferred the Batman returns one myself – better Bat-logo, and a more armored look rather than fake muscles.

  16. The Big Perm says:

    Batman Returns was definitely the best Bat Suit. I liked the slightly silver look to it as well.

  17. Triple Option says:

    I like the texture of the suit. There’s something slightly off about the S that I can’t quite put my finger on but not enough to really complain. It’s not bothersome. Let’s put it that way. The picture overall kinda looks like a painting I’d find hanging w/some other pasty noblemen from the 18th century at lacma. But really, I said I wasn’t going to complain. Bulge and beltless buckle aside, this is more what I’d understandable for 2011.

  18. yancyskancy says:

    Clearly, that button at his waist inflates his ‘little Superman’.

  19. palmtree says:

    Maybe we’re being set up for a joke in the movie. Like this is the first pass at a suit, and then they he discards it for another one that’s awesome. Just trying to stay positive…

  20. DiscoNap says:

    Since when did Superman comb his hair like Ace Ventura?

  21. Joshua says:

    “The again, if we can see the vein popping in his arm, how far away can nipples in cold rain be?”

    You say that like it’s a bad thing. 😉

  22. arisp says:

    Those who greenlighted this film will be fired. Nothing to do with his dick either. No one cares about a flying hero. Enough already with this franchise. Times have changed. The suit doesn’t help either.

  23. Dan says:

    If we can see the vein in his arm, how come we can’t see a vein on his dick, let alone the shape of his dick? I don’t know about you, but if I put on a skin tight suit, my “bulge” don’t look like that.


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