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106 Responses to “BYOB 82911”

  1. berg says:

    I want to see a sequel to Harry & Tonto …. De Niro as Harry and Johnny Depp as Tonto

  2. yancyskancy says:

    No, Eastwood as Harry; that way it’s a double sequel.

  3. berg says:

    I would go with Eastwood as Harry …. James Franco as the son and k stew, pattinson and seth rogen AS THE grandkids … just don’t make the cat a parrot

  4. cadavra says:

    Or how about Harry Potter and Tonto? A wizard western!

  5. berg says:

    Tonto shapeshifts between an owl and a cat

  6. sanj says:

    watched Dawning – horror movie .

    overall bad movie – low budget but not scary at all
    and ending sucks…

    trailer is better than the movie

  7. sanj says:


    Outlawz Claim to Have Smoked 2Pac’s Ashes

    Tupac Shakur’s death has become the stuff of legend. Well, here’s another story to add to the pile of rumours surrounding the late rapper’s death: his crew Outlawz reportedly mixed his ashes with marijuana and smoked them.

  8. yancyskancy says:

    sanj: I heard his crew developed a Tupac-a-day habit.


  9. Martin S says:

    I paid so little attention to Haywire, I didn’t realize it was Gina Carano. I’ve been pushing for her to be Wonder Woman for two or three years. Never thought she had a chance until now.

  10. Storymark says:

    I still wouldn’t hold my breath.

  11. Geoff says:

    Saw Senna, last weekend – fantastic doc, probably the most exhilerating film I have seen this year. One thing I loved about it was that it was SUPER-tight – 100 minutes, the movie just fucking flies! I think having no talking heads interviews really makes a differences.


    One key question to any one who has seen it? When they show that POV footage of Senna’s last race for about five minutes, MAN, every one in my audience including me was holding their breath. Nothing could top that for pure tension in any move, this year. But….

    Isn’t that basically POV mini-snuff film? I mean, I had mixed feelings being so enthralled basically watching some one’s real-life path to death. I’m sure they cleared this footage with the family, but did it give any one else pause?

  12. chris says:

    Gave me pause. I felt like the whole movie — perhaps the whole sport of Formula One in that time frame — was snuff-based.

  13. cadavra says:

    To me a snuff film is one in which somebody is deliberately killed so it can be photographed. Footage of an accidental death–especially of a celebrity athlete–doesn’t really qualify.

  14. sanj says:

    watched fright night 1985 ..not bad for old movie …
    where is the Chris Sarandon dp/30 ?

    15 minute audio interview

  15. Hallick says:

    Chris Sarandon is one of those actors who could’ve been as big as Tom Sellick if he’d just gotten the right show back in the 80’s (maybe even the 90’s), but it just didn’t happen for him.

  16. sanj says:

    i cut up some red peppers – onions and tomoatoes. wow. i’m good . i should win that top chef tv show .

    sure this seems easy but then we have tv shows that make cakes cake boss and now cupcakes….
    the whole drama on the show is people yelling at each other and people dropping the cakes ..

    got any reality shows that make you wonder how they got on tv for doing something pretty basic ?

    if i told you guys i wanted to make a 30 minute show just about cupcakes – you’d think i’m more insane than i already am but go look on tlc tv …. theres a show about cupcakes.

  17. Joe Leydon says:

    Hallick: Funny how that happens, isn’t it? Certain actors appear to be poised on the brink of stardom… look like all they need is one good movie role, or a TV series lead… and the magic simply doesn’t happen. There was a time about 20 years ago when I would have bet the rent money that Stan Shaw was going to be a breakout star. Same thing with Kathleen Wilhoite. I keep waiting for it to happen with Famke Janssen. But…

  18. sanj says:

    some actors use tv to get into music and other talents they have .. Andy Samberg…the guy on snl ..does music videos.

    his videos get like 50 million hits each … sure makes him
    popular with a younger crowd . still not good enough for dp/30 ..

    Jack Sparrow (feat. Michael Bolton)

  19. chris says:

    Maybe, cadavra, but it doesn’t really feel like an “accident” when it’s entirely avoidable. Particularly in that time frame, guys were getting into unsafe cars to drive at speeds that were also unsafe.

  20. Don R. Lewis says:

    SENNA is amazing. And as chris alludes to but I think missed the point in the movie, the movie DOES make note of the fact that people like spin-outs and crashes as it added excitement. But the non-traditional style the film is made in doesn’t give you a talking, hindsight head saying how the formula one honchos wanted that so it might have been easy to miss.

    I mean, maybe I was hearing things or putting pieces together that weren’t there but I thought it was totally implied that the “powers that be” were partially to blame.

    Great flick though, everyone should see it, even if you’re not a sport or car racing fan.

  21. bulldog68 says:

    Regarding poised for stardom; I remember a couple years back when Premiere magazine had its annual Power List that James Van Der Beek was in the top 100 power players. He was supposed to be the big break out star, Varsity Blues was a modest hit and he led a cast that also starred Amy Smart, Paul Walker, Ali Larter and Scott Cann, all who have gone on to more high profile things after 1999.

  22. LexG says:

    VARSITY BLUES RULES ALL, Van Der Beek rules, and Texas Rangers/Rules of Attraction should’ve put him higher on the list than they did…

    But, man, didn’t he get entirely cut out of Solondz’s “Storytelling”? a) That’s always got to sting, and b) That movie is such a misshapen oddity as a two-parter, it really couldn’t have been worse with the VDB sequence intact.

    Has Solondz ever put it back in for video? I don’t think so, but what do I know…

  23. bulldog68 says:

    Jon Voight rules too. How many other actors have assembled such a filmography of popcorn and art and has always been the heavy in the room. What other actor could have been the biggest snake in the room even when up against 40ft CG’d Anacondas. He needs a Lifetime Achievement award if he doesn’t have one yet.

  24. scootrzz says:

    james van der beek is terrific as a hightened/sick version of james van der beek in the new abc sitcom ‘apt. 23’…..i’m not sure the series will live, but it’s a pretty funny turn for ‘the beek’…

  25. yancyskancy says:

    Joe: My big prediction was superstardom for Madeleine Stowe and Aidan Quinn after BLINK. I still think it should’ve happened.

  26. Joe Leydon says:

    Yancy: You have to ask yourself: Was it because of the roles they turned down? Or the roles they took? Or the roles they dearly wanted, but either never had a shot at, or had to drop because of personal demands, family emergencies or whatever? Many years ago, Gene Kelly told me that he was offered the chance to direct Cabaret, but had to turn it down because his wife was ill at the time. What if he had taken the gig? Would Bob Fosse have gotten a crack at Lenny or All That Jazz? And what if any of the many people who were offered Alfie and Ipcress File before Michael Caine had said yes? It’s almost scary to contemplate just how much chance and circumstance figure into film history. Or any history, for that matter.

  27. scootrzz says:

    i wouldn’t abandon hope for madeline stowe just yet…she steals the show in ‘revenge’ (a new tv series) and, as a result, is directing a film with with her husband…
    and, afa kelly directing ‘cabaret’, i now won’t be able to sleep for weeks….

  28. bulldog68 says:

    Yeah Joe, imagine Thelma & Louise with Michelle Pfeiffer and Jodie Foster. Footloose with Tom Cruise. Molly Ringwald in Pretty Woman. More recently, I read that Matt Damon was Cameron’s 1st choice for Avatar, and Julia Roberts actually turned down The Blind Side.

  29. anghus says:

    the avengers and dark knight rises may be the most spoiler ridden shoots in the last decade. there was a shot today in the most obscure of places which basically gives away a major plot point to the avengers movie. I won’t even mention what, but it’s amazing the vast array of sites i visit and so many of them have things about both movies.

  30. sanj says:

    i cracked the Jennifer Aniston code – she makes 1 good movie every 3 years .

    i wonder if she reads movie reviews ..

  31. film fanatic says:

    Another example: Richard Gere’s entire career got jump-started by taking roles that Travolta had turned down (DAYS OF HEAVEN, AMERICAN GIGOLO, OFFICER AND A GENTLEMAN). Funny how things work out sometimes.

  32. yancyskancy says:

    And if George Raft had had the sense God gave a goat, Humphrey Bogart might’ve never become a leading man. Were there any early, iconic Bogie roles that DIDN’T have Raft’s fingerprints?

  33. LexG says:


    GOD WORTHINGTON in the multiplexes this weekend. Support the world’s GREATEST HUMAN BEING SINCE CRUISE.

  34. sanj says:

    i’m the only one who thinks tiff movie prices should be
    10 bucks so the average person can afford to go the the big
    movies … traffic doubles and more people are exposed to
    sponsors messages of buying stuff they don’t need …..
    …tiff actually makes more money this way ..

    …within 3 years every major movie festival in the world also gets 10 dollar movies and within 5 years the oscar academy gives an oscar to me for changing the film industry forever.

  35. Greg says:

    The big movies at TIFF are usually sold out or near sell out…how would making tickets $10 increase traffic when there is no room left?

  36. sanj says:

    they would add more screenings for movies – if they have to open the theatres 24 hours a day they would do that .
    actors can still show at 2 AM and talk about the movies they are in ..

  37. JKill says:

    I’m on the fence about SHARK NIGHT 3-D. On one hand I’m a sucker for goofy exploitation, particularly those involving animals eating people and I like Ellis as a director. On the other hand, the PG-13, which normally I wouldn’t complain about, seems pretty off for the genre. It’s also going to be really hard for me not to compare it to Aja’s glorious PIRANHA 3-D.

    Count me in as curious, although my number 1 choice for the weekend is THE DEBT, which I’ve been looking forward to for a good while now.

  38. storymark says:

    Since I tend to skip Lex posts when they’re in all-CAPS, I only gleaned snippets from the last two posts…. something about The Debt, and then masturbating in the theatre….

    I wouldn’t have guessed that Lex would such a thing for Helen Mirren.

  39. torpid bunny says:

    the anaconda is an awesome and frightening animal. But you take that and turn it into something not at all like an anaconda, a computerized killing machine, I’m gonna be skeptical. That said, I was actually somewhat impressed by the direction and production value of a recent Anaconda. The emphasis on a young adult cast taken from sportswear magazines clinches the pan-sexual consumer anxiety of the premise.

  40. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    While The Reef is terrifying and contains almost no blood or gore whatsoever, I’m also skeptical of Shark Night’s PG-13. I’m not sure David Ellis will be able to generate that kind of tension. I was surprised he would make a PG-13 horror movie. And Piranha 3D is awesome.

  41. Krillian says:

    I’m sure he looked at the Jaws movies and figured teens/tweens were his prime audience, so let’s straddle that PG-13 line.

  42. hcat says:

    Nearly all of the actresses in the late 80’s early 90’s owe a debt to Debra Winger’s choices. Holly Hunter, Melanie Griffith, Sharon Stone all got a shot in the arm with Roles that Winger passed on. Julia Roberts became a star taking roles Meg Ryan passed on to take the roles that Winger passed on.

  43. sanj says:

    i’ve heard a few good reviews for drive 2011 ..

    12 minute interview for drive …

    also new tv shows coming at the end of september…which means people can go see a movie or watch a couple of hours of new tv . this could lower the
    box office numbers a lot .

  44. Geoff says:

    Hcat, good point about Debra Winger – she passed on a TON of stuff about ten years, running.

    I’m wondering, but never heard for sure: Does Eddie Murphy owe a debt for Beverly Hills Cop to Sylvester Stallone since he apparently was the first choice?

  45. Storymark says:

    Does Harrison Ford owe Tom Selleck?

  46. The Big Perm says:

    I can never picture Selleck doing Indiana Jones. It’s not like he’s bad or anything, he’s just so affable and lightweight. Not like Ford is so intense, but the style he brings and facial expressions make that character.

  47. hcat says:

    Ford owes Bellesario and Larson for not letting Selleck film the movie, though Indy helped cement him I can’t imagine that he couldn’t have used his Han Solo cred to move to bigger things. Same with Murphy, while Cop put him over the top, he was still a huge star beforehand and owed Gregory Hines a big fruit basket for passing on 48 hrs. Just like while Cruise benefitted from Mickey Rourke passing on Top Gun, his bigger debt is that Micheal O’Keefe decided he was too big a star to do Risky Business.

  48. spassky says:

    I don’t see how Stallone would have made Beverly Hills Cop the hit it was with Eddie Murphy in the role.

    and re: “Jennifer Aniston only in one good movie every three years…”

    I can think of one decent film she has been in in her entire film career (and I’m not even counting pre-rhinoplasty Leprochaun)

  49. The Big Perm says:

    Didn’t Stallone’s version of Beverly Hills Cop become Cobra? That man definitely has the anti-Midas touch. Aside from Rocky and Rambo he doesn’t have much.

  50. Joe Leydon says:

    In his first autobiography, Michael Caine says he actually tried to talk his friend and former roommate Terence Stamp into playing the lead in the film version of Alfie. (Stamp had already played the role on stage.) Caine also says that he still has nightmares in which Stamp takes his advice.

  51. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    As a big fan of Michael Madsen I am still bummed that he (allegedly) turned down From Dusk Till Dawn, Pulp Fiction, Heat, and Saving Private Ryan. Apparently he was also considered for LA Confidential and Natural Born Killers. The career that might have been.

  52. Geoff says:

    Big Perm, I did hear that about Cobra – there’s even a wink to it in Cop II where Axel sees the Cobra movie posted in Billy’s room and does his trademark laugh.

    Stallone did have other hits besides Rambo and Rocky – Cliffhanger, Demolition Man, Tango & Cash, Cobra actually did make money too.

    However with regards to Rambo and Rocky, THOSE are two iconic characters who have been branded and copied hundreds of times over. Nothing to sneeze at, isn’t just have those characters a career in itself?

  53. The Big Perm says:

    Geoff, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen Cop 2…I didn’t remember the Cobra poster, but that’s funny. Stallone had other hits to be sure…but jeez, Tango and Cash is about the shittiest movie ever released, I fucking hate that movie. Demoliton Man sucks too. Liked Cliffhanger though! And the man does have way more bombs than hits. Wasn’t Cobra sort of considered bomb-ish?

    So Tom Sizemore got half of the roles Madsen turned down? If Madsen DID turn all of those down, he’s nuts.

  54. The Big Perm says:

    Man, check out Madsen’s IMDB listing. The guy’s making like 12 movies a year.

  55. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Nuts indeed. Unfortunately he hardly ever makes anything worthwhile anymore. No one but himself to blame though, if he in fact did turn down all those roles.

  56. Joe Leydon says:

    James Caan reportedly turned down an astonishing array of movie roles in the ’70s — everyting from Superman to Kramer vs. Kramer. And didn’ Kevin Kline actually earn the nickname Kevin De-Kline because of all the roles he turned down?

  57. Hallick says:

    “and re: “Jennifer Aniston only in one good movie every three years…”

    I can think of one decent film she has been in in her entire film career (and I’m not even counting pre-rhinoplasty Leprochaun)”

    Office Space…voicework in The Iron Giant…so, I’ve got two.

  58. hcat says:

    Caan would have made a terrible Superman, but its astonishing that he had all those different oppurtunities and he decided “Ahhh, I just go with Freebie and the Bean”

    As for the littany of actors that might hold up productions while waiting to be properly wooed into the role, can anyone else confirm that Hoffman was the inspiration for Martin Weir in Get Shorty. I had heard that the whole ‘will he, wont he’ important artist stuff was inspired by Hoffman circiling the lead in LaBrava for years. This is all seventh hand hearsay on my part but hey, this is the internet.

    And I am flipped with Perm on Stallone, Like Demolition Man, get bored halfway through Cliffhanger, but everything else outside First Blood and the first two (and latest) Rockys is a giant parade of sludge. The guy certainly has a screen prescence but just has the worst taste in projects and seems to have only survived by being one of the top guilty pleasures of the industry.

  59. sanj says:

    just checked what Jennifer Aniston is worth – like 120 million…. okay maybe too high – lets say 40 million cause
    her work on Friends …

    she could throw like 10 million into films / tv shows and be the producer ..if something takes off ..she even more rich… i wonder how many actors do that. put up their own
    money cause they think some project is worth it ..
    we are talking about millions of real dollars .

  60. Storymark says:

    How about actors that lost out on star-making roles due to other circumstances? Im thinking mainly of Dougray Scott – i wonder if he still holds a grudge against Woo and/or Cruise for loosing Wolverine?

  61. bulldog68 says:

    One of those circumstances is death Storymark.. Mike Mysers got Shrek because Chris Farley died. Anyone know of any others?

  62. bulldog68 says:

    That should be Myers, not Mysers.

  63. hcat says:

    The only other example of one actor getting a role due to the passing away of another would be Slater doing Interview with a Vampire after Phoenix died.

  64. LexG says:

    Emily Browning was the author’s original preference for Bella Swan. CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?

    I like Browning big-time, but NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN MORE PERFECT for a role than K-STEW. But if Browning had done it instead, Kristen wouldn’t be slammed in the press so much, wouldn’t have to endure the crazy Twilight juggernaut that makes her uncomfortable, and probably would be on her third OSCAR WIN by now.

  65. Krillian says:

    Michael Gambon replacing the late Richard Harris in the Harry Potter franchise. Depp, Law, and Farrell stepping into the Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus after Ledger’s death…

    I’m sure Michelle Pfeiffer appreciated Annette Bening getting pregnant and dropping out of Batman Returns. Scarlett Johansson is now part of the Avengers thanks to Gulliver’s Travels not letting Emily Blunt out of her commitment.

    Isn’t Al Pacino’s in Jack & Jill cuz Nicholson didn’t want to do it?

    What about when actors get fired? Like Stuart Townsend fired from Lord of the Rings and replaced by Viggo. Or Eric Stoltz from Back to the Future. William H. Macy was the original voice of Marlin from Finding Nemo…

  66. Philip Lovecraft says:

    James Caan turning down “Superman” wasn’t a mistake and neither was taking “Freebie & the Bean”. That movie is brilliant. “Hey Bean, ya got the pliers?”

  67. hcat says:

    Couldn’t disagree more with you Lovecraft. I thought Freebie was vile and ugly. Caan always had a strong undercurrent of menace and assholeishness to him, which worked most of the time with his anti-heroes (I have a softspot for the Killer Elite), but the humor in Freebie brings all of it so front and center I can’t help but hate him in that role. Add to that Arkin and Harper playing latino roles and the cross dressing gay killer. I sat there watching it flabbergasted that talents like Arkin, Caan and Rush would do such a lowbrow nasty film.

  68. palmtree says:

    Harvey Keitel was replaced in Apocalypse Now by Martin Sheen.

    Claudia Wells was replaced in Back to the Future 2&3 by Elizabeth Shue.

  69. sanj says:

    why don’t people protest high movie prices for movie festivals .. movie critics don’t care cause they get in
    free …

    should i go out and write a sign – “stop giving hollywood
    your money” outside tiff ?

    99% of people would won’t care and watch the expensive movies … 1% might care .and most people would think i’m
    part of some hollywood movie promotion …

    but spending 10 hours a day for like 8 days or whatever outside movie theatres …might get noticed by them bloggers ..

  70. Martin S says:

    Caan turned down the Luthor role in Donner’s Superman. Brando even tried to talk to him into it.

    A lot of Madsen’s lost roles, IIRC, were bond issues.

    I loved Madeline Stowe since Worth Winning. Her problem, sadly, was age. By the time she was getting pushed with Blink she was already past the studio line of demarcation – 35.

    Had no idea about BHCop and Cobra, but I guess it explains how Bruckheimer had no qualms about changing Bad Boys from Carvey/Lovitz to Smith/Lawrence.

    Angus – re: Set reports. I don’t think either production had a choice. Both, especially Avengers, openly invited people down to the shoots. What’s funny to me is Matthew Fox and Tyler Perry have been in CLE alongside Avengers.

    Anyone read Toback at Deadline? By the end, I actually hoped Leo and Marty would just plow ahead and freeze his ass out. He should have titled it Why the F am I stuck with Ratner

    Speaking of Deadline, Nikki’s DC relaunch article was the funniest damn things I’ve seen in sometime. She claimed exclusivity over info that’s been floating online for at least two weeks. Broad is Delusional.

  71. Tim DeGroot says:

    I saw a preview for Stowe’s new series. She looks as good as ever.

  72. LexG says:

    Discussion of Fox in-house fave John Moore as director of Die Hard 5 please.


    (I am pro- this decision, I assume most will whine about it.)

  73. JKill says:

    I haven’t seen all his work (been interested in watching his remake of THE OMEN for a while…) but what I have seen shows him to be visually competent, if not a whole lot else. BEHIND ENEMY LINES is effective and has some good moments, while MAX PAYNE is beautiful looking but lifeless and awful. But looking at the alleged short-list, the descision seemed kind of foregone. The other names seemed pretty out there. But I’m casually optimistic, as I often am, especially since I’ll say that I think Wiseman’s LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD, despite the insane title, is pretty good, and I’m always welcoming of some more Johnny M. The fact that Moore, from the reporting, won over Willis through his focus on practical effects is a good sign.

  74. JKill says:

    Also, if we’re discussing recent movie developments might as well throw out the awesome news that Brolin will headline Lee’s OLDBOY (fantastic choice!) and the bummer news that Clooney isn’t going to do Soderbergh’s MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E.


  75. LexG says:

    The only practical effect I care about is that they give Willis some goddamn hair.

    The worst thing about LIVE FREE was NOT the PG-13 or the daughter or Justin Long or Kevin Smith or the too-much-similarity to WITH A VENGEANCE; It was that Willis had a completely SHAVED HEAD, so it never felt for ONE SECOND that he was playing John McClane. It’d be like Kurt doing ESCAPE FROM EARTH and showing up with a frosted Dolph Lungren 1985 spike. It’s also why LETHAL WEAPON 4 doesn’t really count, ’cause Gibson didn’t grow out his Riggs Mullet.

  76. Joe Straatmann says:

    Brolin in Oldboy, huh? Better than the initial choice of Will Smith simply because if they’re somewhat following the Korean movie, the main character has to be someone who can be a total everyman who can vanish without anyone noticing, and that is so not Will Smith. Brolin can do that and bring the intensity, though after hearing Spike Lee was signed on, I was kinda’ hopin’ for Denzel. Maybe too cliche of a team-up, but Denzel would’ve rocked that shit.

  77. The Big Perm says:

    I agree, McClane needs hair.

    As for the director of Die Hard…you know that whenever you read a list of directors up for some big movies that could be cool, the job will go to the most boring one who will maybe make a technically competent movie but it will sort of suck. So congrats John Moore, you got the job!

  78. sanj says:

    some cool art .. artist lights things up

  79. Don R. Lewis says:

    Speaking of guys turning down big, defining roles…Will Smith passing on OLDBOY and DJANGO UNCHAINED is kinda nuts. Could have redefined his career. Guess the same ole same ole is working for him but ZZzzzzz.

  80. hcat says:

    Not excited at all about Moore, but then again I wasn’t excited about Wiseman either and ended up enjoying the fourth. But could not disagree more about the hair. Willis should only be bald or with a slight horseshoe stubble. I don’t know if a slideshow exists on his terrible toupees throughout the years (Sixth Sense and Bandits come to mind) but at this point he needs to keep the slick dome of Tears of the Sun, Live Free, and Red.

  81. yancyskancy says:

    Haven’t seen any John Moore films, but look for DIE HARD 5 to land high on Armond White’s Best of the Year list.

  82. Foamy Squirrel says:

    So apparently people have been “teaching” Cleverbot (an online chatbot) movie quotes.

    User: Cleverbot, what is best in life?

    Cleverbot: The immortality of being a lifeless machine.

    User: Wrong! What is best in life?

    Cleverbot: Doing good.

    User: Wrong! What is best in life?

    Cleverbot: To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentations of their women!

  83. LexG says:

    I have some MORE QUESTIONS.

    Some of you dudes all talk about being FILMMAKERS on some level; Do you guys ever use that power to have wannabe actresses take it off for the casting couch?

    Fuck knows I would; Like a dude like Big Perm comes off here like a shady motherfucker in general anyway… at LEAST tell me you’re propositioning every actress who auditions for you. I’d hold auditions just to make chicks show me their feet and crawl around the room like in Black Dahlia.


  84. The Big Perm says:

    I may be shady but at least I don’t imply that I jerk off to 13 year olds!

  85. sanj says:

    DP is probably going to have like 50 dp/30’s coming up

    any of you movie critics going to try to beat that ?
    can’t you steal actors from DP when he’s not looking ?

  86. al says:

    I would like to see

    a dp/30 with sanj… please…

    DP… get on it

  87. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    The citizens of Arizona are so fortunate to have Steven Seagal and the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Department fighting for the civil rights of roosters.

  88. Foamy Squirrel says:

    The best part is they used A TANK to gain access to the guy’s property.

    Is that normal police procedure for animal welfare cases, or is Seagal taking a cue from his own movies?

  89. sanj says:

    true story – i’ve never seen any star wars movie – don’t plan too.

    haven’t seen any of the harry potter films but plan too one day

  90. storymark says:

    Do you have central air in your cave?

  91. sanj says:

    if i ever met Lucas i would have no idea what to say ..
    like dude with beard .. i just don’t care about star wars.
    then walk away.

    shouldn’t Lucas have a dozen dp/30 by now. maybe DP hasn’t seen the movie either.. …or he’s afraid to ask
    … that dude in the black mask will chase DP down with
    that light saber thingy…

    probably watch all the potter films sometime next year .
    since i didn’t read the reviews i have no idea what thats about .some kid and some school with his buddies doing magic .

  92. LexG says:

    Liven this bitch up:

    How can I make the WHOPPING SUM of 50k in Los Angeles? Or 70-80k. I’ve never been around THAT KIND OF MONEY.

    I want to know FLAT OUT what movie bloggers make. I usually make between 35-45 depending on the year, but it’s WEAK SHIT and YOU CANNOT LIVE in LOS ANGELES unless you make about 70-80k MIN. I want some FUCKING MONEY.

    Every 16 year old kid in this city has a LEXUS, so what’s the point of DOING THE RIGHT THINGS in life– college, LAME DESK JOB, being a DOUCHE– if you’re getting one-upped by teenager thugs?

    Anyone here live in LA? How can I make 70-80k? Can anyone loan me some money so I can get a hair transplant so I can grow it long like Snake Plissken instead of having THE HAIR OF ROBERT LOGGIA at 38 years of age?

    How does POLAND have such nice hair? I’ve seen it in person and it’s pretty fucking rad. Going BALD is the worst thing ever, or at LEAST on par with LOSING A LIMB, in terms of turning you into a no-fuck-ever sadsack as far as women are concerned.

    But then if you drive a crappy American car and make 35k, it’s OVER JOHNNY.

    I want some fucking money, but most of all I WANT EVERYONE TO EXPLAIN TO ME how you guys have nice houses and cars and shit, when these seeming basic non-luxury elements of life should be a given, and I’m in a tiny apartment with mildew stains in the tub, and you guys get vag and drive cars that are newer than 1990.

    It fucking SUCKS. I hate my life and I want to be rich. I’ve lost 30 pounds but I’m still ugly and fat. I need to lose 40 more to get down to 200, but even then, it says my BMI I should be 175, not 200. Hate being fat, hate being BALD, hate being broke, HATE WORKING AT A JOB WHERE I HAVE TO SEE PRE RELEASE MOVIES IN BLACK AND WHITE FOR MINIMAL MONEY and it’s all bullshit.

    Can we just start with WHERE DO I GET A JOB that does NOT INVOLVE seeing NEW MOVIES ON A COMPUTER, and one that pays 70K?

    What kind of jobs are there in LA? I want money.

    Watch Strollin’ Poland go and delete this now.

  93. Joe Leydon says:

    LexG: I forget who first said this, but I long ago claimed it for myself: Whenever a student asks me what he/she should write to guanatee making a lot of money, I say: Ransom notes.

  94. LexG says:


    Anyone here ever gotten a hair transplant?

    How much did it cost? I want to get a toupee until I can afford one, but… where DOES one buy a toupee? And do you have to shave the top of your head every day to affix the rug? Sounds like a pain in the ass.

    But looking like a guy who handled plutonium doesn’t sit well with the ladies.

  95. Pete B. says:

    So shouldn’t you be wanting Bruce Willis to keep the bald head?

    Him and Statham make life better for the “follically challenged”.

  96. LexG says:

    No, because the fully shaved head is just a dumb-ass look. And an unfortunate byproduct of post-mid-90s style trends.

    For thousands of years, dudes had thinning hair… They didn’t all go Mr. Clean till about 1994 or so. Michael Keaton, Ed Harris, Jack Nicholson, Bill Murray, Ed O’Neill and too many others to count were losing their hair big-time while maintaining an acting career, and none of them zipped it off to look like some dumb-ass on a Pine Sol bottle. Willis looks AWFUL with a shaved head; A rug or even a Duvall would be more sensible than that sickly BALD look.

    Did BILL MURRAY do Scrooged or Ghostbusters II with a clean pate? Did Ed O’Neill play Al Bundy as looking like Mayor Ed Koch?

    Shaved heads ALWAYS look stupid, even on Vin Diesel… makes him look like a Cro-Magnon; He should just grow it out, whatever it looks like.

    Bald sucks.

  97. JKill says:

    I think you’re being a little too extreme on this issue, Lex. I don’t think everyone can pull it off but Willis, Statham and Diesel look, by most peoples’ estimations, cool sans hair.

  98. LexG says:

    Statham looked better in Revolver with those stringy, half-bald on top Rade Serbedgia extensions.

    And Willis looks AWFUL bald.

  99. Triple Option says:

    I caught up with Senna. Had I known it was about the race car driver, I would’ve gone to see it earlier. I remember hearing at the time of his death they stopped traffic in parts of Brazil for 15 mins in his honor.

    I don’t know if this stuff counts but potential **SPOILERS** –

    Was there any audio used that wasn’t taken w/in a relatively short time after his death? Interesting the (almost?) exclusive use of vintage footage but it didn’t seem like any of the explanations given were looking back from 15 years after his death. I’d kinda like to hear more of their thoughts having some separation. Although it’s tough because memories become hazy and selective sometimes.

    Next, anyone else surprised there was no inclusion of Michael Schumacher? Of course, you don’t know how big the dude was going to be back in early 90s but he was clearly something special at that point.

    Kinda glad they didn’t go into the whole conspiracy/investigation of his death. Though it was surprising to me that NOTHING was mentioned about it. Even if a footnote of a widely held speculation that the steering wheel came off in Senna’s hands even before the car hit the wall or that whatshisface head of Formula One, who was already portrayed as this evil, self-serving controlling dictator, (that no one’s ever disputed), had the final 3 seconds erased off the driver pov tape erased and black box confiscated to prevent more conclusive data from ever getting out. Of course, I’d understand the family’s wishes to not have such things included.

    Which, per comment above, Senna’s last lap that they did show w/out labeling was about THE most intense feeling I’ve ever had in movie theater. I wasn’t thinking snuff or morbid but this fear of seeing what someone would see right before he dies and being about to experience what the end would look like was terrifying. The fact that it was going so fast for so long and unlike Hollywood movies, there was no cut to larger shot with super slo-mo to see it coming.

  100. Pete B. says:

    Willis with hair like he had in Surrogates looks even worse.

    That movie would have made much more money if not for that horrendous blond hair.

  101. yancyskancy says:

    But Lex, people LOVE Robert Loggia. Especially kids:

  102. spassky says:

    Pete B.: there are two bruce willis’ in that film— a real and a fake willis—the ridiculousness of that blond wig is intentional (though i can’t say i’m willing to defend that movie)

  103. JKill says:

    Statham’s hair is on the eccentric side in REVOLVER, although that fits with the film in general. I’m actually one of that movie’s few fans. Its mixture of Ritchie’s signature gangster comedy with religious, phiosophical intentions kind of has to be seen to be believed.

  104. Pete B. says:

    spassky: Thanks. Yeah, I know there’s two Willis’ in the film, but when the trailer came out, my wife saw that blond hair and asked “is this a comedy?”
    Kinda defeated the purpose – intentional or not.

  105. Triple Option says:

    Thanks, Sanj! I should always look back for those. I’m about half way through. I’m glad I didn’t see the DP/30 before hand but it’s amazingly helpful for perspective.

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