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American Psychosis

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18 Responses to “American Psychosis”

  1. KrazyEyes says:

    The fact I can’t tell if this is a parody or an actual GOP ad says something about the state of modern politics.

  2. Joe Leydon says:

    I am actually giving my Media and Society students an alternative to the final exam this semester: They can write an essay on the signs and meanings in this election season’s Internet campaign ads. Between this one, “When Mitt Romney Came to Town” and the Obama re-election ad alone, they should have a lot of fun. Or not.

  3. torpid bunny says:

    This looks like that Johnny Cash video.

  4. christian says:

    So Obama = Ahmadinejad. And if Obama had yelled “bullshit” to a NY Times reporter, the GOP would scream, “ANGRY BLACK MAN!”

    Their newest, dumbest talking point is this “Obama’s Apology Tour” nonsense. And yet, InSanitorum demanded Obama apologize to the Afghanis after the massacre. It’s hard to keep up with their lunacy.

    I loathe the Republican party these days. I’m going to dance at their defeat Nov. 5.

  5. Don R. Lewis says:

    That video really does seem fake or like it’s an overblown satire of politics. Scary stuff. I do like the thousands of “dislikes” on the YouTube page though. Never seen that before!

  6. Paul D/Stella says:

    “I don’t want to be the guy who has to sit with my granddaughter, 20 years from now, and tell stories about an America where people once were free. I don’t want to have that conversation.” – Rick Santorum, March 26, 2012

    20 years is all you’ve got people. Make them count.

  7. torpid bunny says:

    This is the year we’re gonna get a zombie-themed national superpac campaign. It’s happening folks.

  8. christian says:

    We already have a zombie-themed national superpac. They’re called the GOP.


  9. hcat says:

    Watching Santorum makes me think of a Midnight in Paris ripoff where Santorum goes back to the late fifties and is enthralled by Christmas displays on public property, abortions being illegal, women in the home, and gays in the closet. He is suprised to find in this paradise he dreams of his conservative ilk are still furious and complaining about the upcoming collapse of America due to Jews moving into the neighborhood, labor unions moving into factories, and how social security will lead to communism. His new friends rapsodize about the 20’s, the height of prohibition, that was a truly grand conservative age. So along with a new friend he travels another step only to find people grousing about women’s suffrage and how the end of child labor will be a fatal blow to capatilism. Then he gets his ass kicked by a Klansman for being Catholic.

    He returns having seen that every age is the golden age of conservative bitching, that America has always been seen in a state of decline by those that fear the future, and there is always some “other” to demonize. Of course at the end he learns nothing because you can’t teach these Putzes shit.

  10. storymark says:

    That was good, hcat.

  11. Krillian says:

    Between this and the rabbit-shooting ad, Santorum has the most unhinged campaign ads in modern political history.

  12. Ray Pride says:

    Wasn’t the rabbit-shooting ad from some odd enterprise signed by Herman Cain?

  13. christian says:

    It’s depressing to think there are MILLIONS of Santorums out there.

  14. bulldog68 says:

    Hey Christian, according to Orlando Jones in Evolution: there is always time for lubricant.

  15. SamLowry says:

    “Then he gets his ass kicked by a Klansman for being Catholic.”

    Would be quite fitting; I’d assumed he was a garden-variety Baptist thug.

  16. cadavra says:

    Hcat: Yes, an excellent scenario. Coulda been a “Twilight Zone” episode if Serling were still around.

  17. Alisa says:

    Normal people can’t be taking this seriously. One just gotta laugh. If you watch a horror movie, would you call 911 at the sight of murder and blood?? No. This is an entertainment.
    But…If someone does take it seriously, I have to call 911 on THEM!

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