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80 Responses to “BYOB 112712”

  1. berg says:

    Head Games … concussion injury in professional sports doc … must see …Killing Them Softly, is one of the best ever gangster films but yet it is all conversations in a car … Ginger & Rosa, good perfs from Americans doing English accents but otherwise not so much … Lawless needs another looksee … room 237 the doc of the year even better than The Imposter and Samsara …. Madagascar 3, possibly the best of the lot but it still needs the penguins to give it resonance

  2. StellaPD says:

    Seeing Holy Motors tonight. Looking forward to it. Really want to see Killing Them Softly.

  3. tbunny says:

    Calling Skyfall the best Bond movie ever is sort of like saying you opened up the best box of Cheez-its ever last night. All the required pieces are there. Which, I have nothing against, but I do find it curious how much they’ve turned Bond into Batman, complete with fax-serious sociological disquisitions (which always turn out well for the extra-judicial heroic badass wouldn’t you know?) and false climaxes making the movie 30 minutes too long.

    On a side note, this movie was finished at 1080p I assume. I was sitting 20 feet from a 60 foot screen and the image looked flawless. How much better could 4K be?

  4. StellaPD says:

    I didn’t like Skyfall all that much. It’s not a bad movie and I really enjoyed the first half. But the second half is a pretty routine action movie, serviceable but in no way exceptional or all that compelling. Casino Royale is way better. Loved Silver Linings Playbook. Completely won me over.

  5. hcat says:

    Does anyone know where to find subscription numbers for Starz? We have been watching Netflix’s ups and downs since their split but isn’t the news that Starz cancelled their much praised-little watched Boss a sign that they made a big mistake walking away? An extra 200 mil a year or whatever Netflix offered would go a long way toward keeping original series alive, and having the old season on Netflix would only increase peoples awareness of it.

    For the rollar coaster ride Netflix has had over the year, it still seems to me that Starz was foolish to walk away from a nice revenue stream and increased marketing awareness just because they would have had to rightfully shared some of the cash with their contracted studios.

  6. StellaPD says:

    In September 2011 Variety reported that Starz had 19 million subscribers.

  7. Mike says:

    Apparently Starz’s numbers on Magic City are much better. It’s just that Boss wasn’t bringing an audience, and after the first season, wasn’t getting any awards attention, either.

  8. YancySkancy says:

    Yeah, you can’t help but think that if Grammer had gotten an Emmy nod they might’ve ponied up for another season.

    MAGIC CITY lost me in the first episode, when they repurposed the old scorpion and frog story.

  9. Don R. Lewis says:

    I thought HEAD GAMES was incredibly by-the-books and boring. I reviewed it over at Film Threat. When I heard it was Steve James I was super excited but….no go. Maybe if you don’t follow sports and had no clue concussions happen alot and are bad for you, it could be interesting but there’s no real revelation in the film at all.

  10. spassky says:

    Just saw ‘Silver Linings’ and really enjoyed myself (got all emotional and stuff), but I feel on second viewing it may seem a little all over the place. The dance scene kind of sums it up for me– while all three parts of the dance were fun to watch, I felt somewhat uncomfortable every time the song changed.

    … or I won’t feel that way at all on second viewing– I’ll just, you know, watch and like it again (maybe get all emotional and stuff again). Either way, I could not have guessed this was where I saw Russel going after ‘Three Kings’ and ‘I Heart Huckabees,’ but I am very very pleased in the path he is on now.

    TL;DR: Deniro for supporting, hell yeah.

    … and count me in as a Bradley Cooper holdout turnaround– dude’s got it.

  11. spassky says:

    BUT: holy crap am I sick of the ‘Silver Linings..” tv spots.

  12. StellaPD says:

    I really didn’t like Holy Motors. I was excited to see it after reading so many rave reviews, but it did nothing for me. Some arresting imagery, the lead is quite good, and the musical interlude is great, but overall I was not impressed. Can’t really put my finger on it. Weird for the sake of being weird maybe. Or I didn’t get it. I don’t know. It left me cold.

  13. sanj says:

    Lindsay Lohan Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting Woman at New York City …

    this will probably help get more people to watch her tv movie liz and dick … DP should go down to the police station and grab a dp/30 in the jail cell.

  14. The Pope says:


    I think DP’s DoP may have problems with the lighting down in the cell. Plus, LiLo will probably want wardrobe approval.

  15. Pete B. says:

    Depending on her cellmates, Lindsay might get a dp without Dave.

  16. The Pope says:

    And it’s Pete B. for the win.

  17. Don R. Lewis says:

    I was pretty lukewarm on HOLY MOTORS right after I saw it as well but it’s definitely grown on me over the last few days and week. It’s very much an anthology film and for me, those are rarely total successes. Much like an anthology film, there were segments in HOLY MOTORS I totally, totally loved and others that did nothing for me. I do think it’s get a little over hyped but I still dug it. Had 8 walk outs when I saw it too.

  18. StellaPD says:

    I saw it as part of a monthly film club series, and a significant portion of the audience was 50+. I was expecting walkouts but I never saw one. Looking at it as an anthology is wise, and I did enjoy some segments more than others. But overall it did nothing for me and it’s definitely over-hyped.

  19. Don R. Lewis says:

    My crowd was 50+ AND there was inexplicably 4 14-16 year old girls there. When the crooked penis came out, they were outta there!

  20. StellaPD says:

    Ha. There was lots of audible gasping and some snickering during that particular scene, but everyone stayed in their seat.

  21. Sideshow Bill says:

    Leaving when the crooked penis comes out is generally a good rule to live by.

  22. Don R. Lewis says:

    Yeah, but Eva Mendes was in the scene with a fair to good chance of getting naked. It was incredibly conflicting.

  23. Lex says:

    Anyone gonna mention this James Gunn thing?

    So now you can get routed and pressured out of projects for doing a blog shtick? Guess I’m never gonna make a buck-fifty in showbiz. Seriously, anyone else kind of scared by this? Didn’t Mark Wahlberg blind a guy and Tim Allen sell coke? That didn’t keep them from becoming beloved pillars of the showbiz community.

    But some (terrible, hacky, C-list) director calling a FICTIONAL CHARACTER a “fruit” in an unfunny BLOG ENTRY is grounds for outside groups pressuring someone off a film project?

    Since when did the people making movies become as scrutinized as guys running for office? Just seems like of all the Sheen and Lohan and Chris Brown antics anyone would have to choose from, singling out some nobody director over a BLOG POST is kinda scary.

    The PC movement of early Clinton was one thing, and basically boiled down to “don’t be an asshole.” But this anti-BULLY shaming of anyone who’s ever said or done anything remotely aggressive or off-color or offensive is reaching a fever pitch that can’t be maintained.

  24. Don R. Lewis says:

    It’s the PC movement mixed with crazy, overly sensitive people with easy access to every word written or uttered on the net causing these non-issue issues. Comedians and people being funny shouldn’t be scrutinized for that sort of thing, I don’t think. It’s about intent and the situation. That’s why when Michael Richards melted down it was an issue; the stuff he was saying was angry,ranty, out of character and not a part of the “act.”If the world ever needed George Carlin to set shit straight, it’s now.

  25. Js Partisan says:

    Both of you miss the point of this ENTIRELY. This has everything to do with the sexist and chauvinistic bullshit that’s been concurring in the comic book industry over the last year and a half. You have Tony Moore’s bullshit, you have women getting harassed at cons, and you have the ridiculous sexists and rape bullshit showing up in DC’s NEW 52. Fans, particularly female fans and the male fans who do not have their heads up their asses, are sick of this shit.

    This post from Gunn showed up at the wrong time. If it were a different moment in comic book history, no one would care, but female fans have been shit on enough. This is just more bullshit and if it cost him a job, then he only has himself to blame for being stupid enough to put this on his blog. There’s a limit now and people don’t have to put up with bullshit anymore. You can’t get a big SCI FI SPACE OPERA film for Phase 2 of Marvel, post weird shit about their characters, and expect to keep your job. If he had any sense, he’d walk away right now and apologize profusely while doing it. Of course he won’t do that, this is his big break, and I can’t blame him if he stays. Gunn better bend over backwards and walk this shit back, and he should do it at Comic-Con.

    Seriously, if people caught on more to the bullshit Roberto Orci puts on twitter, that guy would cease getting work. People ignore it but one day, it will catch up to him like it catches up to everyone. That’s the point: there are limits now and it’s not PC. It’s some of us hate white dude asshole bullshit and would rather have it obliterated than have it run rampant on the net because George Carlin was never an asshole. He told it straight and would shit all over Gunn for this nonsense.

  26. PcChongor says:

    Blah, blah, blah… If Louis C.K. can call his dick a racist and Donald Rumsfeld a flesh eating lizard and STILL have a wall full of Emmy’s, then it just goes to show that these sort of fiascos only boil up when the intended joke bombs.

    Either make ’em laugh, or face being GLAAD’s “Spokesman O’ The Month®” until someone else eventually fucks up on Twitter.


    Seeing as how the article itself was satiric in nature and over a year old, this reeks of digging for controversy. This whole thing can go and suck a bag of Gambit’s fruity ol’ dicks.

  27. Js Partisan says:

    Again, this has nothing to do with comedy. This has everything to do with Gunn, willingly or unwillingly, stepping onto the biggest LANDMINE in the comic book industry right now.

    Read that to get a better understanding of why people are pissed about it. Unless Gunn puts the biggest mea culpa in the history of the world out there, Gunn needs to walk away and they need to replace his ass with a female director.

  28. PcChongor says:

    Jesus, faux horse shit like this makes me miss Patrice O’Neal more and more every day:


    Geeks’ efforts to root out misogyny by replacing Gunn with an arbitrary female director are about as useful as their empty cries of “IDRIS!” to help stamp out racism.

  29. Js Partisan says:

    Sorry, but what you wrote means jack and shit in terms of the reality of the situation. Seriously. Also, I’d replace him with a female director for no other reason than the fact, that Marvel should want to hire a female director.

    You constantly citing comedians is completely missing the point, but why should you let that stop you from that AWESOME POINT you are trying to make? A good portion of comic book fans have had enough of this shit. Gunn either has to come correct or leave the project. It’s that simple.

  30. Christian says:

    Mike Tyson raped a woman and is now a comedy star- please bury the umpteenth anti-anti PC rant from angry nerd misogynists. And who here has been offered numerous gigs for his own anti-pc rants? So spare the outrage.

  31. PcChongor says:

    Ugh… I’ve never been able to understand the “they should want to hire a [insert irrelevant ethnic and/or genealogical trait here]” mindset. I don’t watch Kubrick, Lynne Ramsay, Spike Lee, or Ida Lupino films because their nipples may or may not lactate, I watch them because they were made by great filmmakers.

    Hiring someone based on any other factor may get the self-proclaimed torch bearers of said irrelevant ethnic and/or genealogical trait nice and hard, but it’ll always be to the detriment of the film itself (which in this case is already a moot point since a “Guardians of the Galaxy” film is a terrible idea in and of itself).


    John Huston and Mathew Broderick both killed a man while still in their 20’s.
    Mick Jagger boned a drugged up fifteen year-old on camera.
    Chris Brown.

    I think Gunn JUST MIGHT squeak by after this is all said and done.

  32. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30: This is 40, actor Leslie Mann – didn’t like this … Leslie seemed fine but DP got all super serious questions but it also got personal too for a bit …the first dp/30 she did in 2007 was way better.
    there are still 5 actors in this is 40 that need a dp/30 .

    also listened to the Maria Bamford nerdist podcast – she’s a comic / actor – this was better than most dp/30’s …the comedy part was fine but then she spends like 20 minutes talking about her mental illness which was a great story .

    Maria Bamford – audio podcast

  33. StellaPD says:

    Is Gunn really in serious danger of losing the Guardians of the Galaxy writing/directing job? Is there an organized movement calling for his firing? Sometimes I can’t tell what is geek chatter and what is a full-fledged campaign.

  34. Don R. Lewis says:

    I think one leads to the other in these situations, Stella. Molehill into a mountain style.

  35. movieman says:

    Is “Killing Them Softly” the artiest movie to ever get a 2,000+ screen break?

  36. anghus says:

    writers and directors dont need a web presence. A twitter account is useful for many people in the industry. Behind the camera people rarely benefit from any kind of online presence other than stroking their own egos.

    As soon as James Gunn got Guardians of the Galaxy, he should have just drifted away from his online accounts until it was done.

    A Director or Writer having an online presence does nothing to help them get work and only serves as a time bomb.

  37. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    You better tell Kevin Smith and Michael Moore about your theory Anghus.

  38. cadavra says:

    We’ve become a nation of whiny self-appointed victims. They’re just fucking jokes, people. Lighten up and save the anger for the genuine bigots.

  39. anghus says:

    Kevin Smith made a lot of money from the internet, but it did nothing to further his career as a director.

    In fact, you could argue that his constant web presence helped make him a minor celebrity but hindered him as a filmmaker.

    Cop Out is a great example. He tries to become a studio director and then when the film is poorly received he tells a dozen stories about the difficulties of working with Bruce Willis. What quality actor would want to jump in a be on a project with a guy who broadcasts every bad story from set in order to push public appearances and a half dozen memoirs.

    The internet helped Kevin Smith with celebrity, not a film career.

    Do you really think the internet helped make Michael Moore or Kevin Smith? Moore hit the media in 89. Smith in 93-94 in the pre-internet days.

    Smith is probably the best example of a filmmaker using the internet to peddle his wares and what it brought him was a very fervent, very vocal fan base who bought all his stuff and kept him cash flush while he tried to make a film that would gross over $30 million dollars.

    If anything, Smith is also the prime example of why the internet doesn’t work for filmmakers. Smith started his career, used the internet to start a dialogue with fans, milked the fan base for money, then eventually realized that their constant upkeep and validation was taking too much time. He shuttered his message boards and jumped on the Twitter bandwagon. And Twitter is not what i would call ‘fan interaction’. It’s a place to make brief declarations.

    In a 2009 interview, he basically admits to the internet’s inability to impact anything positive after all the web presence in the world couldnt get a decent opening for Zach and Miri make a porno. There’s a quote, and i’m paraphrasing, where he talks about abandoning his constant web presence and he says

    “The internet can’t affect your fucking ability to earn…”

    You can make the same argument for Michael Moore. Moore has sold lots of books and made lots of money for public appearances because of a healthy web presence. It’s done nothing for his career as a filmmaker.

    For both Moore and Smith, the films have become less important than the ancillary product around them. For them, the movies are almost nothing more than vanity pieces. For them, the internet is a place for PT Barnum style hucksterism. Where Kevin Smith can yell IM AUCTIONING MY MOVIE OFF AT SUNDANCE!!!!! or Michael Moore can make off putting declarations about Government. The publicity is more important than the product. That’s why i consider Smith and Moore celebrities. The web is a very good place for people to try and whore out whatever level of fame they have carved out for themselves.

    You almost have to have a neutral web presence. Where you’re there, and you exist in that space and occassionally throw out something about a project you’re working on, but you can’t overdo it. You say too much, or you interact too much, or you make an off color joke, it turns into a nightmare.

    Up and comers often think a constant web presence helps them. Then you hear about actors posting tweets that reveal major plot points about the shows they’re on. You think that helps people get jobs?

    The web is a great place for celebrity. It’s a poor place to go for talent. It’s where athletes make wonderful gaffes and where the press can troll waiting for someone to make an offhand remark they can report on.

    James Gunn has the biggest gig of his career. A project that could help catapult him to a new level of success. He’s working for Marvel aka Disney… maybe you should let them handle your web presence.

  40. sanj says:

    PSY – Gangnam Style is at 863 million views.

    – i’m sure some super smart math people are going to figure
    out some of the views is fake .. maybe half of it .. which leaves it to 450 million real views . some people might be

    – if your an artist of any type – you must bow to psy and what he’s done …

    – psy is going around the world singing this one song
    every single day .. dude needs a documentary ….

    – DP missed out on getting a dp/30 … DP missed out on just doing a parody like everybody else . maybe psy will
    end up at the oscars …

    – the glee kids did a cover – which i hated….

    – i figured the video would stop around 350 million views

    – K-Stew needs to dance to this – it’ll make her way more popular –

    – a year from now most people will forget about psy .

    anybody else care about psy or his music ?

  41. sanj says:

    things for DP —

    high school musical – 6 actors – director/writer – 3 movies – made by disney . nobody came around for dp/30 … the actors have had plently of other chances in other major movies but got nothing .

    – Ricky Gervais – no dp/30 – been in a few movies – done lots of tv shows. seems easy to interview.
    he’d be great to see if he can answer DP confusing questions and just laugh for the entire interview or would be be super serious actor dude. i guess he’s not
    lucky to be Judd Apatow ..he’s like the UK version of that.

    whats the deal ? how long do some people have to be in the acting business before they come around for a special magical episode of dp/30 ?

    it took forever to get Guy Pearce for a dp/30 – he was fine …

    but DP/30: Brooklyn Brothers Beat The Best – Ryan O’Nan, actor Michael Weston is one of my favorite interviews and yet nobody watched it . try again DP
    to promote this right ….

    if Quentin Tarantino or Leo actually come by for dp/30 – i’ll freak out.

    i don’t care at all about the hobbit – but i’m sure thousands want Jackson to come by and talk …
    but he’s done like 1000 video blog posts about it . what
    new can be learned from this ?

    Vince Vaughn – not a huge fan but just want a dp/30 to see if he talks that fast in real life or what.

    Owen and Luke Wilson – been around forever – where
    are the dp/30s…

    Sam Jackson dp/30 – just want to see how fast he can yell at DP for asking confusing questions.

    John Travolta dp/30 – cause why not.

    Tom Cruise dp/30 – only Tom can out confuse DP .

    Rachel McAdams – so many chances for a dp/30 – she seems super nice but nothing.

    LexG dp/30 …. he’s getting more famous . get him now before Variety puts him on the cover.

    there should be a special ipad app so actors can click a few things and get their own dp/30 appointments.

    i’m looking forward to the sundance dp/30’s 2013 but those aren’t posted fast enough.

    i really have to find the japan anime super secret forum
    where my dp/30 requests and questions will be read .

    everybody else – ask for your favorite actor / director to come by now ….the year is ending and DP should have a blow out super special dp/30 sale.

  42. sanj says:

    i expect this from LexG not from msn ..who just wants traffic – it’s on the main page ….

    msn can’t confirm she actually dated these actors . having
    a picture is all it takes.

    huffpost does these dating things all the time…

    DP should date ScarJo for a day just for the dp/30 ..

    The Many Men of Scarlett Johansson slideshow

  43. sanj says:

    why poverty – global documentary shown worldwide … pbs has some episodes …

    kinda surprised that no dp/30 for this .. with something so global…

    lots of video clips on the site ..

    why poverty ?

  44. sanj says:

    more dp/30 stuff –

    new dp/30 – DP/30: Caesar Must Die, Paolo & Vittorio Taviani

    i hate all shakespeare so i’m gonna skip this one.

    DP has an exclusive 47 minute interview that i suspect mobody is going to watch except people who like shakespeare.

    if DP sends out thousands of these on dvd to high schools – then you can force students to watch this .

    DP – how is it possible that no actors from cloud atlas did a dp/30 ? it’s the biggest cast ever this year …
    while the english actors are easier to get during 2013 … Doona Bae might not be . she’s way over in asia doing those movies …. so i really wanted her acting story.

    also DP – you should write everybody on Prometheus movie a note ” sorry, i suck for not giving you a dp/30″
    i strongly feel you missed out on this scifi epic.

    Seven Psychopaths – DP – Harrelson and Walken were both
    boring but Sam Rockwell – i liked his interview a lot – he’s keeping it real . i want him back to just talk about
    movies in general …

    i still want Kate Kelton dp/30 this year … Bullet in the Face was the best thing she’s done acting wise – plus she does art ..real paintings… she’s keeping it real in interviews …. she’s busy doing Haven tv series right now.

    DP – will you ever post the Parker Posey dp/30 ? this is like the 5th time asking . why should she do any more dp/30’s at all when you keep her in your digital jail ?

    i don’t want a dp/30 myself – i’m a nobody and i’d screw up in the first 2 minutes. i know these interviews aren’t easy but actors are usually good at these things .

    This Cat Really Loves Being Vacuumed

  45. sanj says:

    forget Anne in Les Miz …. Bosworth can sing too. where’s her oscar for this commercial ? LOOK AT HER!!!

    Kate Bosworth stars in Winter Wonderland – A Christmas film by Topshop

  46. sanj says:

    DP – put all the Jessica Chastain dp/30’s on the main page – she’s getting more popular – my favorite is the one with
    Michael Shannon – dude is super funny and you didn’t screw up that interview up .

    ethel dp/30 – would anybody care if she wasn’t a Kennedy ? probably not .

    DP – your still missing 100 super cool youtubers who have way more talent in performing than you’d expect. come on find a few people and interview them.

  47. sanj says:

    wow DP – saw the Jessica dp/30 banners – so that was fast.

    also it’s Hobbit week on Colbert – i don’t care for the movie at all but i enjoy his interviews ..Colbert doesn’t give out spoilers either…and he’s a huge fan of the series. Colbert got Peter Jackson before you did DP …

    Colbert is doing a better job at promoting the Hobbit movie than any of the super important film critics .
    Colbert doesn’t have to be fair and balanced either.

  48. movieman says:

    This is a phenomenal piece of action filmmaking—and an even better piece of nonaction filmmaking. It also borders on the politically and morally reprehensible. By showing these excellent results—and by silencing the cries of the innocents held at Abu Ghraib, Bagram, and other “black sites”—it makes a case for the efficacy of torture. How to reconcile these two feelings?”
    ~ David Edelstein Feels Equally Strongly Both Ways On Zero Dark Thirty

    I won’t be seeing “ZDT” until tomorrow, but Edelstein’s comment made me wonder if politics (or lack thereof) could be its Achilles Heel w/ Oscar voters.
    The inarguable “Lincoln” is a lot safer, no?

  49. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30 @TIFF: The Impossible – standard interview – DP couldn’t get Ewan to talk about the other 50 movies he made .also why delay this dp/30 for 3 months ?

    watched love you – mean it – Whitney Cummings on e! – cheap talk show with some comedy bits – her guests have been Mindy Kaling and Lizzy Caplan… – Mindy was boring – i truly think she got lucky with the office but then the mindy project – show has stories but it just isn’t funny to me – i actually like 2 broke girls over mindy project…. Lizzy was great – she’s actually funny – she was there to promote her movie save the date…my minor problem with her is that she needs a new look – hairstyle and makeup.

    hey DP – if you get Amanda Seyfried for Les Miz – are you going to tell her how much her last few movies
    sucked ? that’s the problem with some of the LOOK AT HER!!! girls … critics just don’t want to upset these actresses … gone – in time – dear john – red riding hood – all sucked. does she read her reviews ? does she read her scripts ? her big eyes aren’t going to make up for her sucking in movies. DP – did you like any of these movies at all ?

    also Joe Letteri should stop doing movies and be on the radio doing traffic and wwether. he could be way more famous that way.

  50. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30: Anna Karenina, actor Keira Knightley

    – lots of details about the movie – more than most dp/30’s

    – wow….no confusing questions / answers from DP

    – lots of people will focus on the LOOK AT HER!!!

    – will she be back in 2013 for more interviews ? this could be a 1 time thing just for this movie just for awards. she can totally forget about DP next year.

    – hey DP – Lindsay Lohan’s real life is way more interesting than her movies it seems – that alone should
    get her a dp/30 – you should try getting her before the end of the year before she ends up in jail for real .
    she needs a 2 part dp/30 – she can talk about a lot of
    different things. DP get on that . find out which club she’s partying at and go there. dance with her and then ask for the dp/30. it just might work.

  51. sanj says:

    playing for keeps 2012 is at 2% on rotten tomotoes –

    where’s the dp/30 ? 3 big name actors from that movie haven’t done one.

    Biel is the only one going around promoting that ..and she got a dp/30 already …

    i was expecting a dp/30 for the paperboy 2012 – don’t they want awards ? wasn’t that at tiff ? it’s coming to dvd in january 2013 and nobody is going around promoting it at this point.

    DP – do actors ever tell you they only do interviews cause they want awards and don’t care about you at all
    in anyway ?

    nice video about some new sound/spaakers dolby has made ..

    Dolby Atmos Video

  52. sanj says:

    DP – you got Kidman for paperboy – which i asked for like 24 hours ago and only cause somebody might get an award for it and now it pops up . she actually semmed happy …

    the ethel and hitchcock dp/30’s … i gotta watch those when i’m totally bored like at 3 am … DP do you expect anybody under 30 years to watch these ?

    too many old people doing dp/30’s for the last dozen . find some teen actors who are doing something interesting.
    that might get them an oscar….

    my guess is 98% of the oscar winners will be over 21 ….teens don’t get fair shot cause super important movie critics don’t give them a fair shot …

    DP – special 2 part Lohan dp/30 – get on that. it’ll be the highest rated thing ever if you do it right.

  53. sanj says:

    watched the paperboy dp/30 – Kidman seems nicer than the last dp/30 .

    DP – since she likes uncomfortable movies – can you send her 4 blurays and have a discussion about those… that would be a bit different but cool.

    DP – do you feel the pressure in getting anybody from django unchained for dp/30 ? get on that now . send them a fax and maybe they’ll drop by.

    also – get some actors inside a blockbuster store for dp/30 …nobody ever goes there.

  54. sanj says:

    hey DP – how come there aren’t banner ads on the sides of mcn … every other movie blog seems to have them .

    DP – this year – nearly everybody who did a dp/30 – they don’t show up on these forums and talk back at all. do you ban them or do they not care what the average person thinks of the movie – only they only care what the average person thinks in a big time festival / screening ….

    DP – you should really go out and try to promote the dp/30’s in the mainstream media ….real tv networks and magazines . make friends with the tabloids. they need
    good stories and you have them. get on cnn / bbc or something worldwide.

    also – monkey in ikea with cool coat.

  55. sanj says:

    watched Gus Van Sant dp/30 – standard dp/30 – no real confusing questions / answers – but i didn’t learn nothing
    about the movie….like basic plot. 6/10 …

    DP/30 Sneak: Zero Dark 30’s Jessica Chastain – this seems like all the other interviews about the movie she’s given . serious Jessica is serious.

    Judd Apatow did a audio podcast with nerdist for 1 hour ..actually seems fun.

  56. sanj says:

    DP kinda predicted Jen being popular with the dp/30 you feel like the it girl …kinda helps with the hunger games ..i’m sure LexG is happy with K-Stew being # 7

    AskMen 2013 Hot Girls List – top 10

    1. Jennifer Lawrence
    2. Mila Kunis
    3. Kate Upton
    4. Rihanna
    5. Emma Stone
    6. Miranda Kerr
    7. Kristen Stewart
    8. Jessica Gomes
    9. Jessica Pare
    10. Michelle Jenneke

  57. sanj says:

    watched James Badge Dale dp/30 – it was alirght. 40 minute interview felt like 60 minutes. no confusing questions / answers from DP .

    DP – cut the 3 minutes where he talks about iron man 3 and put that up …. the comic geeks will like this…

    watched hitchcok dp/30 with the gang – wow – this director dude Sacha Gervasi can really talk … the super old dude in the middle only talked for like 4 minutes.

    hey DP – attack of the show / g4 is ending – i asked like year ago about getting dp/30 with Kevin and Olivia – they
    would be super fun …but that didn’t happen .
    Kevin P has his own podcast called pointless – he does 3 hour shows and got the recent cast of aots and that was 3 hours of crazyness fun with stories that can’t be told on tv. check out a few pointless shows on youtube .

  58. sanj says:

    hey DP – since Hilary Duff is too famous for a dp/30 – get her sister Haylie Duff dp/30 – she does mostly tv movies and tv shows and has been acting for 15 years…. you can get a world exclusive. get on that DP .

  59. sanj says:

    watched Michael Pena dp/30 – i was like the only one here who asked for a dp/30 for 30 minutes or less a year ago ….
    i liked his performance . a year later dude finally gets a dp/30 – no talk about his comedies…. like not even for 2 minutes. drama rules all. comedies are worthless to DP . that sucks.

    interview is alright – no confusing questions /answers from DP – but way too many um hmm um hmmm for the first 10 minutes from DP …

    that Nicole Kidman dp/30 surprised me – well for the last 5 minutes … her level of happiness went way up.

    also looper hits bluray end of december – i liked Blunt a lot – her facial expersions during the last 10 minutes – just wow.

    i still want Amber Heard – Kate Kelton – Analeigh Tipton
    dp/30 – Marisa Tomei and Thandie Newton need updates for dp/30 too . somebody from the dp/30 factory tell DP .

    nobody is reading this is they.

  60. sanj says:

    watched John Krasinski dp/30 – alright interview – no confusing questions / answers from DP ….

    – the room need better lighting . DP bring some flashlights or something……or do them outside in the sunglight…

    – the office has gotten so bad … also wanted to know what he thought of looper.

    – DP didn’t bring up Ed Helms at all who got dp/30 ..or any of the other cast from the office.

    time for new byob or not . nobody is reading this .

  61. sanj says:

    watched Paul Rudd dp./30 – wasn’t a huge fan of his movies but watched this anways… standard dp/30 interview .

    DP didn’t actually mention any of the comedy titles he’s been in … dinner for schmucks – our idiot brother –
    how do you know – wanderlust – i hate these movies
    but Paul could have talked about them but didn’t once come up… he could have taslked about the cast too..

    he kept mentioning he was in a play – and there was no title mentioned at all – how is anybody watching supposed to guess when they are watching this a year or two from now … when Jessica Chastain mentioned her play she mentioned the title and gave a funny story.

    i didn’t learn anything about this is 40 movie .

    so lack of details – i give this gets 5/10 –

    look i’l be fair – where i find Paul the funniest is on
    the daily show .

    if Louis CK ever does a dp/30 – i rather watch him make fun of DP throughout the whole interview.

    i predicted this months ago – Anne Hatahway and Huge Jackman are too famous for a dp/30 …so far i’m right.
    they really seem to be addicted to tv interviews

    Tom Cruise ain’t coming around for a Jack Reacher dp/30 is he ….too famous .

    nobody is reading this .

  62. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30: Life of Pi, composer Mychael Danna

    standard dp/30 – nothing confusing …

    i listened to most of this in the background while i was doing something else – no problems .

    it’s much harder listening with 4 people in a dp/30 .

    i want a flo rida dp/30 – this rapper guy made a bunch of music videos that got 100 million views on youtube .
    so i wanna know how he picks his directors ….

    dp/30s are like 100% rap free and that needs to change.

    rap is not a form art and is denied every year by the oscars in the music catagories. am i the only one who notices this ?

    Riley Keough needs a dp/30 .

    hey DP – are you doing anything special for the 1000th dp30 next year …have a huge informal party in nyc and la for a couple of hours….writing one huge post about it is kinda useless.

    nobody is still not reading this ….

    time to retire the byob .. if i’m the only one still writing something there must be something wrong.

  63. sanj says:

    hey DP – end of the year is coming are you making a best and worst movies list ? you’ve seen more movies than most people so lets see how different it is than the rest of the movie critics …any movies from sundance come in ?

    zero dark thirty is probably #1 ?

  64. sanj says:

    watched DP/30: The Perks of Being A Wallflower, producers

    did i actually learn anything about this movie ? no.

    producing is all about meetings.

    did i learn anything cool about upcoming film labour day like a plot ? actors ? nope.

    did i learn anything about the money side of things in some detail ? nope.

    this was the most generic interview ..with the most generic background with generic production quality.

    this whole thing could have been done on iphone for 10 minutes.

    the DP/30: Executive Producer John Battsek – this was 10 times better. . hope he comes back.

  65. sanj says:

    watched DP/30: Django Unchained, sound mixers

    this was okay – red shirt guy didn’t talk much .

    talking about music wihhout having music is weird for every dp/30 .

    anybody else coming from this movie – QT and Leo are still
    too famous for a dp/30 .

    – listened to nerdist podcast with Malcolm McDowell – old actor dude spent like 30 minutes talking about his favorite actors from the 1970’s and why he really liked them …

    hey DP – there’s a bunch of nerdist podcasts with actors that are just as good as any dp/30 . it’s usually 1 hour and its audio but it works for me . mostly the people
    give out more personal side of things …a lot of stuff
    you wouldn’t ask . you should take a listen to some nerdist .

    also psy video is at 970 million views. 1 billion will happen soon. pretty amazing and yet it seems fake…
    all those views .

  66. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30: Silver Linings Playbook, director David O. Russell, editor Jay Cassidy

    – standard dp/30 – lots of movie details.

    – was expecting DP to ask a few confusing questions but nope…

    – the 55 minute thing was the most interesting part

    – nice large picture of jennifer Lawrence in the background….

    – could have shown a 30 second clip of the dancing with that huge screen in the background but didn’t . actually using technology in the dp/30 to improve the content of
    the interview – music or video is simply not allowed in dp/30 land.

  67. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30: Hitchcock, actors Danny Huston, Michael Stuhlbarg

    Huston was good – Stuhlbarg sat there for like 10 minutes without talking ..,

  68. spassky says:

    Sanj, you are a content machine!

  69. Joe Leydon says:

    I keep waiting for Sanj to start telling us what sites we should visit when we’re in the market for quality women’s handbags.

  70. sanj says:

    everybody is here mostly for box office stuff – i’m here to watch them dp/30’s . probably seen over 90% of them this year….maybe that’s too much …but mtv is showing jersey shore for 10 straight hours . is that too much ?

    when oscar week comes then everybody starts watching the dp/30’s ….

    plus nearly a billion people have watching psy do his horse dance … everybody is addicted to that for some

    its been a long time since a new byob …

  71. sanj says:

    hey DP – isn’t there like another dozen big movies from tiff 2012 that still need a dp/30 or is that over ?
    the films still need some sort of theatre release don’t they or will they just end up being digital downloads …
    cause your probably gonna miss a lot of good actors …

    Winona Ryder had the bestest press conference for the iceman at tiff 2012 …you should really watch that.

    also DP – did you notice that i gave Jessica Chastain a 8/10 for a dp/30 like 2 weeks before she even had one and i was right it was a 8/10 . some things are easy to predict.

    hey DP – i hate everything shakespeare – can you convince me to watch anything he’s done ….

    also Tarsem Singh needs a dp/30 … he seems to put out 1 movie a year …can’t be all that busy .

  72. sanj says:

    watched – DP/30: Django Unchained, actor Samuel L Jackson

    – he is keeping it real

    – really liked the last 5 minutes

    – liked his 2 minute review for un named movie at 18 minutes …which is probably Gangster Squad (2013)

    – no confusing questions from DP – DP let him talk …

    – did he take a minor swipe at Tom Cruise ?

    – what does LexG think about this interview …

    – hopefully clips from this make to some tv entertainment shows

    – i give this 9/10

  73. sanj says:

    watched Baz Luhrman’s The Great Gatsby trailer –

    – i got bored half way just watching the trailer – which means its gonna end up with some oscars – the costumes are nice and stuff but that’s about it .

    Leo is too famous for a dp/30 – but wait there’s a bunch of other people in the movie who will do a dp/30 – Mulligan – Edgerton – Clarke – maybe even Baz Luhrmann will do one.

    Leo might be a nice guy but he’s stil hasn’t done any …maybe all that Titanic fame got stuck to him …
    so i’m gonna blame James Cameron for Leo not doing any dp/30’s. somebody tell Leo that he was a nobody actor in Growing Pains before he actually got good at acting .
    it totally could have been Kirk Cameron as cobb in inception ….

    still surprised that nobody from the cast of cloud atlas came by for a dp/30 – the matrix duo is way more important than any of them .

    my evil cop buddy Denzel also didn’t stop by for a dp/30 …

    Jake Gyllenhaal dp/30 gets a 9/10

    Lilly Hartley – DP/30: Sons of the Clouds – LOOK AT HER!! – want more of her.

    Tony Kushner dp/30 – put me to sleep – so boring. anybody ever ask him to do a dumb comedy ? probably not. can he do it . probably not.

    Alicia Vikander – LOOK AT HER!!! – but she needs to be
    in english made movies – but her interview style is standard.

    the big winner from last year – Jean Dujardin, Bérénice Bejo. – where are they now ?? do major movie critics even care ?

    DP – we need new backgrounds – i’m getting bored of that huge brown chair . get some new chairs. go to ikea and grab some . the tree background is better.
    more trees . have actors climb the tree and do it there…..

  74. sanj says:

    lots of funny actors in this movie – anybody getting a dp/30 out of it ?

    this is the end red band trailer

  75. sanj says:

    hey DP – can you get Eva Mendes dp/30 for holy motors –

    i’ve checked out reviews and lot of people don’t understand or hate the movie and some really like it …

    the Eva dp/30 is pretty good – its outside – no confusing questions – repost it and see if people even notice that its from a year ago .

    also new idea for dp/30 – get Ryan Gosling to drive around while the 2 broke girls are int the back for a dp/30 … just add a extra mini camera in the front to
    get Ryan …drive around LA for 30 minutes … + 10 minutes where Ryan and the girls freak people out
    at some random location…

    also if the dp/30’s can’t seem to be on any normal tv channel try animal planet …you might be able to get the
    12 AM to 4 AM time slot …sure it seems wacky but we
    got ghost hunters on outdoor life network …

    i noticed that Scarlett Johansson Jessica Biel for hitchock didn’t do any interviews together that i could
    find … makes me wonder if they talked to each other
    for even 5 minutes …something weird is going on here and somehow LexG will figure it out or something .

    they DP – do you still get feedback for black swan movie – 2 big LOOK AT HER!!! – did that stop ? nobody care ?
    Portnman / Kunis haven’t been back for a dp/30 in a long time .

  76. sanj says:

    1 billion views – every artist must BOW to psy …

    also psy didn’t need no help from DP – no dp/30 for him . he’s not real artist like Alexandre Desplat ….

    yeah i think some of the views are fake – maybe up to 350 million – now i can’t prove it but when some super tech nerd does – youtube might be in trouble with advertisers.

    i like the thrift shop video – this song is hard to sing – its got some nice background beat – it’s at 35 million views but i think it should get 100 million …

    this duo makes an effort to make all the music videos they make different .

    i figure psy could be a winner of idol / xfactor but
    macklemore would get kicked out the first time they


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