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Discuss The Trailer: American Hustle

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24 Responses to “Discuss The Trailer: American Hustle”

  1. Kai Lor says:

    Trailers can be misleading but everyone looks like they are having alot of fun especially Adams and Bale. From my perspective Amy Adams looks to be fabulous in it in particular.

  2. Don R. Lewis says:

    I wish I was Marty Scorsese!

    Also….I love THE FIGHTER and dug SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK but after that whole fracas with Clooney followed by the “leaking” of that video of him being a complete prick to his cast AND the recent thing where he was accused of groping his transgender niece….how does David O. Russell keep out of “directors jail?” Most guys would have been cast out of Hollywood by now but he soldiers on.

    Also: I’m not complaining, I like his films, just saying….it’s pretty impressive.

  3. Jeffrey Boam's Doctor says:

    Bad trailer. Bad title. Bad wigs.
    Comes off like Scorsese’s idiot cousin.
    Looks utterly flaccid and makes Blow look like Godfather 2.
    This doesn’t work for me as an advance teaser nor a trailer. Production design seems way off. Nothing authentic about the vibe of this thing.

    And please for the love of trajan’s jizz dump that fucking “70s” font FFS.

  4. Tuck Pendelton says:

    I liked the first teaser trailer much more. But I think three of the five lead cast members are some of the best working today so I’m in.

  5. Waterbucket says:

    The first trailer was bursting with energy. This one brought my expectations down to earth.

  6. Smith says:

    First trailer gave a sense that this might be Russell breaking through into new territory. Second trailer feels precisely like a David O. Russell movie, messy and brash and funny and MESSY, which is fine I guess. But this does deflates expectations & excitement somewhat.

  7. movielocke says:

    Edit… hmm, stupid NDAs

  8. Sam says:

    “how does David O. Russell keep out of directors jail?”

    He *was* in director’s jail for the whole decade between Three Kings and The Fighter. He got Huckabee’s made, which nobody liked, and that was it. His reputation, both professionally and critically, was the pits. With “The Fighter,” he managed to pull off a comeback, as people really loved that one, and that got him out of jail. It allowed him to make Silver Linings, and because people also really loved that, he’s flying high again.

    Making popular movies buys you a lot of forgiveness for misbehavior.

  9. berg says:

    I hearted Huckabees, I think of that film as DOR’s best … when it was in release I used to see it once a week …. i think it has as many quotable lines as the big lebowski

  10. Etguild2 says:

    “how does David O. Russell keep out of directors jail?”

    Remember “Nailed?” The movie he made following “Huckabees” that he never could complete with Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel because funding collapsed and remains in Tony Kayesque limbo? He was DONE in Hollywood.

    “The Fighter” was Marky Mark’s show…he originally wanted Scorsese, who thought it was redundant because he’d just wrapped “Departed.” Then Aronofsky was attached, and finally Wahlberg and Bale, who was already on-board at that point, both decided to go with Mark’s frequent partner Russell as option number 3. And still it barely got made…Paramount dropped it, Relativity dropped it, and Weinstein bailed it out, but slashed the budget in half. (Side note…after “The Fountain” nearly collapsed completely, his attempt at “Batman,” his attempt at “Robocop,” “The Wolverine’s” issues, and budget and production issues with “The Fighter,” Aronofsky getting the funding he wanted for “Noah” seems like the breaking of a curse.)

    On SLP, my understanding is it was Sydney Pollack’s wish for Russell to direct SLP, and Russell picked up the writing after his death and after it had already been optioned by Weinstein, which at that point had the success of “The Fighter” to go on. So Russell got very, very, very lucky.

    Btw…this trailer doesn’t look good at all. Seems rushed.

  11. Yancy Berns says:

    Amy Adams. Amy Adams. Amy Adams. It takes a lot for me not to notice Jennifer Lawrence. Amy Adams.

  12. LexG says:

    Really? Grandma Adams over Lawrence? She’s like 40 AND a redhead. Adams is the most cloying and overused actress in the American cinema. Wan and bland.

  13. SamLowry says:

    Overused? I took the youngling to a free showing of THE CROODS, knowing nothing about it, yet when a teenaged cavegirl showed up I made a bet with myself that it was going to be Emma Stone because she apparently murdered every other Hollywood actress between the ages of 16 and 28.

  14. LexG says:

    Emma Stone is COMPLETELY AWESOME. Amy Adams is a canned ham.

  15. Don R. Lewis says:

    I also spaced that whole Marky Mark/David O. Russell kerfuffle over Whalberg starring in SLP and then O. Russell swapped him out for Cooper even though Whalberg was technically responsible for getting O. Russell out of directors jail to begin with! Dude seems kinda slimy but again, I dig his films.

  16. Etguild2 says:

    I’m still bitter that Isla Fischer’s career tanked, probably thanks to Amy Adams. So good in “The Lookout,” funny in “Hot Rod,” and great in “Definitely Maybe,” a film that featured another actress whose careers was hijacked by aslightly different looking dopelganger (Elizabeth Banks=Rachel McAdams…Brunette Elizabeth Banks=Parker Posey).

  17. berg says:

    Brunette Elizabeth Banks in Our Idiot Brother was unstoppable

  18. hcat says:

    Fischer’s career tanked because there is not enough work for all the talent out there. They promoted the hell out of that shopaholic movie she did and she couldn’t open it. Seems silly to me to blame other actresses for the lack of good roles.

  19. Geoff says:

    Jeez is Jennifer Lawrence ten years older than the boy playing her kid?? She looks like she’s playing dress-up, can’t believe I’m already getting sick of her….

    And how is it that Scarlett Johansen isn’t even 30 yet? She has already graduated to playing love interests for actors in their ’40’s….I’m sure she’ll be playing female attorneys having a mid-life crisis by the time she’s 35.

  20. YancySkancy says:

    Yes, Emma Stone is certainly “overused.” Appearing in such blockbusters as MOVIE 43 and THE GANGSTER SQUAD this year has the public saying “Enough already!” Plus, last year you couldn’t go into a theater without seeing her (as long as every time you went into a theater you saw THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN).

    Sure, 2014 is looking like an embarrassment of Stone riches (a second Spidey, and films with Woody, Crowe and Inarritu), but so what? As I always say, Emma Stone is God, and she should be in every movie.

  21. anghus says:

    God I hate this trailer so much. Its comes across so phony and so cloying. The whole aesthetic feels like an SNL digital short.

    I realize the pedigree of everyone involved, but there’s nothing in this trailer that makes me want to see this movie. In fact, it makes me want to see it less now.

  22. LexG says:

    It is a great trailer, you guys are haters simple and plain.

  23. anghus says:

    Lex, the movie could be gold, but the trailer is terrible for one reason:


    The whole thing plays like parody. It’s garish, cheesy, and the whole thing feels like it’s being played for laughs. The trailer is cut like an indie drama but the scenes within feel comical. The trailers is trying to sell the movie one way, but everything you’re seeing seems to be telling you this should be played for chuckles.

    It’s a weird tone, but then again it’s O’Russell so what should we expect?

    Still, i can’t remember a trailer that feels as much at odds with the final product than this one. And i don’t even know what the final product is. It feels like a dark comedy being sold as a caper drama.

  24. YancySkancy says:

    How many films does David O. Russell have to make before people stop calling him O’Russell? Still, not as bad as poor Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who’s been famous for a quarter of a century but is still called Julia LOUISE Dreyfus by about 90% of the population.

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