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BYO Legacy

Screen Shot 2017-10-14 at 3.31.07 PMWhat will Harvey Weinstein be remembered for?

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52 Responses to “BYO Legacy”

  1. Michael Bergeron says:

    it won’t be Playing For Keeps or The Gnomes’ Great Adventure

  2. Ray Pride says:

    Bob will get all the Air Bud credit in decades to come.

  3. Greg says:

    Shakespeare in Love.

  4. That Guy says:

    Shepherding the indie film movement of the 90s and 00s.

    He’ll never quite escape the ‘Harvey Scissorhands’ moniker either.

  5. Hallick says:

    Remembered for: Miramax and sex abuse
    Misremembered for: Torch Song Trilogy

  6. Poet says:

    Let’s not overpraise the guy. He didn’t make movies, he just bought and sold them.

  7. Aaron Aradillas says:

    If I’m an executive at Universal or Sony I go straight to Tarantino and tell him we’ll give you the same deal you had with Harvey.

  8. Aaron Aradillas says:

    Question: Did DP stop doing his DP/30 interviews? Or, did he just stop posting links to them on the MCN homepage?

    [Willem Dafoe: ]

    Also, if anyone is interested, the folks over at just posted the episode where DP was the guest critic. It contains the review for AMERICAN BEAUTY and BLUE STREAK. Did you know DP gave BLUE STREAK a thumbs up?

  9. Night Owl says:

    Line one of his obituary is sexual abuse. Line ONE. That will be his legacy. Sure some rabid film fans will remember the rest but to the entire world, line ONE is he was a serial sexual abuser. Zero sympathy for him. This was not a couple of dumb comments, he was a predator. Good riddance.

    Enough silence and complicity. Burn it all down. Who’s next?

  10. Arisp says:

    Pulp Fiction.

    Night Owl – it’ll be mentioned after the film’s and the oscars, which will be in the opening paragraph.

    Also – says a lot about Hollywood and all involved that this came out in 2017, not 1997. Where were all the victims then? Oh right – more concerned about their careers.

  11. Joe Leydon says:

    He will be remembered for being the right man in the right place at the right time.

  12. JS Partisan says:

    “Harvey Weinstein died today, at…, he will be remembered for his sexual abuse scandal, as well as earning several Oscars for films… THAT DIDN’T FUCKING DESERVE THEM!”

    Seriously, that motherfucker had the Academy wrapped around his fucking finger, and he was a pervy shitheel fuck. The Academy, has some splaining to do, and the Weinstein Company needs a new fucking name. Also, every actress, or any other woman he attacked. Should come out of the god damn wood work, and make sure he goes through the god damn ground.

    Now, QT has to figure out what to do with his life, and Kevin Smith should also fucking speak up.

  13. Hallick says:

    Night Owl line one of his obituary will be “Harvey Weinstein, a legendary Oscar-winning film producer whose career was brought down in 2017 by multiple accusations of sexual misconduct and abuse, has died…”

  14. Pete B says:

    Just wondering why we have the “comments will be moderated” label attached to this topic?

  15. JS Partisan says:

    Pete, if someone post some really inflammatory, or dumb shit. Ray or Dave, can just pull it off the blog. Usually, they just let us ramble, without fear of being pulled off the blog.

  16. Doug R says:

    For being a cheap SOB who wouldn’t pay for the final animation polish on Hoodwinked?
    For being a colossal douchebag for sandbagging Snowpiercer?

  17. Ray Pride says:

    In case of unsourced assertions. The comment section on Variety’s first report on the subject was full of them.

  18. Ray Pride says:

    Smith comment on front page

  19. palmtree says:

    For being a successful bully. He didn’t know how to make movies, but he sure knew how to get everyone around him to do what he wanted.

  20. Robert R, says:

    Harvey will be remembered as a bully, sexual predator, and a disgraceful hypocrite.

  21. PJ says:

    Good riddance. I hope he isn’t remembered at all.

  22. John E says:

    Miramax, TWC, fulfilling every boorish casting-couch stereotype of the past 40 years, and for getting Roberto Begnini an Oscar instead of Ian McKellen.

  23. YancySkancy says:

    I think Hallick nailed the opening obit line.

  24. lockedcut says:

    Here is an interesting investigative hypothesis worth pursuing. How much did Disney know and is what they maybe knew the primary reason for pushing the Weinsteins out of Miramax . Disney would have been itching for a way to avoid a huge sex scandal. Did Disney know?

  25. Hcat says:

    Without a doubt this is first line in obit, how he is remembered will depend on how sympathetic Jonah Hill will be in the biopic

    But one certain legacy is his refuting statement he wrote to the allegations will be taught in PR classes for the next half century as what not to do.

  26. Glamourboy says:

    This whole thing is just so much bullshit….the film industry is SHOCKED! SHOCKED! to find out that the casting couch is still alive. There are so many more sexual predators out there…because it is about power…what your power and fame can command. All of these celebrities who have made films with him coming out and saying they had no idea…just so much bullshit. It seems that everyone knew.

  27. Bob Burns says:

    yeah, I don’t believe Streep either…. or that she would have lifted a finger had she known. I’ve been sexually harassed and have worked around sexual predators like Weinstein (what do we call him now? Nothing, I guess). People know. Everybody knows. And guys like Harvey make sure everybody knows. They aren’t ashamed of their bullying and harassment.

    I think it’s clear everybody will remember The Artist, not because of his artistic involvement, but because of the repulsive Goodman character, so much like Harvey, feeling off young actresses while reveling in the monkey dance of the actual talent. I HATE that movie. Did when I saw it.

  28. TheodoraGW says:

    >> Did Disney know?

    EVERYONE knew.

  29. JS Partisan says:

    Here’s the thing: we still live in a country, where a bunch of moronic and racist white people, decided voting for the sexual predator was better than a woman. If you don’t understand why everyone is speaking out now, then you really don’t understand what power and privilege can do to people… even famous people.

    Harvey thinks, he is going to get a second chance. He doesn’t understand that when you got GOOP and Angie speaking out against your ass, then your ass is grass. Again, those are two powerful women, but they lived in fear of speaking out, because that’s the shitty country we live in.

  30. Doug R says:

    The New Yorker has talked to a few more victims, including Mira Sorvino and Rosanna Arquette:

  31. Ray Pride says:

    updates on front page

  32. JS Partisan says:

    I know Asia is a full grown woman, but if I were Dario? I’d find that motherfucker, and hit him with a 2×4 right in the dick.

  33. The Pope says:

    “Says a lot about Hollywood and all involved that this came out in 2017, not 1997.”
    I think it also says a bit about the productive power of the internet. The decentralization of media means that when one person summons enough courage to come forward other victims can reclaim themselves with their keyboards.

    Only for some fuckers to demean them as SJWs.

  34. GdB says:

    So who’s going after [edited]? I wonder how he’s sleeping right now with his sexually abusive and predatory behavior as wide open a secret as Mr. Trick Weinstein.

    And why now? After being able to kill this in the press for 30yrs, what happened that got it out now?

  35. Sideshow Bill says:

    Dario Argento would probably tie him up, maim his eyelids open with needles, slice him open, stab his heart with a razor blade then toss the remains into a brightly lit vat of razor wire.

    At least I hope so.

  36. Robert R, says:

    Harvey will be remembered as emblematic of the moment Hollywood died. Sad but true. Dominos are falling and floodgates are opening. [edited]

  37. Hcat says:

    Why now? Because Harvey is not nearly as powerful as he was even five years ago.

    And Hollywood is hardly dying, Harvey is barely a force in it nowadays. If you mean other studio execs are going to go down due to the same behavior… good riddance someone will replace them and the movies will get made and the oscars will get won, and people get the message that this type of shit is intolerable.

  38. Bob Burns says:

    None of this happens without enabling by the publicists. Publicists control what reporters and bloggers write with access and advertising dollars. That’s why they should always be put on the record and held accountable for their work.

    Name the publicists behind the Oscar contenders and tell us their past work. Look at the anonymous smear campaigns against film’s and stars. They are anonymous because of the conspiracy of silence they enforce with money and access.

    None of this goes on without the publicists doing the dirty work. Name them, just, always, every story, an actual name.

  39. Chucky says:

    This is what Harvey Weinstein will be remembered for:

    Buying awards.

    Hitting on women and buying them off when they cry rape.

    Giving the Walt Disney Co. veto power over Miramax releases.

    Allowing the Walt Disney Co. to vet Miramax releases for political purposes, especially after 9/11/2001.

  40. Glamourboy says:

    He might be forgotten until the HBO movie starring John C Reilly as Weinstein is made….

  41. Bulldog68 says:

    It’s actually hysterical some of the Fox News outrage that has been showing up on my Facebook feed, talking about how no one on the left is talking about this, when basically every “left wing biased media” outlet is, and it wasn’t some right wing conservative media empire that basically blew the roof of this story. This includes repeated calls for Hillary Clinton to repudiate this, and for the record she has.

    There’s no excuse for Weinstein’s behaviour, but last I checked, HW wasn’t on some soap box preaching that he was the moral authority on these things. In fact he unfortunately fits the Hollywood sleazy mogul stereotype.

    How can you sit, particularly as a female, behind a commentary desk at Fox News, and speak about Harvey, when millions were paid on behalf of Roger Ailes and Bill Oreilly, and never speak out about their behaviour that many times took place down the hall from your office, but then want to jump on this because you think these crimes were perpetrated by a lefty. Hypocrite much.

    Worse yet, you trumpeted the similar behavior by the orange dipshit you elected president as “locker room talk”, and were quick to smear any of the women who came out to say that Drumpf had acted inappropriately toward them as well.

    What’s also interesting that Trump has ordered his admin to open an FBI probe on these allegations, but was quick to defend Oreilly and no probe on either Oreilly or Ailes. Could it be because Weinmstein contributed to the Clinton’s and Obama? What about Weinstein’s allegations are so special that it triggers an FBI probe but Oreilly doesn’t?

    The politics in America is sickening.

  42. JS Partisan says:

    Read that Kate Beckinsale instagram post. Good lord. How many actresses and actors, have had to endure these toxic fucking assholes? It’s just… so fucking disgusting.

    Oh yeah. Why now? They voted for the pussy grabber, so everyone else who does that behaviour… is going to get theirs.

  43. Hcat says:

    This thing gets deeper every hour it seems, JS mentioned Beckinsale and she posts a picture of what she looked like at that age and it hammers home the depths of what this slimeball has been doing for so long.

    And McGowan, holy shit, to have been told to her face by that Amazon guy that allegations were never proven. I can’t begin to imagine what that felt like and hope she finally feels like she is getting some justice not just against Harvey but his enablers as well.

    if I wasn’t such a Luddite I would follow MacGowen on twitter and have the alert play The Godfather theme because she is just settling all accounts.

  44. Amblinman says:

    May I just say FUCK Anthony Bourdain? If the words “Hillary Clinton” come tumbling out of your mouth or your Twitter account when talking about Weinstein, you blew it. Don’t assist in the attempt at deflection by the right.

    Also, if Bourdain is so concerned about who knew what and when and didn’t say anything about it, I’m sure all of his kitchens were free from any hint of misogyny and racism. Lemme guess: no, but that’s just how kitchens are. Right, Anthony?

  45. Stella's Boy says:

    And now QT adds his voice to the mix. 25 years of friendship and he’s just shocked, shocked, that Harvey sexually abused dozens of women over the years. Right. Taking time to let the shock settle. More like taking time to get his spin just right.

    That Peter Biskind quote is also repulsive and perfectly exemplifies the problem. Well yeah sure I knew all about it but MY BOOK!

  46. Greg (not Flatliners-lover) says:

    “May I just say FUCK Anthony Bourdain? If the words “Hillary Clinton” come tumbling out of your mouth or your Twitter account when talking about Weinstein, you blew it. Don’t assist in the attempt at deflection by the right.”
    —considering his current girlfriend was sexually harassed by that monster I think giving him a pass is in order here

  47. Sideshow Bill says:

    I can’t wait until we can just forget about this degenerate scumbag and start talking about movies again. He doesn’t deserve the attention or the unintentional spotlight. Fuck him.

  48. amblinman says:

    “—considering his current girlfriend was sexually harassed by that monster I think giving him a pass is in order here”

    Normally, sure, but the sense I get from Bourdain is if it wasn’t his girlfriend, he wouldn’t give a fuck. And again: blaming a woman when discussing Weinstein is aiding guys like Weinstein. Hillary Clinton is not responsible for Bourdain’s gf being abused. How many women in Bourdain’s kitchens have been harassed? Did he speak up? Did he stop any of it? How many POC endured one racist joke after another because “that’s just how we talk in the kitchen?”

    My point is Bourdain isn’t helping by turning the conversation towards Clinton. And he’s coming across as hypocritical for the reasons I laid out.

  49. film fanatic says:

    If I’m Megan Ellison, I buy the library and distribution apparatus in a fire sale from the bondholders and hire archivists to prepare directors’ cuts of every movie that disgusting fat mouth-breathing rapist pig ever laid his grimy middlebrow tasteless hands on out of spite.

  50. Ray Pride says:

    The Academy has spoken.

  51. JS Partisan says:

    You know what? FUCK THE ACADEMY! These motherfuckers, made him a winner over movies, that he HAD NO RIGHT TO BEAT! Again, this fucker is responsible for the god damn Artist. THEY GAVE A GOD DAMN SILENT FUCKING FILM, all but forgotten to time as it should be, THE BEST PICTURE OSCAR (Yes, some of this outrage about awards is fained, but come on! The fucking Artist?)! The fucking Academy, bent over, time and time and time and time and time and time and time again for this monster. Oh. They are brave now. If this shit doesn’t come out. One of his fucking films, gets a BP nom, one of it’s actors or actresses gets an actor nom, and the other noms follow.

    Good for you, Academy. You cut off your fucking sugar daddy. Whoopidy doo.

    And Bob, we can’t fucking move on anymore. The burden states, put a monster in the white house, so all the other monsters have to get yanked out of the fucking sewer, and SET ON GOD DAMN FIRE… figuratively.

  52. Bob Burns says:

    To Scott Feinberg: the standard is getting caught and making people heave. Seriously. Maybe someone will come up with a different standard, but I haven’t seen it.

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