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Review: Daydream Nation

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Daydream Nation, a quirky little film that generated a decent amount of buzz at Toronto last fall and is playing now in limited release, is a frequently funny, sexy, trip of a film in spite of a tendency to feel uneven more than it should. Chalk it up to freshman jitters, maybe, but I felt frequently while watching the film that first-time writer-director Michael Goldbach didn’t quite have the self-confidence to know when to play a hand all the way out and when to reel it back in just a notch — or when to just ruthlessly kill those idea babies and let them go.

One of the ways in which this is evident is the presence of a great deal of expository voice-over, which tends to be used to make sure we understand, by being told, various ideas we should understand by being shown. What makes much of the voice-over even more perplexing is that it frequently explains things that don’t need explaining, and does so with an ever-so-slightly bored, hipper-than-thou tone which tends to toe the line between “all right, somewhat engaging, I guess” and into the ever-popular “precious.”

Daydream Nation actors Kat Dennings & Josh Lucas

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

TIFF 2010 Preview, Part One

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The Toronto International Film Festival is looming ever closer, and as always, one of the greatest challenges faced by film journalists attending the fest is determining which films on the fest’s packed slate they’ll see. With roughly a week to cover the fest and only so many hours in the day to see (and write about!) films — not to mention those late-night parties and more basic needs like food, a few hours sleep, and the ever-present caffeine fix, there’s just no way to see everything you’d like to see.