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3-Day Estimates By Klady That Made The Clown Cry


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19 Responses to “3-Day Estimates By Klady That Made The Clown Cry”

  1. SJRubinstein says:

    The kind of great thing about “The Final Destination” on its way to making the most domestically of the franchise is that it joins “Friday the 13th Part IV: The Final Chapter” and “A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 6: Freddy’s Dead” as one of those horror series that fully meant to end the franchise there with a “final” film, but because of the money made just really can’t help but return for a few more. I actually quite like the franchise (“FD 2,” for me, remains the high-point) and I get an odd satisfaction out of watching horror series continue to climb ever-higher in the Roman numerals as you occasionally get solid pics like “Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives,” “Halloween IV: The Return of Michael Myers,” etc.

  2. EthanG says:

    Haven’t brought it up for awhile…but 20th Century Fox has now released 38 straight live action films that have failed to garner positive reviews on Metacritic, and 37 out of the last 38 on Rotten Tomatoes (Marley and Me being the exception there). When does the Fox logo become equivalent to the BioHazard logo of film studios??? They sure aren’t doing any favors for female-centric movies by releasing “I Love You Beth Cooper,” “Aliens in the Attic,” “Postgrad,” and “All About Steve back to back to back to back (13%, 25%, 9% and 6% on RT respectively).
    What a bizarre release for “Carriers,” which actually had some OK buzz and decent reviews, but was sent the Select Cities route at the last minute…

  3. martin says:

    I don’t know what Carriers is, but I am disappointed with the business Extract did. Then I noticed that it was only released into 1600 theaters. Why such a small release? Granted, if it had gotten a regular 2500+ release it probably would have only done 7 or 8 million, but maybe that bigger release would help get word of mouth going on it. The current numbers are pretty average and I don’t see it picking up a lot more theaters after this weekend. Unfortunately appears like another quality Mike Judge film will be found mostly on DVD.

  4. LexG says:

    Next week is the MOST CROWDED WITH AWESOMENESS WEEKEND in recent history:
    How are you guys planning on seeing all three of those PLUS going back to see Gamer and Halloween II at LEAST one more time before they disappear?
    Can’t believe nothing’s making any money, I can’t even keep up with all the movies that are out.

  5. EthanG says:

    Id rather be strapped to a chair clockwork orange style and watch “Prom Night” before Sorority Row….and “Beyond a Reasonable Doubt” is a dump…
    Whiteout looks good though, even though it’s been delayed…and 9!

  6. Chucky in Jersey says:

    “Carriers” is from the now-gutted Paramount Vantage, playing in Philadelphia but not in New York.
    “9” is strictly for circle jerks — just look at the poster.

  7. LexG says:

    SORORITY ROW looks to be the MOVIE OF MY DREAMS.
    The first 45 seconds of the trailer is what the inside of my head is seeing all 11 hours of the day that I’m NOT sleeping– sorority chicks partying and beer bonging while SHINY TOY GUNS plays and hot chicks dousing each other with SOAPY SPONGES. BOO-YAH! Too bad it’s probably going to turn into some gay campfest with chicks slinging “cutting/catty” snark lines. Still:

  8. LexG says:

    I’d like to give Kate Beckinsale a WHITEOUT…
    IF you know what I mean.
    GOOD JOKE, bet she’d think that was funny.

  9. Melquiades says:

    Extract was painfully bad. Word of mouth should send it down by about 65% next weekend.

  10. anghus says:

    I saw Gamer. Holy shit. Just so blissfully awful. The scene at the end where Michael C Hall dances with his puppet prisoners.
    I could not stop laughing. Hilariously awful, but i didn’t hate it.

  11. As I’ve said elsewhere, if my wife is going to drag me to Sorority Row next week (a possibility), then Margo Harshman better not be the first one to die (which it looks like she is).

  12. anghus says:

    i thought Audrina was the first one to die.

  13. SJRubinstein says:

    LexG is right – there are so many movies coming out this month that it really is impossible to keep up. I was so going to see “Gamer” this weekend, but now I’m behind and with “Sorority Row,” “Whiteout,” “Pandorum,” “Surrogates” (Dear God), “Jennifer’s Body,” “The Informant!” etc. all hitting at once, it’s going to make a for a lot of double- and triple-features.
    Of course, October’s going to be much, much worse. I mean, Tony Jaa fucking muay tai’s somebody off a goddamn elephant in “Ong Bak 2!!” (which, admittedly, I own on all-region, but just haven’t watched as, well, I’m a lazy-ass).

  14. LexG says:

    Well guess what? I have so much backed-up load in my nutsack it feels like a fucking ANVIL hanging under me, and it looks like the fucking SMOG MONSTER.
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    I’m pushing 40 and soon things will stop working like they used to (in fact that’s already starting), so it’s like MY WHOLE LIFE HAS PASSED ME BY and I’ll never BE FAMOUS, I’ll just be a FUCKING DOUCHE who doesn’t BANG MODELS, so my every waking second is WORTHLESS.
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    THIS WHOLE TOWN IS FUCKING RIGGED. You’re BLOCKING a GENIUS from plying his trade so JASON REITMAN can be a millionaire, like he needs it.
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    Christ, Poland, get one of your industry friends to hook me up with three vouchers or a sig, get me into the GODDAMN GUILD (apparently my PEACH PIT MUGGING in the 1998 90210 where Steve Sanders does standup didn’t qualify me), nor did my GAME SHOW APPEARANCES of the mid 90s.
    LARRY GROSS? SAG FOR LEXG PLEASE. Make it happen. You know I’m a big CHERRY GANZ FAN.

  15. Bennett says:

    Why is Labor Day such a dumping ground? A couple years ago, RZ’s Halloween, made 30 million on Labor Day weekend. The reason why all these movies are bombing are because the audience knows when they are being sold shit. But this is the last weekend before NFL takes most men away on Sunday and almost everyone(well except me) have a four day weekend. If the studios sold a popcorn flick(say Taking of Pelham or Terminator 4) on this weekend would it have really done any worse. Where there is so much competition for theaters and customers, why not take advantage of a three day weekend. Hell, even President’s Day weekend gets better releases.

  16. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Dumping ground mainstream and prime weekend for upmarket/arthouse. The problem this year is product flow: “(500) Days of Summer” and “Ponyo” are played out, “Taking Woodstock” and “Paper Heart” flopped, “Adam” isn’t in many megaplexes, “My One and Only” is strictly arthouse ghetto, “The September Issue” doesn’t go national until next week.
    Plus if you have a compelling college football schedule the Saturday turnout is hurt as well.

  17. Joe Leydon says:

    Bennett: I know we

  18. martindale says:

    i think bennett’s point is that movies can do moderately well despite opening on what most consider a bad weekend. Both Halloween and Transporter 2 had great openings on this weekend. The weekend after Thanksgiving also produced a good opener in The Last Samurai. Horror films have opened well on the weekend after New Years. Despite these successes, studios keep dumping movies on these release dates when there has been some history of success when they do release movies that people want to see.

  19. betavaftrar says:

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