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BYOB 4811

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103 Responses to “BYOB 4811”

  1. sanj says:

    lots of movie actors in this 2 minute video

    Fight For Your Right – Revisited

  2. sanj says:

    Crazy Stupid Love trailer … comedy –

  3. York "Budd" Durden says:

    LARS VON TRIER Melancholia trailer.

  4. Krillian says:

    I’m not sure if the Crazy Stupid Love trailer makes me more or less interested in it. The cast was intriguing enough, but…

  5. IOv3 says:

    The melancholia trailer is pretty freaking tremendous.

  6. LexG says:

    The whole world is bullshit. This is going to be the worst fucking weekend imaginable. I hate my life. I just wanted to see the new releases instead of working on them all at a Shitty Posthouse. My job is worse than prison rape.

  7. sanj says:

    Melancholia –

    Two sisters find their relationship challenged as a nearby planet threatens to collide into the Earth.

    now if i made this up everybody would laugh at me. but some dude named Lars von Trier made this up and it’ll automatically get noticed by critics…probably win some

    LexG – you should do video reviews of movies – they should
    get 1 million views and you can beat every guru of gold
    or be as popular as that Harry from AICN .

  8. Gus says:

    Hate to steal Sanj’s thunder here but David – you said before you’d have a DP30 of Lena Dunham. That still happening? You also had a sneak peek of a Swanberg DP30 but I never saw the full thing. That around? Thanks.

  9. LexG says:

    Yeah, sorry to disappoint, Sanj, but the Lexman’s vids top out at around 60 views. A few hundred if Wells or Tapley pimp them.

    But in general, (understandably) ain’t a lot of market for a greasy bloated douche filming himself from four inches away in an underlit, depressing apartment. I wouldn’t watch that shit either. And no one knows about this “LexG” shtick to ask them to help me make it look more professional. Plus my Chernobyl pattern hair loss assures that I’ll never be paid to be in front of a camera, ever, so FUCK THE WORLD.

  10. IOv3 says:

    Lex, seriously, THERE IS A TREMENDOUS MARKET FOR DUDES LIKE YOU OUT THERE! Did you see the Phelous review I posted? HE makes a decent freaking living off of those videos. Noah Antwiler makes enough to do his videos and live a comfortable life. Go over to, post a rant in the blog area, and keep doing it until they recognize you. You have a knack with this stuff. Do it. Do it. Do it.

  11. LexG says:

    I don’t know, is that website trustworthy or does it give you spyware. I don’t go to new websites because they fuck up your computer.

    I am going to hang myself.

  12. sanj says:

    the DP/30’s …they need to be on tv – AMC is too busy with dramas … DP can join E! and put them on there with endless repeats plus you can get access to all those
    Kardashians. just ask Ryan Seacrest too hook you up with
    the network.

    so i found a new source for movie interviews

    hours and hours of movie reviews and interviews
    they get exclusive interviews DP doesn’t have. crazy.

  13. IOv3 says:

    Yeah that website is trustworthy. You don’t go to new websites? Dude, you need a hug, but that website is trustworthy.

  14. LexG says:

    Yeah, well I don’t trust it, hombre.

    God am I FUCKING DEPRESSED, they asked me to work ALL WEEKEND b/c so many new goddamn movies come out.

    Someone here HAS TO KNOW this: Why do studios HAVE to send all their brand-new shit out to have the DVD started the very weekend of release? Shit doesn’t come out for four months… They really need to RUIN MY LIFE by having INSERT TODAY’S MOVIE’s *BROADCAST TV* prints (which won’t air on TNT for THREE YEARS) QC’d on opening day?

  15. IOv3 says:

    Lex, that is fucking stupid that it’s rushed so soon, and that website is ran by three nice gentlemen from Chicago. If I can trust them to send me the DVDs I paid for, you can go and check them out. Seriously that’s what you are meant to do, so do it already.

  16. LexG says:

    Can’t wait to get to my florescent-buzzing hellhole and catch up on all the day’s excited emails about what today’s FOOD TRUCK is. Is there anything worse than WORKING IN AN OFFICE? It is WORSE THAN PRISON.

    Why do I get the feeling almost NO ONE here has ever worked IN AN OFFICE? From the top down, I just don’t get a CUBICLE JOCKEY vibe from, really, anyone here. Even the vow-of-poverty types like LYT or McDouche seem like they’ve always just gone for scrappy, menial itinerant work rather than some suburbanized, drab, school-like grinding office setting where you have to work 50 hours a week and you have direct deposit and shit.

    It is an AMERICAN NIGHTMARE. It’s why I can never embrace my burgeoning conservatism, because, really, FUCK WORK. It is the WORST THING ON THE PLANET.

    I wanted to be an artist. Instead I’m a keyboard jockey with a sedentary BULLSHIT existence that I DESPISE MORE THAN HITLER.

    Every single day I think of killing myself… I’ve been placed on leave and sent to Anger Management at jobs for YEARS because IT IS SO FUCKING BORING, sometimes I just go in and trash stuff or start shit just to LIVEN UP THE DAY.

    There is NOTHING more pathetic on this planet than people DOING JOBS THAT THEY HATE just to collect money.


  17. York "Budd" Durden says:

    10 years in an office. I was the boss, though, so it wasn’t so bad.

  18. LexG says:


    All shall BOW TO HER and celebrate 21 years of HUMAN GREATNESS. All must celebrate. I know I will.

    K-STEW YAY! YAY! Greatest person on the planet. Ever.

  19. LexG says:

    Also: It’s Elle Fanning’s birthday too! Which means Dakota had lots of presents to buy.

    Cute! Cute!

    EDIT: And Leighton Meester.

    APRIL 9 should be a NATIONAL HOLIDAY.

  20. Anghus says:

    Lex, you were more interesting when you had given up on l.a.

    This purgatory of abstinence, self loathing, and teen obsession… perpetually on the precipice of breakdown…. Its tired. Even if its shtick.

    Maybe your character could find God.

  21. Joe Leydon says:

    Anyone else out there having trouble with his/her Blackberry and Verizon ever since Verizon started servicing iPhones as well?

  22. IOv3 says:

    Joe, no clue, but I highly recommend SPRINT! It’s like ATT and Verizon, if THEY DIDN’T SUCK! HOOAH!

  23. sanj says:

    watched the good the bad the weird … 30 minutes too long .. but real good action …needs a english remake with simpler plot = oscar… one of you comic con nerd directors can do this ..

    i`m still waiting for a 100 + actors that haven`t done a DP30 before . maybe actors only care if they can get an
    oscar out of it and then never do one again … Natalie Portman never has to do any again. she won.
    i predict she won`t do another DP30 this year.

    Odette Yustman changed her name
    to Odette Annable .. she`s in breaking in
    on fox. so watch. shes good.

  24. LexG says:


    She is YUSTMAN. I do NOT acknowledge this ridiculous name change, even if she is married now.

    I also can’t figure out why she just DOESN’T catch on; She’s objectively a Portman-Alba level OH MY GOD beauty… She should be the preeminent bombshell of the post-Alba times (especially since she looks like a cross between Alba and Megan Fox)…

    But on TV (October Road), in movies (The Unborn, Cloverfield, You Again, that crappy thing with Zach Galafiniakis about the rival assassins), she just seems destined to never become a household name… Is she TOO HOT for the geek brigade, who actually preferred LIZZY CAPLAN in Cloverfield, and likes her one-time costar Kristen Bell better? I would’ve put MASSIVE money on Yustman as being a Megan Fox-level tabloid/popcult breakout… yet now she’s on some middling TV SHOW.

    Basically she’s following the Olivia Wilde career trajectory, meaning she’ll star getting big movies and magazine covers in six years, even though her hotness has peaked– Wilde was IT six years ago, but no one noticed.

  25. scooterzz says:

    just die….

  26. scooterzz says:

    and, by that, i mean sleep peacefully and get over your demons…of course…

  27. LexG says:

    Also if we’re gonna talk about BREAKING IN…

    Where did we get that new comic relief black dude who’s in that and John Stockwell’s CAT RUN? Dude is in EVERY WAY the new MICHAEL WINSLOW.

  28. sanj says:

    Breaking In’s Odette Annable – 5 minute video..

  29. LexG says:

    Her name is YUSTMAN. I am not acknowledging this ANNABLE shit. Who the hell changes their name when they’re trying to crack the A list? Like if Garrett Hedlund just decided he was suddenly Garrett Morris. Stupid, and not like her marriage to that BROTHERS AND SISTERS dude is actually going to last.

    Plus ODETTE YUSTMAN is the greatest hot-chick name ever, since she’s some half-Cuban Alba-lookalike, but her name suggests the offspring of a Waffle House waitress and a Jewish accountant.

  30. JKill says:

    THE UNBORN was actually a pretty cool movie, a fun spin on the possession genre, and I really liked Odette Annable/Yustman as the lead.

    Although I won’t have anyone insult Lizzy Caplan who I love. (It’s impossible to watch “Party Down” the short lived, hilarious sitcom from Starz and not have a mad, mad crush on her. She’s great.)

  31. yancyskancy says:

    It’s funny, I’m one of the few CLOVERFIELD fans around here, but every time I’ve seen a promo for BREAKING IN, I’ve thought ‘who is this gorgeous woman? I’ve got to look her up on imdb’. Then I’d forget to. I don’t think I’ve seen any of her other films/TV. But yeah, a Yustman by any other name would look as sweet.

  32. IOv3 says:

    Jkill, Unborn got the Bad Movie Beatdown it deserved… SYMBOLISM!!!!

  33. yancyskancy says:

    So, Michael Shannon is Zod?

  34. LexG says:

    Anyone else see that episode of SHAMELESS where Joel Murray’s hot, whorish daughter bangs a drunken Macy on her webcam?

    Did that image fill anyone else with a TRAVIS BICKLE level of psychotic rage? Catching up on that series, and between that storyline and the Emmy Rossum/Amy Smart oglage, just makes me feel THAT MUCH WORSE about my epic cold streak.

    How do you guys go this long without pussy?

    Macy’s character gets drunk and always falls into money and pussy. I usually just get drunk and watch his stupid fucking TV show.

    Has ANY SHOW EVER been as FOUL and unclean and HATEFUL as SHAMELESS?

  35. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I did Lex. It’s a pretty foul and unclean show. Wasn’t filled with much rage while watching it, but Emmy Rossum is delightful. Wasn’t really a fan of hers before Shameless. I am now.

  36. LexG says:

    I actively trashed my apartment and smashed a bunch of bottles and broke a table and kicked a hole in my wall after watching it, then listened to Britney Spears’ EVERYTIME while pussing out of slitting my wrists after seeing that shit.


  37. Joe Leydon says:

    Speaking of TV: At what point did Justified become the best series in prime time?

  38. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    That it is Joe, and while it was excellent last year, sometime after the first few episodes of this season people started calling it one of the best if not the best show on television. Raylon Givens is just so awesome, as is Timothy Olyphant. And if there is any justice in this world Margo Martindale will win every award possible for her spectacular performance this season.

  39. LexG says:

    Everyone keeps telling me how much I’m missing out not watching JUSTIFIED, esp since I’m a HUGE fan of Olyphant and Goggins, but as Yancy and I were mooning over the other day, we missed the boat season one, and now it’s too far gone to catch up.

    WHAT IS WITH the FX-AMC level networks making their shows SO HARD to catch on demand or on a rerun? Finding BREAKING BAD eps once they air is like searching for the Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and FX makes its shows pretty sparse, NEVER DOES ANY MARATHONS, only keeps them on demand or Hulu for a couple weeks; Since JUSTIFIED S2 is well into the season, for guys like me who WANT TO GET ON THE BUS, eps 1-5 are probably long vanished…

    and now we have to wait till the SEASON 2 DVD comes out… probably next year, nine hours before SEASON 3 PREMIERES, so we’ll get behind the eight-ball again.


  40. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I have Fios and you can’t watch any FX shows OnDemand. Sucks.

  41. LexG says:

    It’s too bad that Emmy Rossum’s frequent Shameless nudity is always accompanied by the site of Justin “Billy Joe From Green Day” Chatwin.

    HOW DID THAT midget get a career?

    Further proof to my theory that ONCE YOU ARE IN SHOWBIZ AS A KID, you will NEVER want for work.

  42. Joe Leydon says:

    LexG: You can probably rent episodes from Netflix. And you can freakin’ BUY episodes as downloads from Amazon for $1.99 a pop. Trust me — it’s worth it. Tell you what: Buy the first three episodes. And if you don’t like what you’ll see, I’ll mail you $6.

  43. LexG says:

    I can’t order things on the computer because I don’t trust it. Too risky and all that.

  44. Joe Leydon says:

    So you only watch FREE porn on line?

  45. IOv3 says:

    Lex, unless you are a complete and utter ignoramus, you should be able to order stuff on your computer. Seriously, you’re not 89. Go order something because you do know at any time, even this website might not be safe? Seriously, that’s an incredibly weird phobia.

  46. yancyskancy says:

    I’m pondering a blind buy of JUSTIFIED season 1 on Blu. It’s less than $30 on amazon.

    Hulu has season 2 episodes 4 and 5 for streaming (big whoop). Three episodes of Louis CK’s FX series LOUIE are there, too, and three or four eps of LIGHTS OUT.

  47. anghus says:

    lex, i just had a weird computer experience which may justify your paranoia.

    I get this email confirmation from uhaul that someone has reserved a trailer and my email was given to send the confirmation to. at first i think it’s just a scam email until i see the physical address of the uhaul office where it’s been reserved. i call the number to make sure i’m not getting id theft and the lady tells me some old guy came in to rent a trailer and gave her that email address specifically. She said she was sure because my email address is so specific to my name. The lady behind the desk said ‘i even asked him to read it back to me because it seemed like i spelled it wrong’.

    so someone 4 states away just rented a uhaul trailer under their name and used my email address which is basically my name @


  48. JKill says:

    Since we’re on the subject of TV…

    Has anyone watched “The Killing” on AMC? I watched the first two episodes that they put together as the pilot, and I was really impressed. The show seems like it has a lot of potential in terms of character and plot development. Pretty curious to where it’s going to go from here, and they basically have me hooked for the rest of the season.

    I missed the boat on “Justified”, “Shameless”, “Sons of Anarchy” and most acclaimed TV shows. I’m horrible at catching them, considering I’ve only still watched the first two seasons of (the genius) “The Wire” and only the first of “Mad Man”.

    But one show I have made time to catch is the absolute depraved insanity that is Starz’s “Spartacus: Blood and Sand”. I’m half way through the prequel series “Gods of the Arena”, and the writers have somehow kept up the peverse contradition that is this show, one with constant graphic nudity/sex and violence but also with surprsingly compelling characters and plots. The first season becomes legitimately great after a handful of just so so episodes. It’s so gleefully over the top. I can’t get enough of it.

  49. sanj says:

    shameless is just one big screwed up happy family.. bad stuff happens every episode by the end they are all friends

    there’s over 100 tv actors that need a DP/30 …maybe they
    are just too low for DP to notice them maybe one of the actors will get lucky and do a DP/30 cause they are in a film with a more famous actor.
    William Shatner has been acting for like 50 years and no DP/30. proof.

    Emmy also sings . nice video

    Emmy Rossum – Slow Me Down

  50. IOv3 says:

    Yancy, it’s Justified. DO IT. DO IT.

  51. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m watching and liking The Killing. Hope it pans out better than Lights Out which showed promise but ultimately was pretty disappointing.

  52. IOv3 says:

    Wow, that’s nice of you selling your subjective opinion as fact Paul. If I did that, I would get 30 posts about how I am too opinionated and want to be right all the time XD!

    Lights Out also kicked ass and has one of the better endings of a series in quite some time.

  53. sanj says:

    i mentioned this before – the killing is just another version of csi / law and order ..

  54. scooterzz says:

    so, is that your “funny stuff” or something to be considered pathetic…i swear, sometimes ‘performance art’ just eludes me…
    take the pipe, lex…seems the only answer….

  55. Foamy Squirrel says:

    “I came here for an Argument!”

    “I’m sorry, but this is Abuse!”

  56. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Sorry IO I didn’t care much for the ending of Lights Out. The boxing scenes were embarrassingly bad and I didn’t believe the final fight would end the way it did. The show had its moments but too often devoted far too much time to useless subplots, like his mother returning out of nowhere in the second to last episode. Holt is fantastic, some of the supporting performances are great, but overall it’s nowhere near as good as, say, Justified. Of course, that is all JUST MY OPINION, not a fact.

  57. anghus says:

    Foamy Squirrel for the win.

  58. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Now that is funny.

  59. Joe Leydon says:

    OK, it’s 9 am CT/7 am PT. How much longer do you think it’ll be before David purges this thread? I’m betting no earlier than 11 am CT/9 am PT. Because, hey, I can remember how inviting it was to sleep late when you had a young’un in the house.

  60. David Poland says:

    Looks like 9:14 am PDT

  61. IOv3 says:

    FS for the win is a subjective fact 8)!

    Paul you really are from Philly. That is all.

    Now back to The Damned United directed by ACADEMY AWARD WINNER… TOM HOOPER!

  62. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m not from Philly. Worked there for a short time but never lived there. I believe I have said repeatedly that I am from Wisconsin. Born and raised.

  63. JKill says:

    THE DAMNED UNITED is a solid flick. A very good Sheen performance and more good work from writer Peter Morgan.

    Also, the visual style is kind of similar to THE KING’S SPEECH in terms of composition and photography. Good stuff.

  64. Joe Leydon says:

    David: Are you yet at the point when the little one lets you get a full night’s sleep? Amazing how good that feels, isn’t it?

  65. anghus says:

    is it difficult to purge lex posts or do you have it down to couple of keystrokes?

    Ctrl + L?

  66. sanj says:

    watched mildred pierce – one of the worst things on tv all so far – writing is just as bad as twilight movies
    this only makes sense if you were born in the 1940’s
    DP – are you going to review this ? Kate Winslet cries so
    she’ll get an award for this .

  67. David Poland says:

    Joe – Cameron has been sleeping 12 hours and change for a long time. My schedule – going to bed after 1a – is really why I continue to be sleep challenged.

    Anghus – No. I have to look at the start and end of the binge as well as all the responses to the binge. Scooterzz had a lot of interchange with him this time and most of that got purged too.

    I have said for many years now that I do not want to be a cop or a parent on this blog. It doesn’t amuse me when I feel forced to be that. I can imagine, but won’t speculate, on why anyone would be happy controlling reader content on a daily basis. But not for me.

    “Lex” is like a highly intelligent child of this blog who cannot seem to avoid drunken meltdowns once or twice a month. I don’t think he gets off on me cleaning up his vomit off the digital floor. If I thought he did, I would just go ahead and give up on him.

    Ironically, he is sometimes saner when on one of his rants. That’s the only time he has shown a willingness to turn to making this an actual job. And unlike some have said, he is more than capable of doing the work… and I think, perhaps, brilliant work. But in the cold light of day, he won’t take the opportunities offered to him, offering all kinds of reasons.

    He and his IP addresses don’t have free access to the site right now. And in a week or two, I’m sure he’ll be back.

    And I will remain frustrated by him wasting his time – and mine – with Yup Yup nonsense, and embarrassed and sad when he binges and then purges all over the blog from 2a – 6a.

    It takes a lot to get me to give up on someone. Vomit can be cleaned up. The only times I have really given up on others is when they get to the point where they become so lost that they start doing real damage and not knowing the difference. Lex isn’t there. Hopefully, he won’t get there.

    On the other hand, even with a lot of bickering, most everyone else has represented their strong viewpoints in here over recent months without going too far over the deep end. And I appreciate that.

  68. David Poland says:

    sanj – I quite like this Mildred Pierce, though I don’t know how it plays as a serial. I watched it all in one run, felt it improved a lot in the last 2 hours, with Veda as an adult, and kinda wish people were seeing it all in one sitting or split in two.

    The film lingers and allows things to happen in a way that is much more like a real life evolving than the original melodrama (which I quite like), but I have a feeling that an hour at a time is maddening to people.

  69. sanj says:

    DP – the last 2 hours were the worst part – part 4 was the worst – it was like they were
    talking in some sort of skakespeare old timey english ..

    the last 20 minutes is just bad – twilight bad.

    this belongs on the history channel ..

    ask any actor under 20 if they like this series..

    also any new DP/30’s coming ? g4 tv is doing a
    decent job with 5 minute interviews .. they
    get lots of actors should be able to get

  70. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Who cares if actors under 20 like Mildred Pierce 2011?

  71. sanj says:

    actors under 20 might think the dialog is just stupid . same thing with actors over 40 who think the dialog
    for Scott Pilgrim vs the World is stupid.

  72. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    So what? How many people under 20, actors or otherwise, plan on watching Mildred Pierce? I’m sure HBO isn’t losing any sleep over what actors under 20 think of it.

  73. sanj says:

    its a basic history lesson about what happened way back then .. maybe it’ll get people under 20 to understand a bit more .. do you think people will care about the social network 25 years from now .. facebook could be gone by then and internet will look so much different

  74. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I have no idea if people will care about The Social Network in 25 years. While surely they want as many viewers as possible, I can’t imagine HBO targeted the 20 and under crowd or cares much about how they feel about Mildred Pierce.

  75. David Poland says:

    Actually, sanj, I think Social Network will play better in 20 years, freed of the silly idea that it’s a movie defining a major social trend in America. It’s a story about a guy… and as that, it’s pretty great.

    I also don’t think under-20s cared about it last year.

    And there will be new DP/30s in the weeks to come, but expect a real ramp up back to full steam in May.

  76. Krillian says:

    You guys all realize sanj is a performance artist, right? He’s playing the character very well. But then, if you engage him, maybe it’s your way of having fun and just joining the skit. Never mind; carry on.

    TV show idea: DP starts losing his mind and all the characters that post on his blog start showing up in real life… (Hey, if Finke almost had Diane Keaton in a show about her life…)

  77. Joe Leydon says:

    Whenever I show Shampoo and All the President’s Men in back to back classes of my Social Aspects of Film course, I have found it works best if I prepare students with a half-hour or so of history lesson, so they’ll better understand all the “topical” references. You might be surprised — and then again, maybe you wouldn’t — to know how many people under 30 have no idea who Spiro Agnew was, or what the term “Chappaquiddick incident” means.

  78. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    As a 32 year-old, I am not surprised at all Joe.

  79. sanj says:

    if you get famous enough they’ll put you on a tshirt like
    that Che Guevara guy or most recent those Obama Hope posters.

  80. anghus says:

    i just got out of watching Your Highness.

    Holy fucking hell was that awful. I’ve never seen a one trick pony beaten to death. i have now.

  81. leahnz says:

    wow, another unbelievably vile lex level 10 nasty homophobic toxic meltdown brushed under the carpet. terribly convenient for the next time lex pulls his wide-eyed innocent ‘who me? i’m just a good natured larrikin doing ‘an act’, golly gosh’ routine, and all his apologists can come to the king of the nasties rescue in righteous indignation.

    and in all that rather nauseating pandering to lex above, DP, why no mention of ‘the content’ of his comments? he’s fully aware how scooterzz feels about him and that needling scoot for a job was only going to go one way, he got exactly what he wanted all around. what a joke.

  82. leahnz says:

    wait, i see lex has been sanitised out of the ‘apes’ thread too, as well as his subsequent detractor (can’t remember who it was). the clean up of widdel baby lex’s mess is complete.

  83. David Poland says:

    It’s interesting, Leah… no problem with what you are saying, but your tone is nasty, to say the least.

    I guess I am more forgiving than you.

  84. leahnz says:

    holy shit, is that supposed to be a joke? MY tone is nasty?

    reading your mild comments above about lex’s screed – possibly THE nastiest, most vile, psychotic, seething lex meltdown ever on this blog (but maybe not all things considered, i can probably think of a couple worse ones) – and not ONE word about how nasty lex’s words were, and then you trot out the NASTY card on ME? that is…actually, i think typical is the word i’m looking for, sadly.

    (did you even read what lex wrote? you couldn’t have possibly, to tell me i’m nasty rather than using that one for lex in his epic psychotic all-night hate parade, because that would just be delusional. and i think considering the things lex said, it would actually be scooterzz job to ‘forgive’ in this instance, would it not? your job is to enable. why do you think this happens on a regular basis? because you allow it. why erase the comments by people telling lex how fed up they are with his nonsense and questioning why you allow him to do it again and again? never mind, rhetorical question)

  85. David Poland says:

    I didn’t say you were more nasty than Lex. I hadn’t realized it was a competition.

  86. nikki whisperer says:


    Given that it’s now a pretty widely accepted fact among audiophiles and music purists fact that CDs sound like crap compared to vinyl, I found this quote from Peter Jackson on his decision to shoot THE HOBBIT in 48p rather amusing:

    “You get used to this new look very quickly and it becomes a much more lifelike and comfortable viewing experience. It’s similar to the moment when vinyl records were supplanted by digital CDs.” Unintentionally revealing, perhaps?

  87. anghus says:

    nikki, i thought something along those lines when i read that quote.

    then again, after King Kong and Lovely Bones, i’m not really sold on Jackson’s instincts as being consistently great.

  88. leahnz says:

    no DP, that doesn’t work as you didn’t say lex was nasty AT ALL, so again you dodge the point to lamely deflect it onto me, either way i’m sure your boy lex will be back soon enough to inject a bit of pedopervhomophobemisogynophelia into otherwise on-topic proceedings

    “Unintentionally revealing, perhaps?”


  89. sanj says:

    hey DP – how about some DP/30 with actors who have less
    than 5 minutes of screen time / actors with memorable smaller roles. those actors never seem to get a full DP/30..

  90. Joe Leydon says:

    David: Since you always complain when one of us dares to assume what you’re thinking, I will offer this only as a guess: You really think you’re going to be the one to change him, don’t you?

    If so: You are in for some bitter disappointment. And yes, I know what I’m talking about.

  91. cadavra says:

    Wow, did my computer pick a bad weekend to wind up in the shop. I seem to have missed one hell of a spectacle. 🙁

  92. IOv3 says:

    Cad, we should high five each other for not being involved! HIGH FIVE!

  93. Joe Leydon says:

    BTW: For those of you in NYC and LA who are up to being challenged by an indie movie — check out Fly Away this weekend.

  94. David Poland says:

    No, Joe… not in the savior business. But thanks for playing.

  95. Joe Leydon says:

    Then you’re an enabler. In some ways, that’s even worse.

  96. David Poland says:

    Glad to know you still have a fast answer for everything, Joe. Guess that means I am enabling you.

  97. Joe Leydon says:

    You think you’re doing Lex a favor. I used to think I was doing people like Lex favors. I have already buried one of them. I fully expect to bury another one very soon. I don’t find any of this the least bit amusing. You want to play games? Fine. Go ahead. You want to toss insults my way? Feel free if it makes you feel better. Mind you, it’s hard for me to take very seriously someone who resorts to words like “dingleberry” when trying to hurt my feelings, but, hey, if it makes you happy, be my guest. But for your sake — and for Lex’s sake — I truly and sincerely hope you don’t find out how easily and quickly and harshly you can get a smug smile slapped right off your face.

    Now, go ahead: Hit me with your best shot. And while you’re doing so, try to convince yourself that I’m wrong.

  98. Joe Leydon says:

    David: It’s 12:45 am here, so I’m going to sleep now. If there’s anything else you’d like to write, why don’t you wait until tomorrow until you’re wide awake enough to write it, and I’m wide awake enough to read it. Good night.

  99. David Poland says:

    Joe… you act as though you are the only one who has had to deal with addicts. I’m not getting into a pissing match with you over who has dealt with more tragic situations.

    Nor am I going to psychoanalyze “Lex” for you and the world to read on a public blog.

    Do me a favor and stick to taking responsibility for your own actions. Your insights into my choices – and “Lex”‘s for that matters – lack the detail of actual knowledge, aside from the one perspective you see in here.

    You’re older than me, but you aren’t my daddy… or my therapist. If you were either, I would expect you to have a lot more information before I would pay serious attention to such definitive opinions on motive and repercussions.

    I know you’re well intended… but your need to tell me what I think – and then, of course, to try to corner me and suggest that anything less than agreement is denial – is, at best, lame.

  100. Joe Straatmann says:

    I keep coming here, and it’s like waking up in Punxsutawney to Sonny and Cher every time. And this has been on repeat for years. YEARS. Now what is the perfect series of events to get out of this cycle? I haven’t a clue.

  101. cadavra says:

    Back atcha, IO! 🙂

Quote Unquotesee all »

It shows how out of it I was in trying to be in it, acknowledging that I was out of it to myself, and then thinking, “Okay, how do I stop being out of it? Well, I get some legitimate illogical narrative ideas” — some novel, you know?

So I decided on three writers that I might be able to option their material and get some producer, or myself as producer, and then get some writer to do a screenplay on it, and maybe make a movie.

And so the three projects were “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” “Naked Lunch” and a collection of Bukowski. Which, in 1975, forget it — I mean, that was nuts. Hollywood would not touch any of that, but I was looking for something commercial, and I thought that all of these things were coming.

There would be no Blade Runner if there was no Ray Bradbury. I couldn’t find Philip K. Dick. His agent didn’t even know where he was. And so I gave up.

I was walking down the street and I ran into Bradbury — he directed a play that I was going to do as an actor, so we know each other, but he yelled “hi” — and I’d forgot who he was.

So at my girlfriend Barbara Hershey’s urging — I was with her at that moment — she said, “Talk to him! That guy really wants to talk to you,” and I said “No, fuck him,” and keep walking.

But then I did, and then I realized who it was, and I thought, “Wait, he’s in that realm, maybe he knows Philip K. Dick.” I said, “You know a guy named—” “Yeah, sure — you want his phone number?”

My friend paid my rent for a year while I wrote, because it turned out we couldn’t get a writer. My friends kept on me about, well, if you can’t get a writer, then you write.”
~ Hampton Fancher

“That was the most disappointing thing to me in how this thing was played. Is that I’m on the phone with you now, after all that’s been said, and the fundamental distinction between what James is dealing with in these other cases is not actually brought to the fore. The fundamental difference is that James Franco didn’t seek to use his position to have sex with anyone. There’s not a case of that. He wasn’t using his position or status to try to solicit a sexual favor from anyone. If he had — if that were what the accusation involved — the show would not have gone on. We would have folded up shop and we would have not completed the show. Because then it would have been the same as Harvey Weinstein, or Les Moonves, or any of these cases that are fundamental to this new paradigm. Did you not notice that? Why did you not notice that? Is that not something notable to say, journalistically? Because nobody could find the voice to say it. I’m not just being rhetorical. Why is it that you and the other critics, none of you could find the voice to say, “You know, it’s not this, it’s that”? Because — let me go on and speak further to this. If you go back to the L.A. Times piece, that’s what it lacked. That’s what they were not able to deliver. The one example in the five that involved an issue of a sexual act was between James and a woman he was dating, who he was not working with. There was no professional dynamic in any capacity.

~ David Simon