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BYOB Weekend: Hop, An April Fool’s Gag?

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198 Responses to “BYOB Weekend: Hop, An April Fool’s Gag?”

  1. anghus says:

    So i was making up a hypothetical list of the worst movies of 2000-2010.

    Sex & The City 2 immediately sprang to mind.

    Last Airbender has to be right up there.

  2. hcat says:

    Always tough to say since everyone probably avoided stuff like Vampires Suck and The Spy Next Door, but out of what I saw I would have to say Alice in Wonderland and Cop Out were the bottom rung.

  3. Joe Straatmann says:

    Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle
    Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever

    Those are off the top of my head. Maybe throw Feardotcom/The Grudge remake/The Wicker Man remake in there.

  4. anghus says:

    I would agree with all these picks, although i was ambivalent on Alice in Wonderland. It didn’t make me wretch in the seat.

    Cop Out made me wretch and wince. So did Charlies Angels Full Throttle, Cloverfield, and the Happening.

  5. Krillian says:

    Worst of the decade should include Miss March, Over Her Dead Body, Feardotcom, Alien v. Predator, The Cat in the Hat, a Uwe Boll film, and a Friedberg/Seltzer collaboration.

  6. hcat says:

    Didn’t read his post clearly enough, worst of the decade would be a little indie film called Haiku Tunnel, followed closely by Gentlemen Broncos.

    And certainly there is a Travolta film that can qualify for the list.

  7. anghus says:

    Oh man, Cat in the Hat for the fucking win.


    As far as Travolta films… hmmmm….

    Battlefield Earth?
    Old Dogs?
    Be Cool?
    Lucky Numbers?

  8. berg says:

    how do you make a feel good film about clitorechtomy? you don’t and Desert Flower vacillates between wacky British actors hamming it up and blood stained flashbacks of a young somali girl undergoing a barbaric ritual …. although there are a lot of things in foreign films that seem strange to american audiences ….. like how does the kid in In A Better World not end up in jail; he’s a teenager, he blows up a van with a homemade pipe bomb and in the next sequence he is apparently released by the police and out on his own recognisance?

  9. IOv3 says:

    Yeah, Postal has to be on a list of the worst films of the last decade. You also need to throw on there that movie Lucky You. It just rubs me the wrong way, man.

  10. leahnz says:

    i’m not following, berg, is all that somehow related to the ‘worst movies’ list?

    worst movies is quite hard…i’d do better with ‘most hated movies of 2000-2010’

  11. LexG says:

    Worst lists are boring because ALL MOVIES ARE GOOD.

    Other than Over Her Dead Body or SATC 2, which I didn’t see, I’ve liked every movie mentioned in this thread so far.

  12. berg says:

    I concur, I would list a film like Toy Story 3 as a worst movie when in reality it is not more offensive than All About Steve or Immigration Tango

  13. SamLowry says:

    No mention of Igor yet? Every criticism I read about Hop reminded me of Igor, and though I love John Cusack, that flick was horrible.

  14. LexG says:

    The worst movie is always better than reading a book.

  15. berg says:

    I was watching about 10 minutes of Yes Man tonight on cable and Jim Carrey is watching SAW – the scene where Cary E is sawing off his limb and Carrey shouts at the television “Go ahead and snap it off, you’re already half way through”

  16. IOv3 says:

    Toy Story 3 hatred is just plain weird and Yes Man is a silly under-appreciated movie.

  17. arisp says:

    David – the CHUD criterion release sure sounds like an April Fool’s joke to me. You sure this is legit?

  18. arisp says:

    Oh, umm, never mind.

  19. Foamy Squirrel says:

    I liked Charlies: Throttle much better than Charlies 1, despite the absence of Murray. 1 felt like it didn’t know if it was supposed to be genuinely empowering or a parody, whereas 2 just embraced the fact that it was dumb. I can respect a film more if it knows what it is.

  20. Triple Option says:

    Perfume – painful! I hated myself for staying. I just knew it had more layers of hell to desend into. Sure enough, they stuck the motherlode of stupidity.

  21. scooterzz says:

    “The worst movie is always better than reading a book”

    maybe one of the greatest t-shirt ideas ever…. would make a fortune out front of the arclight…

  22. nikki whisperer says:

    GENTLEMEN BRONCOS is a masterpiece.

  23. berg says:

    ditto on Gentlemen Broncos …. the film opens with a take off of the covers of Ace sci-fi pulp novels of the 50s along with the song “In the Year 2525” – how can a film like that be bad?

  24. LexG says:

    HOP is gonna open at 30-35 mil for the weekend????

    Honestly, why does anyone remotely bother to make ANYTHING but a kids’ movie at this point?

  25. sanj says:

    i checked out 1000 pieces of art under 10 minutes ..
    so far i liked most of it

    revolution magazine has .pdf files ..300 pages of art
    in each theme issue like Nuclear art , Underwater Life
    art , Internet art , evolution art ..

    you can save the pdf files on your computer – i highly
    recommend the internet issue

  26. hcat says:

    If we want to continue looking back at the last decade, how about completing the sentance:

    “If you had told me in 2000 that X would be an oscar winner I would have said that you were fucking nuts.”

    Mine would have to be Theron, I saw nothing in her previous work that might indicate anything but a pretty face and always thought she was one project away from sliding into obscurity.

  27. actionman says:

    cloverfield is certainly NOT one of the worst movies of any year.

  28. jesse says:

    My recommendation for people who come up with Alice in Wonderland, Cloverfield, or even Charlie’s Angels 2 or Gentlemen Broncos for worst movie of the past ten years is: see more movies. When you eventually see something genuinely terrible, it might shift your perspective a bit.

  29. Joe Straatmann says:

    jesse, I specifically watch the worst of the worst sometimes to get perspective. Caligula, After Last Season, Gods and Generals……. speaking of which, throw After Last Season on the list. The fact that anyone would throw over $100 million on Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle blows my mind. The fact that anyone would make John Cleese the straight man to MATT FUCKING LEBLANC blows my mind. They utterly destroyed the Thin Man as a character (“Thin” as his character may have been, Crispin Glover made him awesome in the first one). And they took the thin story of the first one which worked well enough and took it out and replaced it with lame CSI parodies that wouldn’t even fly on sitcoms that get canned after two episodes.

    And Cloverfield is the first 80-minute movie (With 7 minutes of credits) to feel like it was three hours. They spent 20 minutes at something that’s like a party your friend invited you to so he wouldn’t have to go solo and the friend doesn’t show up, so you’re in a room of stupid, vacuous douchebags, and then you have to follow these same people during a gigantic catastrophe as they do monumentally stupid things, and the “found footage” gets constantly undermined by little things like a character making a cell phone call IN THE NEW YORK CITY SUBWAY SYSTEM (Wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t the “dramatic center” of the movie), or how a woman can make it down a skyscraper after having CEMENT AND STEEL PLUNGED THROUGH HER BODY! The finds a new way to insult me every step of the way, so YES, IT BELONGS.

  30. Triple Option says:

    What makes Alice in Wonderland (didn’t see), Cloverfield, and Charlie’s Angels 2 so awful is that they supposedly had trained adults working on them with actual resources tied in. I’ve seen some student films that were unintelligible but man, those people didn’t know better. From conception to screen, Charlie’s Angels was nothing more than a ponzi scheme in which the organizers couldn’t even keep the triangle from being inverted.

    I’ll have to go back and review Oscar wins. Charlize winning would be way up on that list for me as well.

  31. IOv3 says:

    Triple, slamming Alice in Wonderland pretty much plays into what Jesse stated. Seriously, you folks need to watch films like Pocket Ninjas or anything else that the great Obscurus Lupa reviews, because that shit is BAD. These films you might not like but they sure as shit aren’t as bad as BIRDFUCKINGDEMIC!

  32. The Pope says:

    TripleOption makes a good point. Aren’t we entitled to expect a degree of efficiency or aptitude from the “minds” that created Alice or Cloverfield? But then again, bad is bad is bad.

    But really, why are we even remembering the bad films? Almost every single film mentioned here I had happily forgotten I had seen. But then you had to come along and write this thread and…

    You Maniacs! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

    THAT tops my list.

  33. IOv3 says:

    Tripe would have a point, if it were not thoroughly subjective. Alice and Cloverfield have solid performances, great production sign, and way above average directing. If you dislike them, that’s fine. Shit, Cloverfield should have been a Voltron movie and that it basically was “WHAT IF… THE KIDS FROM FELICITY EXPERIENCED A MONSTER ATTACK!”, still pisess me off, but it does not change the fact that for what Cloverfield is, it’s not the worst fucking thing in the world.

    Also, like Toy Story 3 hatred. Hatred of Alice in Wonderland is just plain weird. Apparently only I got anything from that film, even though it made a billion dollars. Go figure 😀 !

  34. yancyskancy says:

    I defend CLOVERFIELD every time it’s dismissed here, even though doing so is a waste of time. As I’ve mentioned before, I think, David Bordwell mounted the best defense I know of:

    It’s a longish piece that also deals with such things as first quarter release strategies and restricted narrative, but it’s also a nicely detailed analysis of the movie’s style and structure. You may not agree with him, but perhaps it will at least help some of you understand why some of us don’t share your animus toward the film.

  35. torpid bunny says:

    The five screen theater near me is showing Limitless, The Adjustment Bureau, and Source Code-three sci-fi thrillers-along with Rango and Sucker Punch, both original, digitally animated fantasies.

    I suppose some of them were greenlit before or at the same time as Inception, but it seems Inception has at least influenced their marketing, with their A-list leads fronting an openly sci-fi and near future conceit, the lead entangled in matrix like metaphysical conspiracy and peril, with a likely side order of romance.

  36. torpid bunny says:

    Cloverfield was interesting for 20 minutes and had some nice sequences, but the leads were vacant and do sub-moronic things. Plus the found footage thing is kinda 18th century. I wouldn’t call it garbage though.

    Another example of the sci-fi type was the B-ish “Surrogates” which seemed eviscerated but with a pretty nice sci-fi story despite the amateurishness of the telling. This may be the rare movie that Bruce Willis was better than.

  37. berg says:

    Birdemic is one mess of a film

  38. leahnz says:

    much of the above is why i said before it’s perhaps more sensible to do a ‘most hated movie’ list than a ‘worst movie’ list. there are loads of movies made every year with rock-bottom production values that quite reasonably qualify as ‘bad’, but i can see some shithouse ‘sharktokon vs octopus’-type deal – which is obviously a really poorly conceived and executed flick – and feel largely ambivalent, and then i can see some comparatively/relatively well-made movie by talented people with resources at their disposal and quite loathe it for being so rotten, so which is really the ‘worst’?

  39. bulldog68 says:

    Leahnz said: “and then i can see some comparatively/relatively well-made movie by talented people with resources at their disposal and quite loathe it for being so rotten, so which is really the ‘worst’?”

    And I give you Sucker Punch.

    IO’s response in 3…2…1..

  40. IOv3 says:

    Wow you dislike Sucker Punch. Aren’t you original :P!

    ETA: Again, there are truly bad movies that are super fucking bad. Comparing Alice and Cloverfield to poorly made films, is just inaccurate on the whole PRODUCTION DESIGN level alone. Seriously, watch the Room and then watch Cloverfield, and tell me which one is god fucking awful in every conceivable freaking way. I mean, Tommy Wiseau can’t even do a sex scene that even comes close to looking like how two human beings would have sex!

  41. movieman says:

    Off the top of my head:

    “Bad Boys 2,” “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” “Master of Disguise,” “Rent,” “The Polar Express,” “Redacted,” “Cats + Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore,” “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest”….

    Except for “M. of D.,” I guess that list would fit Leah’s criteria–although only DePalma and Verbinski truly qualify as “talented” filmmakers (in my book anyway).

  42. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Watched the Green Lantern WonderCon footage:

    I am strangely reminded of Howard the Duck – “alien being” gets transported against their will to another world (in this case, human is “alien” for Oans), scientist examining the event gets a demonic being inside which starts mutating him, hero shoots big demonic thing with a large gun when it emerges .

    If I had a copy of Howard, I’d edit some clips together using the Wondercon soundtrack.

    ETA: Link courtesy of /Film.

  43. Michael. says:

    Could someone explain to me what is probably going to happen with this Icon-Tree of Life situation and the repercussions for UK, Aus and NZ? I know it doesn’t really affect American’s but as a non-American I am crapping my pants right now.

  44. leahnz says:

    i’m trying to make a mental list of movies circa 2000-2010 i really disliked and i can’t think of very many, that can’t be right.

    (at this point, i’m resigned to having to wait until the guff is empty of souls before i’ll get to see ‘tree of life’ in the cinema)

  45. Monco says:

    Bad Boys 2 has my vote. Good call movieman. And if you told me in 2000 that Jamie fucking Fox would be an Oscar winner before someone like Johnny Depp, I would have laughed my ass off.

    Oh and I can’t believe it but we’re approximately 2 months away from Tree of Life. We’re finally gonna get to see this thing. Sorry to rub it Leah 🙂

  46. leahnz says:

    “sorry to rub it”, monco? well i never! (funny typo)

  47. Foamy Squirrel says:

    “well i never!”

    I’m sure you did once or twice.

  48. yancyskancy says:

    My worst list would include FearDotCom, Boat Trip, A Guy Thing, The Covenant, The Mummy Returns, The Life of David Gale, Cabin Fever, Pretty Persuasion, Norbit, Shadow of the Vampire (Dafoe excepted). That’s ten, so no room for Crash, I guess. Tempted to add Shrek, but I have a feeling it’s one I wouldn’t loathe as much on a second viewing (I’m the one person on earth who actually preferred parts 2 and 3, possibly because of low expectations. Haven’t seen the fourth one).

  49. IOv3 says:

    FS: that footage is just awesome and finally it seems DC may have started a franchise off right. Thank fucking god because GL has been where it’s at for years now.

  50. movieman says:

    Thanks, Monco. I know what you mean about Jamie Foxx getting an Oscar before Johnny Depp…or Leo DiCaprio. And what about Hilary (“The Resident”) Swank scoring two Best Actress wins versus Kate Winslet’s one?
    Speaking of my beloved Kate, Yancy: “David Gale” is a pretty good pick for “worst of the decade” honors. (Plus, it definitely meets Leah’s “bad things happening to good directors” criteria.)

  51. leahnz says:

    speaking of which, i think ‘the black dahlia’ might qualify for me, i really did not like that movie. but i more pitied it than hated it, kinda resented it for being so turgid and insipid when the subject matter had so much potential, but it was almost too pathetic to hate, really, that seems harsh. but i guess if i had to choose it would be on my list of the decade’s most hated.

    edited to say: wow, feardotcom is on a lot of people’s lists, i’ve never even heard of it. i’m gonna have to watch that now to see how rubbish it is

  52. Foamy Squirrel says:

    I find it interesting that GL and Thor have been going in opposite directions in regards to updating their marketing materials. The first GL trailer definitely played up the “Hal Jordan is a cocky bastard” angle, while this further footage downplays it in favor of the dramatic aspects (with the exception of “I pledge allegiance to a lantern…” line).

    Meanwhile Thor started off all durm und strang at Comic-con and then moved towards highlighting Natalie Portman, “MMmm… COFFEE!” and the taser gag.

  53. IOv3 says:

    FS: It’s a DC and Marvel thing. You seem to buy comics, so you definitely get that DC really do go out of their way to be serious about this stuff. While Marvel does not do serious all that well, and love to throw in jokes like the taser gag and what not. So even with their movies Marvel and DC are selling their general tone, and I find that freaking hilarious.

  54. sanj says:

    i watched last exorcism 2010 .- good acting but needed a better ending ….

    what happened with new DP/30’s ? i’m guessing Roger Ebert bought them all out with his millions and is updating them to make them for IMAX .

  55. yancyskancy says:

    movieman: IMO, if Alan Parker is a good director, he’s had way more than his share of “bad things” happen to him. I like SHOOT THE MOON and bits of a couple other things, but he pretty much lost me after MISSISSIPPI BURNING. Apparently, I shouldn’t have skipped THE COMMITMENTS though. That sounds like one I’d enjoy. Plus, I seem to have liked ANGELA’S ASHES more than most people. But DAVID GALE was beyond the pale. Has it killed his career? That was 2003, and he hasn’t made a feature since.

  56. JKill says:

    I have no problem with the inclusion of TRANSFORMERS 2 on a worst of the decade list, but I can’t believe people are including BAD BOYS 2, which is a work of mad, inspired, mean spirited genius.

    BOAT TRIP is a really good call. Oh my God, that’s terrible.

    Also, since Movieman commented in this thread, I’ll give him a shout out and say thanks for mentioning THE STRAIGHT STORY last week. Watched it and loved it. Very touching but suprsingly Lynch still retained his specfic identity. Just wonderful.

  57. cadavra says:

    Maybe we should make the next LOST SKELETON movie really, really terrible. That might be one way to attract more eyeballs.

  58. sanj says:

    the problem with all these bad movies is everybody has seen them … finding new bad movies is kinda harder
    so my bad movie pick

    life is hot in cracktown

  59. LexG says:

    I’ve always thought WORST LISTS! were just smug jerkoffery for know-it-all, do-nothing assholes to have an excuse to trip over themselves looking for a way to be more of a condescending prick. It’s the lowest (and easiest) form of writing to just shit on things that you don’t like, which is why I hate sites that operate from the viewpoint of smirking snark… Plus most people’s “worst” lists are just a collection of the most predictable, media sanctioned choices and easy-mark directors and stars– ooh, wow, Uwe Boll, har har! Big summer sci-fi blockbuster with a crappy script– Whooo, REALLY going out on a limb there bagging on some mega-movie, working up a pompous lather trying to be clever to describe how much IT SUCKS!

    It’s fucking boring, it’s a waste of time, and it’s about as predictable and unfunny as a Razzies roll call.

    Plus the director, producers and stars of FEARDOTCOM (which I like, incidentally) ALL make more than any smirking dickfuck critic, so who’s having the last laugh?

    And the fact that some of you no-life fuckballs are still griping about CLOVERFIELD three years on only proves that I’m not the only one around here who seriously needs a fucking life. GET THE FUCK OVER IT.

    Basically from critics on down to blog commenters, ANYONE opining about movies on the Internet is a TOTAL WANNABE who’d trade places with ANYONE in the business in an instant, which is where all that bitter rage and disillusioned negativity comes from. No offense to Poland or anyone else who writes about film for a living, but there ISN’T A MOVIE CRITIC IN AMERICA who doesn’t secretly wish he was a producer, wheeler-dealer, director, whatever. Christ, last week Wells was mooning over his failed production company in the 70s… Hey, I’m in AWE all you guys make a serviceable living covering the biz… but there’s a frustrated or failed artist in EVERYONE who takes to the net to trash-talk movies or actors or the business.

  60. scooterzz says:

    “but there’s a frustrated or failed artist in EVERYONE who takes to the net to trash-talk movies or actors or the business.”

    um,….nope…i was happily tending bar in palm springs when offered a job covering movies…went national on over a thousand radio stations six months later…NO FRUSTRATION at all…never wanted to produce or direct… quit projecting…
    and, jftr (before you do your usual stuff), i’m just getting up…not just going to bed…

  61. movieman says:

    Yancy- I’ll always have a soft spot for Parker thanks to “Birdy,” “Angel Heart,: “Shoot the Moon,” “Foxes,” “The Commitments,” “Bugsy Malone” and hell, why not?, “The Road to Wellville.”
    “David Gale” was truly beyond the pale, though.

    “Beyond Borders” anyone???

  62. sanj says:

    how about a new rule – if your movie makes at least 25 million dollars – movie critics aren’t allowed to make fun of your movie.. the MPAA hires 1000 teens to delete negitive comments on message boards. this will save
    hollywood movies and make everybody happy – mostly

  63. Dexter1 says:

    People criticize Hal Needham but ha made Megaforce. Which is more than I have done!

  64. Dexter1 says:

    That should say “he”. Sorry.

  65. JKill says:

    I will say that I agree with Lex’s rant, to an extent. I tried to rack my brain for my worst of the decade and couldn’t really write anything up. Not that I couldn’t think of movies I hated (I could), but because it didn’t seem worth the energy and passion. I deleted my twitter account partly because I couldn’t take all the snark and negativity and venom that the people I followed (movie critics/pundits) spat out constantly at everyone and everything. I’m not chastizing this board who I think were having this conversation for perfectly legitimate and fun reasons. I engaged in the conversation a bit myself to mention my hatred for BOAT TRIP. But there is an easieness to picking on movies and shitting on everything, and yes the Razzies are an awful, movie hating organization. As I think I come from the Quentin Tarantino school of not seeing myself above movies and trying to find the best in them, no matter how disreputable, this whole trend (Again not on this board. You guys/gals are smart and engaged and I like reading what you have to say.) is very dispiriting. It’s not specfic to film but just everything on the internet and I’ve been finding myself increasingly put off by it.

    That said, I don’t think it’s fair to say critics and reporters are failures at whatever subject they write about. They seem to me two very seperate skill sets. Criticism, at its best, helps us understand or view art in new ways, and is a crucial part of the conversation between art and artist. I’m sure many film critics are just people who love and respect movies and want to engage in the conversation about them. I don’t know of many hardcore film fans who haven’t been seriously affected, at one point or another, by criticism or a particuar critic. We’re better for having them.

    Finally, I remember FEAR DOT COM being interesting, particularly the cinematography. And I really need to rewatch THE LIFE OF DAVID GALE because at the time I remember really liking it but over the years I’ve read over and over about how awful it is. I’m curious if my reaction was colored by something at the time, or if I’m just in the extreme minority on that one.

  66. SamLowry says:

    If there was no venom, criticism, or snark, then every movie would be Boat Trip. Why bother trying when anything you record on film would be considered acceptable?

    Actually, forget Boat Trip, because that would require effort and, more importantly, money. I know people hate to see Idiocracy used as an example, but in a world without criticism or standards our theaters would feature nothing but 90 minutes of a farting naked ass.

  67. Tim DeGroot says:

    Well said, Lex.

  68. JKill says:

    Sam, I don’t think we disagree. I’m all in favor of elitism when it comes to seperating the good from the bad, the worthy from the unworthy when backed up by a love of the medium, passion and an informed opinion. I love reading critic’s top tens of the year, particularly when they justify and write on their choices and why.

    I think my problem is this whole “hater” mentality when everything has to be discussed and dismantled at this elevated remove. There is a glee on the internet with taking apart everything and everyone. You’re right that there is so much junk out there and that true greatness is lacking, but I would personally rather just champion what I love. Also, if something is disliked, I would rather have it written about more seriously then just “it sucks” or “it’s stupid”. It’s more HOW people are going negative than that they’re going negative that I find depressing.

    With the internet everyone can post an opinion, and maybe it’s just human nature that people tend to go negative. Another reason I deleted my twitter was that I too was engaging in this and didn’t think it was healthy or conducive to a productive, positve life.

    But to be clear: Film criticism is important to me. It has been my entire life as a film fan. Discussions, both positive and negative, about movies are one of my favorite things.

    Also, I had no problem with the idea of a worst of the decade discussion. And I think the “bad movies by great directors”, a nuance added by I think Leah, is an interesting spin on the conversation.

  69. josh says:

    a question to you all:

    in your opinion, what actress can open an indie romantic comedy?

    Like, Emily Blunt, Rachel McAdam’s tier?

  70. sanj says:

    imdb has a filter where people can read the hate comments . how many people do that on movies they really like ?

    i’d like to see a DP/30 where an actor just reads comments from various message boards about the movie they are in …uncensored / unedited .. good and bad stuff.

  71. IOv3 says:

    Josh: That’s a good question and I answer with SCARLETT JOHANSSON FOR THREE HUNDRED!

    Now on to Lex’s rant… BULLSHIT. Feardotcom, Human Centipede, and Birdemic deserve the shit they receive. It’s just a basic human right to be able to call BULLSHIT and I call BULLSHIT on Lex’s rant basically because he defended Feardotcom.

    I could expound some more but I will let a man from the great white north do it for me and share his review of FEARDOTCOM.COM! .

  72. sanj says:

    Christian Slater is in a new comedy called Breaking In on Fox ..starts this week – he’s been in a few tv shows that haven’t gone anywhere .. he’s in 10 movies this year and maybe one day he’ll get his own DP/30

  73. JKill says:

    IO, I thought HUMAN CENTIPEDE was actually well made and effective. It’s not the complete gross out, lowest common denominator movie that its premise suggests. I thought the villian was particularly ominous, and the movie had some good gallows humor and tension. Other than the relative lack of development for our protgonists, I don’t really see it as being very flawed.

    I have not seen BIRDEMIC but from what I know it looks like a kind of Ed Wood, or to be more recent THE ROOM type of ridiculously terrible unintentional comedy. (As an aside, I finally saw THE ROOM this week.)

  74. sanj says:

    pretty weird interview … 20 minutes.

    Interview with Tommy Wiseau, Director of “The Room”

  75. yancyskancy says:

    If I believed that contributing a worst list (with no analysis whatsoever) to an informal blog met the standard of Lex’s complaint, I might feel humbled. I see his overall point about the uselessness of unrelenting snark and the bandwagon mentality pummeling of easy targets (especially on sites devoted to same). I rarely get anything out of viciously negative reviews, most of which only exist to showcase the reviewer’s supposedly wicked wit. But jeez, a simple “I hated this movie” shouldn’t get anyone’s panties in a twist. Slamming an Uwe Boll film isn’t exactly like correcting a mentally challenged child’s grammar. Close maybe, but not exact. Oops, maybe I just undercut my entire argument. 🙂

    Lex, are you basically advocating “If you can’t say something nice about a movie, don’t say anything?”

  76. Joe Straatmann says:

    IO: I don’t think a video review of a dork in front of his vintage video games and action figures is going to convince Lex of anything, no matter how correct in his assessment the review is. Nothing against the guy, because I’m a complete dork too, but just going by patterns of behavior and previous experience.

    But I’d rather not have the money than have to deal with being the person who wrote the thing about the parents letting their kid with hemophilia play in the debris-filled field by the rusted-out steel mill. I don’t need to get rid of my student loans THAT badly.

  77. Triple Option says:

    I don’t find this place to be even remotely filled with talentless wannabes spewing venom towards other more “successful” people in the industry due to bitter jealousy. I personally come here for the intelligent discourse. Sure, I’ve let my displeasure known about the pompousness that’s popped up along the way but I don’t think people lose an ability to criticize another just because they aren’t standing on the same plateau.

    Just as people here will talk about movies that inspire them and that they found memorable, unapologetically, they should be allowed to retort works in the same manner. I don’t know who these people are or what they do when not posting here. Money can be a great reward and one particular marker of success but, to me, it is not an indicator of talent, ability, creativity or artistic achievement. Money can serve a rebuttal to harsh criticism but if all you’ve got is money, respect and admiration aren’t likely to follow.

    For me it’d be like Charlie Sheen, if we could set aside the domestic violence issue for a moment. Living in a mansion with porn stars and coke parties and every whim catered to wouldn’t be a way I’d spend massive amounts of dollars but if he’s prepared to deal with the consequences what do I care? Let him have his happy life. But the moment he has to get on the air or teh internets or especially, book venues across the country to keep telling people how great his life really is, it all sounds like crap to me. Not jealousy, not animosity, I just think he’s one gigantic loser. I don’t care that he doesn’t know me, much less care what I think, he can laugh his way silly all the way to and fro from the bank, for all I care. I just think his life would be a lot more envious if he could just manage to stfu along the way.

  78. IOv3 says:

    JKill, Phelous rips apart Human Centipede and every crap horror movie that deserves Ed Norton treatment. Seriously, that movie is so fucking stupid that it amazes me the passes horror movies get from people. If a movie from another genre had that sheer level of stupid in it, there would be an uprising. Coens and horror movies. No wonder I never really feel like a geek.

    Joe, that’s what Lex should be doing. If you see his You Tube videos with him in them. He’s rather charismatic and would do extremely well in a similar role.

  79. Joe Straatmann says:

    Well, considering his recent post about how he feels about people who are exceptionally snarky and negative on movies, I think him doing that’d be as likely as me writing a sequel to feardotcom.

  80. IOv3 says:

    Joe, I mean him reviewing films that he likes. Watch his video from last year about the early hype on Black Swan. It’s hilarious. He can just do video reviews of films that he likes. Again, Phelous is striking at the weak ass horror films that get passes. Someone has to do it because most geeks never will.

  81. leahnz says:

    oh the rampant hypocrisy of an epic dickhead scold-o-rama of people discussing art they don’t care for on a blog designed to talk about said art, by an obnoxious blowhard who from his repetitive ranting tirades would appear to be one of the most negative people on the planet, and who completely lost his shit recently to the point of going into nuclear meltdown of japan-like proportions across not one but several blogs, complete with launching into some of the most vile homophobic screeds i’ve ever read aimed at other commenters because they liked a movie he didn’t, all because little lex HATED SCOTT PILGRIM, BOO HOO

    spare me, hypocrite

    (personally i blog because it’s addictive. and i’m having a lunch break from a movie set right now)

    also, clearly, whether someone is hilarious and has charisma is subjective

  82. IOv3 says:

    Oh that video is funny. He has an endearing presence, even if he hated Scott Pilgrim. THE BASTID!

    ETA: I do agree that rant of his is total bullshit. Seriously, what the fuck? Defending Really?

  83. leahnz says:

    gee io, just because you say it’s funny doesn’t make it so. funny is not objective.

    (and christ again with this feardotcom movie, i’ve got to see that now to see what the kerfuffle is about)

  84. IOv3 says:

    1) It’s

    2) Really? He can’t be funny, at all?

    3) Good to know.

  85. leahnz says:

    didn’t say “he can’t be funny,” but rather I don’t find him funny. different things

    joe wright and the amazing saoirse get it:

    “For me, one of the main issues in terms of womens’ place in society and feminism is the sexual objectification of women,” Wright told Movieline in Los Angeles before presenting his latest film, Hanna, to the WonderCon crowd on Saturday. “That’s something that feminists in the ’70s tried to fight against but has been totally lost in the 21st century consumer-celebrity world. So for me, when I look at the poster for Sucker Punch it seems actually incredibly sexist, because it is sexually objectifying women regardless of if they can shoot you or not.”

    “I have a kind of immediate, knee-jerk reaction to such iconography,” Wright continued. “I remember when the Spice Girls came out in the mid-’90s and it was all about girl power, but one of them was dressed as a baby doll, do you know what I mean? That isn’t girl power, that isn’t feminism. That’s marketing bullshit. And I find it very, very alarming.”

    Wright made no secret of his disapproval of Snyder’s film and its marketing campaign during his Hanna panel, where he and star Saoirse Ronan talked up the fierce teen protagonist of their film as a healthier role model for young women. In Hanna, 16-year-old Ronan plays the titular teenager, a girl raised in the wild as an assassin by her ex-CIA operative father; when the time comes, Hanna leaves home on a mission for revenge that opens her eyes to the world beyond her isolated upbringing. Ronan told Movieline why Hanna is the antithesis of the heroines of Sucker Punch.”

    “In my opinion, the reason that Hanna is so empowering is because she is a young girl who is not in sexy clothing and is not sexy, really, in any way,” Ronan explained. “She’s a bit of a misfit, especially when she steps out into the world, and is quite confused and fascinated at the same time by everything that she sees.”

    (and i’ve seen SP now. blech)

  86. IOv3 says:

    Thanks for the clarification.

    ETA: Yeah Sucker Punch isn’t about female empowerment. It’s about what one girl does to help another girl get free. It is nice that Joe Wright believes a character that snaps the neck of a faux character in that movie is empowering.

    Excuse me for wanting my kids to get the tale of sacrifice more than the tale of the girl needlessly killing people while running through Prague. Come to think of it, Sucker Punch would just confuse the shit out of a kid, so I guess I will show them that show with the talking train. I like that talking train… FIZZLING FIREBOXES!

  87. Don R. Lewis says:

    I don’t know if it’s “other commenters” (see, IO…I didn’t taker a shot this time!) making him look less irritating by comparison or what but I have to say, Lex has been ON his GAME the past 2 weeks. Dunno if you’re still on the wagon or what but these last few weeks have been fucking solid insight dude.

    Knocking low hanging fruit shitty films and doing a “worst of” type of deal is just lazy. I agree with IO that movies like “Birdemic” and such deserve it, but they shouldn’t be THE LIST. Too easy. I mean, a movie like DREAMCATCHER is definitely on a decades worst but people are too busy with the COP OUT/HUMAN CENTIPEDE crap to think about it. What about THE HAPPENING?

  88. leahnz says:

    how is people ruminating over the movies they disliked over the past decade “lazy”? i go to the art gallery and some paintings just move me, some don’t register, and a few i just don’t care for, for whatever reason. how lazy of me.

  89. IOv3 says:

    Don, really? Taking a shot when stating you are not taking a shot? You sir are a master at ass-dickery. You are also full of shit, because only you could give me shit for LIKING TWO MOVIES YOU HATE, then give fucking Lex propers for basically shitting on the rest of us for slagging movies we dislike. Seriously, that is such a fuckin dick move that if it were chess, Bobby Fisher would high five you afterwards.

  90. IOv3 says:

    Did everyone stop to watch Wrestlemania or something? Or the Killing? Or the Apprentice?

  91. Krillian says:

    Just now watching Survivor. Seriously hope someone dethrones Rob soon. Bye, Sarita.

    WORST OF threads are fun because I can say, “By the way, I hated Cat in the Hat,” and then you have those people go “But it had Dakota Fanning. LOOOOK AT HER.”

    Do a BEST OF thread and I can sing the praises of No Country for Old Men, and then you get those people going “Coen brothers are overrated.”

  92. IOv3 says:

    Hey they aren’t overrated Kril. They, much like horror films, get a freaking pass, and I AM SICK OF FREE PASSES!

  93. sanj says:

    In Freak Accident, 34 Katherine Heigl Films
    Released At Once

  94. LexG says:

    I own FearDotCom on DVD. DORFF POWER.

    Also because it’s a Warner Brothers/Franchise “blue” movie in 2.35:1 and I used to buy every Franchise release and every WB movie in the 2.35 ratio, because you just have to.

  95. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I watched The Killing IO. Pretty good start.

  96. IOv3 says:

    So you own Battlefield Earth, Lex?

  97. sanj says:

    the killing is a law and order + csi episode.
    nothing new. move along.

  98. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    A really weak comparison that isn’t remotely accurate. In fact it’s the exact opposite of those shows in that it’s telling the story of one murder over the course of an entire season, rather than in a 42-minute episode. Shot differently, paced differently, it really has nothing in common with those shows. Makes one wonder if you actually watched it.

  99. IOv3 says:

    Paul, Chucky doesn’t have the time to watch The Killing. He’s too busy checking out the local figures of his New Jersey Megaplexes.

  100. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    That appears to be the case, which is too bad, because it’s a quality show.

  101. sanj says:

    i liked the first episode of the killing – the 2nd episode
    just got boring . it’s like 4 tv cop shows rolled into one.

    i liked murder one from way back

  102. LexG says:

    Fucking boring as all fuck in here tonight.

    Anybody got anything?

  103. LexG says:

    Still bored. Not like any of you assholes have fucking JOBS. I have to tell you, it’s a fucking bummer when I make the time to down nine, ten drinks and hit refresh ALL NIGHT looking for an opportunity to talk about HOT SQUACK or movies or chicks or vag or movies or tail or whatever, then NO ONE POSTS AT FUCKING ALL either here, on Twitter, on Kenny’s, on Wells’s, wherever. And forget fucking Sasha Stone’s or Nikki’s, no good avenues ever there to LAY DOWN A RANT.

    Seriously, not even any IO tonight? WHAT, is he busy being The Guy Who Does @(Celebrity) On Twitter all night even though THEY NEVER ANSWER HIM EVER?

  104. JKill says:

    Saw John Curran’s STONE this week, a movie that one should go into knowing the barest minimum of information about. Thematically its uncommonly deep touching on themes that American movies pretty rarely invoke. It’s DeNiro’s best role and performance since maybe HEAT, uses Edward Norton’s considerable talents and versatility to its advantage and features a striking, fantastic performance from Milla Jovovich. Unusually strong stuff and a big surprise.

  105. JKill says:

    On an unrelated note, the news about Greengrass’s MEMPHIS is depressing. Hope he gets to make it elsewhere.

  106. IOv3 says:

    Lex, I get responded to all the freaking time and if you ever go through who I follow, it’s mostly journalist who follow sports, entertainment, and politics. Nice of you to project on me my fine feathered friend.

  107. LexG says:

    Having more followers than me isn’t some great accomplishment. 48-year-old guys who post their bass fishing expeditions on YouTube get more views and twitter action than I do.

    Was it JKill the other day who said he burned out on Twitter and started asking himself why he was following all these people who just made him feel worse? I’m officially reaching that point… I follow all the usual movie blogger suspects, and it’s a mixture of stuff that just makes me feel inferior– every Cinematical, Hitfix, CHUD, Playlist, Feinberg-Weinberg guy name-checking what mind-boggling celebrity they’re interviewing that day (I always wonder, A-LIST SO-AND-SO has to talk to YOU????) Then the non-interviewing pop culture column guys whose ENTIRE LIVES seem to consist of firing up a new movie on the DVD player every two hours; Don’t get me wrong, some very smart, eloquent people do this “live-tweet the movie” shtick all day, but I always wonder, Don’t you have a job to get to? Or any desire to leave the house?

    And this is combined with the thing where celebrities get RETWEETED for saying THE most mundane shit. I know Twitter is retarded, but I try to put SOME energy and comic pizzazz into what I tweet, dropping three or four (out 30) a day that I think are pretty golden; Meanwhile, Patton Oswalt or Will Ferrell can tweet “I sure am sleepy,” and it gets the 100-PLUS retweets. Like I’m dropping fucking GOLD for the 82 real people who read my shit, but me saying “KILL THE IRISHMAN: Love how this sweat-stained, no-charisma oaf who looks like 1978 Vic Morrow rolls in and has Laura Ramsay ENRAPTURED” isn’t as funny as “I am eating Corn Flakes”?

    Twitter BLOWS. Though on the flip side, my name isn’t really LexG and I wouldn’t show anyone in ‘real life’ my Internet antics, so unlike most people I don’t have all my old college chums and coworkers and family members following my Twitter like it’s fucking facebook. It’s mostly the couple dozen people who don’t entirely hate my routine from these 4 or 5 (sorry) rather niche movie blogs.

  108. LexG says:

    IO, fair enough, but JOHN CENA isn’t reading your tweets, bro.

  109. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    While definitely funny, that sentence about Kill the Irishman is probably too long and complex for most Twitter readers. They prefer shorter quips like “I sure am sleepy.”

  110. LexG says:

    But literally EVERY SINGLE WORD that Patton Oswalt tweets gets 100 RETWEETS. It’s never SIDE-SPLITTINGLY FUNNY or anything other than geek observations that ANYONE HERE couldn’t come up with.

    Eh, I only ever started doing the “LexG” shtick on these blogs to kill time at my mind-numbing office job… I don’t know why I give myself high blood pressure and stress over the fact that it’s not “catching on”… It’d be like some dumb-ass only posting on the CHUD forums and wondering why he doesn’t have Dane Cook’s career. It just sort of took the place of standup for me when my social anxiety kicked into high gear, but it’s inherently stifling and pointless.

  111. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Oswalt probably has extremely devoted fans like Kevin Smith who think every single word he utters is side-splittingly funny and priceless.

    So much of it is luck. People knowing the right people or being in the right place at the right time.

  112. LexG says:

    Oswalt also has that geek-overlap thing where literally EVERY movie journalist and message board phenom in L.A. thinks Patton is their bestest bud. See also, Roth, Tarantino and Wright.

    I know those guys all totally make themselves available to the geek sector and mingle with that blogger crew around town at rep houses and that’s cool (HOW COME I’M NEVER INVITED?????)…. But honestly? If I were PALLING AROUND with Edgar Wright or Eli Roth every week at the Aero theater on swapping Tweets with them every day, at some point I’d be like, HEY BUDDY, PUT ME IN ONE OF YOUR MOVIES.

    Just in general I don’t understand sucking up to famous people if you aren’t EQUAL ARTISTS. The whole HUDDLING AROUND FAMOUS PEOPLE FROM A POSITION OF DEFERENCE sounds a lot like asking for autographs to me. Again, every blogger and journalist should be trying to get their ACTING CAREER GOING, as nothing else in life is worth a fucking thing.

  113. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    This country loves its celebrity worship, and people like to think that famous people are “just like them” and naturally want to be their friend because they are cool and interesting and fun and who wouldn’t want to be best buds with someone so cool and fun. I can’t stomach most of those guys because they are fanboys fawning over their subjects rather than film writers. There’s nothing worse than reading about a visit to the set or editing room.

  114. sanj says:

    mostly for LexG ..

    Lauren O’Nizzle @ FanEx 2010 – she also has lots of
    other videos …

  115. JKill says:

    Yeah. I quit twitter because it was just bumming me out. Between the negativity and snark and general mundaneness (is that a word?) of what I was getting on my feed, I thought I might as well re-direct my time and energy into something more worthwhile.

    I think I reached my boiling point during the Oscars when the live-tweeting just got to be too much.

  116. IOv3 says:

    Lex, if anyone is reading tweets: it’s John Cena. Seriously, learn something about that guy, and know he probably scans his shit like crazy. Nevertheless, they announced a main event that’s happening in a year. Excuse me for wishing him luck over the next year.

    Seriously though, twitter is sort of like really quick fan mail and the celebrities that are best at twitter, use it that way. They use it as a way to interact with fans. That’s the point of it and the people who are good at it, the people who use it to share their view of the world, make it something worth doing just on a basic curious of the human condition level.

    Now, if you are getting bummed out by your feed, then you can change it. Shit, I got into three or four arguments on there with Adam Baldwin and eventually unfollowed the guy because I got sick his republican bullshit. It’s what you make of it and Lex apparently wants to be famous from it and let’s be honest Lex, you are doing everything but what you should be doing to be famous. Use your camera, make more professional videos, and get hooked up with TGWTG or other sites around the net that would probably use your content. Seriously, if Noah Antwiler can have 15,000 followers, so can you.

    Seriously, it’s a tool that connects you with people, athletes, journalist, teams, movie studios, wrestlers, and even the USGS! If you really need them to respond to everything you tweet, then you are missing the point of the application all together. It’s about putting a thought out there to someone you usually don’t know and seeing what comes of it. If that is so god damn depressing then I sort of feel sorry for you.

    Oh yeah Paul: if you follow these people on twitter. They all seem to be really… really… really alike and that’s probably where the fawning originates. I mean, what geek has the power to not fawn over their heroes that have similar taste and interests? Yeah they should be journalists but we ask too much of these heavy white guys.

  117. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Ask too much of these heavy white guys. That’s pretty funny IO. You’re right in that it’s sort of to be expected. It’s just that I have a limited amount of time each day to read and so certain things take precedence over others. I get nothing from reading those guys.

    I recently read You Are Not a Gadget, so I’ve been thinking about this lately. Do you really feel like Twitter truly connects people in valuable and substantive ways? Does it break down barriers and enhance communications between people? I feel like it does the opposite, that it keeps people obsessed with the trivial and the mundane, and doesn’t really connect people in meaningful ways.

  118. IOv3 says:

    Paul, Twitter and Facebook have brought about revolutions in countries. It’s connected people who don’t know one another, into taking up arms or protesting a regime. If anything, that’s a powerful and positive connection.

    You also have to realize that Twitter is what you make of it. If you used it, it would help you streamline what you read each day because you could use it to follow whatever or whomever you want, and get direct links to what they are either posting or writing. That’s the point of it… to connect.

    Seriously, if you think it’s trivial or mundane, then you simply are not using it. If you used it, trust me, you would have a different opinion of it. Twitter, unlike Facebook, is not that easy to really figure out what it’s purpose is to you. It’s basically clay and you have to build the sort of pot you want.

  119. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m sure Twitter is what you make of it, but I have no problems accessing what I read on a daily basis. Bookmarks are wonderful and easy to use.

    You’re right, I don’t use it, and maybe I would like it if I did. But it doesn’t appeal to me at all. I don’t feel like I am missing anything by not tweeting.

    Sure Twitter and Facebook can be used positively, but I also think they are being used negatively, keeping people focused on the trivial and the mundane and not really connecting people in meaningful ways. Like you said, it’s what you make of it. Obviously not everyone is interested in revolutions.

  120. JKill says:

    I like twitter as a concept, and I admire its ability to spread news and information in a fast, immediate way. But, in my couple months of using it, I didn’t feel like I was really getting anything out of it. Occasionally, I had cool interactions with other people but that was certainly the minority. Eventually I found myself in a kind of vaccume of hate and groupthink that I couldn’t stand. It felt like a contest on who can out-detach, out smarm everyone else, at least on the people I was following.

    While I wasn’t trying to create fans or anything, it is irritating when you tweet something interesting/funny and it’s ignored while some pretty bland celebrity remarks are broadcast like they’re breaking news. One time I made an Mubarak/King’s Speech joke, and was retweeted by one, maybe two people tops. A week later a well known comedy writer/producer makes the same joke and gets HUNDREDS of retweets, proclaiming his comic prowess. Not that I was surprised or even upset (it was an easy joke), but it was amusing. Actually, anytime any current event happens, Twitter is full of hundreds, if not thousands, of people making similar jokes about the exact same thing, many of which are incredibly tasteless and mean spirited.

    I think it works as a self-promotional tool, but it has to be implemented by something else. As I have nothing to promote, I was at a loss for it as anything other than a time killer.

  121. storymark says:

    Ive never bothered with Twitter, and have no intention of ever doing so. I cannot think of a single person in the world I need updates from that quickly. If it matters, it’ll filter through some other outlet.

  122. IOv3 says:

    Paul, trust me, bookmarks are the way of the past. Use twitter to follow the stuff you read and it will make it amazingly efficient. I have no idea why you are fixated on this trivial and mundane stuff. It’s not trivial to want to share stuff with people even if it’s mundane. The point is to connect and even if you are just connecting with people who love Lady Gaga or Justin Bieber. You are making a connection and it’s that sort of stuff that brings down walls between people. Again, try it, before you knock it.

    Jkill, you seem to have Lex’s problem that you want to be retweeted and shit. I’m not using twitter to be famous. It’s not about making contacts, it’s about knowledge, and it’s about venting. What more do you want from it?

    Seriously, there are people who don’t even TWEET but use Twitter as an information stream. It is what you make it and if you need it to fill something in you, then that’s not exactly why the tool is there. It’s your pot after all.

    ETA: That’s an antiquated view of the world, SM. If you were in Japan last month, would you not want people to immediately know you are alright? Again, this is the world now, it’s immediate, and trying to fight it or deny it is missing the point.

  123. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I’m not in denial about anything, and if you like Twitter IO, great. More power to you. I find bookmarks plenty efficient and easy to use. I am not suggesting that every single thing on Twitter is mundane and trivial, but it sure seems like a whole lot of it is. Obviously you find it very useful, and that’s great. Not trying to convince you it sucks. I guess there are two types of people: those who get something out of any connection, even with Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber, and those who don’t.

  124. Triple Option says:

    Patton Oswalt has been doing standup for what 15-20 years? Lex couldn’t even make through a summer w/his blog. How many articles did he COMPLETE for here?

    Why not use some of your down, bored time to outline a script or revise something you’ve worked on in the past?

    I’m definitely not saying Hollywood is anywhere close to fair but freckin’ A, some of us are at least trying.

  125. JKill says:

    In terms of being retweeted, I think if you make a comment/joke you want to know people have experienced it. Just like any other creative endeavor (an essay, a poem, a song, a painting) you’re offering your “work” for others. If you’re just throwing up comments towards a brick wall, why not just keep them to yourself?

    I’m not begrudging anyone who enjoys it. I think it’s great that you seem to get so much out of it, IO. One time I complimented Joe Dante (a personal hero) and he retweeted it, and that made me happy. But I’m cautious of thinking it really truly CONNECTS anyone and is much beyond another, high-tech distraction.

  126. IOv3 says:

    Paul that end comment is for Story not you. So maybe reconsider that paragraph because I didn’t really give you shit about it, okay :D!

    Jkill, people have sex off of it. There’s your connect. The end :P! Silliness aside, it’s just a tweet, and all creative endeavors should start with one’s own enjoyment. I have not tweeted ten thousand times for anyone else’s enjoyment. I do it for me and if you don’t get the point of just putting a joke out in the ether just cause, then you and Lex should sublet a duplex together. Seriously, it’s not work, it’s a tweet, and if they make you laugh isn’t that something special all on it’s own?

  127. Krillian says:

    Just watched How Do You Know. Whole movie is as though the people are tweeting to each other instead of really connecting, written by someone who lives in a large and spacious penthouse trying to write about this “thing” called human relationships. Actors were good, dialogue had some amusement, but it never felt real in any way. Truly like James L. Brooks aspired to be Nancy Meyers.

  128. JKill says:

    I didn’t know people have sex off twitter. I revoke all negative comments.

    Seriously though, I think that’s a healthy attitude, IO. I guess I saw it more as a kind of creative or professional or informative endeavor, whereas it seems you feel like it enhances and modifies your life, and is what you put into it. That’s cool.

  129. IOv3 says:

    Jkill, if a joke makes you laugh, it makes you laugh. Always nice to make someone else laugh but the point of riffing is to riff. I like being able to riff and if some folks appreciate it or not, is on them.

  130. anghus says:

    twitter makes me sad.

    i know why celebs like it. it’s a one way conversation in 140 characters. where the dullest knives in the drawer can post something and have 1000 people tell them they’re geniuses. Twitter isn’t communication, it’s declaration.

    lex, you’re 100% correct. How sad is it to see people fawn over famous people who declare CORNFLAKES FOR BREAKFAST?

    It’s equally sad that people aspire for that level of ‘success’.

  131. storymark says:

    “ETA: That’s an antiquated view of the world, SM. If you were in Japan last month, would you not want people to immediately know you are alright? Again, this is the world now, it’s immediate, and trying to fight it or deny it is missing the point.”

    The people I would want to know, I would call or text. None of them use Twitter anyway. I see no detriment whatsoever to living without Twitter. Can’t think of a single reason I would need it, personally. Sure, some useful info goes out on there, but as I said, that will filter down to another outlet. From what I have seen, the vast majority is just narcisism. I don’t need to know about Kevin Smith’s last shit, or what bar so-and-so is at.

    If it works for you, hey, knock yourself out. Enjoy it all you like. But I personally have no interest in the service.

  132. The Big Perm says:

    “Connecting” with people? Maybe in a shallow way, but not really. Like how our society is going, where we all know what each other is doing and talk to each other, but in a way have less real friends and deep connections. You don’t connect with people on Twitter, you sort of flash a quick slogan at them.

  133. LexG says:

    Damn, I was just up with insomnia at 7am, still half-drunk and grumpy that people were retweeting Patton Oswalt. Amused this turned into a semi-worthwhile exchange on a slow day. For the record, here’s Patton’s MIND BLOWING tweet:

    “Today was the type of day you reflect on as you fall asleep and think, “The fuck was THAT all about?”

    How is that anything but mundane? Why do like a dozen people I follow need to inform me that Oswalt has just said THAT?

  134. IOv3 says:

    I would like to thank Story, Perm, and Anghus for the old man opinion :D!

  135. LexG says:

    Hey, one time I did an @ Sasha Grey and she responded to me. I got at LEAST six hours worth of masturbating material out of that…

    But usually it’s “CaptainJanxyCinematical” tweeting 300 times while he watches STAND BY ME then doing 4000 @EdgarWrights that never get answered.

    Like, if your going to live-tweet STAND BY ME, at least comment on Kiefer’s delightful shade of Hostess Yellow Cupcake hair in 1986, not just boring play-by-play.

  136. IOv3 says:

    Wow, Edgar Wright responded to me about Farci no less.

  137. LexG says:

    That’s the thing, too: EDGAR WRIGHT? I wouldn’t want to read 7,000 witty, dyspeptic tweets from the late great Robert Altman. Wouldn’t wanna read intelligent and cynical elder statesman like Milius, Hill, Carpenter, Landis, Bogdanovich, or Schrader in 140-word form on any regular basis. Wouldn’t, really, even wanna read 6,000 tweets of Michael Bay bragging about some girl he just fucked.

    So… WHY EDGAR WRIGHT? Other than the fact HE MAKES HIMSELF AVAILABLE, how did this guy become THE VOICE WE TURN TO in the movie biz? Like he’s fucking VOLTAIRE.

  138. IOv3 says:

    He likes his fans and his friends use it? Again, those three guys up there still using Friendster seem to forget that it’s a connection. It’s the way of the world but nice cynicism guys.

  139. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    I don’t think that not liking/using Twitter makes someone old and cynical. Obviously you have found it useful IO. Nothing wrong with that. But that doesn’t mean everyone who feels they get nothing out of it is some geriatric curmudgeon.

  140. Joe Leydon says:

    LexG: Edgar Wright is a prince among men:

    And BTW: While I’m plugging my own blog: LexG, this one’s for you (the photo if not the actual content):

  141. Tim DeGroot says:

    Rachel Nichols is there for you, Lex:

  142. IOv3 says:

    Jesus H. Christ Paul, I think they come off as old and cynical. It does not mean they are geriatric but you really do not get how someone can find someone else responding old and cynical. Did you read that stuff? It’s so cold, my balls got nippy, and my cat’s breathe became visible!

    Again, opinions and all that, but this is the way of the world. Responding to it as if it were a cloud in the sky and you shake your fist at it. Does not change that it’s the way of… the world.

  143. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Yeah well a lot of shit is “the way of the world.” Doesn’t mean it’s beneficial to all and always positive. Doesn’t exempt it from any and all analysis or criticism.

  144. IOv3 says:

    Oh it exempts it from bullshit criticism. Sure it does. Seriously, that’s bullshit criticism that you may find valuable, but it reads to me like three old guys discussing Martin Luther the King in a Queens Barber Shop.

    You also seem to be on some kick about the TRIVIAL and MUNDANE as if parents and their kids using Facebook is the end of the western civilization. Seriously, you folks are shaking your fists at clouds, and excuse me for not applauding.

    Seriously, when folks like Ai WeiWei use it, maybe it you should consider giving it a try, because it’s not about people telling us they are eating cornflakes. Unless it’s Nick Frost but he usually has eggs for breakfast.

  145. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Jesus H Christ IO, you are so melodramatic and love resorting to the most over-the-top hyperbole you can possibly construct. No one is talking about the end of western civilization. And their opinions are no more bullshit than yours is. Not every person on Twitter is using it like Ai WeiWei. Many people do use it for nothing more than tweeting about what they just ate.

  146. Storymark says:

    “I would like to thank Story, Perm, and Anghus for the old man opinion”

    Uh, you’re welcome? Funny, that even in a perfectly cordial discussion – when others don’t feel the same as you, you bust out the insults. I can’t wait to hear how it’s my fault.

    You call it old, I call it not jumping on the bandwagon. To each their own. I’ve got far better ways to spend my time.

    And I’m not shaking my fist, kiddo. I’m ignoring that cloud in utter disinterest.

  147. JKill says:

    I would never live-tweet a movie because I bestow a monk-like concentration to even the most disreputable films, but live-tweeting a movie you’ve never seen before is low form, particuarly when it’s a critic doing the tweeting.

  148. IOv3 says:

    If you think that’s an insult Story, that innocuous comment with a EMOTICON at the end of it, then it is your fault for taking things to damn seriously. You also are going on about a BANDWAGON. Very nice and contrarian of you. Seriously, contrarian, you’re that guy? I wonder how you ever listen to music or go to a movie, when you can’t like anything popular? Seriously, how does that work?

    Paul, uh no. If you want to hold hands around the marberry bush then go right ahead, but that criticism is old and cynical bullshit. Hell, I give them props for at least not being contrarian like Storymark, but you are slagging a tool with your own bullshit (TRIVIAL AND MUNDANE). It’s bullshit, it’s not what it is, and unlike Lex and Jkill it’s needlessly bashing something. Those two at least have valid reasons but you like to think that everyone is buddy buddy, fuck that shit. It’s bullshit, I am calling it bullshit, because you know why? IT’S MY FUCKING OPINION!

    Fucking COKE AND SMILE mothefucker, sometimes you call bullshit, and see as how you always call it on me. Excuse me for calling it back especially on that one motherfucker who I value about as a 1972 Ford.

    ETA: JKill, move to LA, and live with Lex. You are destinedto be his Kid Flash.

  149. sanj says:

    twitter has replaced news .. twitter is just worth too much for cnn and others to buy at this point .

    too bad they don’t have a story like facebook so they
    can make a movie out of it and then movie critics can
    say amazing things .

    i wonder if DP is using twitter to get new interviews for DP/30 .

  150. Storymark says:

    “If you think that’s an insult Story, that innocuous comment with a EMOTICON at the end of it, then it is your fault for taking things to damn seriously.”

    And now maybe you understand why the rest of us get so perplexed when you take innocuous comments as HIGH INSULT.

    And I’m being “contrarian” for not being interested? Ohhhh….Kaaaaay. You just can’t NOT fight, can you?

  151. LexG says:

    Hey, how did this end up not being about me?

  152. Joe Leydon says:

    Again: I wonder how many first-timers read a thread like this — and decide it’s not worth their time to come back?

  153. IOv3 says:

    Story, life is a fight, and you brought up a BANDWAGON. Twitter does not have a bandwagon. It has people randomly joining it, leaving it, and joining it again. It’s the most misunderstood MASS USED THING on the entire internet. You referring to people as jumping on a BANDWAGON, when there’s so many fucking people that bash and don’t get it, is fucking contrarian. Again, how do you go to a movie that’s popular and do you just listen to indie rock, or are you one of those dance music contrarian people?

    You also don’t get that unless you use an EMOTICON, it’s not innocuous, and a fucking insult. Seriously, the god blessed ADMIN gave them to us a for a reason, and they should be used. The fact that you think that we are friends, is sort of fucking funny.

    You also don’t get that when you insult something I love or like, I am going to go all out for it. So bash what I like at your discretion because if Lex gets to talk about squack. I AM GOING TO RETURN TO THE DAYS OF LORD ZED ME! RITA, GET ME A MONSTER, WE HAVE SOME MAYHEM TO UNLEASH!

    ETA: Joe, Krillain is new, and an awesome contributer. Anyone else new whose as awesome as that guy, please post, but if this scares you away. Well, you know, that’s fucking life. My friends have no idea why in the fuck I post on a blog filled with A BUNCH OF FUCKING REPROBATES, but it has a fucking CHARM TO IT!

    Lex, because I stir the fucking drink. You are simply the ice cubes XD!

  154. Storymark says:

    Lex – Intense focus and concentration on behalf of all involved.

    Joe – Board darwinism?

  155. LexG says:

    Joe, you make that point with some regularity, but it’s a blog, not a message board. I’d guess most people come here to read Poland and never bother to look over at the comments. When you read the New York Times or LA Times online, do YOU scroll down and read the idiotic comments from the general public? How many stories do you read on Yahoo, or videos do you watch on YouTube? Other than for rubbernecking amusement, do you really peruse all the misspelled, idiotic, bottom-feeding trolling racist comments? Doesn’t seem to drive anyone way from watching YouTube videos because there’s a wholly unrelated comments section… Compared to that, some guys riffing on a slow day here it’s pretty tame and just as easily ignorable.

    And, on the flip side, many a time you’ve been like, “Wow, this thread is really cooking” when a BYOB turns into a 300-poster about old 60s and 70s movies. I don’t think that’s any more enticing to casual readers who just look at Poland’s analysis than IO screaming about Twitter or me talking about Dakota Fanning.

  156. Storymark says:

    IO – Blah blah blah. Bored already. I like conversation, not rants and grandstanding.

    And no, I don’t think we’re friends. I tried. But you take every goddamned comment as an attack. You’re a nutter, lad. Have a nice day.

  157. LexG says:

    Hey, thanks to my interactions with him on Twitter, I was able to discern that IO is actually indeed in his mid-30s, which for the longest time here was some STATE SECRET on par with Jeff Wells’ “Yeah, I’m 46…ish” shtick everyone rides him for.

  158. IOv3 says:

    Oh Story, you really are a pisser, and that you think I am nutter demonstrates that you suck at the internet. Seriously, go find a place where everyone holds hands, and shares a coke and a smile. This place may not be for you.

    Lex, let’s be fucking honest with these people (and you might not like part of what I have to state but bear with me) without you, me, and Leah this blog is fucking dead. Seriously, NO ONE, NOT ONE OF YOU REPROBATES 😛 starts a discussion that gets any hits or views. Without the three of us, it’s a dead fucking blog with Kumbaya Paul over there giving everyone a Coke and a fucking smile, and Poland basically posting these articles with no one reading them. Oh, shit, that already happens, but when he makes a good point, the threads start smoking thanks to three people that have generated more pageviews for this place than anyone else.

    ETA: Hey I at least don’t look like I am in my mid-30s and if I ever posted as fucking old and cynical as you fellows of a comparable age. I would literally punch myself in the nuts at least three times.

  159. JKill says:

    IO, I had to google Kid Flash.

    YouTube comments are insane and off-putting but I hold the imdb boards dear for just how strange the commentators are.

    A friend pointed out “a review” by someone there that was by an eagle enthusiast let down by THE EAGLE because it didn’t feature enough of his beloved winged creature. He gave it only a few stars.

  160. IOv3 says:

    Oh yeah Jkill, you are new, and awesome as well. Sorry for excluding you.

  161. Storymark says:

    “Seriously, go find a place where everyone holds hands, and shares a coke and a smile. This place may not be for you.”

    Dude, I’m perfectly fine here. You’re Captain Tissue Paper Skin, loosing your shit at the tiniest thing.

    And mid 30’s…. really? Damn, thought you’d have matured a little by then.

  162. LexG says:

    The “eagle enthusiast” story gave me my first laugh of the day. That’s awesome.

  163. IOv3 says:

    Story, my maturity is fine compared to someone who can’t recognize an emoticon, and you really have no idea when anyone is losing their shit on here. Seriously, unless you are in their computer room/living room/kitchen/shitter with them, you don’t know but people like you who love to throw around insults about mental disabilities are about as bad as they get on the net. Now go hop on that fucking Go Bot and have a good day.

  164. Krillian says:

    I’ve actually been a Poland follower since Rough Cut, but didn’t comment much here until the last few months. And thank you.

  165. JKill says:

    Thanks, IO! Similar situation here to Krillian. Long time reader, recent poster.

    Lex, for your reading pleasure a 4/10 review of THE EAGLE

    “Boy, was this disappointing, 12 February 2011

    Author: JeffGoldblumsToilet from United States

    I’m a huge fan of eagles and am a member of the North American Eagle Gazing and Eagle Rescue (N.A.E.G.E.R.) So when a movie called “The Eagle” came out, I was pumped. Little did I know, it wasn’t about an eagle at all. It was basically just like “Gladiator”. Now, I have no problem with films that have to do with Roman times but c’mon… We’ve had “Gladiator”, “300”, “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, “Year One”, and now this. Give it a rest, Hollywood! So there’s my rant about it not being about eagles, now I’ll discuss the actual movie.

    Despite the movie not featuring one of the most majestic creatures ever to face this planet, the movie wasn’t too bad. You can get the plot by reading it on this site so I won’t go into that. It’s a love story, it’s an action movie, it’s a comedy- It’s really all over the place. I felt that any slapstick would be unnecessary but if someone had slipped and fell, it would have been comical, considering the serious tone that the movie tried to achieve.

    Man, I really wish there was more eagles in this movie though… I love eagles. “

  166. LexG says:

    Ha! Now it’s all too clear it’s a joke, but “Boy, was this disappointing” is really funny.

  167. Joe Leydon says:

    You sure Sanj didn’t post that one?

  168. nikki whisperer says:

    I always assumed IO had teenage “all things fanboy/comic book” taste because he was actually like 20 or something. Discovering that he’s in his mid-30s is kind of depressing and now makes me feel ambivalent about razzing on him for his love of TRON.

    Signed, the commenter formerly known as Shillfor Alanhorn

  169. JKill says:

    I thought it was a joke too re-reading it, except the part where he tries to actually review the movie and mentions pratfalls is too awkward to be intentional, as is the bizarre “Roman” movies listing. I’m not sure knowing the IMDB posters and their talents.

    EDITED: Nevermind, the guy’s account is apparently some performance artist thing where he writes up ridiculous reviews.

    Regardless, it’s an awesome impression of how odd those boards are. It had me cracking up on the way into the movie.

    The thing about the YouTube boards is how crazy racist and homophobic they are. I don’t think I’ve ever come across anything like that on such a popular site. I wonder why that site, of all of them, attracts such people…

  170. IOv3 says:

    Wow Shilli, you posted as two different people in one thread. That’s impressive and again, I feel the other way around about much of the lack of enthusiasm and joy in this place. Bashing Lex and I all you want but the two of us really love going to see movies.

  171. nikki whisperer says:

    I have NEVER bashed Lex and never will. And I applaud your cinematic enthusiasm and embrace your being a true believer, just heartily disagree with you on certain films (cough…TRON…cough…cough), but we cool, particularly since you’re down with the S1Ws.

  172. IOv3 says:

    Good to know and Nikki Whisperer is a very funny name.

  173. LexG says:

    HOLY SHIT. Poland, start a new BYOB or something:

    THEY’RE FILMING DARK KNIGHT RISES IN PITTSBURGH? OH MY FUCKING GOD is that LOW RENT. What, is Batman gonna be busting up some Polish Steeler fans in their ramshackle hillside split-entries????

    Maybe Batman can take on STEFAN DJORDJEVIC.

  174. JKill says:

    I wonder if that means Nolan is switching up Gotham city again. Maybe I’m confused but I remember BATMAN BEGINS having a more Blade Runner-esq designed city, whereas THE DARK KNIGHT felt like a basically real world city like Chicago, where it was filmed.

  175. LexG says:

    It means GOTHAM will be a shitty, overcast rustic rainy suburb that looks like fucking ALL THE RIGHT MOVES, and Batman will take on TOM ATKINS in between eating pirogies and mispronouncing 90% of his words.

    UN…FUCKING…REAL. Maybe they can shoot Batman 4 in the town from fucking GUMMO.

  176. IOv3 says:

    I’m not completely sold that what happens in the Burgh is representative of Gotham. It’s probably Bludhaven or something, which is fitting.

  177. Al says:

    First laugh of the day:

    ‘Dear Martin Luther King Jr,

    I have a dream within a dream within a dream within another dream…
    What now?

    leonardo Dicaprio’

  178. cadavra says:

    Lex, not all of Pittsburgh looks like BLADE RUNNER. We hafta assume Nolan has a particular look in mind and found it there. Hell, ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK was shot in St. Louis!

  179. LexG says:

    Dude, I’m from there. It doesn’t look like Blade Runner, it looks like GUMMO crossed with All the Right Moves. It’s not cinematic, it’s grimy and woodsy and drizzly and GREEN AS FUCK when it’s not gray and ashen like it looked in THE ROAD. It is ALL WRONG for Batman, as wrong as CLEVELAND would be for JAMES BOND.

    This TAX BREAK ERA of shitty penny pinching productions filmed in Michigan, PA, Georgia and SHREVEPORT needs to end, NOW. Pay the crews in LA and NYC and Chicago whatever they want and make MOVIES LOOK LIKE MOVIES AGAIN, instead of fourth-tier DTVs that should star Filipino fighting champions.

    I have friends and family there, it’s a fine city, but honestly? I hustled and busted my ass to move to LA because THEY SUPPOSEDLY MAKE MOVIES HERE, so it’s kind of a bummer that BATMAN is filming in my CHILDHOOD BACKYARD, while NOTHING shoots in L.A. anymore.

  180. LexG says:

    Oh, and for IO’s “Twitter is the way of the new world!” completism, here’s another PRESSING CELEBRITY TWEET, courtesy of 50 Cent, that HUNDREDS OF PEOPLE needed to share with the world:

    “feel craZy I can’t eat or nothing I have to go lay down.”

    Hundreds of retweets on that.

  181. leahnz says:

    yikes, a formal apology to Al – who may not even know what i’m talking bout – because i got it wrong the other night when i dyslexically confused Al for shillfor alanhorn – now posting under the donkey moniker ‘nikki whisperer’ – as lex’s lapdog wherein i mistakenly lambasted Al for both his name reboot and coming in to lick his master’s bum with some knob comment about me being traumatised as a youth to further lex’s ‘leah’s CRAZY because she says i’m full of shit and other stuff i don’t like!’ agenda, when it was shillfor alanhorn who was in fact the twat. so apoligies Al in case you read that, my bad

  182. JKill says:

    Speaking of 50…

    Has anyone watched any of his DTV flicks that he’s been churning out for a couple of years? I just recently watched GUN, penned by 50 himself and co-starring Val Kilmer. It’s a pretty basic crime movie, pretty cliched but not absolutely horrible. There’s one pretty funny extended sex scene where 50 and a Kelly Carlson-looking actress romp around a hotel room naked, amusing just because 50 wrote the scene. There were a few action beats and some scenes that were okay. Not the worst I’ve seen of this type of thing but also not good by any definition.

    I am, however, pretty taken with the idea of a modern pop/rap star taking his time to create his own little B-movie factory.

    Haven’t yet seen the flick where he lost all that weight. Don’t know if that one’s out.

  183. Krillian says:

    Man, Val Kilmer… Remember when he was cool? Doors, Tombstone, Heat… MacGruber. Someone needs to rescue him.

  184. yancyskancy says:

    Not enough eagles in THE EAGLE, eh? As a beaver enthusiast, will I be disappointed by THE BEAVER?

    Lex, looks like the Michigan tax breaks are going away, and many productions with them. So there’s one down.

  185. anghus says:

    it is starting to end in some states, but others like North Carolina have just started approving higher tax breaks which is why filming is coming back here after a 10 year drought.

    Georgia and Louisiana are still ridiculously busy with work right now.

  186. The Big Perm says:

    I’d shoot a movie in Pittsburgh, no problem. That place is a glorious shithole, it’d be perfect for the slummy, dirty, traintracky side of Gotham.

  187. sanj says:

    50 cent was also in 12 …he wasn’t great…

    50 cent plays the same type characters over and over
    u know drug dealers / bad guys

    Twelve 12 trailer

  188. anghus says:

    thats a really good trailer. especially since it makes me want to see a movie with 50 Cent that was directed by Joel Schumacher.

  189. LexG says:

    Leah, the dude jokingly asked if you were “traumatized” by the talking penis in Groove Tube. He wasn’t trying to unearth your (plain as day to anyone who reads your man-hating posts) psyche. Jesus you’re both a spazz and TOTALLY humorless.

  190. leahnz says:

    i wasn’t talking to you, narcissist boy (and he didn’t “ask” me anything, his lame comment was to YOU re: why i’m CRAZY. learn to read. and my “man-hating” posts, lol. i LOVE men, surrounded by them constantly and i have a blast, i’m a fan of man. newsflash: just because i think you’re a massive weenie and you happen to be male doesn’t mean i hate men, it means i think you’re a tool. but you just keep on telling yourself that if it makes you feel better, plus you can delude yourself that i’m “crazy” because i think you’re an egg, and an “ugly feminist” because i won’t send you a picture. boo hoo widdel baby)

    krillian, two words: gay perry

    crap, also: i’m rooting for a return to form for ‘the schu’

  191. nikki whisperer says:

    Leah: In all seriousness, given the fact that, whenever the topic of MPAA ratings came up, you made a very big deal of exclaiming that restrictive ratings are vitally important to protect children from exposure to potentially harmful material (and that parents can’t be trusted to make that decision for themselves), I found it amusing that you casually let slip that YOUR parents took you to see the wildly-inappropriate-for-a-young-child GROOVE TUBE as a kid and then I started to wonder, “what things might Leah have been exposed to as a child that would make her so vigilant about the issue?” And then I remembered that bit with the talking penis doing the V.D. public service announcement in GROOVE TUBE, which is basically a full-on Zooming in close up of a penis and scrotum, flipped upside down, with little stick-on eyes pasted onto the scrotum (acting as the “head”), with the penis being the nose and, if I recall correctly, a little top hat and suit attached. And I would assume THAT is exactly the sort of thing that you, as a mother, would want to protect your children from. And so, I reasoned by way of extrapolation, that must have been VERY TRAUMATIC for you and left an indelible impression. And so I remarked on that and asked innocently and honestly (with tongue in cheek, as well) if, perhaps, that very scene MIGHT HAVE TRAUMATIZED YOU as a child. I don’t recall there being any defense of Lex in the post and I resent being called Lex’s “lapdog” merely because I have never found cause to publicly criticize him on the boards. And I’ve certainly never called you offensive names like TWAT in this forum and have always been cordial, so I think your hostility, anger and abusive language is totally uncalled for and, perhaps, indicative of you potentially having thin skin and an underdeveloped sense of humor.

  192. LexG says:

    Twelve was awesome. I do get kind of annoyed watching rappers fuck white girls though.

    There NEEDS to be a Sniglet for that split-second subconscious jealous bristle ALL white viewers feel when they’re watching a TV show or movie where a rapper bangs a hot skinny white girl.

  193. leahnz says:

    sorry shillfor, what a load of BS. i can only imagine people are sick to death of this distraction after my apology to Al, so i’ll keep it as brief as possible. this is how it went:

    lex said i’m crazy (for the yawn-inducing 2006th time, because sadly that’s the best he can come up with)

    you came in and said this TO LEX in response:
    “lex, maybe leah was traumatised by the talking penis blah blah blah in the groove tube”

    if you were wondering if i was traumatised by seeing stuff i was taken to see too young as a child of the 70’s by my hippy mum, perhaps you could, i don’t know, ASK ME instead of making a comment to lex after he calls me crazy. yes, that’s hilarious for me, isn’t it? please, spare me. you didn’t ask ME anything, you made a crack to lex. if that’s not how you remember it, look it up and refresh your memory, because that’s what happened.

    and i “let it slip”? my ass. i’ve made no secret here of the fact i was taken/allowed to see very inappropriate material for my age when i was quite young and that as a parent now it makes me even more aware of how important proper, consistent parenting is. but that would require you to have some idea of what you’re talking about

    and telling you off makes me humourless? as if, mr. “i would NEVER say a word against lex” thigh-warmer.

    (and this NAME-CALLING fixation, chirst, do you live in a hermetically sealed convent there with no swearing and such? waaah waaaah. and the hilarious thing is lex calls people names here on a regular basis and not a peep from his labradoodles, because it’s always EVERYONE ELSE’S fault if lex does it, funny that. the ‘twat’ comment was repeating what i’d said to Al the other night)

    (my laptop’s bung so sorry for typos whilst typing fast)

  194. JKill says:

    TWELVE is a pretty interesting movie. It’s more the Schumacher of TIGERLAND or PHONE BOOTH than his more glossy work people generally think of when he is invoked. Chace Crawford (who I have seen in NOTHING else) is good as the lead and, while some had problems with it, I quite enjoyed Keifer Sutherland’s narration straight from the novel it was adapted from.

    I’m not the first person to say this but Schumacher gets a bad rap, mainly because of BATMAN AND ROBIN, which is of course ultra-bad but still…

  195. Krillian says:

    Yes Val was Gay Perry in a good movie that grossed $4 million six years ago. It also had Toback stable player Robert Downey Jr. Downey skyrocketed from there and two out of three movies Kilmer makes now goes straight to DVD and VOD.

    I skipped Twelve because it got horrible reviews. Perhaps I should rethink.

    Going out tonight. Will probably see Hanna or Source Code. Looking forward to not having an Arthur trailer.

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