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The Weekend Box Office

Looking at Adam Sandler history, the opening of Click tells us

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27 Responses to “The Weekend Box Office”

  1. EDouglas says:

    Hopefully things will get more exciting the next two weeks. I’m pretty excited about Pirates 2, because I think that will break Spidey’s 3-day opening weekend record and we could see the highest box office gross for the Top 10 ever that weekend.

  2. Aladdin Sane says:

    There was nothing to see locally. I’ll skip Click.
    Superman Returns is two nights away. Then Pirates next week. Yes, the next two weeks are gonna be fun.

  3. Crow T Robot says:

    Hey Poland, I almost forgot to mention how cool I think it is your letting Jami Bernard crash on your “digital couch” after her tenure at NYDN. Very very generous of you.
    We here at Hot Blog are looking forward to irritating the shit out of her too 🙂

  4. Nicol D says:

    “If the girl wants to get impregnated by the guy and then have him leave for five years (the good part

  5. Wrecktum says:

    The people I know who’ve seen Superman Returns all say Bosworth is hopeless in the film. Bryan Singer just doesn’t know how to cast women, I guess.

  6. EDouglas says:

    “If the girl wants to get impregnated by the guy and then have him leave for five years (the good part

  7. Ju-osh says:

    Are you going to be posting a POTC review soon, Dave? Over on AICN, Moriarty has posted a glowing review (encouraging, as he didn’t really seem to enjoy the first film).

  8. James Leer says:

    Wrecktum, you just made Famke Janssen cry. I hope you’re happy.

  9. THX5334 says:

    Funny, but also the second time you’ve posted that spoiler with no warning Poland. Not like you.
    *Spoiler Warning*
    The trailers and marketing are pushing the storyline of Lois with another man and child and alludes to it being this other man’s. The fact that it’s Supes is obviously meant to be a twist. (The ridiculousness of it is another topic. We’re talking principle here)So this definitley qualifies as spoiler.
    If I hadn’t already had it spoiled by Wells I’d be going apeshit on you right now. But, still. You’re usually one of the better ones Dave. You always post a spoiler warning. This is an example of what people mean when you’re personal biases get in the way of your writing, but then you harp on the journalism ethics soapbox and they feel that’s hypocritical (I don’t share those sentiments).
    And that’s the problem people seem to be bitching about lately I guess.
    Though if you wanna talk about hypocritcal I am known in my circle of friends of being the spoiler king. I will totally start talking about a upcoming movie with my friends, all excited, and not think first before I say something that spoiles it for them.
    Maybe that’s why I get so bent when I see it on the web. It’s just me having to face my own hypocrisy.
    Just sayin……

  10. Wrecktum says:

    “Wrecktum, you just made Famke Janssen cry. I hope you’re happy.”
    Lol! Good!

  11. jeffmcm says:

    Oh, shit. DP spoiled it so long ago that I thought it was part of the text of the movie.
    Okay, from now on, DP, when you don’t like a movie, say so concisely and move on. None of this months-long agony like what you had over Brokeback and now this one.

  12. David Poland says:

    I will register your vote at its full value, J MC.

  13. jeffmcm says:

    In other words, zero, right? You don’t need to bother with being coy.

  14. jeffmcm says:

    But seriously, is there any doubt that your life wouldn’t have been calmer, and the blog less contentious, if you had refrained from constantly needling certain fans of certain movies?

  15. martin says:

    jeff, is this the only place you saw that? Because I saw that “spoiler” in a number of Supes articles in the last few weeks. You’re acting like it’s “he’s really a ghost” when it’s more like “he’s an attorney”. Agreed that the trailers have teased it as “who’s baby’s daddy?” but if you read entertainment news at all, you’d have had this spoiled long ago without the help of Poland.

  16. jeffmcm says:

    Maybe. I don’t read much entertainment news, though, except here.

  17. martin says:

    That’s funny, because it seems all you do here is bitch and moan about the quality of the news. If I had so many issues with this site I’d have left long ago. Instead, I visit a wide variety and take MCN’s commentaries in context with various other outlets, and get a broader scope of the opinions out there.

  18. jeffmcm says:

    No, mostly I complain about when other individuals are wrong. Poland’s news coverage is pretty good, it’s his editorializing that’s sometimes flawed. Sorry if I’m not ‘positive’ enough for you.

  19. martin says:

    it’s not positive or negative that bothers me as much as these stupid debates that derail potentially interesting discussions (like weekend’s box office). It’s like there should be a corner of this blog devoted to bitching and moaning about editorial issues with the site, and leave the actual discussion blogs to the topic at hand. That would make things much more pleasant, I think.

  20. Lota says:

    Nacho Libre took a hit because it is Stupid, and I am a Jack Black fan and know my Tencious D by heart. It didn;t have the charm of School of Rock and it’s been done before.
    Click…I don;t know why but even with someone else paying I wouldn;t go–maybe it’s the dog days of summer already but I think POTC 2 people are anticipating, but Click, despite the billboards etc there didn;t seem to be big lines/interest at the multiplexes, at least not compared to cars and F & F, the show I was at.
    I think that Click number was well below expected considering how visible the advertizing was in the big cities at least.

  21. palmtree says:

    Mr. Poland did spoil the baby’s father for me. But I went from caring to not caring pretty quickly.
    1. Felt stupid for not making the connection right away from the trailer
    2. Not anticipating anything so it didn’t ruin any expectations
    3. The story looked pretty weak to begin with so that revelation helped by making it slightly more interesting.

  22. jeffmcm says:

    I don’t understand why Nacho dropped so hard, I think it’s JB’s best starring movie yet. All I can come up with are Armond White-esque fantasy conspiracy notions.

  23. Geoff says:

    At this point, I think Pirates and Superman are going to hurt each other at the box office. I know the box office can certainly expand to meet certain demands, but have two $300 million blockbusters EVER opened less than one week apart? The closest I can come to was back in ’94, when The Lion King and Forrest Gump opened two weeks apart and both grossed more than $300 million. But those films built up through word of mouth.
    Seems like a repeat of last December with Kong and Narnia. Everybody talked about how Kong underperformed and it probably would have made about $50 million more if it didn’t open a week after Narnia. But I think Narnia got hurt, too. I think they were looking at least $10 to $15 million more, that second weekend, if they weren’t against Kong and the film probably could hvae shot past $300 million, if that was the case.
    My prediction for Superman is now upgraded to $225 million, certainly higher than The Hulk. But it was lose some significant dough in its second week against Pirates. And make no mistake, Pirates will probably be prevented from doing a Spiderman-type opening, because of residual business from Superman. I’m guessing it will top out at between $320 and $340 million.
    Gotta give you credit, Dave, for your prediction for Fast and the Furious. I truly thought it would do blockbuster business and you called it, months ago, at topping out at about $60 million. But The Lake House is going to end up doubling what your prediction is.
    And am I mistaken or did you note that Da Vinci is a “domestic” disappointment, not long ago? How is doing $220 million for an adult thriller at ALL disappointing? Does anybody really think Sony expected much more than that? I’m sure they were breathing easy that it just broke $200 million. Sure, the higher opening might have raised expectations a bit, and word of mouth has been pretty poisonous. But the film had to deal with X 3 in its second weekend. And how many Tom Hanks films have grossed at this level. Just two: Gump and Cast Away. I say it’s a win, no matter how you look at it.

  24. Stella's Boy says:

    Click and Nacho Libre are both fairly awful, but I would definitely take Black over Sandler any day of the week. I’m surprised NL will make as much as it does. It is one of the strangest summer comedies from a major studio I have ever seen. I imagine most average moviegoers don’t know what to make of it.

  25. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    The reason Nacho Libre dropped so hard was because it’s main fan base went and saw it already and it didn’t have the family dollar is string it along for a few more weeks like School of Rock.
    Interesting that The Break-Up will reach $115-$120mil, or around 3 times it’s opening. The Lake House should be good for a quiet $50mil.
    Rogue may have found success with Waist Deep but they couldn’t waited a few weeks and gotten more possibly because they wouldn’t have had Fast and the Furious 3 to deal with, as they were both aimed at strictly urban markets.
    With Click, maybe people realised all the best bits (aka, muting the singing man, slow-mo-ing the jogger) were in the trailer? The opening does seem disappointing. Anger Management made it to over $40mil in, what? April wasn’t it.

  26. David Poland says:

    Click’s opening was not an Adam Sandler breakout, but it is silly to call it dissapointing, even if the real number is $38m. That is where Sandler lives.
    His biggest opening ever was The Longest Yard at $47.6m. Second, $42.2 for Anger Management… with Nicholson, mind you. Three, Big Daddy at $41.5 million.
    It’s close enough to those numbers that you can’t blame that final gross on a poor opening. And we’ll see what that is in a few weeks…

  27. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    I suppose. But, the reviews were essentially the same here as they were for those pictures and adjusted for inflation, this still represents a fall back of $5-$10mil and as someone who said the difference between a $60mil and a $70mil opening was about $50mil discrepency in totals (or maybe I confused that bit), that seems like a lot.
    If Click only manages to get to, say, around $120mil like Mr Deeds is that considered a non-disappointment still?

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