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By David Poland

WTC Opens

Only two summer releases this year

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10 Responses to “WTC Opens”

  1. SpamDooley says:

    There once was a brave man called Ollie
    Who cast Colin Farrell as his Folly
    Alexander first tank
    The Dvd then stank
    And WTC was his atonement by Golly.
    I am Spam Dooley and I hate Split Ends

  2. palmtree says:

    I hate to put it in these terms, but it may be that with terrorism rearing its ugly head (especially today), WTC may feel even more timely to an audience. Also, the fifth anniversary is coming up. Will get lots of leverage from people who, regardless of the quality of the movie, will gravitate to the film’s message.

  3. jeffmcm says:

    It seems like a mid-week opening day of $4.8m should lead to more than $25m for the long weekend, I don’t get it.

  4. Hopscotch says:

    I really want to see it, but I feel like the lone wolf with my friends and family on that one.
    I was at the Arclight in Hollywood last night to see “Ricky Bobby” and there was a crowd for “WTC”.

  5. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Current events aside, this plays like a typical Wednesday non-franchise opening: big in the cities, soft in the suburbs, very little in small towns.
    And then, the second weekend as the key

  6. jeffmcm says:

    It’s possible that SoaP could tell us more about our anxieties regarding current world events than WTC, wouldn’t that be ironic.

  7. EDouglas says:

    Oddly, snakes are the only thing still permissible on planes after this morning.

  8. palmtree says:

    I hope not. What if those snakes were stuffed with explosives?!

  9. KamikazeCamelV2.0 says:

    Jeff, my thinking is that the film isn’t exactly a Friday or Saturday night sorta movie. Who wants to go see this with a tub of popcorn and a drink?
    But then people may want to go get the movie out of the way earlier.
    Who knows. As David said, it’s hard to guage wht it means.

  10. PetalumaFilms says:

    Just saw WTC and it was pretty good. Pre-tty, pre-tty good. I saw the 12:30 showing here in small town Northern California and the theater was probably half full with about 40 people. Jeez, don’t people work? I have to let the film sink in, but I liked it.
    I also saw ROAD TO GUANTANAMO yesterday and liked it as well, but it was confusing. Too much going on combined with the Winterbottom mixed medium business kept me struggling to keep up. I like Winterbottom’s work, but I wish he’d slow it down and think things out ahead of time.
    I consider myself a conservative liberal but I gotta say….hardcore liberals are freaking annoying. Some Al Franken loving jackals kept bursting out in faux-laughter whenever Rumsfeld or Bush made a statement in ROAD. I mean, come on you freaks….don’t ruin the movie to let us all know YOU know those 2 are full of shit. Then, when the movie was over, some old hippy lady got up and thanked all of us for “sitting through this amazing film.” Uhh..who the hell are you lady?
    I miss L.A indie film screenings where you only had to deal with insane homeless people snoring in the theater…

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