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Friday Estimates by Klady – Aug 11


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29 Responses to “Friday Estimates by Klady – Aug 11”

  1. Josh Massey says:

    I’m sure it’s not any consolation, but Stardust actually did better than I thought it would.
    And before we might feel obliged to curse our fellow man because of the relative success of Rush Hour 3, can we at least bask in the failure of Daddy Day Camp? There may be hope for us yet.

  2. Crow T Robot says:

    Goodbye sequels! Goodbye sequels!
    (starts throwing Milk Duds at them like that sinister Polish girl in Schindler’s List)

  3. Eric says:

    The Poles had Milk Duds?

  4. mutinyco says:

    The Jews were sequels?

  5. EthanG says:

    Wow…Skinwalkers is going to lose a ton of money just on the PRINTS for the movie. Awesome.

  6. Crow T Robot says:

    “Hath not a sequel eyes? Hath not a sequel hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions?”
    The answer: A resounding “Not unless it’s directed by Paul Greengrass.”

  7. Joe Leydon says:

    EtahG: hell, I think it won’t make enough money to pay for is billboards.

  8. Cadavra says:

    And Rhona Mitra left BOSTON LEGAL for this–a slightly-higher-end version of WEREWOLVES ON WHEELS? Yikes!

  9. seattlemoviegoer says:

    the real box office story here seems to be HAIRSPRAY. only down 28% (despite losing 300 screens) where all the other holdovers are down in the mid 40s. plus, it’s jumped above CHUCK/LARRY and HARRY POTTER…as it has done during the week. like Edna’s fat gams, this seems to have real legs.

  10. Cain says:

    Crap, I thought my contrarian prediction for RH3 might pan out after initial estimates for 17m for Friday came in. Now it’s certainly going to crack 50 million. Chris Tucker Must Die.

  11. ployp says:

    Go Go Stardust!! It’s received an 8.4 from imdb users. Anyone here seen it? I’m counting down until October to see it in theater.

  12. All these numbers seem pretty predictable I reckon.
    Apparently Dans Paris is really good – especially compared to most other French movies of late – so it’s a shame it’s been kicked to the curb.
    Skinwalkers reminds me of DOA from a few months back.

  13. ployp says:

    I saw DOA. Is Skinwalkers that bad?

  14. Jerry Colvin says:

    I saw and liked Stardust. Went despite my initial bad reaction to the trailer and despite Ebert’s lukewarm review. It’s good. Maybe that trailer turned other people off too, though…

  15. Aris P says:

    Let me tell you people what’s bad. Bratz, that’s what. I had no choice to see this, and I wish I could have those 100 mins back. I feel dirty. I need a shower. If this is what life holds for Avi Arad after Marvel, then I guess he must have been one bad son of a bitch in a formal life b/c no one deserves this. I have never seen anything this contrived, cliched and abysmal in my entire life. Beyond awful. It makes Leprechauns 2 look like Godfather 2 (cue: Leprechauns 2 fans’ outrage). It also makes me wonder what dirt the producers have on Jon Voight for making him appear in this thing. Hey Jon – time to fire your agent. Even if I had a gun to my head, and had a 500K check in front of me, I wouldnt be able to write anything this awful.

  16. LYT says:

    Aris, I have to admit that Leprechaun 2 is the worst of the 6 Leprechaun movies.

  17. PastePotPete says:

    Aris, you need to remember Jon Voight not only appeared in Baby Geniuses 2, but co-produced the first in the series. No gun to his head. Hell, I remember he was proud of it at the time. I think he even came up with the idea.
    I saw Stardust as well, and liked it a great deal. The trailer was horrible and I almost didn’t see it based on that, but Neil Gaiman was worth the chance. It’s a very fun movie.
    I’d have seen Skin Walkers if it were rated R, out of my general support for R-Rated Horror. What’s the point of making a horror film PG-13 then opening it on less than 1000 screens? That’s just ridiculous.

  18. James Leer says:

    Sometimes I don’t get it. They advertised Skinwalkers so heavily in outdoor campaigns, then half-assed its release. Meanwhile, The Invasion has huge stars and a good premise and they’re not even selling it for an opening weekend. After they spent tens of millions reshooting?!?! What’s up with that?

  19. IOIOIOI says:

    James; do not try to figure it out. Folks can be nodnicks out there in LALALand. Better to deal with it, then try to figure out the bizarre rationale in which these people work. Especially in light of all the hassle Warners had with INVASION, and that could be the reason. It was a hassle and not worthy of the advertising coin.

  20. EthanG says:

    This is continuing to be a banner year for female directors; Delpy’s debut looks like it’s topped the per theatre chart this weekend.
    $50 mil for Rush Hour 3 is so-so…slightly better than expected hold for Bourne (-51%).
    Hairspray is definitely going to hit $100 mil now.

  21. Joe Leydon says:

    James: In regard to Skinwalkers — as I wrote in my Variety review, when you actually have a “reshoot crew” listed in the closing credits, that’s never a good sign.

  22. Wrecktum says:

    Remember, Skyler Shaye, Voight’s “goddaughter” is one of the girl leads in Bratz, which, I’m sure, had something to do with his participation.
    Shaye is Voight’s constant Angelina stand-in on the Hollywood red-carpet circuit and I’m surprised no-one’s written more about their odd relationship.

  23. Aris P says:

    Not sure what that explains, if anything, but as I was suffering through this film, I kept thinking how bad that girl’s acting was compared to the others.

  24. doug r says:

    Is it worse than The Allnighter?

  25. ployp says:

    I am not aware of any problem with The Invasion. What was it?

  26. Hallick says:

    “I saw Stardust as well, and liked it a great deal. The trailer was horrible and I almost didn’t see it based on that, but Neil Gaiman was worth the chance. It’s a very fun movie.”
    The more I remember from seeing it tonight, the more I’m in love with it. Even the discomforting “Lord of the Rings” copycatting in the landscape shots stopped being obnoxious. It’d be nice if word of mouth could keep it in theaters for a while, because this is EXACTLY the kind of film that takes the stench off the phrase “family-friendly movie”.

  27. Ployp, the studio hired The Wachowskis to do a rewrite and earlier this year they got that McTeigue guy to do reshoots (which was when Kidman got knocked unconscious on the set).
    Or, I think that’s how it went. Right?

  28. ployp says:

    ouch, a reshoot by another director(s). Ms. Kidman really needs to examine her career choices. Her last good movie was probably The Others.

  29. Well, that’s if your ignore her two best performances Birth and Dogville (which, for what it’s worth, were my #1 and #2 respectively from 2004), plus her Oscar winning role in The Hours and, even though it has her detractors, many forget that Cold Mountain made $96mil. And for some reason people are under the illusion (and have been since day one apparently) that The Interpreter was some wildly awful movie when it actually has a 66% cream of the crop rating at RT. And she even voiced in Happy Feet!
    And with Australia, Margot at the Wedding, The Golden Compass and Need on her schedule I think Kidman’s doing more than fine. It’s just that films like Stepford Wives, Bewitched and now The Invasion have gotten tangled up in studio meddling and with crazy directors.
    I can’t wait for Australia though. Kidman! Jackman! LUHRMANN finally making another movie!

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