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By David Poland

Box Office Hell – 5 Major Releases

Updated on Friday, 12:55p

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10 Responses to “Box Office Hell – 5 Major Releases”

  1. Wrecktum says:

    The 5th weekend of Enchanted will do better than P.S. I Love You.

  2. LexG says:

    Can CHARLIE WILSON reasonably expect to do much more than LORD OF WAR numbers?
    Isn’t it kind of the same movie?
    Yes, yes, Hanks and Roberts, sure, but LORD OF WAR had Cage, also a megastar. And while Leto and Hawke are essentially indie actors, they have considerable fanbases.
    Obviously Cage has more erratic results than Hanks, but there’s still LADYKILLERS and THAT THING YOU DO to consider– minor Hanks, as it were, to his vast fanbase.
    And Julia seems to be in CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND mode here, plus she didn’t do much to boost Nichols’ numbers last time out.
    Last year, the not-dissimilar BLOOD DIAMOND opened around this time, and though it’s remembered as something of a hit, it really wasn’t. And that had Leo.
    P.S. I Love You: Man, I love Swank, but no way. It looks almost as cringe-worthy as that Eva Longoria movie I keep seeing trailers for. Or the Patrick Dempsey one. Or are they the same movie?
    Is it too late to rescind all those multi-million dollar Gerard Butler paychecks?

  3. David Poland says:

    I kinda like the idea of the film being called, “I Love You, Man”
    And that’s not a joke about Hilary, but now that it occurs to me…

  4. LYT says:

    Lord of War was way more cynical, and not based on any specific true story.
    Arguably a better movie, but a more difficult one for audiences who need to find the main character sympathetic.

  5. The question I keep coming to when seeing the ads for PS I Love You (“starring Gerard Butler from 300!” one ad states) is why don’t more people give Lisa Kudrow work. She’s always excellent and is usually best in show.
    That and Gina Gershon. Poor Lisa Kudrow and Gina Gershon. Playing sidekick to Hilary Swank. It’s sad, really.

  6. Something bugs me with this weekend’s predictions, so I just had to ask: Could Sweeney Todd be the #1 movie in America this weekend? I try and analyze the prospects of this happening here:

  7. Lynch Van Sant says:

    Yeah, yeah, all the mideast war movies have been tanking but I still feel CWW will do more than $15 mil. It has 2 huge stars and all those Globe nods. Plus it will benefit as an adult second choice if Sweeney Todd theaters are full too.
    Lord Of War, which I liked, was dumped in early-September dead zone with little fanfare.

  8. Noah says:

    I don’t know, Kami, I mean I think Lisa Kudrow is talented and everything, but her starring vehicles have not been so hot: Marci X, Lucky Numbers, Hanging Up. It’s also hard now because she doesn’t have a hit show on the air every week (which is like weekly promotion for whatever movie she may be starring in). I don’t think she’s really a leading lady unless she keeps working on films like Happy Endings. I think she should try to find indie scripts that could benefit from her presence, like Molly Shannon did with Year of the Dog. But I’m with you on Gina Gershon, extremely beautiful and talented and wonderful on Curb Your Enthusiasm.

  9. Not so much leading roles, but she’s been uniformly excellent in things like The Opposite of Sex, Happy Endings, Analyse This, Romy & Michelle’s High School Reunion and was the only good thing about Wonderland so I don’t know why she’s not getting better movies and better roles than merely “the friend” to the movie’s bigger star (if you can call Swank one of those)

  10. movieman says:

    Don’t forget Kudrow’s greatest tour-de-force to date: “The Comeback.”
    I’m still a little amazed that HBO dropped it after only one (scathingly brilliant) season. It definitely belongs in TV’s cult Hall of Fame.

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