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BYOB Tuesday 62210

I actually have to check what day of the week it is when I post these now…

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79 Responses to “BYOB Tuesday 62210”

  1. Stella's Boy says:

    In case no one is reading the Weekend Estimates thread anymore.
    Remember when Lex speculated that Megan Fox would be blamed for Jonah Hex failing at the box office and wondered why she’d be singled out?
    Headline: “Did Megan Fox jinx Jonah Hex”?

  2. IOv2 says:

    Damn, that’s just mean. That sort of thing, if I were her, I could not just let roll down my back, but apparently that’s what she has to do. She just has to be hacked apart by people, who let’s be honest, are giving her crap for being pretty.
    She did choose this sort of thing, so here’s to her being able to take the heat, but it’s just so ridiculous to blame her for this dumped movie. I guess she will have to pull either a great bit of acting out of her ass or pull a Jolie. You remember Jolie right? The whole vile of blood around her neck and all of that which we forget now because she adopted a few kids and had some more with Brad Pitt. Oh yeah, unlike Megan Fox, that broad is a homewrecker!

  3. Geoff says:

    Toy Story did $15 million, yesterday – very impressive, $400 million is looking pretty likely.

  4. Joe Leydon says:

    Oh, boy! Michael Caine in another Christopher Nolan movie. I am so there.

  5. chris says:

    I’m not a fan, but Jolie does have an actual body of work. So far, Fox does not.

  6. IOv2 says:

    Chris, I am referring to early Jolie. Who had yet to put together a really solid performance outside of being hot in Hackers and Foxfire. That’s what I am going with the whole “She has to pull a solid acting performance out of her ass” thing to get people to stop hating on her. If you can act, if you can pull together an amazing performance, then the people can deal with you and your prettiness. If not… J’ACCUSE!
    Geoff, never forget the 3D bump! THE NEW NUMBER 3 ALL TIME… COMING SOON!

  7. Krillian says:

    Jolie did Gia, and started getting taken seriously. Then Girl Interrupted wasn’t too far after that. Does anyone really think Megan Fox has a Gia or Girl Interrupted in her?
    I actually am a fan of Jolie. She’s on my short-list of actresses where I’ll see anything they do. Looking forward to Salt and The Tourist and if it happens, Gucci.
    I’ve also noticed that any live-action trailer that ends with “In 3D!” makes me want to see it a little less.

  8. IOv2 says:

    That’s the thing. If you asked someone about Jolie right when she showed up if she had a great performance in her, they would probably look at you crazy. Seriously, think about Jolie early on and all of the stuff with freakin Billy Bob, then tell me that woman has not over come the “too pretty” stigma.
    Again, Fox pulls off one serious acting gig, she gets out of PRETTY GIRL JAIL. If not, she’s still pretty and what not, and it’s not like dudes won’t pay to see her nude. I just hope, much like Jolie did, that she removes the boob implants at some point.

  9. chris says:

    But even in crap like “Hackers,” Jolie had something interesting that probably led to people casting her in stuff that was more challenging because directors thought she could pull it off. I haven’t noticed that in Fox yet (and, in “Jennifer’s Body,” I felt like I was noticing the opposite — her material was bad and she was worse). Maybe Fox has something but, if she does, she’d be wise to show it in an indie pronto.

  10. Gotta say that GREEN HORNET trailer looks alot better than I had anticipated. I was afraid that Rogen would try and play against type and I for one am not ready for that. Yet. FUNNY PEOPLE was against type enough for me.
    Also, if anyone’s feeling kind I’m trying to raise money for our new documentary here:
    Shit’s been getting CRAZY with it. You’d think a bunch of people having fun with ugly dogs would be lighthearted but I may be making the next KING OF KONG.

  11. mutinyco says:

    It took me nearly 2 weeks. But I finally made it through the entire 5 hours of 1900. Not sure how I did it.
    And on that note, I wish you all a very NSFW evening:

  12. IOv2 says:

    Chris, people have to see something interesting in FOX to keep hiring her. Again, she has yet to have to show any serious acting ability but stating that she’s just a pretty face with nothing behind it who makes movies bomb, is pretty far freaking stretch for me.
    Don, yeah, the people who love their ugly dogs are a bit weird and yes, the Green Hornet trailer looks good.

  13. The Big Perm says:

    You dont’t necessarily have to see something interesting in Fox to hire her. She’s been in two huge hits, her name is known. I’d cast her in an indie even if I thought she totally sucked (have no actual opinion on her, she’s just sort of there to me). You’re hiring the name, not necessarily the talent.
    And I think Jolie and Fox are sort of rough comparisons because Jolie started and stayed in smallish dramas for quite some time, where it was about acting. Megan Fox has been in three movies where she was basically tittie scenery, and one in which she had a real part. Not to say she’s untalented, but I agree with folks where they say it’s time for her to find some indies or quirky movies for her next couple of parts.

  14. EthanG says:

    I think unleashing DP style anger for this story is appropriate….the entire future of Hollywood films is now predicated on family films…due to American males’ rejection of “Prince of Persia”, “Jonah Hex” and “The A-Team”.

  15. EthanG says:

    If anything is to be learned its that a female drawing actor wont convert to male audiences unless he goes a DRAMATIC transformation Health Ledger style…adding an accent and hitting the gym is not credible. The audience knows the difference.

  16. IOv2 says:

    Ethan, it’s not even Biel’s amazing swirling ass’ fault. It’s video games and the shittiness of them. Yes that’s cursing but the modern American male endures so much crap in terms of video games that when a movie has similar crap, that dude is going to stay home or do something else. I can get Persia on my console, A-Team is nothing new for anyone who plays a game like Uncharted, and Jonah Hex sucks compared to freaking Red Dead Redemption.
    Video games effecting movies aside, this dude just does not get that you do not get the opening these films have gotten without getting some teenagers and adults to go see them. Toy Story 3 is ostensibly a kids film but it’s really so much more than that, and Steven Zeitchik does not seem to get it. Hopefully Poland unleashes the hounds on this goober because it’s piece like this that really prove the Times spends about a buck fifty on entertainment coverage.

  17. christian says:

    As for me, I’m happy Wells is getting called out for his latent racism. He’s ready for the Tea Party.

  18. lazarus says:

    It has to be said: EthanG’s ironic misspelling of Ledger’s name gave me a little chuckle.
    Mutiny: I guessed what that pic was going to be but it’s still shocking. That film doesn’t get discussed nearly enough. It’s a mess, but probably a masterpiece. Just a shame that no matter what language you watch it in you’re partially missing out on someone’s performance.

  19. Joe Leydon says:

    One of many great things about watching 1900 again after all these years: You’re reminded of how many challenging, against-the-grain movies Burt Lancaster signed on for during his career.

  20. hcat says:

    Persia was a Disney movie that centered around a magic dagger, how the hell is that not considered a kids film as well? Looking at the release schedule there is really nothing from a major that isn’t counting on kid dollars until Warner’s The Town (possibly Inception if it ends with an R, otherwise their chasing the teen dollars as well).

  21. hcat says:

    oops, add Eat Pray Love to the adult column.

  22. LexG says:

    Just a REMINDER that tonight ALL SHALL TUNE TO ABC at 10pm AND ALL SHALL BOW, as Kimmel is having a prime-time ECLIPSE SPECIAL interviewing THE ENTIRE CAST.
    Hopefully she will wear HEELS and show LEG.
    Also DAKOTA FANNING will likely be there, meaning two of the world’s five greatest women, or 2/5ths of the Holy Quintology.

  23. Chucky in Jersey says:

    Now that LexG has gone Me So Horny he should ask how much did ABC pay Summit Entertainment for the interview. It’s standard practice for at least two of the Big Four.

  24. LexG says:

    Chucky, why would they need to pay? Everyone knows that Kristen + Dakota = RATINGS.
    I am predicting SUPER BOWL LEVEL NUMBERS.
    Kristen. Dakota.
    The EBONY AND IVORY of hotness.

  25. David Poland says:

    It’s funny, but when I first read the idea of ABC paying Summit for the all-cast interview, I thought, “silly.”
    And then I thought about it.
    Why else would they do it? Why the lowest rated of the three shows at that hour? Who are they trying to reach on Kimmel that they haven’t already reached? Why not a primetime special or magazine show?
    It’s odd.

  26. IOv2 says:

    David, Kimmel is a youtube clip magnet. There going on Kimmel, almost guarantees them several youtube clips that will be scene and watched repeatedly by Twilight fans. If anything, they spent money to go on a show that has a strong youtube presence. Think about that for a minute and your head may blow up.

  27. IOv2 says:

    Oh yeah. Here’s three questions that no one has answered for me yet and I demand results!
    1) Does Eclipse stand a chance of beating Trans 2 record for Wednesday last year?
    2) Does it opening on Wednesday almost guarantee that it will lose the Weekend to Avatar: The Last Airbender?
    3) Anyone else interested in the Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

  28. IOv2 says:

    Okay, question number 2 should be altered to this:
    How epic could this 4th of July weekend box office be and which one wins it?

  29. IOv2 says:

    Infernal non-question answerers!

  30. Blackcloud says:

    Sorry, IO, I can’t hear you. I’m too busy blowing on my vuvuzela while watching Wimbledon. Hey, I think the fifth set just went to 93-93.

  31. IOv2 says:


  32. Stella's Boy says:

    T2’s Wednesday record is $62 million. New Moon made $72 million its first day of release. Eclipse will be T2’s record. I also doubt it will lose the weekend to The Last Airbender. Is the Reimagining of Shyamalan really tracking that well? Are kids psyched for it? Looks pretty boring.

  33. IOv2 says:

    SB, Avatar the Last Airbender is one of the biggest animated series in the history of Nick. The movie seems to have captured the spirit of the series and people are excited. Hell, I have walked by random people in the theatre going on about how they are excited for Avatar (Cameron can stick it) and this has happened more than once. So, yeah, I am going with Avatar having a real shot next weekend to beat Eclipse but this is a Twilight film opening during the Summer, and that’s what intrigues about next week.

  34. Stella's Boy says:

    Anecdotal evidence doesn’t really prove much. Success as an animated series on Nick also doesn’t automatically translate to huge box office. You really think The Last Airbender is going to have an opening over $60 million?

  35. jeffmcm says:

    IO, you’re going to confuse a lot of people if you keep referring to the Shyamalan movie as ‘Avatar’.

  36. IOv2 says:

    Stella, yes I do. The trailers get better and better, the kids do not come across as annoying, and the effects work looks pretty damn solid. It also features wire fu and it’s 3D. The 3D bump alone should help this film get to 60.
    Jeff, I consider it the height of hubris to take the name of a property that was always established with millions of people world wide and use it for your blue people stick things in their tail movie. I have also in almost every post, referenced why I am referring to it as Avatar. Again, it’s Avatar the Last Airbender, Aang is referred to as the AVATAR OF EARTH, and Cameron can once again stick it.

  37. Stella's Boy says:

    $60M even against Eclipse? I can’t see that happening.

  38. LexG says:

    Did anyone else watch the ECLIPSE SPECIAL on KIMMEL?
    WOW, a new high-water mark in fidgety K-STEW nervousness, discomfort, and awkward answers, looking like she’s rather be anywhere else. Pattinson and Lautner try to gamely grind through the questions with a smile and some good cheer, but THE GODDESS always sits between them fuming and unhappy and visibly bored and terrified.
    Poland has talked about “fragile” actresses before, and a KEY component of Kristen’s SCORCHING HOTNESS is her demure seriousness… But, wow, someone SERIOUSLY needs to let her off the hook a bit on these publicity rounds, as I’ve never seen anyone THAT unsettled by it all.
    Sort of worth noting that the main 3 got about 10 minutes off the bat, which went nowhere, then once Kimmel brought out Facinelli, Bryce Howard and DAKOTA LOOK AT HER YAY, those three and the *new guy* handled almost all the questions from there out (with professional aplomb). Who knew Peter Facinelli was the personality dynamo of that cast?

  39. storymark says:

    IO, do you realize that Avatar was announced with that title and in development 7 years prior to the the debut of the Airbender cartoon? Your “they had it first” argument works directly against you.

  40. LexG says:

    ECLIPSE NUMBER PREDICTIONS (and remember who called the New Moon opening with PINPOINT accuracy last November.)
    Wednesday: 77 mil.
    Thursday: 53 mil.
    Friday: 60 mil.
    Saturday: 55 mil.
    Sunday: 47 mil.
    That’s right. 292 MILLION DOLLARS in its first five days. Every time one of these movies come out, you guys all underestimate THE JUGGERNAUT.
    292 FIVE DAY. Take it to the bank.
    Just for amusement purposes, here’s Last Dickbender’s prospects:
    Friday: 9 mil.
    Saturday: 11 mil.
    Sunday: 7 mil.
    WEEKEND TOTAL: 27 MILLION. If they’re LUCKY. I could EASILY see it doing under 25.

  41. CaptainZahn says:

    What do people make of the alleged domestic violence situation that happened a few months ago involving Michael Fassbender? I really dig the guy’s acting, but if it’s true, that’s some pretty fucked up shit.

  42. IOv2 says:

    Storymark, when has announcing the name of something ever been the same as producing five years worth of an ANIMATED SERIES? Come on man, I know your deal with me and I know you are just being a jerk to me like you always are, but your response to me about MY ARGUMENT has nothing to do with anything I have posted.
    Avatar the Last Airbender was first. Wow, Cameron may have told someone the name 11 years ago, but the REAL AVATAR already had five seasons in the bag before the movie with the blue nippled people came out. The fact that you think announcing something is the same as producing something is a telling bit of business.
    That aside, Kristen, Taylor, and Rob have answered all of those questions countless times and they are in the middle of a media tour, so it’s understandable that everyone else but those three would answer most of the questions. Stewart, also, needs to talk to someone about that social anxiety order of her’s. Seriously, she really needs some help or she needs to retire AMANDA BYNES STYLE!

  43. hcat says:

    IO- Isn’t it a little more telling that you think one of the world’s most successful directors should change the name of his $300 million decade in the making opus to accomadate a kiddie cartoon? Going to a Pixar film is one thing, but don’t you feel a little silly watching a television show where the main sponsers are Fruit Roll Ups and Chuck E Cheese?

  44. jeffmcm says:

    Rather than ‘letting KStew off the hook’, I’m sure she can afford a tranquilizer or two.
    IOI, Avatar: The Last Airbender started running in 2005. Cameron started writing his movie in 1994. Anyway, nobody FORCED Paramount to change the name of the movie, they were just too slow.
    And of course, the Hindus had the name a few thousand years before your cartoon anyway.

  45. Triple Option says:

    I didn’t realize Airbender was a Nick title. Nick/Paramount for a while there was doing a decent job opening movies. This was a while back but I do remember them surprising some people. I guess that explains the release date. When I had first heard about film, I knew vaguly of an animated series but it wasn’t until much later that I found out M Night was directing it.
    I’d be surprised if it beat Eclipse, although I’m not so sure that’ll do what the last installment did. Odds may be in it’s favor but I wouldn’t be surprised if its opening falls short.
    I hope I get invited to some good bbq’s over that w/e. Nothing to make me want to head out to the theater.

  46. LexG says:

    Triple Option, you will BOW TO KRISTEN and you will see ECLIPSE SIX TIMES.
    I am going to be at EVERY SINGLE SHOW from Wednesday through Sunday. These movies are the SOCIAL EVENT OF MY YEAR… I go to the Arclight and HOLD COURT out in the lobby waiting for all the cougars rocking a wetty to hit on me.
    Never happens but NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER BACK DOWN.

  47. IOv2 says:

    hcat, you really think the movie featuring the blue nippled people is the height of maturity? Really? Sorry, I’d go with the fruit roll-ups and Chuck E. Cheese commercials any day of the week over the ridiculousness of a people and a world that come with firewire sticking out of their tucus. A kiddie cartoon? The utter lameness of that whole post of yours hcat is pretty astounding. A kiddie cartoon? Yeah, that’s a good way to slam all animation that also includes Pixar to some people wisenheimer.
    That aside, Foamy once again is being a jerk to me. Dude, seriously, go read my post before you put up another jerky response to me. Seriously, Avatar had the name in the current consciousness and the guy whose married to Skeletor decided to just ignore that because he’s the king of the world and we should all bow to his mediocrity. Sure we should. Nevertheless, thanks for being a jerk to me Foamy. You do the Australian/New Zealand delegation proud.

  48. hcat says:

    First, describing a cartoon as kiddie implies that there are other cartoons that are adult. Second, the talent and creativity that goes into a Pixar cartoon only legitimizes Pixar, not all other animation as well. Because one company is able to make animated features that appeal to both adult and kid sensibilities does not make all feature and televised animation relevant to adults. Especially a cartoon on a network whose flagship shows are Spongebob and Dora. Avatar and the airbender cartoon are on different planes of entertainment existence. Since Cameron is an adult functioning in society he might have been unaware of the existence of a cable show aimed at fifth graders with a similar name, and if he ever noticed he knew that since his giant big spectacle movie from the giant big spectacle studio would easily be rated pg13 it would therefore be going after a different audience (and no big budget action film will ever be the heights of maturity).
    Its fine if you want to watch kids television, nobody cares, just don

  49. Stella's Boy says:

    Yeah I had never heard of the TV show until it was announced that Shyamalan was making the movie. Spongebob is Nick’s best opening with $32 million ($85 million total) in 2004. IMO the yellow guy is much more popular than Airbender, but I’m not a kid.

  50. IOv2 says:

    Who could it be now? Oh I know who it is! It’s the return of MCWEENEY STYLE! Sponsored by the Zero candy bar. Nothing screams dentist appointment like a ZERO BAR!
    “First, describing a cartoon as kiddie implies that there are other cartoons that are adult.”
    Bzzt. You do know that to more than a few people out there, there are no differentiations between adult and kiddie cartoons right? The fact that you feel Avatar is a kiddie cartoon when it’s more in line with something like JL or JLU or the Batman Animated series, denotes the fact that you have never seen the series and have no idea what it’s about. Good for you but your distinction is your distinction that unfortunately a lot of people will disagree with for various reasons stated above.
    “Second, the talent and creativity that goes into a Pixar cartoon only legitimizes Pixar, not all other animation as well.”
    Again, Pixar make kid movies. This is what they make and this what they will tell you they make. They just happen to also make these kid movies into some of the best movies ever made, which legitimizes all of animation. Seriously, to a lot of people in this country, there is no distinct between Buzz and Woody or Dara the explorer, the fact that you seem to believe your line of demarcation represents the reality of things, is quite funny and gives me a chuckle.
    “Because one company is able to make animated features that appeal to both adult and kid sensibilities does not make all feature and televised animation relevant to adults.”
    Phineas and Ferb, Spongebob, The Clone Wars, the Ben 10 series to a certain extent, and so on and so forth appeal to adults. That’s been the whole thing over the last 10 to 15 years to make animation that appeals to kids while also having some what of an appeal to adults/parents. This is the norm that you hate “cartoons” so much in your manly manish butch husky way does not change the fact that the most successful cartoon shows over the last 15 years have appealed to kids and adults. This goes from Hank Hill to Eric Cartman and all the way down to Perry the Platypus.
    “Especially a cartoon on a network whose flagship shows are Spongebob and Dora.”
    Never insult Bob or Dora. Dora is good for the kids to let them know there’s more in the world than just one type of ethnicity and Bob is good for all humankind. Slamming Bob is tantamount to a declaration of zero whimsy, sir.
    “Avatar and the airbender cartoon are on different planes of entertainment existence. Since Cameron is an adult functioning in society he might have been unaware of the existence of a cable show aimed at fifth graders… ”
    Statements such as these are ridiculous and demonstrate that you think fifth graders are idiots. Seriously, what the hell did fifth graders ever do to you? It also demonstrates an almost philistine lack of understanding the world of animation in the 21st century. You are also stating that James Cameron is an adult. Sorry. If you read anything about the man, you know he’s a big sissy baby that is about as far from being an adult as any one of us. I doubt he did not know about the show but this being Cameron, he decided to do it anyway. Good for him but I still find it to be a ridiculous move because PANDORA is a better title for that horrendous film than Avatar.
    “with a similar name, and if he ever noticed he knew that since his giant big spectacle movie from the giant big spectacle studio would easily be rated pg13 it would therefore be going after a different audience (and no big budget action film will ever be the heights of maturity).”
    Yes, they make films PG-13 to go after a different audience. Sure they do.
    “Its fine if you want to watch kids television, nobody cares, just don

  51. IOv2 says:

    Stella, it has nothing to do with being a kid. Good lord you guys love to proclaim “I’m old and stale” more than anyone else on the net!
    Again, Avatar: TLA is a 3D movie, from a director that some what opened the HAPPENING for god’s sake, and it’s a freakin action film that looks better than The Karate Kid. Seriously, folks.

  52. Stella's Boy says:

    I’m just saying that I am unfamiliar with just how popular the show is because I had never heard of it until the movie was announced. On the other hand, I was long familiar with Spongebob prior to the movie. Opened The Happening to $30 million, which is about what Airbender will make.

  53. IOv2 says:

    Seriously there are a crap load of typos in the above long post and I apologize for those, but I am not completely sorry! Why? This place needs a freaking edit function! Come on David! Make it happen!

  54. IOv2 says:

    Stella, again, 3D BUMP BRO! Come on. Seriously. No one else has faith in Aang but me. Darn.

  55. Stella's Boy says:

    3D and people checking it out because Eclipse is sold out may get it to $35 million.

  56. hcat says:

    IO- There are differentions between kiddie cartoons and cartoons that appeal to adults as well. Do you think the ageing montage in UP was there for the benefit of 8 year olds? Pixar has been making movies with an eye on all demographics since the beginning, Dreamworks as well. Sony and Nick seem to be going after the kids and the box office reflects that.
    As for the television side, since I have a toddler I have seen quite a number of the shows you mentioned, Ferb is great entertainment for a kid along with Pinky Dinky Doo and Jacks big Music Show, however, watching it alone would make me a sad silly man. Would you have no judgement on a childless coworker who said ‘I DVR Sesame street every morning to watch during dinner, I love the whimsy”?
    Dora, while it should be praised because of the multiculturalism and the fact that map is openly and fabulously gay, is mind-numbingly shrill with no narrative worth.
    While I admit grumpy old man tendencies (make more westerns GodDammit), establishing that there is a distinction between King of the Hill and Go Diego Go is not one of them. There is a lot of good animation work in features (Pixar, some Dreamworks) and television (Simpsons, King of the Hill, Archer), but the arguement is that this does not give an automatic pass to all animation, especially stuff that is aimed directly at children. You want to argue that Airbender is as mature entertainment as JLA and Brave and Bold, I am in complete agreement, these are all to the same audience. You want to argue that Pokeman is legitimate adult fare because a ton of Japanese adults watch Pokeman? This would be false, watching Pokeman eliminates you from being considered an adult but places you in a catagory as an aged juvenile (same with fucking a body pillow).

  57. hcat says:

    And for a real grumpy old man statement: “Turn off the cartoon network and get to TCM, thats where the good stuff is.”

  58. IOv2 says:

    Hcat, who do you think plays Pokemon now? It’s the kids who grew up with it, who are now in college or in the work force, and they still love the pocket monsters. Some of them even like the card games like Yu Gi Oh and this does not make them any less adult than you are.
    The fact that you think JL/JLU, Brave and the Bold, and Avatar are the same audience, demonstrates a really lack of “GETTING IT”. You really do not get it because you really are that dude who just cast aside any sense of whimsy and that’s your choice. Please do not try to tell me what makes an adult, or tell me what to watch. Unlike you old man, I can appreciate Spongebob and a Thin Man picture. Unlike you, I never decided to just GROW UP because just GROWING UP is a good way to die inside.
    If you are happy with who you are and cutting yourself off from good stories and good filmmaking then good for you. Excuse me as I feel sorry for you and hope that you enjoy paying the bills. This however, “Dora, while it should be praised because of the multiculturalism and the fact that map is openly and fabulously gay, is mind-numbingly shrill with no narrative worth.” May be the funniest thing ever posted on this website.

  59. hcat says:

    Growing up does not mean casting aside whimsy and dying inside. I will try to catch Can-Can tonight on FMC, lovely musical, full of whimsy and charm and a wonderful showcase for Shirly McLaine’s legs.
    as for
    “Some of them even like the card games like Yu Gi Oh and this does not make them any less adult than you are.”
    I have to disagree, playing with childrens games, action figures speaks to a lack of emotional development, not a sense of whimsy (unless of course drugs or alcohol is involved, I really meant to mention this earlier, all entertainment choices are fine while heavily intoxicated: cartoons, childrens games, staring at a melting candle). Maturity is not an age but an IQ level, go to screening of Grown ups this weekend to test that theory.
    Again, I really don’t care that these things are produced or that people watch them. Airbender is as just relevant to the box office conversation as Persia or Beverly Hills Chiwauwa. But when discussion apples and oranges I think its helpful to be able to distinguish between the two.

  60. IOv2 says:

    Drinking and getting high speak to a lack of emotional maturity to me. The same goes with smokers. Seriously, chew some gum, and get a handle on your life. If drinking and drugs are your idea of emotional maturity and represents what maturity really means to you then excuse me, as I go and buy a Power Girl action figure.

  61. hcat says:

    I wasn’t clear on the getting high part, you are right that there is an emotional immaturity to getting high past a certain age. But this just confirms that there are different actions that are considered childish and considered adult.

  62. jeffmcm says:

    Conversely, just because one doesn’t smoke or get high DOESN’T mean that one is ‘mature’. None of these things are exclusive factors.

  63. hcat says:

    I agree with that as well, just wanted to point out there is a difference between a couple people in a dorm room pulling bonghits to Spongebob or Robot Chicken and a 25 year old who watches the Iron Man cartoon every day.

  64. LexG says:

    IO: “What are you, religious?” TM Rodney.

  65. IOv2 says:

    Hcat, what’s wrong with watching the Iron Man cartoon? Again, you are trying to make lines of demarcation that only work for you but do not work for the rest of the world. Seriously, you weird me out.

  66. Foamy Squirrel says:

    Can I demand an apology since IO accused me of writing the post that jeffmcm did?

  67. hcat says:

    IO – The Iron Man cartoon is for kids, they changed the age of the protaginist so kids can better relate, it plays on a kids channel, and the advertisements are directed at kids, thats the demarcation. Now for what is wrong with it, I’ll say again, nothing. People can do and watch whatever the hell they want. Watch Iron Man, Play with battlebot cards, fingerpaint, I don’t care. My arguement is that you shouldn’t automatically think these kids things are relevant in the adult world. Being an adult means I am generally unaware of things directed towards kids and teens until they get to a Hannah Montana/ Twilight level of frenzy. Since I am not a kid I don’t watch the Disney Channel except with the toddler, just like I don’t watch Univision because I can’t speak spanish.
    We must simply coming at this through different experiences.

  68. jeffmcm says:

    Let me just sum up the basis of IOI’s argument:

  69. IOv2 says:

    Jeff, that’s not the argument at all. The fact that you lack the ability to grasp that point is rather obvious, because you hate me for some reason. I have no idea really but you just have an epic hate-on for me that nothing will change because let’s face it, you are not that nice of a human being, and you have never ever once showed a shred of humanity on this board. All you are and all you will ever be is a grumpy sourpuss. I hope that gets your through the night but please get some sense in that stubborn wretched hide of yours, and understand what I post. Not what you think I post.
    Foamy, I responded to your jerky post with IMDB listings. Again, it’s never been about the name as much as about the name as one man’s hubris and horrible naming abilities. It should have been called Pandora. End of story.
    Hcat, and I still believe that you believe there is a line of demarcation out there for these things that stopped being out there a long time ago. Maybe you are a bit older than the 80s generation or maybe you were just not moved by Voltron or something, but whateverthecase, the show being shown on a supposed kids network does not make it a kid show. The fact that you think it does demonstrates a very different understanding of the world.

  70. Foamy Squirrel says:

    You have an incredibly bizarre definition of “jerky”.

  71. hcat says:

    IO – Grew up in the eighties, and even still loved animaniacs in college, but I would have been the first to admit it was a children’s show. Still don’t see how the Iron Man cartoon is not directed toward kids, but I figure I won’t get an answer for that other than “its just not.”
    “The fact that you think it does demonstrates a very different understanding of the world.”
    Well look at that, something we are in complete agreement on.

  72. IOv2 says:

    Hcat, Animaniacs was not a kids show. It’s a show for everyone. The same goes with the Iron Man show that has just enough in it for adults to not get put out by the silliness of the CGI battles. Again, you seem to think that everything works the way that you think it does, and I am here to inform you that it does not. These kids networks are not even kids networks. Nick shows teen and adult programming almost as much as young kid and kid programming. Cartoon Network has adult swim. You get what I am getting at here?
    You think that these lines in the sand exist but to a lot of people that are not grump old men, they do not. Nick, Disney, and Cartoon Network are not KID networks as much as they are APPEAL TO EVERYONE networks. Keep on thinking the way you do, as if everything can be compartmentalized, and I hope some one occasionally reminds that it no longer works that way.

  73. jeffmcm says:

    IOI, I don’t hate you. I just think you’re not very bright and stubbornly refuse to see anything from any perspective other than your own. That said, in the time that I’ve been aware of you, your spelling and punctuation have become MUCH improved.

  74. IOv2 says:

    Oh look everyone. Grandpa sourpuss has once again posted something insulting. Now I am not very bright and stubbornly refuse to see anyone else’s perspective. Sure I do Jeff. Sure I do. I am one of the more empathetic people around and I see other people’s perspective all the time. The fact that you and loco seemingly do not get this, is your problem.
    Not only have I gone out of the way to understand where hcat is coming from, but I am also gone out of my way to explain why I disagree with him then gave him reasons why. We disagree on things but I get his perspective, he seems to get mine, and that’s that.
    Why you believe I am not very bright is a mystery to me because if anything, I have way too much insight for a blog that occasionally has too many posters like you. Posters who hardly contribute to the discussions on this blog and generally go around to each thread insulting other posters. Sure, you are insulting Chucky most of the time but that’s all you do. You insult people because you think you are right. You think you are smarter than me and some how have a perspective on things, that time and time again, you have proven not to have.
    Again, look at yourself as a member of this blog, and realize the way you describe me in that post, fits you more than it has ever fit me. Unlike you, I ask questions, start discussions, contribute in discussions, and have generally provided huge comment counts with my posts. What have you contributed to this blog outside of insulting myself, Lex, and Chucky? What makes you morally superior to anyone? Seriously, get over yourself and we will have a much better time on this blog. It’s been five years, dude. Move on.

  75. hcat says:

    IO – I am not definening the way things work, the definitions are set by the people who create and market the products. I was probably not clear before about teen product. Teens are the same as kids, whole different market from adults. Nick might have ICarly and Disney has Wizards of Waverly which appeal to teens but again are not watched by most adults unless there are kids in the room. I agree with what you said about the creators having adults in mind, but that is to make the experience of watching things with their kids as painless as possible. What I am saying is there are probably adults that watch Clone Wars with their kids and get amped about it, but would not tune in when the kids are at a slumber party or grandmas. There are other adults that watch it without kids, get amped about it and make it appointment television but that does not change the fact that they are watching something created, marketed and broadcast with kids and teens in mind.
    A quick metaphor might be breakfast cereal, Pixar is cherrios, eaten by both kids and adults, made with both tastes in mind and marketed to both crowds. Cartoon Network is Lucky Charms, plenty of adults might eat it but that doesn’t mean its not a kids cereal. If a network calls a specific block of programming adult swim, doesn’t that suggest that the rest of the day is not aimed at that market? All cable channels are aimed at Niche audiences, not even the news channels are aiming for Everybody.

  76. IOv2 says:

    Again Hcat, you are putting labels on things as if they are exist. Clone Wars is made for everyone in much the same way Spongebob and anything that transcends it’s genre really is. This is why Pixar are able to do what they do and this is why Animaniacs was never ever a kids cartoon.

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It shows how out of it I was in trying to be in it, acknowledging that I was out of it to myself, and then thinking, “Okay, how do I stop being out of it? Well, I get some legitimate illogical narrative ideas” — some novel, you know?

So I decided on three writers that I might be able to option their material and get some producer, or myself as producer, and then get some writer to do a screenplay on it, and maybe make a movie.

And so the three projects were “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep,” “Naked Lunch” and a collection of Bukowski. Which, in 1975, forget it — I mean, that was nuts. Hollywood would not touch any of that, but I was looking for something commercial, and I thought that all of these things were coming.

There would be no Blade Runner if there was no Ray Bradbury. I couldn’t find Philip K. Dick. His agent didn’t even know where he was. And so I gave up.

I was walking down the street and I ran into Bradbury — he directed a play that I was going to do as an actor, so we know each other, but he yelled “hi” — and I’d forgot who he was.

So at my girlfriend Barbara Hershey’s urging — I was with her at that moment — she said, “Talk to him! That guy really wants to talk to you,” and I said “No, fuck him,” and keep walking.

But then I did, and then I realized who it was, and I thought, “Wait, he’s in that realm, maybe he knows Philip K. Dick.” I said, “You know a guy named—” “Yeah, sure — you want his phone number?”

My friend paid my rent for a year while I wrote, because it turned out we couldn’t get a writer. My friends kept on me about, well, if you can’t get a writer, then you write.”
~ Hampton Fancher

“That was the most disappointing thing to me in how this thing was played. Is that I’m on the phone with you now, after all that’s been said, and the fundamental distinction between what James is dealing with in these other cases is not actually brought to the fore. The fundamental difference is that James Franco didn’t seek to use his position to have sex with anyone. There’s not a case of that. He wasn’t using his position or status to try to solicit a sexual favor from anyone. If he had — if that were what the accusation involved — the show would not have gone on. We would have folded up shop and we would have not completed the show. Because then it would have been the same as Harvey Weinstein, or Les Moonves, or any of these cases that are fundamental to this new paradigm. Did you not notice that? Why did you not notice that? Is that not something notable to say, journalistically? Because nobody could find the voice to say it. I’m not just being rhetorical. Why is it that you and the other critics, none of you could find the voice to say, “You know, it’s not this, it’s that”? Because — let me go on and speak further to this. If you go back to the L.A. Times piece, that’s what it lacked. That’s what they were not able to deliver. The one example in the five that involved an issue of a sexual act was between James and a woman he was dating, who he was not working with. There was no professional dynamic in any capacity.

~ David Simon