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By David Poland

BYOB Sunday

It’s almost time for the all-altered-state World Cup Final.
There is some beautiful irony that two of the most mellow nations on the planet got here. I can’t think of many countries I’d rather be celebrating in than these two.

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21 Responses to “BYOB Sunday”

  1. Blackcloud says:

    This is the first final not to have Brazil, Germany, Italy, and Argentina. One of those four (and several times two) has played in the previous eighteen.
    Whoever wins today, we’ll have a first-time world champion, and only the eighth ever. To me, that’s the best thing about it. A fitting outcome to this final battle of the Eighty Years’ War.

  2. Pete Grisham says:

    What about… Poland?????
    ~ducks from tomatoes~

  3. IOv2 says:


  4. IOv2 says:

    Well that sucked. Once again I can’t get a damn thing when it comes to sports. I hope some German enjoys eating that Octopus.

  5. NotImpressed1Yet says:

    Gonna see Inception this coming weekend in Chicago and debating whether to see it in IMAX at Navy Pier or sony 4k digital projection at a kick ass theater in Rosemont. What do you guys think?

  6. Blackcloud says:

    That was lame like one of those crappy ’80s Super Bowls.

  7. The Pope says:

    Not a great game, but the right team won the tournament and the right team won on the night. I had high hopes before the kick-off, but sadly and very shockingly, Holland decided to kick the Spanish and rarely kick the ball. They should have had two red cards by half-time. That foul on Alonso is the worst I have seen since the last World Cup Final when Zidane lost his head.
    So, delighted the passing, thinking, playing, flowing game won.
    Viva Espa

  8. Blackcloud says:

    Yeah, kicking your opponent for 120 minutes is not – nor should it be – a winning strategy. De Jong should have seen a straight red. Webb is getting a lot of grief already, but Netherlands deserve the blame. They came to play anti-football. Spain tried to play positively, and they received their just desserts.

  9. David Poland says:

    NYI – I believe Inception will play pretty well in IMAX, but for a first screening, I would prefer a regular screen. It is more of a character piece and less of a visual spectacular than it seems from the ads, even though it has a lot of great visual spectacle.

  10. christian says:

    INCEPTION was terrific.

  11. aris says:

    My question is this: do these players drink any kind of liquids during the game?? I don’t see them doing that. Running around for 2 hours with only a 20 minute intermission, and no drinking water? Am i missing something?

  12. Blackcloud says:

    Yes, they do drink water. There are bottles along the sidelines and the endlines for them. They have to be really quick to get something, so that might be why you don’t see it. They get a few minutes between regulation time and extra time to catch their breath and down some fluids, too. Then, it’s fairly obvious.

  13. IOv2 says:

    Once again, the team that flops wins. Hopefully this is a good rivalry for the next few years and hopefully the Dutch take them out in the Olympics. REVENGE… TONIGHT… YOUR NAME IS ORANJE!

  14. doug r says:

    Poking around teh internets I see Inception has some stuff shot in 65mm and Super Vista Vision. Your call.

  15. Blackcloud says:

    IO, if you think for a second that the Dutch deserved to win after that shameful display of thuggery, you were watching a different game than the one the rest of the planet saw. The only difference between the Dutch today and the Broad Street Bullies Philadelphia Flyers teams of the 1970s is Bobby Clarke’s missing teeth. That, and the winning. But the orange shirts and the strategy of kicking the crap out of your opponents, those the Dutch had down pat.

  16. IOv2 says:

    Sorry but Robben got impeded by Puyol and the Goalkeeper. That should have been a PK and that should have been the win. The Floppers also threw elbows left and right and most of the time they were not even fouled when they went down in a heap like Paulie Gasol. They were a despicable team and the Dutch did to them what they earned.
    The only Spanish athlete whose not a flopper is Nadal. The rest of that country’s athletes are a despicable lot who deserve kicks in the chest and elbows to the face. If you flop. You deserve to get smacked.
    If you did not notice, I really like the Broad St. Bullies and the 1995 New Jersey Devils.

  17. Blackcloud says:

    Puyol grabbed him outside the box, so at most it would have been a free kick; no penalty. Casillas grabbed the ball and never touched Robben. And until you can show me anything the Spanish did today that was even half as bad as de Jong’s kung fu kick on Alonso, you have no argument to make.

  18. Joe Leydon says:

    This has nothing to do with anything that has already been posted but: A friend and I tonight were discussing TV series that, despite their enduring popularity in reruns, actually had comparatively short runs as broadcast prime-time offerings. And somehow we got around to The Addams Family and The Munsters — both of which ran only two seasons. But there are 64 episodes of Addams Family, and 70 episodes of Munsters — which helps explain why both shows were on five times a week (or more) in syndication for years and years after their 1964-66 heyday. Got me to thinking: If an average series still ran 30-36 episodes (or more) per season, what recent 2- or 3-season shows would still be in heavy rotation in cable or broadcast reruns?

  19. IOv2 says:

    Blackie, I am of the opinion that if you flop, you deserve a kick or a punch to stop you from flopping. Heck. Throw an elbow. Again, I am not stating that it worked, because it clearly did not, but Spain brought this upon themselves by being the first nation of FLOPPERS.
    Again Robben should have got a free kick but once again an English referee screws over that Dutch. Seriously, that guy should be banded from ever entering the Netherlands and if he dares to go into the Netherlands, he needs to be arrested and jailed for 30 days. Webb went into business for himself, like many an Englishman is prone to do on a grand stage, and it cost the Dutch.
    Seriously, the Spannies and Gasol both won because of flopping and bad refereeing. I guess this is just the year the Spanish get away with being floppers. Fernando Alonso at least got a drive thru penalty today. That’s something.
    That aside, Joe, Firefly would obviously be on SyFy every day. Boomtown maybe? That’s just so hard because it’s so rare that a show does not get a fourth season now, once they succeed for a couple of seasons, that we rarely have the two or three and done show. I will use the google for further info and get back to this, because that is an interesting question.

  20. Telemachos says:

    As a neutral observer and someone who would’ve been perfectly happy to see the Netherlands win: No. The Spanish did not win from flopping. Nor did the Dutch lose because of the ref. They repeatedly and consistently fouled harder and if anything, were lucky not to be playing with 8-9 men. And, of course, the Netherlands had the King of Floppers himself: Arjen Robben (whom I happen to like, but, let’s face it, the man flops like nobody’s business).
    The Dutch goal-scoring efforts were denied by talent, not cheap theatrics… and the Spanish goal was scored off skill. While I would very much have preferred an open-ended match like the third place game between Germany and Uruguay, the team that deserved to win did, and did legitimately.

  21. hcat says:

    Joe- Arrested Development would be a good example of what you’re looking for. I’m not sure how long Pushing Daisies was on but given the fan response to that it seems like another likely finding a second life in syndication possibility.
    But IO is right, networks are so quick to pull the trigger and replace anything with a cheaper reality show most new shows don’t even get a full season (including the delightful Wonderfalls, I would recommend checking out the DVDs) much less 70 shows to establish themselves. And always happy to hear a Boomtown shout-out.

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