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BYOB – Traveling To Toronto

Two days of silence on the blog… hopefully there will be some video to keep you company this morning before I get on the plane.

In the meanwhile, have a most excellent Wednesday… and get ready to read alot about Scott Rudin, who becomes the de facto front man for The Social Network with a notoriously press-shy David Fincher in the director’s chair. Scott’s enthusiasm is at a full boil and it should fill the next couple of days of movie media before the festival ramps up.

See you on the other side of Buffalo…be nice to each other.

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19 Responses to “BYOB – Traveling To Toronto”

  1. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Why is Resident Evil 4 the only wide release this weekend? None of the other September releases wanted to challenge it?

  2. Joe Straatmann says:

    College football’s in full gear and it’s NFL’s opening week? That’d be my best guess.

  3. LexG says:

    I mentioned this elsewhere I think, nobody cared: Speaking of this weekend’s sparse new openings vs the ABSOLUTE BLOODBATHS from here on out till January:

    What genius at Paramount thought it was a good idea to drop CASE 39, after sitting on it since the Clinton Administration, on the SAME WEEKEND as another Creepy Kid Horror Movie (LET ME IN)? That’d be like dropping TAKERS and ARMORED on the same fucking day, or A-TEAM and THE LOSERS. What, they couldn’t have dumped that anywhere else? Plus SOCIAL NETWORK comes out that day too…

    Another frustrating one is NEVER LET ME GO and THE TOWN coming out the same Friday, two movies that pretty much everyone wants to see equally.

    Where were all these movies back in June when MacGruber was the only game in town?

  4. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Do they have to release Case 39 in theaters? The buzz is terrible and like you said the release date is not exactly ideal. I’m sure Renee and Bradley would like it to quietly fade away.

  5. Shillfor Alanhorn says:

    Apparently, this is why they pay MT Carney the big bucks:

  6. Eric says:

    Do we have an RSS feed yet for the new Hot Blog site?

    Also, is still going to the old site. Makes it a lot harder to visit here impulsively on breaks from work when I actually have to search out a bookmark, rather than just type the URL.

  7. IOv3 says:

    Lex, seriously, we all know that Hollywood is scheduled by 12 chimps that used to work on Tarzan movies. They get together every January 15th to discuss things, throw feces at one another, and to plot the coming year. Obviously, they did a real crap job with the scheduling this year because it’s once again going to be a cluster.

    That aside, the best I can up with for Never Let Me Go and the Town is one’s limited and the other is wide. Of course if you are on the coast, you have to make that decision but being in the middle of the country like I am, I am sure I will get around to seeing Never Let Me Go some time in October or much later. Movie Scheduling: IT SUCKS, THE END!

  8. Jake McClure says:

    Was watching Hulu and…

    They already made a sequel to Catfish?

  9. Al E Ase says:

    I agree with Eric on the URL

  10. LexG says:

    Christ, this place is like THE COLD BLOG lately.

  11. IOv3 says:

    Well the fearless leader for reasons only known to him, decided to get rid of the hot blog URL and replace it with this URL, thus killing the blog for the time being. Until you can use to access this blog, it will be dead around here.

  12. Geoff says:

    Oh, Dave……Inception is about to break $700 million worldwide.

    Now explain to me again how a $180 million movie (I’m spotting you an extra $20 million from the official studio line) can make over $700 million worldwide and NOT make profit from theatrical?

  13. Jeff McM says:

    I’m assuming he’ll say that they spent $100m on p/a and that DiCaprio and Nolan get $70m in gross participation.

  14. Foamy Squirrel says:

    I don’t think DP ever claimed it would not make a profit. Just that there’s probably not going to be a glut of Inception knockoffs coming in the next 5 years (as compared to, say, the superhero genre which is the current hot favorite).

  15. IOv3 says:


  16. cadavra says:

    New format. Same Lex.

  17. Josh_A says:

    Does that Maroon 5 video for “Misery” make anyone else uncomfortable? Making domestic violence into entertainment, whether it’s against a man or a woman, seems misguided.

  18. IOv3 says:

    Poor Hot Blog. This re-design has not been good to you good to you good to you. It’s not been good to you good to you good to you!

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