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BYOB Weekend… Dec 10 2×10-10

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18 Responses to “BYOB Weekend… Dec 10 2×10-10”

  1. LexG says:

    I ask this with respect, and I think some may have missed it because the comments don’t show here for his Black Swan Oscar posting…

    But has our esteemed blogmaster thrown down THE whopper of the Oscar season by opining that THE FIGHTER isn’t part of the Best Picture equation?

    All due respect, but THAT’S gotta be a Rita Coolidge-style ALL TIME HIGH that could replace the Phantom o’ the Opera legend.

  2. Nick Rogers says:

    I think it’s far more likely that The Fighter could split the difference between The Social Network and The King’s Speech: Somewhere between youthful and fuddy-duddy and thus acceptable to both parties, not to mention terrific on top of all of that.

  3. Pat says:

    What does ‘split the difference’ mean? I’ve never understood how that actually works.

  4. David Poland says:

    Uh… did I say somewhere that The Fighter won’t be nominated or that its actors won’t be nominated?

  5. Nick Rogers says:

    Pat: As a consensus pick for younger and older voters, The Fighter could split the difference between the perhaps too-strong youthfulness of Social Network and the perhaps too-stuffy fuddy-duddy qualities of King’s Speech.

  6. Nick Rogers says:

    David: Not to put words in Lex’s mouth, but I think he means your presumed exclusion of “The Fighter” as a strong contender for the top prize, as interpreted from this:

    as well as the somewhat dismissive comment you left about the movie on said post.

  7. LexG says:

    Yeah, it was more the quickie comment he made than the exclusion above. Apologies if I read something into it… It just seemed like a flippant brush-off.

    I noted it mostly because I am GOING HARD with my not-backing-down, AIRTIGHT prediction that The Fighter WILL ABSOLUTELY WIN Best Picture of 2010.

    Such is my stance, IO style.

  8. established 1962 says:


    i’m sorry for this

    but all we talked about tonight was “the fighter vs. black swan” argument

    but it isn’t even relevant

    what is

    media ugh

    catfish is the new crash

    and my good friend knows that guy
    that guy that’s part of that “documentary”

    I don’t care

    What happened

    I had a friend nearly screaming over huevos rancheros the other day that music, film, theater, and art were all media now

    i agree


    it’s not relevant

    never was or anything

    but what the hell is

    there were a lot of good films this year. but young don’t matter anymore. because, you know, they don’t. matter. they don’t matter.

    the social network

    wasn’t even a movie for youth

    or was it

    what blogger is gonna shove JEs contemporaneous relevance down my throat

    there are a handful of releases that got through to the youth

    (the hipsters)


    All in all…

    Gaspar Noe.

    That’s what we’ve been excited about.

    Don’t listen to that guy that thinks he’s relevant because he is all into what movie geeks are into.

    Intelligent, blase, bastard, ironic, hipster bitch youths like myself are not concerned with “scott pilgrim” or any of that pap (though, solid movie)…

    blue valentine…

    we’re done.

    fuck corporate theaters

    lick the cunt of america

    make your own movie

    screen it in a subway

    take it downtown

    make it grow a moustache

    kill it for saying circus of books is pornography

    dustys is a ripoff

    franklin village is a hoax

    tom cruise is miley cyrus

    my friend did coke with one of them

    but he said that the person doing coke called themselves hanna montana

    so it must have been cruise.

    you guys are great.

    i hate you.



    hangers on.

    you probably won’t read this,

    i don’t read your shit comments.

    i do.

    yes she is.

    PS— Thor is for idiots.

    Movies are now for idiots

    It’s media

    you foolish, intelligent people.

    you’re good.

    yes she is.

    she is.

  9. ManWithNoName says:

    What. The. Hell?

  10. sanj says:

    ‘How Do You Know’ Cost $120 Million, $40 Million for Actors Alone …

    quite a lot – any of the actors doing a dp/30 for this film ?

  11. Melquiades says:

    If you look at the latest Gurus O’ Gold, Poland is one of only two participants who didn’t list The Fighter as a predicted Best Picture nominee. So I suppose that could be taken as him saying it won’t be nominated.

  12. Martin S says:

    What the hell is happening to this blog?

    Lex, I demand an explanation.

  13. mutinyco says:

    Why are so many boxing movies about white dudes?…

  14. sanj says:

    Will Smith in Ali in 2001

    every few years there is a boxing movie or a horse racing movies filled with super old guys who need to be heros and
    they usually get some movie awards

  15. a_loco says:

    established 1962 rules. Keep strong, my man, keep strong.

    Hope the moustache suits you.

    Also, THE FIGHTER is really mediocre: sitcom sisters, odd real-life-to-film pacing issues, generic-as-hell script, etc.

    The first half hour was strong, Russell gave some flair to it, performances were strong, even Wahlberg’s, loved the HBO camera following Bale and Wahlberg down the street, but the movie never really transcended the “let’s patronize these white trash hics” attitude it adopted early on.

    However, as evidenced by Hillary Swank’s family in Million Dollar Baby, that issue is far from a dealbreaker for the Academy.

  16. David Poland says:

    Wow, Melquiades, that even surprised me!

    What I think is that Fighter is in the bottom third of the likely Best Picture nominees and will probably get in… but could miss the boat. Nice opening this weekend, good reviews, probably in.

    I don’t think it has a legitimate shot at winning, not because of any strategic issue, but because it isn’t that movie. It’s not Rocky. It’s not On The Waterfront. It splits the difference and while the cast acts its heart out, it isn’t quite fish or fowl.

    To quote Tony Scott, in a review that will be quoted by Paramount: “With solid bodywork, clever feints and tremendous heart, it scores at least a TKO, by which I mean both that it falls just short of overpowering greatness — I can’t quite exclaim, “It’s a knockout!” — and that the most impressive thing about it is technique.”

    Pretty much on the nose. So where does that movie go to win Best Picture? Can’t get past King’s Speech on “feel good.” Can’t get past “True Grit” on form. Can’t get past “Black Swan” on passion.

    It’s a good movie… about a step behind The Town.

    I have been loathe to discuss this before seeing the film again and will be doing so this weekend. So I could end up eating some of my words. And I would love to, really. But as others have pointed out – and I am a Wahlberg believer – it’s hard to scream about a film when the title character and his specific issues are not as memorable as any of the major supporting cast. Maybe they should have called it The Fighter, The Brother, His Girl & His Mother.

  17. shillfor alanhorn says:

    Now that the sale of Miramax has been completed and the new owners are looking for ways to exploit the library catalog, I propose as their first order of business that they give the ultimate middle finger to Harvey Scissorhands and immediately invite every filmmaker who suffered from his meddlesome ways back into the editing room to work on Director’s Cuts of Miramax-mangled movies. Would love to see the original MIMIC, GANGS OF NEW YORK, a definitive BAD SANTA, THIEF AND THE COBBLER, SHAOLIN SOCCER, etc. etc. etc. Wouldn’t that be awesome?

  18. Tim DeGroot says:

    shillfor –

    MIMIC – No
    BAD SANTA – There is a “Director’s Cut” DVD
    SHAOLIN SOCCER – The US version cuts a few minutes from the opening, but it seems to me it’s playing at the correct “speed”, and otherwise includes everything in the much longer “original Chinese version” on the US DVD which seems to be time expanded to accommodate subtitles.

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