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BYOB – Pre-Oscar…

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34 Responses to “BYOB – Pre-Oscar…”

  1. Hopscotch says:

    I’m hoping Damon gets in there for True Grit. His intro scenes in the film are worth the price of admission.

  2. Paul MD (Stella's Boy) says:

    Though both could easily be quite terrible, I would love to catch a January double feature of The Mechanic and The Rite. It’s not that either one looks fantastic or anything, but each has appealing elements and look entertaining in a late January, it’s ridiculously cold outside kind of way.

  3. chris says:

    Not that this is definitive, but both of those films are the sort that often go unscreened in January and both ARE being screened, so that could mean they don’t suck.

  4. Mark says:

    “The Ghost Writer” will surprise everyone tomorrow. You heard it here first.

  5. Krillian says:

    Just saw Winter’s Bone for the second time. I’d love to see John Hawkes somehow get a Best Supporting. I particularly liked the showdown on the side of the road between him and the sheriff (Garret Dillahunt) and marvelled at just how different their roles were from when they were Deadwood co-stars.

  6. hcat says:

    Duvall will make the cut for actor, and either Please Give, Get Low, or Somewhere will get into the ten noms.

    And I would put it at a 10% chance that on Oscar night Sony could have divisions win best picture, documentery, foriegn and animated. Is there any history of a company running the board like that previously?

  7. hcat says:

    If it comes down to Hawkes or Damon, I would rather see Hawkes get in.

  8. IOv3 says:

    Hcat, not one of those films gets in the top 10, Winter Bone will, and 127 hours will be left out. I also going with Timberlake being the only actor to get a nomination from The Social Network. That’s right! It’s CRAZY PREDICTION TIME! BOOYAH!

    Paul, the Rite looks horrible but the Mechanic looks FANFREAKINGTASTIC! Like a little ray of sunshine during a long gray winter!

  9. Krillian says:

    Predicting the ten: Social, King’s, Swan, Fighter, Grit, Inception, Toy 3, Kids, Winters, and Town.
    Actor: Bridges, Duvall, Eisenberg, Firth, Gosling.
    Actress: Bening, Lawrence, Manville, Portman, Williams.
    S. Actor: Bale, Hawkes, Renner, Ruffalo, Rush.
    S. Actress: Adams, Carter, Leo, Stanfield, Weaver.
    Director: Aronofsky, Hooper, Fincher, Russell, Nolan.

    127 might edge Town
    Franco or Wahlberg might edge Gosling
    Moore (is she up for main or supporting?) might edge Manville
    Damon likely edges Hawkes
    Kunis might edge Weaver

  10. Missy says:

    I would be thrilled if Winter`s Bone and Jennifer Lawrence were snubbed. It`s the most overrated film of the year.

  11. jesse says:

    I love HBC but I hope she doesn’t get a nom for King’s Speech… she really doesn’t do much in it.

    I’m also hoping 127 Hours edges out Winter’s Bone, and actually think it has a shot at doing so. Even with the arm-sawing ick factor, which movie do you think had a wider viewership with the voters? I’m guessing it could be 127 Hours, with its greater hype and Franco performance.

    I hope the Coens edge out Hooper, but that won’t happen.

    And I hope someone edges out Duvall because that movie was kind of crap. Duvall will get a better swan song.

    The Mechanic isn’t great shakes even for me, a huge Statham fan, but I suspect if you guys are looking for a serviceable January B-movie you’ll have a pretty good time, as I did, even acknowledging that it’s not the most urgent or delightful January B-movie I’ve seen.

  12. IOv3 says:

    No, that would be True Grit.

  13. Telemachos says:

    It’s unusual for me to jump on the IO train, but I also can’t wait for THE MECHANIC. No-frills, no-pretention ass-kicking. Looking forward to it (and UNKNOWN, for that matter).

    I also hope that 127 HOURS gets a bit more nomination love than expected.

  14. Rob says:

    Hailee Steinfeld ends up in lead, leaving room for both Weaver and Kunis in supporting and screwing Michelle Williams.

    Lead and supporting actor both match SAG exactly.

  15. IOv3 says:

    Tele, Unknown, does look like a ridiculously fun movie. I just love that of all the people in Hollywood, Liam Neeson has become a fucking action hero! That’s just freaking awesome!!!

  16. anghus says:

    I like Neeson’s career progression. But sadly, i don’t think he worked very well in A-Team. I liked the movie, but i kept thinking “george clooney” would have been perfect.

  17. IOv3 says:

    Anghus, Clooney would have been a great Hannibal, but I still dig Neeson in it. There’s just something about him being a bad ass that always takes me back to see Next of Kin on the day it opened, and that leaves me with a smile on my face.

  18. anghus says:

    “Hailee Steinfeld ends up in lead, leaving room for both Weaver and Kunis in supporting and screwing Michelle Williams”

    Lex would have loved that line.

  19. Krillian says:

    Mel Gibson would’ve made a great Hannibal in A-Team.

  20. NickF says:

    The best news that could come tomorrow morning would be a John Hawkes nomination for Supporting Actor in Winter’s Bone.

  21. movielocke says:

    here’s a no guts no glory prediction: 1985, The Color Purple.

    Social Network ends up with 11+nominations but Fincher is not nominated for Best Director.
    I suppose it could happen to King’s speech as well. 😉

    I think we’ll see Hawkes and Wahlberg nominated. The Kids are All Right will be snubbed and won’t earn a Best Picture nomination. Mike Leigh might get a Best director nomination, but won’t get a best picture nomination. True Grit is not nominated for Best editing. Neither Kings Speech or Social Network get a Cinematography nomination. Steinfeld in lead.

    The best surprise of all would be Bardem getting a nomination.

  22. sanj says:

    Chloe Moretz for Kick Ass would be a nice surprise ..

    the teen actors all get nominations cause they act all adult like – Jennifer Lawrance and Hailee Steinfeld

    but adult like things also happened to Chole’s character …and the bonus part was the story was quite simple to understand.

    Kick Ass should have opened in November’s the only way to get the gurus of gold attention yeah ..let’s blame movie critics for this one.

  23. Hallick says:

    Is the announcement ceremony still at 5:30AM pacific time?

  24. chris says:

    Just a thought, writers who use the phrase “Needless to say” a lot: If it’s needless to say it, how about not saying it? And if it does need to be said, don’t intro it with “needless to say,” a phrase that is as good as writing “don’t bother reading this next part.”

  25. IOv3 says:

    Needless to say, it’s not needless to say.

  26. Joe Leydon says:

    I had an editor who ALWAYS insisted you NEVER use the term “famous” to describe anyone. His attitude: if the person, place or thing really was famous, you wouldn’t have to say it was.

  27. zemblan says:

    oh my god— sanj! you are FEGGIN priceless, dude!

  28. Daniel R. says:

    For me, the thrill of Oscar is when a great work that may get overlooked by the cliched older Academy sneaks in for a nomination (e.g. Trainspotting for screenplay). This year, the one “out there” nom I hope the Academy gets right is Tron for best score.

  29. IOv3 says:

    If TRON LEGACY does not get a best score nom… BRING IT DOWN! BRING IT ALL DOWN!

  30. Samuel Deter says:




    True Grit
    King’s Speech
    Black Swan
    The Tempest – Tron


    True Grit
    King’s Speech
    Alice – Shutter Island
    Tron – Black Swan


    melisa leo
    amy adams
    hailee steinfeld
    mila kunis
    helena bonham carter


    geoffrey rush
    christian bale
    mark ruffalo
    andrew garfield
    SUPRISE NOM!! matt damon – john hawkes – jeremy Renner


    social network
    black swan
    the fighter
    king’s speech – 127 hours (if speech doesn’t make it, does it mean it has no chance at picture?? 😉 )


    black swan
    king’s speech
    social network
    true grit


    the kids are all right
    black swan
    The king’s speech
    SURPRISE NOM! the fighter – please give – another year – Blue Valentine


    toy story 3
    the social network
    true grit
    127 hours
    winter’s bone – The Town (don’t like either, I want Ghost Writer! 🙁 )


    INTERESTING!! russell – coens




    SURPRISE NOM!! bardem – duvall – whalberg – REAL SURPRISE? Dicaprio or Gosling



  31. leahnz says:

    i kinda hate the ten nominees thing.

    no wait, maybe i like it…

    nah i hate it. watering down the booze, diluting the sauce, lessening the prestige. such a blatant populist move to ‘boost ratings’ (that so far hasn’t worked, has it? or is it too early days), how can one not view it at least somewhat cynically?

    i can’t, anyway. fuck ten nominees. but having said that, the rationale might work re: boosting viewer interest with a broader cross-section of films to root for in ‘the big one’. but does including a likely blockbuster and a few smaller films in the mix that may not have made the best pic cut before really draw enough extra interest/lookie-loos to the show to justify messing with the rather hallowed ‘prestige-five’? (does any of it make a whit of difference? does anyone really give a shit?)

  32. IOv3 says:

    Not nominating Nolan for Best Director may be one of the biggest bullshit fucking things this academy has ever pulled. Seriously, fuck them for that, but at least Winter’s Bone got in. Oh yeah, FUCK THEM for ignoring Daft Punk’s Tron Legacy score and giving an FX nom to fucking Hereafter.

  33. sanj says:

    nice job DP … you got most of oscar nominated people to do a DP/30 .. like 10 hours worth of video

    my favorite is Jennifer Lawrence DP/30

    so i hope like 5 more people watch this ….vs the thousands who watch the Portman/Kunis DP30

  34. Joe Leydon says:

    Just who did Robert Duvall piss off? First the Golden Globes snub. Now the Oscars ignore him.

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